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Ernest Oppenheimer

Ernest Oppenheimer

Co-founder of Anglo-American and eventual head of DeBeers, Ernest Oppenheimer supported and profited from the Apartheid and the theft of mineral rich resources of South Africa. Using his monopoly and unlimited supply of diamonds, Oppenheimer was able to create a light weight untraceable diamond currency which is still used to this day as a currency for moving wealth, laundering money, financing wars, bribing governments, and collapsing economies.

Born: May 22, 1880
Died: November 25, 1957

Heir: Harry Oppenheimer
Location: Friedberg, Germany
Father: Edward Oppenheimer
Mother: unknown
Religion: Born Jewish, 1935 converted to Christianity
Son: Harry Oppenheimer

1917 September: Co-founded Anglo-American
1929: Using stockpile of diamonds as leverage, Ernest Oppenheimer approached De Beers Consolidated Mines and threatened to flood the diamond market if they did not name him CEO.

South African Reserve Bank: Served on the commissions that led to its creation.
Barclay’s Bank: Served as a director.

1924-1938: Member of the South African Party under General Jan Smuts, Oppenheimer represented Kimberley in Parliament. He kept aloof of parliamentary debates on racial issues, focusing his attention instead on financial and economic issues until his retirement from politics.

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