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She is not about money – Letter Response – Audition – Clip – Illicit – Obviously, we don’t read the same English. I have to pay more attention – Live is great – Apprise your lawyer – Old Venice Cafe Memo 8-22-14.pdf

Godfrey – scroll down to WHERE D MONEY LIED – YOU TUBE and then back up to Dylan.

Then picking up from what caused you to arrange a call with me today at 1 PM PST, do you have any further questions?

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>

Subject: She is not about money – Re: Letter Response

Date: September 5, 2014 at 12:51:12 PM PDT

To: Michael Licari <mlicari>

Cc: rest; Kathleen Walter <kathleendwalter>, “Karin J. Leavitt” <kjleavitt>, Alexander Walter <alexanderson30th>, “Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.” <jrk>, peace.pies, Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec South Africa <iamrecruit>, Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard <devinstandard>, Dave Fifield – Gerhard <monkeyboy264>, “South African-British solicitor Ray Oshry – classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s murdered cousin Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. R. Oshry remains a FB friend of GG.” <ray.oshry>, “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President OBAMA” <ravfunnye>, “Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker; FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <kbabies1>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes.” <matthewmargo>, “Dr. Rod Smith Ph. d – Alumni of RAND Corporation” <smith>, Steve Linde – South African-Israeli Editor In Chief of Jerusalem Post <steve>

Mr. Licari,

I am not sure why Kathleen Walters forwarded me your draft response to her brother Karl’s lawyer, given how she has repeatedly ignored answering my question whether she took my suggestion and had you contact generalist conversationalist and highly specialized shareholder class action litigator [SCAL], Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk Esq.

Of course I didn’t simply lie down and die or for that matter drop off the face of the planet because Ms. Walters and her other advisors; namely Ms. Leavitt and her son Alexander’s poor antics.

That is not to suggest for a moment that I think Ms. Walters is not the aggrieved party in her grievances with her brother; in fact, I believe her suffering is far worse than what you have so far presented in your “shot across the bow” of her brother and former husband.

In other words, I believe your first shot should have knocked them both out stone cold.

Now if you want to know how accomplished “straight shooter” I am, just look at the reaction of my 65 Facebook “friends” to my last post, CLIP. [Don’t you just love the salad photo my most delicious F-C wife Marie Dion texted me from Montreal?]

Following your receipt of the extraordinarily pitiful response to your letter, which might show genius on your part that I had yet to ascertain, Kathleen asked to meet with me and she told me that your reaction was, “It is a good thing he responded; now you won’t have to litigate.”

There is obviously a disconnect there between you and Kathleen since you seem to now want to pursue litigation unless you come to an arbitrated settlement with her brother which may not be the best compromise in the world, because it is never a good thing when lawyers talk privately amongst themselves.

My one American mentor, former US Navy officer and US Marine during WW II, Amos P. Wright once called up his Indianna litigator son and only got to speak with his son’s lifetime personal assistant because [David] was in arbitration which had Mr. Wright who retired 3 times in his professional career and each time richer financially and spiritually more than the previous, responding:

In arbitration do you give in or fight?

No surprise that Mr. Wright was the smartest executive of Spur Oil whose owner, Mason Houghland, was the only oilman to beat John D Rockefeller at his own game.

You would know as well as me that both Ms. Leavitt and Alexander Walter are total neophytes when it comes to managing lawyers because they are really not very well schooled in business because they first and foremost dont know the first thing about financing, much the same as the overwhelming majority of the world’s richest lawyers, which of course therefore would include you.

Please note that if you happen to have a FB account I would not want you asking me to befriend you because I really don’t see how you can assist me better educate the next generation of children to have an enlightened view of the future because lawyers are by their very nature highly cynical which doesn’t prevent you from being great smoozers, which of course is what you most excel at, apart from making the most of human tragedy and conflict which you cultivate like you were the creators of nature; and there can be nothing more torturous for the soul than sibling rivalry, other than ungrateful bastard children wanting to kill off the most generous of the parents-grandparents first.

Again, the fact that Kathleen would REPEATEDLY refuse to answer my question, “Did you have Mike contact Krinsk?”, and think nothing of forwarding me this draft, speaks volumes.

Yet her son – who called me to ask what I thought was the next step after you received that most terrific response from her brother that shows he and his lawyer are totally over their heads and is now making accusations that Kathleen embezzled monies in addition to displaying gross ineptness in her responsibilities to arrange the flower arrangements which is very important because flowers put a smile on everyone’s face even those the most out of touch with G-dNA-ture – is also seeking my help to solve a classic, most epic family war which has Kathleen tearing your hair out, when not wanting most of all to find out what my exotic, beautiful, sexy beyond belief, mindful F-C wife Marie Dion Gevisser

thinks of her.

That is totally bizarre right, unless you were to be afforded the pleasure of my out of this world French-Canadian wife’s company.

Most of the world lies, but that does not make them bright, but try telling a liar that they are stupid.

Don’t you just love Marie Dion’s, “People with little intelligence have great difficulty feeling stupid”?

Imagine a son who has his mother to thank for everything that he has today, calling me up on August 25 to ask what I thought he and his mother should do next and he, Kathleen and Karin had received from me an email the day before, and the second line read, “Again, you have no time to waste in having your lawyer friend Mike immediately contact Mr Krinsk” and to top it off it took the greater part of the 27 minute call to get Alexander off the phone.

Can you imagine how successful a well run restaurant could turn over if I were to provide round the clock readings of my book D-Money Lie?

How many copies would you commit to purchasing today?

Do you think after the first performance any lawyers would show up once I explained the reasons why it is that for more than 2 decades people like the Presidents of the United States of America and the United States Congress, along with the rest of us 300 million American citizens and residents, have been banned from investing in Lloyd’s of London who fix the price of insurance worldwide?

Let me advise you that you do not want to get into that discussion with Mr. Krinsk without having your lawyer present or me at your side; in other words, stick to business.

But of course I love and adore Mr. Krinsk Esq. who is playing his part fabulously to bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East that will spread like wildfire throughout the world.

This client-attorney privilege that you all keep talking about is not only the client’s privilege but Kathleen made it clear in our first communication that she wanted you to discuss with me every aspect of her case including all her claims and defenses, but then you decided to cut me out of the picture but she reinserted me when forwarding me this draft response of yours.

Please would you all make up your minds, and at the same time, grow up!

When not all about making money, which most Presidents of the United States as well as members of Congress as well as of course members of the US Supreme Court don’t have the first clue about until such time as they get into their cushy government jobs when they are immediately briefed by CIA officials all working for my former employer Engelhard-DeBeers-Anglo American Corporation, assuming they have the aptitude to ask the right questions which most don’t because that is why they are politicians in the first place given their extraordinarily diminished mental capacities from working their way up the pecking by lying through their teeth – THE MEEK WITH TEETH SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH – these “money me” earth human inhabitants are about being the center of attention.

What makes this case interesting to me is that Kathleen is one of the extraordinarily rare exceptions.

She is not about money.

Can you believe that in this day and age, you can find someone raised since the turn of the last century when the middle class emerged for the first time, and all carefully orchestrated by again, De Beers and their banking-mining affiliates such as the US Federal Reserve, who is not all about money; but of course Kathleen is “needy”.

Who wouldn’t be when you are so maliciously financially strung out by a prick brother.

BTW, as the wind picks up strong here in the Cleveland National Forest, people who really know their business, are not only nice, but they are the first to say that they don’t know their business and their self depreciating style just has you wanting to spend time with them, right?

Were you aware that the Nazis were utterly pedantic about the “rule of law”, much the same as De Beers and their US Congress and why it is that you have so many lawyers in the top slot, and you all cannot get enough pontificating on the restraint of trade ethical behavior that you have to abide by.

It is enough to have a good grown man cry.

Yes, the Lloyd’s banning order is not only paralyzing, there is nothing you or Bill Clinton or Obama or Ronald Reagan can do about it unless if you are dead you might find a way to talk God in having you rise from the ashes, but then if you are such a convincing talker, God would be first of all telling you what to say and when and having your mind think of trying a parallel universe where you won’t have to interact with so many pricks?

Could you imagine my totally unimaginably smart wife Marie in the same room as Bill “Rhodes-DeBeers Scholar” President and he were to try and smooze her with his 10 inch cock, why would he need to talk?

What is more obscene than a President who is DeBeers-Lloyds-Rhodes Scholar not educating the easy to please people on the history of DeBeers?

How about the obscenity that all your minds fell for his silence including all the lawyers at the US Justice Department all tasked, the same with the FBI, in taking on the world’s most successful monopolist that makes a farce of every lawsuit and settlement other than my TEXAS DEATH SENTENCE JUDGMENT of $4 million which I have yet to see in anyone’s writings, and all of which validates my credibility.

All this talk to talk, don’t any of you ever get bored with yourselves?

What are friends for other than for lost souls to use and abuse, at least to take advantage of good friends, right?

Isn’t it terrible that I have such a positive outlook on life?

Doesn’t it just kill you that I have the most eternally happy view of both this life and the lives hereafter?

Do you think it is just a coincidence that I have as my wife and soulmate the smartest and most beautiful woman, inside and out, as my lifetime partner, now into our 21st “sighting” of one another.

Does the thought of “sight” have you dreading that the next word would be “holder” that has you thinking of Monica holding Bill’s penis with her mouth and/or hands or Holder the Attorney General who was the most senior US Justice Department official in support of the Marc Rich Presidential pardon?

Can you connect the dots between the insanely illogical GDP index which should have been the first indication that all economics is bullshit; Obama being the primary sponsor of the Congo Relief Security & Democracy Promotion Act that the US Congress passed into law in December 2006, that kickstarted the 6 million plus genocide of the Congolese, mainly women and children under the age of 12; the US Government feigning they don’t have jurisdiction to shut down De Beers and their banking affiliates; my beyond belief illegal $4 million TEXAS DEATH SENTENCE JUDGMENT; my decision on 11.11.2004 to break the 24 year silence with De Beers; Lloyd’s banning order; and Obama now acting like he is Lawrence of Arabia and wanting the west to organize the Arabs against Israel?

Of course it is very difficult to say who exactly are my friends but Jewish people did not ask for the Jewish Holocaust so it is always a smart thing to assume not just Jewish people but everyone is good, otherwise you instantly defeat your chances of figuring out the purpose of the highly illogical human who bought in hook, line and sinker into the most absurdly funny monetary system that had you say proposed it to Napoleon he not only would have laughed his head off but made you the point man when he attacked Piedmont.

Yes, most likely you too have never visited a military base in your life in effort to figure out the importance military plays in everything and where there is no regard to how much anything costs because only idiot generals talk about money.

Do you see that everyone in the world including all the ants underground who I have not met, are the center of my attention, although I pay far more attention to other animals than I do humans but you can see that my attention span when it comes to humans is better than anyone you can think of, and that can’t be the most pleasant feeling.

Of course you are all going to celebrate wildly deep inside when you hear that either Marie and/or me are dead, better yet that your corrupt justice system has shut us up.

But in the meantime it is all your hell, and it will be that way to eternity because we have already won because we have always had truth-logic at our side.

I could have long published my book and if it wasn’t at the very top of the best selling list then that would give you all a great sense of satisfaction unless you truly were living right, which I believe a great many people are.

Good comes from the word God that can only be positive even when all the hypocrites cannot stop using the word God in every other word.

What are the chances of me finding someone like Marie who is one of a kind?

That question is for God, not you who should be focused on getting Kathleen her restaurant back and for you to be organizing all your family and friends to line outside to get her autograph with the pizza to go.

Everything suggests that there is no one like her or will there ever be in the non organic restaurant business, but then there is Peace Pies but they are live-raw organic vegan and totally brilliant. I know that and so do each of you and why it is that so many of you derive great satisfaction from seeing if you can drain Kathleen of her energy and waste her time.

You must hate all time stealers and energy vampires, and eventually all the corrupt will hate God, and that cannot disappoint God because God created everything including the human who when all is said and done is emotionless and why you all have to act out your emotions.

Marie, on the other hand, is the clearest, deepest thinker I have ever met in my entire life, and that includes my highly literate mother Zena who from when I was in my mid-teens would defer to me on all her business and financial matters, more so than our next door neighbor Gerald Hackner whose eldest son is the Chief Executive Officer of very important De Beers affiliate INVESTEC, and Sam who I have known well before I reached puberty, would be the first to admit that there wasn’t a smarter financial and business wizard than his father who was involved in every business deal of importance that took place in South Africa, outside of the mining industry which Gerald didn’t know the first thing about, the same with Sam until I very recently began educating him, no different to the rest of you, which does not mean you should now throw your hat in the ring to replace Sam.

How can you have so many, and all of the time acting so bizarre, and your best thinking is that you can dismiss me by calling me “mad”?

Were I not devoted to responding to you, I would be hard at work on writing a screenplay along the lines of Dr. Strangelove. I have already identified two possible cast members, Bozo The Clown Tierstein MD and J. Essakow who you may have run into at Whole Foods in the Marc Rich-Essakow Flower Hill Mall.

So let’s get down to “brass tacks”. Mr. Krinsk Esquire sent Kathleen, and copied me and Karin, a highly informative, and very clever letter on August 22, the day she stopped by his law firm on August 22, which I have added at the bottom. Very in tune Mr. Krinsk Esq. when he wants to be, knew that Kathleen, Karin as well as Alexander would have great difficulty getting their heads around it, as would many, even though it was clear and short.

He also knew that I would probably be the only person in the world who would fully understand his thinking which is why he copied me in order to guide the 3 of them to think the way God intended, normal.

The rest of the world could care less about Kathleen’s family squabbles because they have their own family and friends problems to deal with, and yet Kathleen has the busiest, richest, most politically connected Jewish American lawyer in the entire world dedicating himself to do a whole bunch of very deep thinking on her behalf, and she and her two closest advisors, apart from you, go silent?

Now the best was Alex when he called, making out like Krinsk was another two-bit lawyer trying to squeeze a nickel out of his mother. Alex is one incredible “piece of work”, and thank God again for that; but compared to brother Karl, Alex is Mother Teresa, and don’t get me started on white African Teresa Heinz who Mr. Krinsk Esq. loves to dine.

The funniest is that Alex appears not to be on any drugs other than he thinks he shits Eau de Cologne.

Mr. Krinsk Esq. has one thing currently on his mind of the utmost importance; namely, the possibility that the Israel Defense Force [IDF] would speed up implementing my Gaza Strip military-peace plan.

That is not to suggest for a moment that the active part of his mind has forgotten how ingeniously Lloyd’s put their US Government on notice that if they didn’t put the pieces in place to incite civil unrest throughout the United States which would make the mid-19th Century Civil War look like a day in the waterpark, not only would Lloyds-De Beers do it themselves WHICH THEY HAVE, but they would do everything within their power to suppress the value of the gold by simply continuing to raise the price of diamonds which controls the economies of the world who abide by the almost impossible to comprehend Gross Domestic Product Index which I have already enumerated ad-nausea but will do so even more clearly in my next PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCAST which will be an email-book to the publishing house Potomac who published NEW HEAVENS which Hollywood-DeBeers don’t want to touch.

Although we haven’t met, I could definitely see you alongside Alex as greeters at the front door of Old Olive restaurant? You can help him with his people skills and he can teach you how to peel lettuce. Then you could alternate as hosts handing out the menus and walk patrons to their table before a busboy brings the water. This all requires minimal hand-eye coordination skills.

It makes sense right; Old Olive and Olive Branch Middle East peace plan.

God must be brilliant which means we should all stop using the word brilliant especially since 100% of the time we talk about someone brilliant by how much money they make.

Okay, you don’t like the busboy title.

You do know that Karl did not treat his nephew Alexander very nicely when Alexander had a slave wage job at Old Venus before rising to the top honcho at New Venice-Alexanders.

How could you not play up that the bookkeeper of Old Venice, Brett Wilmott is Kathleen’s ex, not to say that Wilmott wasn’t a good father, because the logical point is that when people get divorced it is not because they fuck a lot, it is because they don’t get along; and if you don’t get along in the sack and you hate the sight of one another, it is usually not very good for business.

Are you people fucking insane or simply delirious?

The fact that few humans should get a stamp on their forehead, “I am a human thinker” does not mean those without the stamp are smart because when compared to the dumbest ant, you can see clearly the human was designed for its inability to think outside the box.

The human only looks at everything else from the human perspective; and you also know that the animals have not fucked up this world.

What if the entire world was insane, including Mossad?

I hope I didn’t wake you up too quickly from your slumber.

What if the entire world is insane and it is all by design, would that make you smile and live your life as right as you can?

Krinsk knows that we are all one family, and each of us is more than our connected parts; in part because he has read Smuts’ 1926, Holism & Evolution.

How many people do you think have already read my recent post on my Facebook “wall”, titled, “Facebook friends who will side with them in a family and/or business conflict”?

Back to the business of making Kathleen happy again.

Karl’s lawyer’s contention that Kathleen embezzled from the corporation has to be a lie, otherwise it would have surfaced much earlier. That information had to have come from either Karl or the ex-husband bookkeeper.

Please don’t think I am trying to do your job, but if you don’t do it, who will?

Again why haven’t you jumped all over Kathleen’s ex husband-partner of 23 years, is full of shit?

Do you think it is advisable that I place him on the $ HIT list, of would this communique be suffice?

Good day,

Gary Steven Gevisser

D-Money Lie continues.

Ps – You got the month wrong. We are now in September, not May.

[Word count 3776]

On Aug 31, 2014, at 2:12 PM, Kathleen Walter <kathleendwalter> wrote:

Old Venice Cafe Memo 8-22-14.pdf

Old Venice Cafe Memo 8-22-14.pdf

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