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Socrates – The unexamined life is not worth living. Part I

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: December 18, 2011 10:57:35 PM PST
To: Texas 5th Court of Appeal –
Cc: rest; Vice President Dan Quayle , “Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples – Chief webmaster – Veteran F-15 c Eagle Fighter Pilot +++” , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President OBAMA ” , “Alan Loewinsohn Esq. – Dallas, Texas based attorney for CIA Charles Knuff” , Michael Awerbuch , Michael Feldman , “T. Colin Campbell, PhD – Cornell University The China Study” , Justin Wedes – Occupy Wall Street organizer , “John K. Pollard, Jr. – alumnus of MIT and Cornell University.” , John Perkins – former CIA Economic Hit Man author and founder Dream Change , Adam Lee Tucker , “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” ,, Editor-shanghai daily , Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host , “Kara Cooney – celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA.” , “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest.” , “Joe “Could I stop you?” Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School” , “Joseph Steinberg – Chief Executive Officer of Luecadia National Corporation.” , Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , South China Morning Post , “Kevin Keenan – Executive Director ACLU – San Diego-Imperial County Chapter.” , “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” , “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and “bosom buddy” of Roger W. Robinson aka “Our Man Roger” who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” , Mary Valder – Personal assistant David Rockefeller , “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” , “Texan Secretary of State James A. Baker III – Representing House of Saud Saudi Arabia – Baker considered by Roger W. Robinson “THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON IN THE WORLD”.” , “Texas American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]” , Lisa Fugard – Daughter of South African playwrite and actor Athol Fugard , “Andrea Renee St. Julian – Attorney At Law – Certified Appellate Specialist – State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization” , “Andile Madikizela – First cousin of Winnie Mandela and close confidant of Nelson Mandela who acknowledged in private meetings with Andile of his knowledge that the CIA turned him to the South African Apartheid Regime during the Kennedy Administration.” ,, Brazil Embassy – USA ,, “JOÃO DE VALLERA – Portuguese Ambassador to the US.” , Chinese Embassy – USA , “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC.” ,, “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , “Mark Edge – Radio Talk Show Host –” , “Ira Mishkind Esq. – Gary Steven Gevisser’s estate attorney.” , Ali Galam , Lawyer John Fuchs , “Deborah Sturman Esq – Inspired by Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman, played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to home. home.” , “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” , TheTonightShow , 60 Minutes <>, “Matthew Margo Esq. – Senior attorney for CBS – Matthew’s father Judge Cecil Margo was tasked by Ben Gurion during Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1949] where South African Commander Margo played a pivotal role and overseen every step of the way by devout Christian Jan Smuts to develop the “blueprint” for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force” ,, “Patrick K. Tillman Sr. Esq. – father of American Football athlete Pat Tillman who was killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan.” , “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney – prosecuted successfully Presidential Pardoned Marc Rich’s attorney Scooter Libby.” Subject: Socrates – The unexamined life is not worth living.

Your letter dated December 8, and which was sent regular mail and you not wanting to give me additional time by sending me an email as you have done in the past, requires that I satisfy your “briefing requirements” otherwise DISMISSAL of my Appeal of the most meritless lawsuit in the history of this country, and which was from start to finish a conspiracy to commit murder of my name, all of which I have addressed time and again beginning with my in my initial pleadings – CLICK HERE – and again, every subsequent pleading was equally on point with all the correct cited law, and then you played your Rules of the Court game and even then you couldn’t beat me, and so now you just want me to roll over and die as you protect one of your own, Judge Martin Lowy who knew when he was stating so clearly that he was trampling on my Constitutional Rights that he was also telling you all to better watch out because he was above the law.

I have truth, and I know you know it because you are telling me when you want me to cite the law that allows a sitting judge to break the law with impunity that my fate is sealed; and yet none of you have managed to have me killed yet or to shut down my website and were that to happen you still wouldn’t have truth at your side and every moment that you exist you know your entire world could instantly be turned upside down.

For all the money and riches in the world I wouldn’t trade places with any of you who only have your lifestyles because you have managed to get away with misleading our soldiers and the majority of the world’s population.

If you don’t have democracy and all you do is threaten you prove you are the tyrants.

Please stop at any time.

With the deadline you have set, its seems I am out of time.

You are all in the same boat and as my wife ended last night her brief to the glorified secretary of master painter teacher Sebastian Capella, “We could have waited for the morning to revise this one, but you know we have this DEATH SENTENCE and we don’t want to die from the winter sickness before we nail everyone, God only knows how long that will take. (Jesus that is good – GG), and the bracketed part is me putting in my 2 pennies worth.

You don’t really think that my wife and I are the only two people in the world who understand perfectly what this lawsuit is about.

You think my Facebook “friend” Rabbi Caspers C. Funnye, close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President Obama does not understand why it is that I am not yet a household name?

Do you think he is the only person who reads the newspapers and watches the nightly local and world news and checks in occasionally with websites like and realizes that it is just a question of time before the entire world knows that the fix on the money markets has been going on much longer than the Internet and the architects of this game never envisioned a moment like right now when all the game playing would end without the world first blowing up, because that wouldn’t be a fun thing.

Yes, a great many of us who have large as well as small families understand perfectly well that it is this incredibly debilitating feeling of stupidity that is most crippling that has you either talking at a hundred miles an hour or totally silent; either way you cannot win.

When you spread falsehoods about someone as honest as me and my wife and all we are doing is sharing the truth about all the subjects which we happen to be most expert at, and not one other so-called expert in those fields beginning with History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] can do more than raise an eyebrow and it is not because they are bored, it is because this light bulb effect of feeling stupid is brain numbing, it does not mean any of you are intelligent.

So you are playing for time.

We refuse to play your stupid game because that would make us stupid.

You don’t have either the truth or the numbers in your favor. Not even crooks like you can be counted on for support because their interest is only self-preservation and they know this musical chair game can end in the next instant; just ask someone like Dan Quayle.

Not many people can say they are the great grandson of a remarkable woman who in 1882 at age 8 became an orphan while sitting huddled in a tiny closet as a group of murderers on a night out on the town murdering Jewish people butchered her entire immediate family and even if Nechie Becker Badash [1874-1943] wasn’t herself murdered when falling down a flight of stairs in a boarding house where she was recuperating after being run over by a car, the impact on her children and grandchildren including my mother as well as her kinsman, Mossad-Hagannah head David Ben-Gurion would have been felt by me even if Ben-Gurion had decided to keep his thoughts to himself.

How could I possibly be corrupted for all the money and riches in the world knowing a true story as heart-wrenching as that?

I didn’t.

That is what most bothers you all and now I am not only talking about this systemically corrupt court who is giving me a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine the brightest of spotlights on America’s murderous modern day history as you bastards so arrogantly go about murdering my good name and knowing even if you are not getting a paycheck directly, you are doing the bidding of my former employer De Beers to suppress my knowledge that I have been sharing at light speed and which will get out there even quicker as a result of your obscenities.

Socrates who most people don’t know was a street person who articulated well the corruption of the Athenian aristocracy took his hemlock as his followers wept; and nor would they have written the history books which are only written by the brutal victors who have always known how best to use the words of the few smart to make out that democracy is best exemplified by having institutioins like the US Senate and US Congress, and I sometimes get confused which is what because it really isn’t important when you have known from a young age that one American who was not Hercules traveled to my birth country of South Africa and using his US $ currency, backed up by the land and gold first stolen from the murdered 10 million indigenous American Indians bought up our ACME Timber business that was critical to his mining operations, and most of all he was charitable with his corrupted US Government officials who all attended his funeral at St. Mary’s Abbey Church, Morris Town, New Jersey, and still he had money left over to help build infrastructure in South Africa such as dams, the first step in controlling the water that it is not logical can be owned by any individual or a group of individuals in a democratic society.

I guess I need to spell out why it is that professors of history, science, math, art, politics and economics have never once pointed out the so obvious.

Wouldn’t you if you had the power to publish after murdering the most creative who are the most accomplished and the least likely to be bought for money unless they were starving and/or had a gun pointed at their head, make out that there were survivors who kept the truth alive by hiding their writings?

Wouldn’t you also if you were the military might were you to stumble across writings such as mine that require no deciphering as the logic is as bulletproof as the irrefutable facts I present, find a way to suppress the information?

It may all be lost on you imbeciles but it obviously isn’t lost on me that for someone as credible as me and my French-Canadian wife who is my financial backer and willing to back me every step of the way, that even if she had all the money in the world, it would be impossible for us to find a single honest lawyer because given the way I have explained how incredibly weak is the money system that is even weaker than a house of cards because the money is as the Chinese say, “fly away money” that is only backed by untrustworthy word of corrupt politicians throughout the world, in the next instant the money they are paid would become instantly worthless the moment the majority of the world’s poor woke up to how easily they been conned by men and women wearing monkey suits whose brain size given how they couldn’t figure out the corruption of my former employer De Beers has the mental capacity of less than the peanuts fed to monkeys.

Monkey see, monkey do.

You pay someone peanuts you end up with monkeys.

I am being asked to do the impossible and cite the law that supports the First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

The fact that I also don’t know what thinking went behind the right of an innocent person to be entitled to a fair judge who doesn’t need a jury of his peers to know that being biased in the extreme is not what the rule of law is supposed to be about.

The fact that you copy Loewinsohn in this latest attempt to provide a degree of respectability in your ongoing actions to support the Appearance of Propriety while the last thing I got from Loewinsohn was his request that I give him a 30 day extension to file a response to my Appeal which you say is not acceptable because I haven’t cited enough law and I failed to have double spaced lines.

You are all very sick puppies.

You are counting on the rest of the herd to be just like all of you, all about money.

But not all of us who have money as well who dont who are all about money.

My webmaster Major Sam wrote me just the other day that he is willing to go down with me swinging.

I got Vice President Dan Quayle’s email address from most highly decorated US Air Force Top Gun of Top Gun’s Fighter Pilot Smiling Sam before he decided to get on Quayle’s case, once again:

From: The AFRN Group
Date: December 9, 2011 5:25:05 PM PST
To: D Quale
Subject: Unauthorized use of USAF-02

I need to take a short hop mind if I borrow your bird.

Major Sam

And Quayle’s quick response:

From: D Quale
Sent: Fri, December 9, 2011 5:40:21 PM
Subject: Ball tripping ego maniacal bastard


You bastard. Ball tripping ego maniacal fighter pilot. Steal my plane then mar the damn thing in a runway in New Mexico. Ah I suppose that I could let it go. Hell, you’ve been on my Christmas Card list for what 12 years now? I will say this while President Bush, Myself and men like you were on watch the bs that is afoot in the world did not happen. The US needs, greatly needs men; like the 3 of us. Men who would put National interest above their own without thought. Men with whom God and Country still mean something.

Mac ran at 70 plus, We could groom you for ten years and have your ass up there before you are 60. Are you still dating that singer? That might not work; hell on second thought that might be a positive the way things are today. You would have to get over this modesty bs and put your accomplishments out there. Might be something to crack open a good bottle of Scotch and discuss. A few of us in the party have been looking for a man for 2016 I had not thought of you until now

December 5. 2011

You set all these deadlines for me thinking that they will somehow blind me and everyone else in a search for the truth and that includes God, and yet not once have you miserable bastards required that Knuff face up to his criminal activities including intimidation of key witnesses as well as Michael Awerbuch who after a phone conversation with lawyer Michael Feldman who Major Sam had referred me to received a death threat on his new cell phone number.

This is not the only action that the FBI and folks like the ACLU would be able to investigate without any difficulty other than my revelations turn upside your nothing lives that are now exclusively focused on shutting me up completely; and your thinking is that the sooner you shut down my website the better.

That does not change all your lies that you have to live with including the fact that apart from killing my wife and I, we could still prevail in another court even if it means going to the World Court in the Hague who of course are corrupt but they maybe smarter than all of you and can read the writing on the wall.

Judge Martin Lowy has defamed me; that is an absolute fact when he called me not once but twice a “nut” and nor did he go on to say that part of the reason for my great mental and physical strength is that I eat a lot of high energy protein nuts.

It does not make it right the fact that it is easy for any individual like Martin Lowy with limited mental capacity to call me a nut, causing others of the same ilk to applaud and take their pot shots while the few good still out there will be intimidated as the transcripts show clearly that Loewinsohn-Knuff plan to use this astronomical DEATH SENTENCE to send a message to anyone daring to rock the boat.

There is no greater threat to Free Speech than to chop off the legs below the knee of someone as credible and fearless as me who has been so effective using the Internet for obviously what the Good Lord intended.

The fact that the corrupt human is all about themselves – feel the clam clamming up – does not change the ingenious design of the system that each of you corrupt and who know that you are also stupid can still figure out that there is something much smarter than you out there not matter how numerous are your numbers.

The next time and the time thereafter that you hear someone refer to someone else as a genius you will feel a shudder in your thoughts and that feeling of being alone will remain with you the remainder of your long and miserable life; go ahead and test it on yourself and remember to share my knowledge.

I now challenge all you high and mighty Texas 5th Court of Appeals justices, lower court Judge Martin Lowy, lawyer-liar Loewinsohn and Ex-CIA Knuff to put on your best attire and instead of a private courtroom meeting we begin my trial out in the open and invite the entire world to be our judges, just the way democracy is supposed to work.

So you perfectly understand that if there was the Internet during the time of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato, there would be people like you doing exactly what you stated in the courtroom on January 21st and using this fraudulent judgment to rule the Internet.

You all thought that I would never connect up the dots about how very orchestrated were the proceedings beginning with the first on May 7, 2010 which was the only hearing I attended telephonically from Del Mar, California when I knew the fix was in as Judge Lowy ruled so quickly to first deny me my request for a jury trial and then sided with Loewinsohn who said that I had failed to respond to his enquiries to provide him iwth the evidence he wanted of defamation against his client which is what the plaintiff bringing the allegations of defamation is required to do. More important than both these most egregious abuse of the judicial system by members of the judiciary who robe themselves first in their smart education and then all the power they have in the behind doors theatrics and all at the expense of the ordinary citizen who is forced to play their game, and soon the truth quickly disappears and all the talk is about how much money it is going to cost in order to settle, was Judge Lowy telling me that I needed to get a lawyer when he perfectly understood both from the wording of the complaint filed by Loewinsohn on February 22, 2010 and my clear initial response of why it would be impossible for me to find an honest lawyer even if one existed anywhere in the world given how clear is my impeccable record of fighting corruption from the bottom up and top down and once you have De Beers out of the way and the merit system in place the need for lawyers is a flat zero, and something all the sages going back to Plato’s times perfectly understood.

People not only understand evidence, they also know that common sense tells them that a lawyer does not only profit from conflict a lawyer stirs conflict or their spouse tells them they had better choose a more profitable profession.

Lowy knew there was no court reporter in the courtroom on May 7, 2010, something I was unaware of. Lowy was only talking to me to let me know that there was no turning back either for him or Loewinsohn and that they were going to railroad me and at the same time send a message to every lawyer in the world who might think of taking on this duo who look like they are backed by the biggest guns.

On June 30, 2010 with Court Reporter Langford now recording for the first time, after Lowy going through the Appearance of Propriety motions and telling Loewinsohn that he has no case, and Loewinsohn while muffling words that he understood the sensitivities of the case and therefore the judge should also and so should anyone in the future reading this very clear as a whistle that the fix was in should pay attention, Lowy starts to reminisce with Loewinsohn about the admonishment I received from acting like he has short memory problems Lowy about the need for me to get a lawyer who could never make it clearer than Lowy that there was no case of defamation against me.

Is every corrupt lawyer in the world now listening?

Please check to see if your name appears on my $HIT list and if you are not a lawyer and you know of a corrupt lawyer and you want them exposed please let me know immediately.

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