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SPIt V – Part 4

Ernest: Hello
Gary: Ernest
Ernest: Yes
Gary: It’s Gary (pause) Gevisser
Ernest: Hello Gary.. Let me just take this in my office just one moment please (starts at 8seconds) (in that time I hear a faint “yeah” , papers shuffling like turning of pages, maybe he is sitting down still looking for notes on you. He has phone turned down on table, that’s why I hear the papers shuffling, this take 17 seconds)
(25 seconds)
Ernest: re greets with “hello”
Gary: Hi there
Ernest: Good good afternoon, how are you?
Gary: Good, how are you doing?
Ernest: I’m well thank you.
Gary: I got this strange message
Ernest: Is it strange, I hope not strange. I hope its courteous, I’m always courteous. I have a good memory of you guys. You know, you were always a gentleman, um tell me about yourself, you live in San Diego? (dodging the fact you have a message)
Gary: UH actually Del Mar
Ernest: Del Mar ok, in that area
(unknown voice say “right” in the back ground)
Gary: Do you ever get out here?
Ernest: Oh I wish I did get out more often. I don’t travel as much as I’d like to. Its always good to get out of the office, you know the pressure in the office are always strong.
Gary: What’s the what’s the pressure these days?
Ernest: Business is always pressure. Its always pressure, it never seems to get easier, uh you know just to maintain figures, it’s a tough economy, we’ve thankfully we maintain the figures but it is hard work.
Gary: How how tough is it when you got Debeers there price fixing for you?
Ernest: (it sounds like he covered up the phone when he said this, it maybe someone sitting next to him listing in on the conversation)
“ oh whatever it is, it’s a good thing I want” (what did he mean by this, it’s a good thing he want, want what??? want what tell you how the price fixing happens and where.)
Cont Ernest: inaudible… tell me about you’re a married man? ( he said he had a good memory of you, why does he keep saying tell me about yourself)
Gary: I am
Ernest: Do you have children
Gary: Well I inherited 2
Ernest: Good for you, nice…good for you, So you have a whole family and you look after it. ( I hear in the background during this part a during the second good say “hi” maybe)
Gary: uh You know the family , you know this loyalty business is something that I am delving into and….
Ernest: How long have you been married for.
Gary: Uh , I think its going to be 4 year this April 22nd
Ernest; And you live in Del mar, and now I know that area and what sort of work do you do Gary?
Gary: Actually I’m uh.. Just uh.. writing these days.
Ernest: OK OK
Gary: And I am.. do you remember when we last spoke, cause you were saying how good of a memory you have
Ernest: I remember speaking to you, I remember you telling me things, Yeah I do remember, you were living in San Diego as well.
Gary: yeah that was only a couple of years ago.
Ernest: “Oh yeah well years go by you know we do a lot“(he sounds disturbed here when he says that) “ so let me ask you um how your parents”
Gary: Parents… uh.. you know.. They’re living.
(goodbye in the back ground,,, who said this?)
Ernest:… inaudible did he say “wait”
Gary: They would prefer, they would prefer that their wasn’t this book out there that I told you about… called “The Diamond Invention”
Ernest: Before you go into the politics, you know.. I really.. Want… to .. to when (frustrated)
Gary: What do you mean by the politics?
Ernest: (frustrated) uh uh you know, I just wanted a nice con conversation (stuttering) and tell you respectfully, I remember, I have a very good memory, when my wife returned from South Africa… with Melissa.. And she undergone that surgery. (he slowed down his speech)
Gary: That was March 17th 1978
Ernest: And you were so you were so very kind and very nice to them and one tries not to forget those things you know. It has always been a memory in our family. I remember how nice you were.
Gary: you weren’t.. you weren’t in the business at that time though.. in the diamond business.
Ernest: That’s possible, I think back in 79.. I may have started.
Gary: And that’s when you started with Stephen Cohen.
Ernest: Yeah we were buying goods from Stephen
Gary: Do you still see him?
Ernest: No I never see him (at time 3:16 “by 2003” whisper who said this , who is he talking to) “I haven’t seen Stephen Cohen for many years.”
Time 3:20 inaudible “trum”
Gary: and when was the last time you dealt with him?
Ernest: oh it could be ha ha ha ha ( why was he laughing?) “ah you know.. When you worked for him (Stephen Cohen) “ you were there for a year or so, weren’t you?”
Gary: Right
Ernest: Yes , it was round about that time
Gary: 1980
Ernest: Yeah that’s when it ended
Gary: yeah do you remember my mother had you sell a diamond for her?
Ernest: Yes yes I think
Gary: Do you remember the type of stone it was?… (pause 2 seconds)
I’m just testing your memory.
Ernest: I I know.. Think ya know… listen.. It was .. 3 carat stone, it was (inaudible). I don’t remember the detail.

Brian even if he wasn’t able to listen to the recording on the “intro” page of would know it is not a fabrication.

Roger W. Robinson is appearing on an internationally broadcasted number 1 TV show discussing corruption at the highest levels of the US Government and Leslie Stahl doesn’t at least begin with reading his extraordinary BIO that would have taken less than 20 seconds and made the audience gasp?

The 60 Minutes audience had no clue about “Our Man Roger”; they still don’t.

Truth, that which does not change.

Lets once again go back.

“a staff assistant to former Chase Chairman David Rockefeller and earlier on assignment with the Chase branch in Tokyo.”

It is no coincidence that Hollywood blockbuster author, Edward Jay Epstein’s epic non-fiction novel, The Diamond Invention begins,

In Japan, the matrimonial custom had survived feudal revolutions, world wars, industrialization and even the American occupation. Up until the mid-196os, Japanese parents arranged proper marriages for their children through trusted ‘intermediaries. The ceremony was then consummated, according to Shinto law, by the bride and groom both drinking rice wine from the same wooden bowl. This simple arrangement had persisted for more than a millennium. There was no tradition for romance, courtship, seduction and prenuptial love in Japan; and no tradition that required the gift of a diamond engagement ring.

Notice the typo in the number 1960. Instead of a zero, there is the lower case letter “o”.

Do you know that this book was first written going on 31 odd years ago, back in 1978 when I arrived in the US with the single purpose of taking over from my uncle David Gevisser who was and remains the executor of the estate of German-American Charles W. Engelhard.

We all know that Edward Jay Epstein is still alive and kicking.

We all know that the top dogs of De Beers had two busy but important jobs.

First, deciding where to vacation.

Second, who to kill.

We all also know that the President of the United States has also two busy and important jobs.

First, to print money.

Second, declare war on any nation who refuses to accept the worthless-fictitious De Beers-US Dollar as legal tender.

President George W. Bush has done a better job than any other Commander-In-Chief and it can be seen in the price of gasoline.

President elect Obama and his supporters should simply ask President elect Obama as well as his choice of Sec. of State what Senator Clinton was thinking when she accused, when wanting to
beat President elect Obama, the Chinese government of manipulating the currency markets when not killing American children with inferior products.

We are talking about the most important book written EVER detailing the devious nature of the most violent cartel in the history of the world and De Beers can’t afford an editor.

Why couldn’t they have hired Hilary’s husband Bill all these years.

Notice no question mark.

Look at the meticulous subliminal messaging that is going on here.

Next paragraph.

Then, in 1967, halfway around the world, a South African diamond company decided to change the Japanese courtship ritual. It retained J. Walter Thompson, the largest advertising agency in the world, to embark on a campaign to popularize diamond engagement rings in Japan. It was not an easy task. Even the quartering of millions of American soldiers in Japan for a decade had not resulted in any substantial Japanese interest in giving diamonds as a token of love.

You are not alone in knowing that prior to Senator John McCain’s Admiral father placing on June 8th, 1967. the US Liberty spy ship in “harms way” some 13 odd miles offshore from the most brutal and heavily wired battlefields of the Sinai Peninsula, the US Liberty had visited my birth country of South Africa.

Below is a photo taken of me, my mother Zena, and to my left, my eldest brother Neil.

Below is a photo also taken by dad, Bernie on Dec. 3rd, 1967 of me on the far right and to my “left” [sic], my mom Zena, then my maternal grandmother Rachelle Pevy Ash, and then my middle brother Melvin

Notice the round box on the ground in front of me. It contained at least one of my mothers many wigs.

Notice the white garment bag my mother is holding. It contained her genuine leopard skin outfit.

More pieces shown in Hong Kong.

Notice the broach.

Yes, that is a very ugly photo of my most attractive mother.

Go back to my mother’s memoirs titled, “Life Story of Zena”.

Cutting and pasting

Reporting on the many wars when Israel was attacked she was the first civilian in the captured area of the Sinai and in later years at her own expense twinned Durban with Eilat. In 1978 she left Durban eventually making her home in Netanya [Israel] and England.

Natanya as you know is the diamond capital of Israel.

Two paragraphs before read:

She was devastated when sisters had to attend different classes of her teachings because some could pass for “Whites” whilst others were labeled “Colored”. This was all during her early years as a mother and when her children were born (all four before she was 29) she made up her mind that they must be trained to live outside of the country and sadly the land of their birth. Albert Luhzuli (his cousin worked for her), Chief Buthelezi, Alan Paton had a dramatic effect on her. Brought up in an anglicized rather than religious Jewish home she found comfort amongst the Zionist families of Durban. Janie and Maurice Gevisser [parents of David “$6 million man” Gevisser and father of author-journalist Mark Gevisser] Mary and Charles Lachman and dozens of other people opened their homes to her and it was a great learning process.
Next paragraph:

Eventually, Rabbi Avner Weiss arrived in Durban and taught her kashrut and the true meaning of Judaism. His lectures to the children of the community “The Rabbi From Out Of Space” were important lessons for her. From the earliest days of 1949 she visited Israel two and three times a year writing reports for different publications. Her paternal grandmother had been an early resident of Tel Aviv only returning to England when Zena was born. The Gevissers (she married Bernie Gevisser when she was 19 after only a few months in Durban) owned land in Haifa harbour and Zichron Yscov and she rapidly felt at home in Israel.
You also wouldn’t be surprised if my so pro-Israel mother who “saw fit” to have me some 18 months prior to aiming an Israeli semi-automatic rifle, hold and point and Israeli Uzi submachine gun at Melvin, who instinctively put up his hands,

has ALSO never taken up Israeli citizenship.

Look at your computer clock.

You will recall my French-Canadian wife giving her “nod of approval” when I had written as well as talked about who I would have in my cabinet were I the Prime Minister of a superpower like Israel; with Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. the Minister of Trade & Industry, Devin Standard in charge of Marketing and Sales, and the important job of Minister of Defense I would take on as well.

Jason M. Ritchie wasn’t wrong when he said, “you become dumb” in answer to the question I put, “What happens when you forget that I have “huge credibility”?

Yes, replace all references to just3ants and make it all available on 2facetruth.

After a mid-afternoon hike, I will take a look at your draft complaint against 25-year CIA veteran and 10-year US Navy Intelligence officer, Charles Knuff.

[Word count 6737]

From: []
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 3:14 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: RE: are the two tapings with slotar playing? if not when will they be up?

The recordings appear to be working but I don’t have speakers on my work computer so I cannot confirm. If you would like to check they are on the intro page. If there is a problem I will fix tonight.

I have moved all of the just3ants website over to 2facetruth; do you want me to replace all references to just3ants and make it all available on 2facetruth?

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: are the two tapings with slotar playing? if not when will they
be up?
From: “Gary S Gevisser”
Date: Mon, January 12, 2009 2:58 pm
To: “Adam L Tucker”

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