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Tell me how you think I can fine tune my proposal to be sponsored by Specialized

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 2:58 PM PT
To: Specialized Canada
Cc: rest; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; ‘’; Jay McMichael – CNN photojournalist; James Carroll – author Constantine’s Sword; Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance; Dr. John K. Pollard –; The Cow who shoots poison tipped arrows for BIG BEN aka former practicing pathologist Dr. John Ben Stewart MD. aka The IT aka The Sperm Donor aka The Slimeball of Slimeballs; Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. – Finkelstein & Krinsk; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘decou’; ‘Al Levitan’; ‘Morganstein’; ‘Rosenbaum’; ‘flack’; ‘Evie’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; Brad Wills – Fox News @ 10; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post; Mossad; US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald – US Department of Justice – Office of Special Counsel – prosecuted case against Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to former VP Cheney, Attorney of Clinton Pardoned, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich; Michael Sewitz; Michael Strauss Esq. – International Monetary Fund; Deborah “Aggressive-Billions Nazi Slave Wage” Sturman Esq.; Dick Morris – Columnist; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar-Rich Clinton – US Secretary of State; Roy Essakow – Executive of Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich; Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman wife of Alan “Trading with the enemy Rich” Clingman;; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; George Raine – San Francisco Chronicle ; Cinthia Schutt – Ducati; ‘KSWBreceptionist’; Author-The Nation Journalist Mark Gevisser – son of David Gevisser, executor of American Charles Engelhard’s estate;; FBI; Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss; Rush Limbaugh; Rabbi Caspers Funnye – Close relation of First Lady Michelle Obama; President Barack Obama; President George W. Bush
Subject: Tell me how you think I can fine tune my proposal to be sponsored by Specialized -The Fish Rots From The Head Down. – Did you receive my sponsorship application?

I have since loaded that proposal on my one website which you can access by clicking the hyperlink below:

Let me know what you think.

Ps – Bear in mind that even my one American programmer Adam L. Tucker who has a whole lot more time on his hands since his latest internet girlfriend dumped him after wearing him down to the bone with so much pitiful nonsense, doesn’t read everything I write including a rather important heavily broadcasted 2,842 word missive I sent out earlier this morning at 2:21 AM, to be very precise, where I found the space on the one time white canvas screen to include the following:

BTW, there is a need to make clear on the homepage of that the “unpublished” Letter to the Editor of the Jerusalem Post belongs to Jason.

By clicking this hyperlink [place cursor over the word shy], you can read that entire missive, but unfortunately because Adam has yet to load up all the many cool photos including this one great t-shirt design

The Fish Rots from the head down

you are just going to have to use your imagination in the meantime.

BTW, once you get your “arms around” that hypothetical conversation between most attractive and athletic Scottish Leslie Paterson of B&L Bike in Solana Beach and the De Beers

folks just a couple of miles down the road, on the same side of the street in Del Mar, who own the larger of the 2 diamond money laundering but mostly intelligence gathering operation, which is just 30 paces further south from the smaller operation, you won’t find a single thing in the least bit funny; even though you will still have thoughts every so often such as, “It is all one big game; one has to always maintain a sense of humor!”

The fact that “life is one big game of chance” where each one of us are dealt 24/7 very smart cards all depending upon one’s “level of sensitivity”, is totally meaningless if you don’t have an extraordinarily high level of “sensitivity” which is everything about “intelligence” and nothing to do with being kind and gentle to “lost souls”; on the contrary, the reason we are born with highly sensitive soft skins that burn easily, that get easily scrapped, that when cut bleed all the same red blood, and most of all ages especially horribly when you don’t take care of it, is to make us aware not so much of how precious life is, but how so very unimportant it is that we do everything possible to stay alive; instead to use our youthfulness to its highest and greatest potential which does not prevent one from having the greatest of fun not just once a day but 24/7 until we take our final breath when it is hell for the losers and even better for the winners which again you would not only have to know what I know but be inside my body-mind.

Healthy mind-Healthy body.

Now of course this is all just my opinion.

What is also just my opinion is that you are going to act most differently to most who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning when examining extraordinarily carefully my very carefully thought through proposal; bearing in mind, that my highly athletic, drop-dead gorgeous, most stunning French-Canadian

wife whether “dressed to kill”

or stark naked, remains adamant that I need to take bicycle riding lessons.

While I have personally no doubt I could benefit from a lesson or “tTOo” [sic] from someone more skilled and experienced if I, were to have a choice between putting my life in my own hands when riding down the back


of heavily rock

deposited Nobel Canyon, possibly the greatest trail ride in all of the US as well as Canada, and better yet that US Marine helicopters fly fairly often over the area in the event of the need for an emergency airlift evacuation, which so far I haven’t encountered personally, but seen enough rescues already to once again seriously consider my most brilliant wife’s most excellent suggestion, OR trusting my life to the world mountain bike champion, I would, without question, choose to go with my feet inside my awesome Specialized clip-on shoes firmly attached to the pedals and my arms, wrists and hands perfectly synchronized and firmly, but not too firmly, holding on to the handle bars; and most of all hoping someone as beautiful as my wife


ing up Nobel Canyon doesn’t dis

tract me.

One more “peace of advice” [sic] and that is you should at least watch the movie Constantine’s Sword which is based on the non-fiction novel of the same name written by former Roman priest, James Carroll whose father was the top dog in the US Air Force responsible for briefing President John F. Kennedy and his Minister of Defense/Offense Robert McNamara during the Cuban-Soviet Union missile crisis of 1962.

Not to mention that of course I know better, based on Conventional Wisdom, to never give advice unless asked, but then again, I happen to know that I don’t suffer from “Poverty of Thought” as do all those who when reading that hypothetical but “real world” dialogue qu
ickly forget that it is not so much that the “rest of the world” is corrupt but it is them who have the knowledge who are the most corrupt and which the “powers that be” exploit to the Nth Degree.

To mention little of how extraordinarily unimportant was the so contrived Soviet-Cuban Missile crisis that began not longer after President John F. Kennedy was sworn into office on Jan. 20th, 1961 and reached its “height of tensions” in September 1962 which was around the time this photo below was taken

and where you see Robert McNamara, a protégé of virulent anti-Semite Henry Ford to the left of virulent anti-Semite Roman President John F. Kennedy who I have already explained why the Mossad assassinated the following year.

To mention in passing that the month before, August 5th, 1962, to be very precise, the same CIA who had orchestrated from start to finish the entire Cuban missile crisis played the pivotal role, a continent away, in the arrest of Nelson Mandela who had been “living on the run for seventeen months”.

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia: Nelson Mandela

The arrest was made possible because the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tipped off the security police as to Mandela’s whereabouts and disguise.

While your interest like most, if not all, athletic males is first, foremost and last, getting laid by beautiful women, a different one every other afternoon if not twice a day, assuming you cannot get laid by the most beautiful, beyond belief sexy French-Canadian in the world, who also happens to be very, very funny because she is also so very brilliant, which makes most excellent oil artist painter-teacher Marie Dion Gevisser so very self-confident

which is “head and shoulders” above most women who have been so “brow beaten” by imbecile men, you must now fully understand the significance of the Cuban missile crisis distraction.

It has not been a secret since the discovery of large deposits of gold and diamonds in South Africa, just prior to the turn of the last century, that my birth country of South Africa sits atop the world’s richest mineral resources including that most important mineral, uranium which played a pivotal role in not one but two atomic bombs being dropped in early August 1945 on two Japanese civilian populations, just 3 days apart.

Not to mention since I assume you are Canadian you would be intimately familiar with the fact that Canada played a pivotal role in the Manhattan project which produced both the Hiroshima bomb, a gun-type bomb called “Little Boy”, that was made with uranium-235, and the Nagasaki bomb, “Fat Man”, made primarily of plutonium-239.

To mention little once again on none of this lost on Israel’s Mossad who weren’t exactly sitting idly by as the precursor to atomic weapons of mass destruction were first employed in the death camps of Nazi Germany-Poland.

To mention in passing you can best understand the CIA first responding to the Israel Defense Force’s brutal attack on the USS Liberty spy ship on June 8th, 1967 when launching, not one, but two F-4 fighter bombers ONLY CARRYING nuclear weapons, by seeing the reaction of CIA Jewish Kapo US Navy Intelligence officer Charles Knuff, a 35 year veteran with both the US Navy and CIA, to a 2,392 word missive I sent him this last December 25th which you can read by clicking the hyperlink below:

Moreover, the CIA’s South African Apartheid Regime’s chief prosecutor of Mr. Mandela was a Jewish person, Dr. Percy Yutar.

This one particular fact of life is not all that well-known to the vast majority of Jewish South Africans alive today, but just take my word for it that when they read this as they surely will, perhaps even before you and the rest of your colleagues from Specialized, a good many in the blind copied section, the most extraordinary shiver will have just gone up their spine, the spin-spineless characters that they are; and of course in the next moment those already preparing to return as spineless snakes, who of course have spines just like spineless humans have vertebrae in their backs to remind them of their future ancestors, have forgotten such an extraordinary “black mark” on the South African Jewish Community during the CIA’s most brutal Apartheid Regime rule, which began on May 26th, 1948, some 11 odd days following the CIA’s planned annihilation of the State of Israel, on the day immediately following the formation of the modern State of Israel, May 14th.

While it is comforting to the spin-spineless amongst us to say stuff like, “There are no angels in this world”, there is however, total justice 24/7, for each and every one of us who usurp our limited authority; and if you would like, I can prove this 24/7 beginning with the fact that not only am I still alive, but living the greatest life I know without having ever once been corrupted, which is why I remain as intelligent as the day I was born, which I assume was as intelligent as the next baby that was also born a genius; no more than 24 or perhaps 25 standard deviation points of intelligence that separates the smartest of us from the dumbest which is very little in the “scheme of things”, but the instant we start lying, stealing or cheating, all one and the same, so we prepare ourselves that much better for the return journey where the only thoughts are those of very basic survival; you don’t eat, you die; you don’t move, you die.

Now do you better understand the concept of the “Wandering Jew”?

Not to mention Mandela along with his closest colleagues had been bankrolled by the CIA ever since Mr. Mandela joined the ANC [African National Congress] in 1944] when they were already fully infiltrated by the CIA, who also didn’t keep it a secret of who exactly was in charge of the US Government at the time of the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944 when some 730 delegates from 44 nations were summoned to the State of New Hampshire where they were told in no uncertain terms by CIA operative, economist Sir John Maynard Keynes that if they were to dare even question the power of the “Almighty” US Dollar then their second-in-commands back in their home countries who had also been fully briefed, would jump at the opportunity to live the grandest of lifestyles.

To mention little of once you fully understand the utter nonsense of the Roman religion all based on a most brutal Roman Emperor who embraced the torturous cross that attracts the worst of the blind-mindless rat human species, you can then begin to understand the disgusting, most diabolically nauseating chant of the entire South African Jewish community during the uninterrupted 45 odd year brutal CIA Apartheid Regime rule; namely,


Understanding does not make anything right.

Moreover, the vast majority of Jewish South Africans living here in the United States as well as Canada and rest of so-called Allied Nations, consider themselves mostly “liberals” when not right wing “conservatives”, in that these so loud and obnoxious morons are only Jewish when it suits them, just like Romans are only Roman Catholic when it suits them, just like atheists are only atheists when it suits them, just like Muslims are only Muslim when it suits them, not to forget the Jewish people of the Christian world, the Protestants who kept the “secret” of the Jewish peoples hard work and hard study to themselves and who are also only Protestant when it suits them to be Protestant.

Now that you feel so much better about being just another hypocrite, tell me how you think I can fine tune my proposal to be sponsored by Specialized.

[Word count 2191]
From: Specialized Canada []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 6:29 A
To: ‘Gary S Gevisser’
Subject: RE: Did you receive my sponsorship application?

Hi Gary, we did not receive your application, you are better off sending your application to a store near you, we don t do individual sponsorship, good luck, cheers.

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 7:53 PM
Subject: Did you receive my sponsorship application?

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