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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2004 6:22 PM
To: Glenn Shapiro
Cc: rest; TU; dianah;
Subject: RE:

Stuffed is a word not used around the Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman dining room table and when combined with “backed up” considering this “Dog eat God” [sic] world then mixed together with this post I placed up on the BUD message board yesterday the stew created should stir enough folks around the world to keep coming back for more, no better example than my high school pal TU not only incapable of keeping his mouth shut as he protests the negative impact on his business the result of his verbal diahrehia while offering him all sorts of verbal remedies choosing instead to take on Devin Standard while in his own backyard the most incredible Perfect Storm brews, seems nothing short of an Act of God to help you get me the $10 million upfront, agree?

The brew wars between BUD and Miller owned by South African Breweries given the hypothetical dinner “moonologue I” [sic] between myself and Mr. Adami, CEO of Miller, nuts but terrific entertainment, to mention little of how incredibly disjointed can TU be incapable of seeing the wood for the trees, TU in bed with Diana Henriques of the New York X?

U know of course Ostriches r indigenous to South Africa perhaps no different to idiots like me wasting time with lost souls common throughout the world, agree?

With all that said after having a rather talented painter-sculpture-artist who spent 2 months traveling through Europe – Spain, Italy and England – read the “intro to intro” yesterday and responding,

“What would the answer be to everything you wanted to say but failed miserably” [sic]?

I think it may be wise for u to use your time more effectively this weekend and let me have another bash digging deeper into the lessons taught to me by mater not to forget my “miracle man” father who while still in his teens bombed the crap out of the Nazi bastards, then again Adam emailed me back with this which I included in the email I sent a earlier to the principal here at the Del Mar Hills Elementary School, u heard I have called for the entire Del Mar City Councilto resign?

In course of the past 48 hours folks heavily invested in the lost causes throughout the world over r finally beginning to be educated on why the likes of Ronald Burkle, Milberg Weiss, Jeffrey R. Krinsk of F&K have painstakingly cemented their reputations on “liberal” causes while donating barrelfuls of dollars to the Democratic Communist Party in the hope that their gravy train, hooking the poor on entitlement programs, will continue to keep them in the “pound seats”, socking enough away in the event of a “rainy day” as someone such as myself reveals the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me G-D?

Nothing worse than the feeling of being “had” which is why I am painstakingly reaching out to genuine, caring Liberals who if not given a way to vent their anger in smart ways could arrive en masse outside the over the top estates of the likes of Jeffrey R. Krinsk and the Kennedy clan, nothing like having hungry liberals showing up at your clam bake to then find a right-winger having fun, fun, fun barrels of booze everywhere, hi Roger W. Robinson, Hi King Golden Jr. agree?

The truth as us educated protest is all a matter of “perspective”, a simple command of language can allow pretty much anyone to justify why even sex with their dog makes sense since when out with their buddies they rant and rave about all the bitches while pontificating on words such as “anger” just one letter away from “danger”, so incredibly boring the left and the right, which of course is why I am ambidextrous,,, hey its getting late in the day and I still want to check in with TU specifically on the point he made in an email sent to me late yesterday,

I can’t even believe that I am following through with this thought”

For all I know Anthony Unruh could be in cahoots with my one tenant who is this psychologist who has a problem not just simply remembering a deal we had when she moved in to my “one of a kind” schtel in Santa Monica, California but thinking that by dismissing the question altogether I will get distracted incapable of piecing together she and TU involved in this “over the top” conspiracy geared to simply have me go “knuts” [sic], both of them possibly forgetting that whatever I might be, I am certainly not as TU protests, “naïve”.

When I saw that word in “black and white” I wanted to do nothing short of stretching myself to the limit then declare victory aloud not going totally overboard, however, given the credence I might give to Dr. John Ben Stewart’s contention that I am this incredible 5 foot 11 inch giant made up of 180 pounds of muscle, getting younger by the minute, having “bought off” his former wife who has yet to work out that I am no doubt a mental midget on top having these midget sized arms, no chin to speak, pitiful shoulders lobbsided, scared hands and a red blotched thigh to boot, but then I thought of this guy in the area by the beach studio who everyday it seems blurts out the words “Purple Rain” and then says nothing, my point being if there is someone like me typing away trying to get the message out to the rest of the world that they have come up with the identical plan that we have to solve all the problems of the world with this incredible water project then they might get distracted by the “tT∞ of us” [sic] competing, me with “Victory” and he with “Purple Rain” the point being that I could still be the target of some deranged lone shooter thinking that by getting rid of me the plan will come to nought, agree?

A guy is now screaming in the alley – fell off his skateboard…. back from running out to c if I could help… the one guy said the other guy was okay despite a severed head,,, just kidding.

Interesting is what my uncle David Gevisser would probably say if he were to read all this considering he was the first person on the planet to call me “naïve”, then again uncle David was probably correct, relatively speaking considering the fact that he had gone out of his way to get me a “posting” with his and Charles Engelhard’s attorneys on Bush Street in San Francisco and after turning down a “corner office” with a view of the “I-Fell Tower” [sic] I totally blew him away by teaming with the “billionaire Krok Twins of Twins Farmaceuticals” [sic] when just a few years earlier while still in the recovery stage of trying to understand how I walked away from very possibly controlling all Englehard “merging once again with the Openhouses” [sic] converting them over to Judiasm be4 “ruling” the world, poor poor pooruncle David then bent over backwards to get me a job with perhaps the most successful Diamond syndicate operating in the United States of America, yet for some reason, Codiam Inc. don’t yet have an Internet website, so much for us Jewish people “running the world”, agree?

Now take a quick look at the social circle of Charles Englehard

So what do u think about,

Mr. Engelhard died in March 1971. The funeral, at St. Mary’s Abbey Church in Morris Township, drew the likes of former President Johnson, former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy… Afterward, Mrs. Engelhard took over the family business.”?




—–Original Message—–
From: Glenn Shapiro []
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2004 2:06 AM
To: ‘
Subject: RE:


I will take a look during the weekend.

Just came back from a great tour of Italy for the past three weeks, leaving me a little backed up on other stuff, and a little over-stuffed from some great food.

—–Original Message—–
From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 10:45 AM
To: Glenn Shapiro

Glenn good morning – I was up rather early this morning doing the risk assessemt thing but soon ran into problems with my internet wireless connection, it seems there is a guiding force that prevents me from getting caught up in other peoples’ wars.


I decided to stop playing with the antennae and find some gain in putting down “on paper” the introduction to MM1 that I began thinking about when in Peru, see attached.


The Dow I believe is still above 10,000 any idea of what it will be if trading isn’t immediately suspended, worse yet if our GREAT GREAT President is not re-elected?


Take care, but don’t hold back on knocking the crap out of my flank if the introduction deserves being tossed in the wastepaper basket, my poor excuse of Pypeetoe keeping Marie and I up all last night his incessant barking no doubt falling on deaf ears.

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