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Socrates – The unexamined life is not worth living. Part V

Didn’t your mothers and fathers instead of threatening to wash your mouths out with soap when you cussed, explain to you the poem Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori?

Winters is a huge embarrassment to Jewish Americans because while Steven Spielberg was called upon to throw his support in convincing the courageous President George W. Bush, the fact that Spielberg has never produced a documentary-movie about Israel’s War of Independence which would have been lost were it not for non-Jewish support throughout the world, is very telling.

Back in April 2005 I tried to place my (De Beers) INFORMERS WANTED AD in the South African Times, a decade after I met with my lucky uncle David Gevisser who in the course of a 10 hour meeting filled in the very few gaps, and his colorful account would have every documentarist destroying their work product in shame even those doing animal specials because they know they failed to place the necesary caveats at the start.

De Beers hadn’t forgotten why they decided to go silent soon after I broke my 24 year deafening silence with them on 11.11.2004.

Hollywood is Madison Avenue is all the packaged processed foods that cost our multi-national corporations nothing but which we force on the poor of the world who are removed by bomb craters or puppet governments from their ancestral farmlands to work in the city factories where their pride is the first casualty, and then the agony of having to hear us Americans either feeling good about ourselves “feeding the world” or admonishing our slave nations for the foreign aid that De Beers propagandists say come out of tax dollars.

How is it possible for something that has been stolen to cost anything other than what its costs to return the stolen property?

Again, forget the politicians, where are all priests and rabbis who have failed to teach basic military economics to their congregations?

Just because the banker-politicians thought it smart to have their common herd debate the merits of separating church from state, didn’t mean that those who controlled the mineral resources were going to suddenly make their churches honest.

Would it surprise you if America and South Africa had more churches per capita than any other peoples on the planet?

Let’s just assume they have all been fooling God, how long do you think they will continue to fool the children once they realize how easy it is going to be for the children to get their heads around the tail end of that most important short paragraph in my previous email to [Major Sam] which new viewers will have to try and figure out on their own or research or just check with either their most or least trusted friend or those in between.

It is most important that Jewish American Spielberg outed himself as no friend of Israel with his 5 minute introduction to the 2005 blockbuster documentary-movie MUNICH and which I have explained ad-nausea, and yet he felt “comfortable” in helping expose one of America’s most dark modern day secrets as the Presidential Pardon of Winter caught the attention of so few but not those who had him imprisoned here in the US beginning in June 1948, the month before Syd Cohen arrived in Israel which would have been too late had Winters not the courage to do the right thing.

It is hard to prove that had Winters and a handful others not defied a Presidential and US Congress order Israel would have been wiped out before Syd Cohen could achieve glory and [Major Sam] and I would not be where we are at this hour, but what is even more important is the message one South Africa based mineral monopolist were sending to all the sheep Jewish people in America, “Dont rock the boat”.

I decided when I first looked in the mirror and saw that I wasn’t a sheep that it didn’t make sense to find comfort with the weak of spirit who I couldn’t help but notice were being punished not just with poor health but people who themselves were sick and wanted to feel better about their aches and pains by commiserating with painful people.

There were around 5 million Jewish Americans both before and after the Holocaust, because first of all so relatively few Americans lost their lives in both World Wars which US protectorate De Beers orchestrated from start to finish.

You would have thought with so many so loud in Democratic Party politics and even more so their corrupted children, they would at least had enough shame to stop calling for one Holocaust Memorial Museum after the next which show us Jewish people as weak victims while letting De Beers and company totally off the hook, and just focused on why they were leaving it up to such a courageous Christian to do the right thing and more than speak out.

Judaism is supposed to be all about action not small talk.

When did the Jewish people of America become such a joke and attract others just like them from around the world?

Note how quiet are Jewish Republicans.

What people talk more about their history than us Jewish people and yet you don’t find that many Jewish Republican medical doctors and lawyers sending their children to serve in the US military or at least pointing out that it is pretty much the same with their counterparts in the Democratic Party who are only different to the Republican Party in name.

Only the most accomplished in their field can rise above the shame of having been fooled by such a simple conspiracy that the worst monopoly player in the world should have been able to figure out, and when telling both their young parents and not all that old grandparents that to end all wars before they start, one common sense person just has to out that one mineral resource monopoly who decided to begin hiding in earnest this past November 4, and which began on June 16, 2006, the day Marie and I left for China on our 24 day fact finding mission, which was the same day that Lloyds called a hasty meeting to address my questions of what better way to start a civil war in the US than to have their Lloyds of London continue to accept worthless diamonds as an investment instrument but not American citizens, even the richest of them including Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Jr. who if they weren’t previously members of Lloyds could stand in front of the British Embassy in Washington DC and scream their heads off, but that would only draw that much more attention to the treason of Obama and the US Congress.

You see we don’t need to go back in history to begin the treason trials. Obama when hiring right wing Republican Robert Gates as his Minister of Offense/Defense in support of De Beers’ alternative suggestion to the US Congress; namely create the conditions for more civil war in the rest of the world that is used to it, and Americans beginning with the sheep Jewish Americans won’t say as much as boo, was executing an unprecedented genocide on the rest of the world; moreover, thanks to my simple to understand explanations and the leveling Internet, it is totally transparent.

Watch that Geraldo Rivera interview in Afghanistan with a US Army Lt. Colonel as the two of them along with the talking heads in their studio here in the US treated American citizens like they were the biggest imbeciles, as if no one would figure that the only middlemen between the growers of poppy and America that consumes 90% of the word’s production is the US military.

Fighter pilots see much more than what their high resolution cameras pick up and why the best of them who know how to also street fight are picked by the best Presidents for the toughest jobs.

You would know that US Fighter Pilots don’t make it their business to count how many acres of poppy field plantations on their “journeys” throughout Afghanistan because the cameras would have picked all of that up and for bits and pieces to be shared with grass roots organizations to bring to the attention of the world who end their commentaries by simply saying, “Of course it is all about making money in the opium trade and Americans have the most money and so logically they would be the largest consumers”; but that is not the real story, not even close.

The real story is much simpler.

It is about the promoting of “making money”.

De Beers set the price on everything including all the homemade drugs which are leaving far greater holes in the brains of our youth than anything heroin did.

That is why De Beers have gone overboard in getting Afghanistan, which during the Taliban reign had all but eliminated the opium trade, to produce more than 60% of the total demand for opium in order that economic students can get their heads around nonsense stuff like the price of a commodity is determined by supply and demand, and the reason for the street price of heroin so low here in the US is as a result of this oversupply.

Why isn’t the diamond trade covered when talking about the street price of heroin?

Why don’t Professors of economics explain that when someone buys a worthless diamond where the money goes to support the most obvious terrorist breeding organization, the shop next door whether it be a clothing boutique or restaurant receives the short end of the stick?

Why is it that most Israelis are poor and thousands of Israeli kids go to sleep hungry when it all should have ended on February 1, 2001 when the Jerusalem Post made the smart decision to publish my first of 4 letters that began:

The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism

It is not so much that I have to keep moving since you have all by this insane action of making me out to be the bad guy, made yourselves the target, and all of you should have long by now been hauled before a Grand Jury were we to find one honest US Attorney.

Bear in mind, that only an idiot; i.e. self-absorbed person wouldn’t have figured out that it is not possible for a General who has the least amount of common sense to wage war without having complete and total control of the mineral resources which information the common herd are first made aware of in Ch. 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS of the 1982 Diamond Invention, now Internet only, book where De Beers use their American President to promote the mineral wealth gun-money-diamond power of De Beers as well as instill in the ever weakening minds of their herd the perception that diamonds have value when refusing a Presidential Order to stockpile 6.3 million carats on US soil, and such an order De Beers orchestrated from start to finish just like World War I and II and every conflict around the world in between as well as following; and all this genocide only to cover the tracks of De Beers’ original land theft.

Obviously God didn’t think it was time before Nechie was told to creep into the closet and be still and quiet no matter what, for the devolving human to recognize its purpose and many more Jewish people had to die unnecessarily so that when the digital age arrived and there was no one left to speak for the poor of the world, the digital age would make up for any shortfall, while God let all the corrupt have their minds run wild with anxiety wondering when the herd would turn.

There is nothing great about anyone who has the information and ignores it, and that includes each President and Vice President of the United States.

Again, we are again being called crazy, and of course such abuse is not simply confined to Lowy-Knuff-Loewinsohn.

How could this Appeals Court deny me access to Knuff’s medical records given how he brought up his neurological diseases that he says have been exacerbated by this lawsuit that is of his own doing; and you all fully understand everything about the present and the past but liars cannot think much about the future and even less so in this digital age.

In one moment we can have for the very first time majority rule without the minority counting on their military to be violent.

Knuff’s medical condition is hugely important.

Maybe he should be claiming the insanity defense?

Every former US President and Vice President alive, whether good or bad should be all over this Knuff defamation lawsuit as well as exposing my highly good explosive website that is all about revealing how simple it is for common sense people including Vice Presidents and Presidents to figure out De Beers pivotal role in what they also earn when leaving public office, and they have a much better idea of how the real dog eat dog world works and why you never see any past, current or future Vice Presidents and Presidents of the United States pointing out either the hypocrisy or stupidity of their opponents who don’t point out the problems with having De Beers allocating the resources of the world.

One can only play stupid for so long.

People with little intelligence have great difficulty feeling stupid – Marie D. Gevisser

My mother’s quote:

You would agree that I couldn’t have given Quayle any longer with your guillotine hanging over my head.

Quayle might turn out to be not just smart but one of the good guys, and if not then the Good Lord will figure out what to do next, because there is not much more that I can do to satisfy your lust for my blood.

Again, I have been both falsely charged and wrongfully convicted of the most heinous crime imaginable given how the work I am doing you know that God would find no fault with, including my strategies and tactics that have kept me alive and helping the poor of the world which you can see best by how each corrupt grass roots organization goes quiet the instant I expose their corruption.

What if he told Quayle that he was the managing partner of a $25 billion military fund with peaceful investments that give it a benign look and I then asked him to be the first to sign the Gold Diamond Money Inventory Petition?

Would he do it?

Would he have me killed?

Can Marie trust Dan Quayle and former President George H. Bush?

More so now with all this getting out there, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you think Quayle had already figured out De Beers when he wrote Major Sam so much and so poignantly just 15 minutes after Sam emailed him what to many would constitute a broken jaw?

Quayle is 10 years older than me. Hold old do you think he was when he figured out De Beers?

Would you say that my and my wife’s lives are in less or more danger since the moment before?

Quayle is a lawyer and a lawyer knows about their fiduciary responsibility to their clients, both time relevant and material information.

If he knew all this when first sworn in as Vice President of the United States do you think he was both morally and legally responsible for informing all us citizens, rather than me having to figure out exactly what is going on right now?

To have complete confidence in oneself simply requires absolute trust in God to direct you to do the right thing.

A strong healthy mind tells the rest of the body what to do in order to make the mind feel good and share the good feelings energy with the rest of the body parts, much like a perpetual motion machine that when it stops working perfectly adjustments need to be made to fix the problem and if not then it is just another discarded machine that takes nothing away from the Master Designer that first taught the brain of each animal not just human animals what it feels like to feel good that usually brings a smile and vice versa with the logic to always make you aware and to have fun doing it, and vice versa.

Once again, I’m starting to get more into my UNIMPOSSIBLE DREAM book than I originally planned and so I will stop.

Good logic, not bad logic displays images in our minds of the benefits of being fit as a fiddle and when giving up on that it still does not prevent one from recognizing that God is smart and knows exactly what He is doing even if the human stops paying attention.

Why would anyone go sideways in their thinking and that means someone like Quayle can be turned in the right direction because for him to get mad at me, only brings that much more negative attention to the deceit of our best and brightest politicians who like all citizens not interested really in the truth think,

“I’ve got connections and I’m impressing the girls.”

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