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SPIt V – Part 2

If you close your eyes and throw 5 darts at a dart board that is no more than 10 feet away, it is possible that all 5 will miss, but unlikely.

If you step forward 5 paces it is still conceivable that all 5 will miss, but even more unlikely.

The folks from Epilady USA Inc. had about 10 projects going on over in Europe including about 3 in Israel, mostly with a group at Bar-Ilan University doing a handful themselves that including making an ice-cream machine that had been invented and perfected about a decade or so prior and a barbeque machine that was first tested in a suite in the Park Hotel overlooking Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, just prior to the opening of their Broadway musical flop, Meet Me In St. Louis

when I had my first “run in” with David Gevisser’s one son, author-investigative reporter, Mark Gevisser, who you cannot miss in the carbon copied section as well David and Mark’s “mouthpiece” who has the Hebrew lettering.

You know that there is an outcry going on right now about Prince Harry making fun of a Pakistani grunt under his command but us Jewish and mostly Ashkenazi Jewish people, are not known for cooking up a storm in fancy hotels.

Solly Krok, the main principal behind Epilady who beat out Victor Kiam who owned Remington when acquiring the distribution rights for the Epilady from the folks at Kibbutz Hagoshrim, upper Galilee, Israel, only wished the barbeque had in fact blown up without a trace of evidence given how the entire thinking behind this super duper barbeque was a steam combustion engine.

Steamed fish is one thing and there are ovens for that.

Back to dart throwing.

When all 10 don’t come close to reaching the dart board let alone a bulls eye it is really hard to be “gentle and kind”.

Do you recall me mentioning a zillion, trillion, godzillian times that Israel, certainly since I returned from Ulpan in late Dec. 1972, saw no reason to spend a penny on either its weapon systems or its own intelligence.

Notice no question mark.

Do you recall me mentioning most precisely the other day in a heavily worded as well as broadcasted communiqué why it is that Israel has the best battlefield intelligence that comes in no small measure from “plants” in the “enemy camp” who easily get “won over” by the best of the best trained and experienced Special Forces Commandos who know how best to cut to the chase when unloading the truth about why for example Israel needed to defend itself in its first war of survival, commonly referred to as the War of Independence [Nov. 47 – Jan 49], so much that these future Israeli Special Forces commandos when returning to enemy units have not registered on the “missing persons” list.

Notice no question mark at the end or the beginning in compliance with Spanish which I cannot speak or write.

Notice how you are not distracted or bored while not forgetting how you figured out how to use my credit card without my permission to pay a parking ticket that you also didn’t tell me about but you couldn’t be bothered to figuring out how easy it would have been to avoid having all the problems we are currently having migrating data over to a new webhosting company because you pissed off the previous webhosting company for no rhyme or reason.

Remember I am just using the analogy of dart throwing. I never mentioned the possibility that the dart thrower had no arms or legs and had to use their lips as both the guidance and propulsion system because they had their tongue cut out as well.

King Golden Jr. Esq. and I were working together when “Our Man Roger” aka Roger W. Robinson visited with us at my austere 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment located at 1431, not 1421, Stanford Street, Santa Monica, California, USA, 90404, on a “serious” book about the debacle of the Epilady empire that fell apart as quickly as it has risen when it broke all sales records in the “personal care” industry here in the U.S.

“Our Man Roger” would not have made it to the Spagos restaurant that evening the day before he and Sec. James A. Baker III were so very honored at the Being There President Ronald W. Reagan’s 80th birthday celebrations, had King, who I had a year or so before brought in to assist me with the restructuring of the Epilady empire,

told Roger who was David Rockefeller’s protégé at Chase Manhattan Bank-IG. Farben and Co. before joining the National Security Council in March 1982 and in no time was reporting directly President Reagan who shared the same initials as “Our Man Roger” as well as born on the same day, February 2nd, some 40 years apart, that Jewish attorney Don Barr had assisted me with the purchase of the 6 unit condominium project located at 1431 Stanford Street where I and my girlfriend at the time, Annie George lived in unit 4 which is where “Our Man Roger”, King and I first visited before we went for dessert at Spagos where not coincidentally we were seated at a square table two chair widths away from a long rectangle shaped table, where 10 heavily wired Mossad agent were seated.


We are not talking 5.

We are talking 1 male wearing a 10 gallon cowboy hat and 9 odd females, all under 30 and all gainfully employed as Las Vegas dancers.

It is highly likely that before “Our Man Roger” stepped out of King’s car before walking through the wooden gate door of the 6 unit condominium project, King had told “Our Man Roger” about this one “girlfriend” I had in Las Vegas who I had introduced to King on one of the many times he, Valerie Schulte Esq. and I partied in Las Vegas during the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention where all the “movers and shakers” in the media business meet to have a grand old time.

And you haven’t forgotten how Valerie who still works for the NAB, for an uninterrupted period of some 15 odd years spread her legs for Ted Turner, founder of CNN.

This was no “ordinary” dancer who later appeared in a CNN special featuring “up and coming” Las Vegas dancers, and given her long legs and climbing some 3,000 steps, up and down, ever night, you would know she never needed to go to a gym, let alone a place where people sweat and drop their athlete’s feet.

“Our Man Roger” would not have been in the least bit surprised to hear that Don Barr was a successful lawyer because “Our Man Roger” understood that the key to success is to surround oneself with the best and the brightest and then get the hell out of the way and let them do their thing.

Like me, “Our Man Roger” knows better than to “micro manage”.

So had King provided “Our Man Roger” who later went on to chair and co-chair the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, beginning in Oct. 2002 through Dec. 2005, some 13 odd months after I broke my 24-year “deafening silence” with “Our Man Roger’s” principal employer, the mafia-monopoly De Beers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC] whose checks also don’t contain the acronym I give to this special interest of special interest group, with Don Barr’s CV [Curriculum Vita], that included in 1960, while still in his 20s and just out of law school, earning a cool US$1 million fee that his client, a US defense contractor was happy to settle him US$3 million, were it not for the judge who awarded Don’s client some US$20 million, telling Don that he couldn’t go along with the 3 million because he wouldn’t earn that sum of money as a judge in his lifetime, “Our Man Roger” wouldn’t have batted an eyelid, since again “Our Man Roger” had much more “in common” with me, not so much in “dressing for success”,

but again hiring the best and brightest, providing them with the tools to get the job done and then getting the hell out of the way.


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