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Sticks and stone break bones, but words kill

Robert Azriel Devine

August 9

Shabbat Shalom to all my facebook friends and welcome. Once again it’s that time of the week, a time to reflect on the past week it the Holy Sabbath Day. Today is a day of rest, a day in which we give praise, honor, and glory to Elohaynu/our God. I would just like to mention briefly that this past week Kol Yisrael/All Israel participated in the solemn observance of Tisha B’ Av. This observance commemorates the destruction of the first and second Temples of Israel. Traditionally on this occasion we read from the book of Lamentations. This time of year is all about weeping and crying , fasting and praying about all the bad things that has happened to Israel. Of course Israel’s lack of loyalty to God in observing Torah is the reason for all the bad things that happens to us I’m just wondering will we as a people ever learn to be loyal to Torah? How about the world in general? An important question to ask is how can we get the whole world to live together in peace? It is Israel’s duty according to Torah to be a light unto the nations. It is on us to come up with a solution.

Well I would like to offer this statement as a clue to a possible answer: “The things that keeps us from being united in peace”…….”Are the same things that keeps us divided in war”!!! The number one enemy of PEACE is the politics of racism. Distinctly it should be known that as long as people are referred to as polocks, spics, diegos, waps, niggers, kikes,
Micks, chinks, towel heads, gypsies, and camel jockeys there will be no PEACE. But in the very same day when people are referred to as simply “The children of G-d” Then we will have PEACE. Shabbat Shalom! !! — with Simone Devine-Haynes and 48 others.

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  • Gary Gevisser Subject: What is your purpose?

    Robert, once again I cannot disagree with you more. Moreover, I have educated you and the rest of my FB friends including those who have decided to either delete themselves as my FB friend or deactivate their FB account to further hide, that the number one enemy of PEACE is ignorance of the history of war; specifically those who profit from war and rely on their “common herd” poorly educated, social climbing middle class to pontificate that racism, whether it be the color of one’s skin or religion, is the primary motivator.

    Those Captains of Industry who provide both the components such as oil and electronic integrated circuits as well as finished goods weapon systems such as missiles, have no loyalty to country, race, religion, ethnicity or for that matter political party persuasion, only to the money they create out of thin air and allocate to their favorite Uncle Toms, again without regard to the color of the puppets’ skins.

    Since you get this most important foundation piece wrong, the rest of what you have to say is equally skewed.

    In other words, I don’t see you doing justice to peace, Israel or our ingenious God, but of course like the smallest of ants, each of us human ants serve a purpose. What do you think is your purpose?
    August 9 at 3:13pm · Like

  • Jack Appleton Gary war is a very fundamental aspect of primate life as is racial differentiation as is collect and control of resources modern watfare (post axeial age) may seem different but it is not so much. However ifone could remove both the profit motivation and the differentiation based on superficial distinction one could make progress towards peace. Japan is not as pacific asit seems and Europe is still willing to wage war elsewhere in both cases they are motivated by the understanding of the cost of war not some sort of enlightenment
    August 9 at 4:26pm · Like · 1
  • Angela Hoffberg The world will never live in peace because the advanced souls must live with the un-advanced souls. People of all spiritual levels are here to help the righteous overcome. The righteous couldn’t overcome with the “bad”. Only a fraction of a percentage overcome in a given earth age. People will never see eye-to-eye until the new heaven and earth is created. God offered Israel an eternal covenant, not one passing of this world. But, btw, while you’re mentioning derogatory terms, don’t forget “red-skins” or “rednecks”. One of these days, terms such as all that were mentioned will bounce off us like water bounces off a duck. That will be the time “self” is finally overcome. We’re here to please God and have to eradicate the evil within us.
    August 9 at 6:01pm · Like · 2
  • Jack Appleton It would be nice if we advance to a spiritual level and I think that is what it will take in terms of long term sustainability but for war simple enlightened self interest will suffice
    August 9 at 11:24pm · Like · 2
  • Robert Azriel Devine Gary Gevisser my friend rest assure I would never delete you! I never tire of listening to your type (conspiracy theorists) telling us that there is a big bad wizard in a castle in a secured room behind a curtain that’s controlling everybody and everything. The fact still remains Racism is the number one tool used by imperial forces to further their ideals. My point is once the masses realize they have been deceived then the tables will be turned. All these things will happen according to G-d’s will Gary intellect alone will not solve the problem.
    August 10 at 3:38am · Like
  • Robert Azriel Devine If anyone is interested in a good read I recommend a book called “Destruction of Black civilization” by Chancellor Williams. This should shed some light on a lot of misunderstandings we have about history of man and mankind.
    August 10 at 3:53am · Like
  • Jack Appleton Racism Is not simply a tool of and for imperialism
    August 10 at 5:34am · Like · 1
  • Gil Hoffberg Please gimme a call.

    Sent from my LG Mobile
    August 10 at 11:10am · Like

  • Angela Hoffberg Gary, while I agree with your text on certain parts, you can’t educate anyone if the person is not yet receptive enough to listen. Saying something doesn’t automatically make them grasp. Try teaching college chemistry to a first grader. The principle applies to the spiritual level as well.
    August 10 at 2:54pm · Like
  • B L Buddy Fish Try teaching college chemistry to a college kid!
    August 10 at 8:34pm · Like · 3
  • Angela Hoffberg If you have the one formula, you can do any math or college chemistry. It’s a shame most teachers don’t make it easy. I didn’t learn this easy formula until my 3rd year of college. Why try to make it hard! Just tell them how simply it can be, Buddy!
    August 11 at 5:41am · Like
  • B L Buddy Fish Actually, I was teaching Algebra to Kindergarteners. A first grader can understand Chemistry. It doesn’t matter how simply or convincingly anything is presented; what matters is how receptive the individual is to learning it. How many people does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the bulb needs to want to change.
    August 11 at 11:59am · Like
  • Joel Maket Chabbat chalom
    August 11 at 12:00pm · Like
  • Gil Hoffberg Well, HELLO, Buddy !

    Sent from my LG Mobile
    August 11 at 12:15pm · Like

  • B L Buddy Fish Nu?
    August 11 at 12:22pm · Like
  • Gil Hoffberg s’posed t’rain hayom!
    August 11 at 12:31pm · Like
  • Angela Hoffberg Yeap, we’re going in circles. Yes, receptive is the word, and this depends on one’s spiritual development. A person must be at a certain level to have an “aha” moment whether we’re talking about the spiritual or physical.
    August 11 at 1:52pm · Like
  • B L Buddy Fish Gil, It rained cats & dogs. Everyone in Oak Park had several inches of water in their basement – sewage backup. Still davened micha & maariv and had the first sheva b’rucha.
    August 11 at 8:59pm · Like · 1
  • B L Buddy Fish Do you know Rabbi Lange? He’s from Milwaukee. We had mincha/maariv at his house.
    August 11 at 9:00pm · Like · 2
  • Gil Hoffberg While in Milwaukee, I was a Lubavitcher, for a short time.
    Yesterday at 4:11am · Like
  • Gil Hoffberg Had a bit of rain here, Gam po!
    Yesterday at 4:12am · Like
  • Gil Hoffberg No, I didn’t know RABBI LANGE!
    Yesterday at 4:16am · Edited · Like
  • B L Buddy Fish He was young too. Didn’t get frum until he was about 24 years old. He’s 66 now. He’s a Bobover. Nice guy.
    Yesterday at 5:46am · Like · 1
  • Gil Hoffberg Can’t wait ’til we can talk further ’bout that–that’s fer sure!
    Yesterday at 6:04am · Like
  • Gary Gevisser Robert Devine, people make good preachers but poor doers.

    You are one of them.

    Your “your types” are very revealing.

    There was a wise Black American lady, Harriet Tubman who said, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

    The fact that Tubman never lived to see the huge numbers of ignorant breeding a bunch of preachers who when given the information feel shockingly stupid and retaliate as you do with your vague generalities, “conspiracy theorists”, all the while looking to see how you can personally profit from your newfound knowledge to take advantage of those not as well informed, does not mean you are prevented from being punished by your own selfishness.

    You don’t look to me like someone who is the embodiment of good health as you are still probably a meat eater and nowhere does it say in the 10 Commandments that you should eat poison.

    Only you know how you truly feel for having played it so recklessly with the truth.

    So go ahead right now and explain in simple English what you learned after you read the non-fiction book The Diamond Invention; and be sure to let us know if it had you feeling any more ignorant than when we had our telephone conversation and you sounded totally dumb.
    22 hours ago · Like

  • Robert Azriel Devine Well Gary Gevisser if I were a preacher I would probably be insulted. The fact that I’m not only shows how way off base you are in attacking me.if it makes you feel good to verbally insult me have at it!!! STICKS AND STONES….. you know the rest.
    22 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Gary Gevisser You told me that you have applied to get into rabbinical school. Combine that motivation with your weekly sabbath preachings, that makes you more of a preacher than an expert on the history of the South African based mining-banking empire DeBeers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC].

    The fact that you never worked for the DAAC means a lot.

    The fact that you choose to avoid mentioning all the important information I have shared with you about this most important organization who provided Hitler with his most important raw war materials, makes you either stupid or a hypocrite and you know you can only play stupid so long.

    The fact that the principals of the DAAC, starting with Sir Ernest Oppenheimer were never prosecuted for their war crimes means that they got off scott free.

    Given how I passed all necessary qualifying entrance exams to work for the DAAC at their most important intelligence gathering operation on US soil when I was not quite 22, has everything to do with me not only being far more knowledgeable than you, but totally convincing, and your only comeback is your weak display of limited mental capacity.

    The fact that you are not alone in being incapable of refuting the important truths I have been revealing, does not make your either a good or intelligent person.

    It is nothing less than shameful your decision to unload your disgusting insults at me when writing your bullshit, ” I never tire of listening to your type (conspiracy theorists) telling us that there is a big bad wizard in a castle in a secured room behind a curtain that’s controlling everybody and everything.”

    Why not at least try and get smart by explaining to our audience your read of the meeting between Putin and DAAC head Nicholas Oppenheimer on September 5, 2006 in Johannesburg, South Africa…

    which took place a couple of weeks after Senator Barak Obama’s first trip to South Africa where he was sized up by the DAAC as the perfect next future peacock President of the US, but first he had to prove that he was good at taking orders, which he passed with flying colors when becoming the primary sponsor of the Congo Relief, Security & Democracy Promotion Act which the US Congress passed into law in December 2006 which immediately began the wholesale extermination of 6 million Congolese, mostly women and children under the age of 12.

    There is a reason why you are dumbfounded by this most important photo that shows exactly who is the Number 1 Captain of Industry.

    So important is the photo that DeBeers display it on both their Wikipedia profile as well as the relatively short profile of Nick Oppenheimer where it stands alone.

    So let me remind you again of how the DAAC do business.

    After they have bought their leadership in all the major political parties, they then proceed to work their anything but magic on the easiest to corrupt; namely the clergy of all the religions starting with the most scholarly who like the rest of the common herd such as yourself know nothing about the true history of the mining industry because that is not what you are taught in your secular schools or religious institutions which does not make you mindful people; on the contrary, you are more ignorant than imbeciles because you have this attitude that you are smart.

    Proverbs says it best, “It is better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    I now invite you to a full on public debate. I very much doubt all my FB friends will sign up to be part of the audience but perhaps you will have better luck with your FB friends.De Beers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    en.wikipedia.orgDe Beers is a cartel of companies that dominate the diamond, diamond mining, diamond shops, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors. De Beers is active in every category of industrial diamond mining: open-pit, underground, large-scale alluvial, coastal and deep sea.[2] Mining ta…

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