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Start of worldwide peace

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 7:55 PM
To: ‘’


If it is “An act of God” that you have not “buckled” to the extraordinary pressure of very bad people to ban my; moreover, you appear to have lifted the “banning order” on my previous account, please allow me to say a prayer to God.

If you are just smart, God bless you.



Ps – I know that Facebook does not allow people to have more than two accounts. Can you give me 24 hours to move everything over to the

I would also like to pursue vigorously a joint venture with you that I first broached several weeks ago and I am quite sure you have those correspondence, but if not let me know and I can also get much more detailed.

Furthermore, you obviously know that I only speak the truth and would never “libel” or “slander” anyone and when I make an honest mistake, no matter how good my intentions, I will in fact if necessary “go overboard” in fixing the wrong.

But, much more important than speaking as well as writing the truth is the fact that one can be “truthful” when inciting people to violence and why it is a very good law that prohibits anyone from inciting violence no matter that when doing so one could make the argument that the “truth” is being spoken; and the best example we all know of it being against the law is “shouting fire in crowded theatre” unless of course it is true, that there is in fact a fire.

I can spell everything out, making myself perfectly understood to any audience, but it is in fact Facebook who needs me rather than the other way round, if your first priority is your people, your employees and your vendors; and the rest including your customers are very secondary.

The euphoria that is being felt right now by me and my supporters while extraordinarily small in number, relatively speaking, is more than “perfectly balanced” against my adversaries who are to begin with extraordinarily small in number, again relatively speaking, but they do represent the current “powers that be”.

So certain am I of what I speak, you, not me, shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if come tomorrow morning we have the start of worldwide peace.

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