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Socrates – The unexamined life is a life not worth living. Part II

Not only did I know that I had responded to the original complaint so very timely and appropriately to the point that Loewinsohn-Lowy had no reasonable comeback other than to say that I was being uncooperative, I knew that they had received my pleadings that included a CD containing co-defendant Adam Lee Tucker’s videotaped deposition which he did because he was in fear of his life from Loewinsohn-Knuff and which he handed to me on March 29 and those recordings that jived perfectly with Tucker’s detailed notes that he made right after his meeting with Knuff at Knuff’s primary California residence on December 23, 2008, explained that I couldn’t have anything possibly to do with the lawsuit because I had never met or communicated with Knuff while giving him every opportunity to give his own account of his meeting with Tucker that had so troubled Tucker because of revelations made by Ex-CIA Knuff of his CIA dealings including Tucker recalling so many intimate details [such as] Knuff mentioning that even his brother had concerns of him working for the CIA:

Cutting and pasting Tucker’s account of the December 23, 2008 meeting:

Adam: According to the OSS DeBeers was supplying industrial diamonds to the Nazis which were essential for the mass production of their military. How was it that Germany was able to afford to build a military capable of taking on all of Europe after a collapsed economy and post WWI reparations?
Chuck: (responded with a smile…no reply)
Chuck: I happen to be well versed on the subject, I was in the CIA for 25 years.

I didn’t know how to reply. And Mr. Knuff could see that I was visible stunned.

Mr. Knuff walked from his kitchen to his sliding door leading outside to his covered patio and BBQ before continuing.

Chuck: You didn’t expect to hear that did you?
Adam: No
Chuck: No one knew not even my siblings.
Adam: How did you get join the CIA?
Chuck: I am a mathematician, the CIA wants those kind of people.
Chuck: The Agent software (that his company Forte Inc. designed) is not only being used by companies. There are a number of government agencies using the software as well.
Chuck: My brother asked me how I could work with the CIA knowing all of the things that they do, and I told him that I never did anything that I morally objected to. That is not to say that I wasn’t aware of things that I objected to but we did a lot of good things.
Chuck: You have no idea how close the world was to nuclear war between Pakistan and India. No one does, had we not made them aware of what the other was doing; there could have very easily been a nuclear response.
Chuck: When I would travel ‘in country’, that’s what it’s called when we would be operating in a foreign country – I would not care any forms of identification.

It is only sickeningly absurd the fact that the next day, March 30 Tucker, immediately after opening up the most incriminating email dialogue with Loewinsohn in order to save his skin, filed a totally baseless assault charge against me, and Tucker totally oblivious to not only how the video both exonerates as well as applauds me but how insane was his allegation that he would never be able to prove in a million years unless before a corrupt Judge like Lowy, and his actions all the result of the most extreme intimidation by 6 foot 5 inch Knuff which Tucker has enumerated on ad-nausea,

There is no escape from distractions no matter how smart you all might feel that you have me beat with totally bs justice system without any of you with all your fancy university degrees and able to con equally moronic human beasts to share your bodily fluids when having sex and thinking that just because of the miracle of birth you have the right to call yourself a mother or a father and then turn to scripture when your children question your integrity, “Honor thy mother and father” who failed to first of all honor God when making themselves out to be so godly when supporting the inheritance laws that are 100% at odds with the merit system.

There is no way possible to shorten up the telling of this impossible situation given how it is a fact of life that the world has never had someone as credible as me shine such a light on the so obvious corruption of the money which has Hollywood-Madison Avenue saying is more important than having brains because with money you can buy brains, and yet not one of the brainy people out there have ever come close to explaining how not millions or tens of millions but billions of you have so missed the boat, and now this DEATH SENTENCE is going to be all that is needed to enlighten the next generation of people because how can so many of you continue to live this lie by being in denial and yet you know it takes just one person more like Major Sam assuming Major Sam, who is the best of the best of us born and bred Americans, isn’t able to get all his hero worshipping friends around the world to get with the program.

Bear in mind that my audience reaches well beyond the borders of the United States. Better yet it is the fact that I was first able to get Jewish South Africans and their close American Jewish friends to go hush so quickly is not in the least inconsequential.

Let me explain.

Every Jewish South African knows that De Beers have never meant the Jewish people well because it is widely known about Jewish South Africans that while the German-South African Oppenheimer family were once Jewish as were most if not all Christians beginning with Jesus Christ, the Oppenheimers profited more from their South African Apartheid Regime than any other group on the planet and it was obvious that their military support came from the US since not only was the “cry to arms” in South Africa “To defend against the Russian-Chinese communists” but the most disgusting of all, “IF THERE WAS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRICA, THERE WOULD BE A JEWISH PROBLEM”.

When combing those most important set of facts with the fact that right when I joined De Beers at their highest levels here on US soil De Beers were in an all out battle to wipe out Israeli diamond merchants which they succeeded in doing.

The killer to all the talkative Jewish South Africans is this September 2006 photo of defensive looking Putin

with De Beers head Nicholas Oppenheimer who is telling the world that not only is Putin in the diamond business but there is no difference between mafia run Russia and mafia of mafia De Beers run USA; meaning it is as clear as daylight that each and every other mafia family not just in the US but throughout the world is small potatoes compared to De Beers who are the counterfeiters of counterfeiters, terrorist of terrorist financing organization.

It is only logical given how I am Jewish and raised in South Africa for the first 21 years of my life when I got to know personally the biggest movers and shakers beginning of course with the “male heir” of American-German Charles W. Engelhard that the first group of people to understand my methodology would be those who knew me and my immediate family best.

South Africans throughout the world are broken up like everyone else into the haves and have-nots. Those with tons of cash and those who have lost everything because they too lacked the brains to figure out the extraordinary gun-money-power of De Beers still hold on to their South African accents; and the fact that most South Africans who were the first to leave South Africa are left with a small fortune doesn’t mean they have forgotten that they came with a large fortune, unless they got into real estate when one can be a total monkey and make money hand over fist, just so long as one has the right banking connections and they don’t get any better than De Beers starting with their 250 site holders spread around the world who serve as De Beers’ eyes and ears thanks to their closeness with the ultra orthodox-Jewish Black Hatters

who make it their business to ingratiate themselves with non-religious Jewish traders outside of the diamond business.

Yes, that one photo that speaks for itself is so sickening but at the same time totally uplifting if you are not corrupt; and we know all the children are not corrupt unless they have been corrupted by their parents and grandparents who no matter how corrupt can easily envision living many more years with the knowledge that they cannot deny as the children are increasingly more wired into communications like this.

I treat each moment like it is my last so why wouldn’t I be smart and treat this communique as my very last?

De Beers only have a low profile to their common herd given how their ownership of industry beginning with military contractors which goes back to their huge success in getting away scott free with arming Nazi Germany.

Do not forget that while the rest of the world do not know what Nicholas Oppenheimer looks like, De Beers is South Africa to South Africans.

It is now time for me to begin asking the questions or interrogatories as Loewinsohn puts it in the first hearing on June 30, 2010 when court report David Langford is present.

How insane can it be for a Judge who allows a defamation lawsuit to proceed even though he repeatedly states that there is no evidence while asking the lawyer for the corrupt ex CIA Knuff to guide him on how to proceed, to call the innocent accused, a nut?

That is defamation.

Judge Lowy should be more than thrown off the bench.

Who can be behind such insanity, such totally reckless disregard for the law and human decency?

What are the chances of this being a coincidence?

My website is all about exposing De Beers.

The conversation between Adam Lee Tucker was mainly about this subject.

Knuff never sought resolution outside of the court.

He waited more than a year to file?

Why also Texas court?

His main residence is here in San Diego county, just like mine and Tucker’s.

There is no question that Knuff is suffering from neurological diseases, that’s a given.

He has stated on record that he is neurologically impaired.

The only question is to what extent has this lawsuit aggravated his condition and neither Judge Lowy or this Appeals Court think it important that I get a copy of Knuff’s medical as well as financial records proving up his damages, in order to further expose this conspiracy against me.

Tucker’s most recent writings of December 5th – CLICK HERE – continue to shed light on that dinner conversation with Knuff on December 23, 2008 that Judge Lowy did not admit into the court record, or at least he never brought up when play acting that he was admonishing Knuff and his lawyer for repeatedly failing to provide evidence that I had defamed Knuff, which were it not for Judge Lowy being so arrogant and maliciously biased towards me from the very start, would have had him throwing out this lawsuit on day one.

It is most important that the conversation between Knuff and Tucker was never introduced in to the court proceedings even though it appears as part of the court record, and which was sent to both the court and Knuff’s Texas lawyer Loewinsohn by certified UPS mailing on 4/1/2010 as well as email – CLICK HERE. Included in the packages were 2 CDs; the one, a digitized format of the crystal clear pleading containing the transcript of Tucker’s meeting with Knuff which Tucker did immediately after as he was concerned for his physical safety and felt that by having a written account would serve as his best protection; and the second, Tucker’s March 24, 2010 videotape deposition which also speaks for itself.

What aggravated Knuff that he would invest so much in a top law firm?

It’s hard to put it all on ego and the vagueness of the lawsuit statements regarding this whole defamation lawsuit speak to others with a gripe?

The number of hours with Loewinsohn charging $500 an hour with a minimum retainer of $25,000 must have cost Knuff a good couple of hundred Gs by now?

Who would go to this trouble?

Who would now intimidate Mr. Michael Awerbach right when he was about to begin funding a counter-lawsuit against Knuff-Loewinsohn?

Judge Lowy has also defamed me and he is a judge who is not only supposed to uphold the law but demonstrate by his actions that he is in search of the truth and not just going through the perfunctory motions and talking little number talk and rap like meanderings all for the Appearance of Propriety.


Besides for Awerbach now hiding we have radio internet host Mark Edge joining in?

What or who got to him?

Why would Putin meet with De Beers head Nicholas Oppenheimer who no one knows let alone what he looks like, and De Beers know what they are doing when putting this photo that speaks for itself on their and Oppenheimer’s Wikipedia profile?

It does not mean that because the head is corrupt that the rest of the CIA is corrupt.

De Beers-Oppenheimer have now sold their stake to Japan-Mitshubishi and in the thick of it all are US Morgan Stanley that is owned by the US Government which is not exactly, “We the people of the United States”.

The argument that it is not only the US but everyone was raping at one time or another, and why don’t I get on their case?

Why single out the US?

It is the US through American Charles Engelhard who have controlled the mineral resources of mineral rich South Africa beginning in earnest after the end of World War II when we were supposed to have learned lessons not to repeat injustices to military weaker peoples.

Nothing less than the 3rd Reich’s southern division took over South Africa when Jan Christian Smuts, considered by his enemies, “King of the Jews” because his actions more than his words in support of the Jewish people of Israel spoke volumes, was defeated in the May 26, 1948 South African General Election which took place 2 days after his 78th birthday when he chose to recognize the State of Israel that was now into its 10th day of its most bloody first war of survival which began the day after his close ally, Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel declared Jewish Statehood and gave the fledgling Jewish Homeland the clever Hebrew word Israel which translates, “Wrestle with God”.

Comfortable people no matter their race, ethnicity, religious or irreligious background, do not question.

Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth. The truth is “tTOo” (sic) disrupting for “sum” (sic) people too busy keeping track of their lies – Marie Dion Gevisser

This most calculated, cold blooded, murderous attack on my reputation was also carefully designed to drive a wedge between myself and my most brilliant and beautiful French-Canadian wife Marie Dion Gevisser who ugly people of both sexes show their resentment mostly in their deafening silences; and when they do speak they mostly show their venomous fangs which of course is not only a reflection of how their insides feel and their sick body language reveals their ugly nature long before they open their mouths and why intelligent people understand better than those Poverty of Thought deprived that there is a whole lot of truth to you are what you eat and the company you keep and therefore to choose your friends and separate quickly from family members whose faces and body language each of us is most familiar with once they reveal their true nature.

The fact that not many of us have the courage of our convictions to confront our family members only because we simply weren’t intelligent enough to pick up soon enough that the second stage of them being corrupt is to corrupt the next in line easiest to corrupt, and if paying careful enough attention it becomes first nature to figure out ahead of time their next moves, does not mean that there are any weaknesses in the perfect design of the entire system.

This Knuff-Loewinsohn-Lowy defamation lawsuit will inevitably bring the entire world together because there is no way to escape the calamity of what has already transpired.

332 days have now elapsed since this unconscionable $4 million DEATH SENTENCE was handed to me, and not one member of the media, not a single chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU], including the Texas Chapter that is one of 3 following me on Twitter, not one member of academia, not one member of the clergy, not one politician has come forward to express their outrage.

The thinking of course is that I will soon be shut down and despite millions of people throughout the world knowing about this egregious travesty of justice, it will all soon subside and each one of you can pat yourselves on the back that you would rather have foreign based De Beers in charge of deciding how best to allocate the remaining resources of the world, than someone who is honest.

Corrupt people only know to live in the past as much as they say they cant get enough of modern day technologies that most of all keep each of us in touch which means it is increasingly difficult to hide.

They still think $ is king and they have the backing of De Beers who are backing all sides and now exposed forever.

They go back and forth between hiding and so arrogantly being in my face.

When you layer those truths on top of the fact that there are no more important truths than the ones I am revealing about how our money is valued which determines each of our lifestyles beginning with who we partner with either socially and/or in business, which with the common herd all lumped together sick in the middle of the Bell Shaped curve educational system which has the most average rising to the top, those of us not in support of mediocrity who reside on the extreme ends of the distribution curve who get the logic of youth not attracted to old while old can’t get enough of youth who are not only all our futures but much more wired than previous generations and the incremental speeds of light speed personal communicating devices at the point of diminishing returns, are inevitably attracted to people like my wife and me.

How long do you think it is going to take a recognizable name like an American President or Vice President to see the writing on the wall?

This photo of me taken in late fall 1989 in Jerusalem standing below a sign on Jaffa Gate that reads, “RESTORED WITH THE GENEROUS HELP OF SOUTH AFRICAN JEWRY 1969” was not the first time I visited the Holy City of the 3 major western religions; and if you didn’t know me, you wouldn’t be able to tell me apart from an ultra orthodox Jewish-Black Hatter whose most important job for De Beers is getting the inside scoop of infighting amongst non-religious Jewish people who never come close to making it into the top echelons of De Beers who like things just the way they are with their herd acting like sheep who don’t however have the bad habit of backbiting one another when not stabbing each other in the back.

At this time there is no better way I know of getting my story of hope out to the next generation of children then what I am doing now.

Obviously there is a God because in this sea of human darkness who else is protecting my wife and me?

Hillel – If I am not for myself who is for me? If I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, then when?

While everyone is of course entitled to their opinion and to just do what suits them, that does not mean they are doing the smart thing or that God doesn’t immediately take His vengeance on them and those who associate with them as we can all see the logical side effects of doing stupid things.

It is only about figuring out not all the logic that exists but something much simpler.

The fact that not many humans find the time in their busy lives to simply question what could be more satisfying than knowing that only one most non-human mind could create all the logic that begins with human thought does not make all those self-indulgent, self-absorbed, selfish future shellfish humans smart.

Given what odds my wife and I face who is better equipped than the 2 of us to figure out on our own the best way to tell this story?

There is no better way than this, and the proof is in the fact that none of you have yet managed to murder us and yet all of you are only about keeping the status quo of the rich getting richer trickling down the cost on to the backs of the poor who are not stupid.

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