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Socrates – The unexamined life is not worth living. Part III

All you have is your military might without being mindful to pay your soldiers right.

How stupid for the US Congress to still think they can get away with not paying our soldiers a fair wage and to continue the distraction game of blaming others such as the Chinese for De Beers so effortlessly corrupting our civilian leadership who pride themselves on how much better life is for most Americans than our slaves in raped countries whose borders are not determined by their own peoples but by the winning military which for the past century has been the US and its allied nations who are simply run by a minority of equally transparently corrupt individuals who care as much about their soldiers as they do about democracy which cannot exist with the suppression of Free Speech.

No lawsuit in history spells out what you are all attempting to pull off and the fact that you have succeeded this long does not mean your criminal conspiracy cannot end in the next instant.

You do not have the truth on your side.

You do not have the rule of law on your side.

You do not have the majority of Americans on your side.

You do not have the majority of American soldiers who have yet to get the information on your side.

You only have your lies that you cannot fix to hold on to.

You know that you do not have God at your side.

When you don’t have God at your side and only your arrogance, you have nothing.

It takes just one of you to speak out and then the game is over.

Anything is better than being a slave.

No one could do a worse job than De Beers.

De Beers only know from divide and conquer.

No member of the clergy can say that God would support such nonsense.

The fact that not one member of the clergy has ever spoken out against De Beers is hugely telling.

It is up to each of you to decide how you can you possibly live with yourselves.

I would rather be dead than be in any of your shoes.

My wife and I as you can figure for yourselves are still alive.

Why did Knuff pursue this in Texas given the opportunity to clear his name from the beginning, knowing this would be all over the Internet with a high probability that there would be no pay day?

Why would Judge Lowy at the end of the Kangaroo trial on January 21 ask Loewinsohn-Knuff whether I could afford the $4 million DEATH SENTENCE?

The judge knew when he read my first response to the complaint filed on February 22, 2010 that this was a totally bogus lawsuit.

He was playing this game with Loewinsohn setting the rules.

Obviously Knuff didn’t check me out well enough before filing.

By now he would know I have little more than a pot to pee in but my wife appreciates my 10 qualities.

He would also know that I am called the ferret for good reason. I can spot crooks more than a mile away and I have never been corrupted by money.

My wife took her time to get married a second time because she was already financially independent and realized early on in our relationship that I was a good financial advisor.

O, and by the way, she loves gold.

Not to speak is to speak.

If you ignore this information what does it mean?

It means until the gravy train stops completely until the soldier turns on “selfish me” choosing to play ostrich, we’re still profiting; we’re not going to change, why?

Quick Recap:

Knuff is all over the Internet with this ridiculous lawsuit that ridicules the CIA, Judge Martin Lowy, lawyer Loewinsohn and most of all himself.

Since this $4 million DEATH SENTENCE was handed to me not a single reporter has questioned how it was possible for Knuff-Loewinsohn to continue down this path of murdering my good name without ever having to bring evidence, and when caught by Lowy trying to introduce fraudulent evidence, Judge Lowy simply lets them off the hook, and comes down hard on me who knows better than to play victim to those all about playing it fast and loose when not also playing business.

From the beginning, Judge Lowy made it perfectly clear that I was going to be denied my Constitutional Right to a jury trial, so why would I waste my time either hiring a lawyer to sell me further down the drain or traveling all the way to Texas to be mocked by such unsavory characters who represent only all the bad people who if it turns out are the entire world, so you have this digital record and yourselves to live with; and just that unpleasant thought each of you know will that much more invigorate the next generation of children yet to be corrupted and much smarter than any dumb adult I know.

The extreme bias of Texas Judge Lowy places the American judicial system under an ever increasing spotlight that will have the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves.

Who in their right mind would want to become a lawyer when they know that in the next instant it could become impossible to make a living, and equally bad you will be labeled a fool.

Given the Diversity of Internet, this landmark case belonged in Federal Court but of course what Federal Court Judge doesn’t want to protect their cushy lifestyle.

You failed despite trying repeatedly to trip me up with your Rules of the Court, and in the end while never requiring that Knuff-Loewinsohn be compliant, you had Judge Lowy agreeing with them that I wasn’t following procedure in responding to all enquiries and because they were so spot on, all that the 3 of them could come up with was to simply say they were going to strike my pleadings and this way begin the DEATH PENALTY SANCTIONS as my responses were now stricken even though the court record still shows that I responded.

You couldn’t just have me taken out and shot because with my already huge following that would only make me more visible.

So your plan was to cripple me financially.

You remain Old School in your thinking because it is not about money, it never has been about money, it has only been about grabbing resources and for those stealing the most to have the most fun.

Your goal was expressed at the end of the hearing/trial and clearly evident in the transcripts that this court-Knuff want to suppress information that goes out on the internet and making an example out of me, making this a landmark case. If managing to block/shut me up that means anyone looking at this would be intimidated because Knuff-Loewinsohn first and foremost clearly didn’t follow the law or rules of the court, which they always fall back on to trip up innocent parties.

Their maliocus and arrogant disregard for law and my Constitutional Rights cannot stand either the test of time or the speed of the light speed internet reaching the majority of the world’s population yet to be murdered by war and equally contrived diseases.

The fact that a US judge would allow a US lawyer to manipulate the proceedings under the guise that there were “sensitive issues” and make out that while Knuff professes to be an EX CIA agent that he should be allowed the courtesy of never having to provide proof of his nefarious allegations.

Nazi Germany revisited.

Why hasn’t there already been a Grand Jury conviction of Knuff and Loewinsohn?

How much worse can it get than the intimidation of the key witness Tucker who eventually buckled, and even then he couldn’t give them what they wanted because it was not possible for Tucker to lie about his postings on the Internet and attribute them to me, because for starters right after Knuff began his intimidating phone calls 3 days after their meeting, Tucker emailed the FBI.

Anyone looking at this case and who has seen my website knows that I am trying to expose De Beers and their tactics.

The lawlessness of the Texas Judge Lowy and Texas lawyer Alan Lowinsohn to have so arrogantly and maliciously abused their privileges as men of the law, should serve as wake up call for all those wanting to know what I represent and to now join the forces of light who will shine forever this light on dark Knuff until all Government corruption is extinguished which will be much quicker than never.

No one has ever exposed the connection between the US and the South African Apartheid Regime who liberals in particular in the United States considered a pariah, and yet it was the most liberal Democrats who profited the most from such heinous genocide that has its roots buried deep in our Jewish Holocaust.

It is all about stealing not the gold belonging to Jewish Germans or confiscating Americans’ gold going back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s decree of April 5, 1933, but grabbing South Africa’s gold since South Africa from the time gold was discovered in Johannesburg in 1886, has been the world’s largest gold producer and with technology improving the lifestyles of everyone other than the slaves to work the mines with increased leisure time is the demand of the world’s oldest and most precious currency that the west did not want to fall into the hands of the world’s most industrious peoples, the Chinese who are today the world’s largest producer as well as importer of gold.

Only yesterday I came across two articles about corrupt Judge Lowy, the first involving another judge colleague of his who filed a lawsuit where Lowy is accused of malfeasance which my lawsuit will support and the other is an article that Lowy wrote himself, PROVING AND DEFENDING LOST PROFITS DAMAGES which he wrote on June 14, 2011, 144 days after handing me a DEATH SENTENCE of $4 million where he never required perjured plaintiff Charles D. Knuff to provide any evidence of defamation or prove up his damages.

Proving lost profits damages has never been easy or simple. With the recent evolution of Daubert/Robinson gate-keeping and Keller v. Wilson no-evidence review, it has become an extraordinary challenge. The field is strewn with land mines that may blow up even a meritorious case. Plaintiffs must prepare and present their cases with the utmost caution to obtain verdicts that will stand on appeal. Defendants should never overlook an opportunity to challenge the basis or methodology of a lost profits opinion.

You can never fix a lie.

That is why liars keep lying.

Hitler, “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small lie”.

The victors of war just want people to talk about past wars but not to the point that they would actually learn any lessons because that would defeat the purpose of wars which is to lay the foundation of future wars and increasingly more frequent ever since the idea of democrat rule entered the minds of the brutal monarchs focused exclusively on confusing that much more the masses, that war is inevitable.

Judge Lowy knew that there was a Court Reporter hearing every word and nor was he in the least bit afraid of the consequences, obviously.

Many would have thought that long before now I would be killed by others far further up the food chain who had more to lose.

The only proof you all have is that there are a great many more corrupt people than you dreamed in your worst nightmare which does not make any of you intelligent; nor can any of you rely on one another to keep up your lies because you are not united, not even close as each of you get that much more exposed, and nor is there anywhere to hide in this gift of God internet.

I don’t only have truth-logic-god on my side I have the majority of the world’s people who have yet to hear of me only because the minority who have the information have not been willing to share it because they are aall about money, money that would long by have been worthless if more of you bad had been good.

Good breeds logical. The bad only know to shut down and when quiet you cannot learn as you find yourselves increasingly isolated; and soon you will all lose your minds since who wants to have anything to do with fools.

A fool and their money are soon parted.

Click here for my entire email list, and if there is anyone who is on it and feels they are good and underserving to be on the $ HIT list they can just email me and/or my F-C wife and explain why.

I, and I alone have been patiently, methodically, and painstakingly explaining the manipulation of the currency markets; specifically where the In God We Trust Dollar has disappeared “tTOo” (sic).

You have to project; the scenario is unlikely to get better and we don’t have the industrial base other than the industrious Chinese who own us.

Corruption still pays, they still profit, less and less.

Germany is having to support Europe. The fact is that Germany still makes the best steel. Watch De Beers line themselves with Germany, again.

So China is the big question mark considering their military might.

If the US military turns, China makes a move and says, “We own you. We’re deciding the value of everything” and the Yaun becomes the currency backed by gold.

What does China want?

China says we want peace; enough of this Roman Rule.

What I am doing with this “Big Picture” is to have you all realize it is not only Quayle who has probably already realized why De Beers went silent so quickly once they knew I had the goods and willingness to end their rule.

I would be a fool not to realize that Knuff-Loewinsohn and company which all those who don’t wish my wife and I well have got all this information already and only sharing it with people who can be useful to them.

So what that Knuff and company gets to see everything?

In the next moment without putting up a single video explaining it all a country like China or South Africa or Peru could decide to tell it exactly the way it is; what about Israel?

Why is it that the human is always about just themselves?

How come no one can just stay with the truth that in the next instant this madness could end, if only they stopped thinking they could bullshit God?

Bear in mind, that only an idiot; i.e. self-absorbed person wouldn’t have figured out that it is not possible for a General who has the least amount of common sense to wage war without having complete and total control of the mineral resources which information the common herd are first made aware of in Ch. 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS of the 1982 Diamond Invention, now Internet only, book where De Beers use their American President to promote the mineral wealth gun-money-diamond power of De Beers as well as instill in the ever weakening minds of their herd the perception that diamonds have value when refusing a Presidential Order to stockpile 6.3 million carats on US soil, and such an order De Beers orchestrated from start to finish just like World War I and II and every conflict around the world in between as well as following; and all this genocide only to cover the tracks of De Beers’ original land theft.

My current webmaster, highly decorated war veteran US Air Force Fighter Pilot +++ Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples who is well known not only to Vice President Quayle but of course George H. Bush is currently working on several projects for me following my assisting him respond to Vice President Quayle:

From: The AFRN Group
Date: December 16, 2011 12:28:49 PM PST
To: Dan Quale
Subject: every human drop everything


Why was your response dated December 5? Are you losing your mind?

I am in the process of helping a most honorable and courageous American citizen who was handed a baseless, precedent setting $4 million DEATH SENTENCE by a Democrat Texas judge who exhibited extreme bias from the start when he stated that he could not see any evidence of defamation and yet allowed the court case to proceed; furthermore, no evidence was ever presented during trial; in fact the judge caught the plaintiff, who purports to be an ex CIA official, committing perjury without admonishing him.

This corruption rips at the core of all that we Men of Honor stand for; to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic.

The murder of my client’s impeccable reputation is hanging on the line. Anyone reading this trial transcript would conclude that he is totally innocent and clearly given all the unimaginable witness tampering and intimidation of the key witness there is major foreign interference in order to suppress and regulate the information that he is sharing over the Internet. Motivating these corrupt people who are willing to ridicule and anger men like me who are searching for the truth, is his knowledge of top US Government officials who profited from us going off the Gold Standard some 4 decades ago, and all of them Democrats (who attended the funeral of the person who first orchestrated it. )

I would think you would want to hear the story straight out of his mouth rather than read his book which is days away from publication.

Let’s stop screwing around, and focus not on 2016, but on these elections and have me or someone else such as him imminently qualified to defeat Obama who has the most to hide given the colossal nature of this outrage that is beginning to spread like wildfire, not just here in the US but abroad given the credibility of my client who I am willing to go down with swinging.

This is the greatest threat to our ailing democracy. As someone who has fought long and hard for this country and losing at 15 my fighter pilot father, I consider this grave miscarriage of justice to be all about the curtailment of free speech without which there is no democracy.

BTW, I suspect that more than Obama is aware of what is going on, without the help yet of my singer friend, Cyndi Lauper.

On December 5, my client’s programmer, the main defendant in this lawsuit that will inevitably take center stage sent a letter to the Texas lawyers representing this ex CIA official. If you haven’t already received a copy, I could forward it to you.

It was to say the least very fishy, and so I want to clear this up. Nor have I forgotten how I earned my first DFC when both engines on my F-15 fighter trainer cut out, the one overheating and the other caught fire that had my CO hitting the ejection button over a populated area which of course caused me and the aircraft more discomfort.

You can see that I am already fulfilling my end of the bargain and nor will I be ashamed to present to the world more of my bone fides; perhaps there is one ground operation that you are unaware of which I have yet to reveal to everyone not even Cyndi Lauper who remains very close and ready to release two more songs about me, but not as close as my wife Rebecca who I met in 2008, the year this attack on my client began.

BTW, my wingman Randy, now a retired 1 Star General has yet to be informed by me of my increasing focus. When he does, I am sure we Men of Honor will be able to count on him as well.

As you can see I am still a fighter.

Major Sam

Quayle may soon decide to change his email address which he uses to send out Christmas Cards to his list which Smilin Sam has been on for 12 years; so you may gather that there was a gap of around 8 years before Quale who Smilin Sam spells differently to what I have found elsewhere, added Major Sam who says he never told either Quayle or Bush about his longstanding friendship with music rock superstar Cyndi Lauper whose life he first saved on a dimly lit Paris street when he along with his wingman Randy knocked senseless 6 murderer rapists who had just moments before told the easily recognizable superstar what they were going to do to her after first incapacitating her manager who was only a little sliced up because before ending his life, they wanted him to witness the brutality that they had just a month before executed on another female victim; not to mention Randy’s father was also a US Air Force Fighter Pilot who was wingman to Smilin Sam’s father who was killed in 1976, age 35, when practicing barrel rolls and the hydraulics failed and not all his hundreds of sorties in enemy lines could save him; to mention little of none of his father’s or his very excellent top gun wingman Randy accomplishments have anything to do with with why Qayle considers Major Sam to be in the list of the 3 greatest Americans living today; and of course Quale considers himself and President George H. Bush the other two.

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