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Texas Judge Martin Lowy – STABLE – Part II

Imagine if you are in fact wicked as are most reading this, the feeling you have deep inside is that you may live to see me victorious and you left very much alone in your own miserable thoughts and having to worry that much more about the kid with the gun who is increasingly wired and unlikely to commit random acts of violence, as much as they may have been one moment before.

All the corrupt can hope for is for the truth to suddenly be cut off from reaching all those who they have contributed to the brainwashing of our soldiers who the corrupt mostly see as very poor and very dumb, and easily fooled.

Not that many kids throughout the world grow up like you and me having spectacularly amazing fighter pilots as fathers.

Not many kids given how humble are the world’s most accomplished, get to hear what it takes to be the best of the best.

You grew up on a US military base in Germany where your father’s wingman was your wingman’s father who when your 35 year old Major father was killed in 1976 during a training exercise to evade ground based missiles, would have lost a part of him that could only be replaced by watching you and Randy, born just a few hours apart on 11.28.1960, become lifelong soul mates which hasn’t been lost for a moment on either of you as well your rock music superstar friend as well as this New York icon’s wide circle of friends who all know that your life story would leave in the dust every fiction spy novel or screen play ever written.

My amazing fighter-bomber-pilot father’s wingman became the Commander of the Israel Air Force, and the closeness of my dad and Syd Cohen only hit home when just a couple of years ago my uncle Syd who I first met in 1966 the year Israel’s Mossad got an Iraqi pilot to defect and fly his Mig to Israel, recalled the boat trip he took through the Red Sea “before turning left” and heading to Singapore, right after Nazi Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945, by which time my still 21 year old dad with 71 dive-bombing missions tucked under his belt, was back in South Africa seated at his 50 year old mother’s deathbed. Syd who is several years older than my dad who turned 88 last month, first thought that my dad was seated next to him, and that is of course only because Syd Cohen’s memory is not what it was, which takes nothing away from him still being the greatest person living in Israel.

The very best intelligence officers have always come from the best of the fighter pilots who know from aerial reconnaissance what both sides are up to before the information reaches the armchair generals who are of course the first military officers to be corrupted and who cannot wait to get fighter pilots out of the cockpit.

You wouldn’t need to have my high level Israeli military intelligence training to know what it meant when Secretary of the Air Force Dick Cheney acceded to the demand of De Beers to include diamonds in the survival kit of the ejection seats, but nor would it hurt.

Look at the time on your computer clock and from this moment forward lets keep careful track of who comes on board and when.

No one who is corrupt wants to explore when exactly the nonsense that “We are a nation of laws” came about since to do so would mean having to dig up the past and begin paying retribution and we all know that there is no way to bring the dead back to life and to simply go on as best as we can.

It is this unjust judicial system which has been in place since at least the end of the last massacre of the native American Indians back in 1890 at the Battle of Wounded Knee who have now stated clearly that they don’t give a dam about the truth, just so long as they shut me up by hook or by crook, and they now have each day that has passed since January 21st when I was handed my $4 million DEATH SENTENCE to prove their point that no one with or without authority is willing to stand up to this injustice of injustices apart from you, me, Marie and Rebecca and of course there are a handful others who have gone beyond the call of duty to assist, but not only are they the exceptions which prove the rule, they have so far seen helping to assist more than they have, as a totally lost cause which could put them in personal danger if they were to do more.

That does not make each and every lawyer and judge as well as everyone who knows the first thing about me on the side of right no matter how large are their numbers.

There has never been a lawsuit in the history of this country where you have such an accomplished person such as myself speaking out clearly and logically against the unjust monetary system as the defendant, and the plaintiff is an ex CIA officer who is supposed to be protecting American citizens so utterly usurping his limited authority and no one in authority raising so much as an eyebrow, including all the lawyers, judges, journalists etc etc including all those following my very clear and precise writings doing anything more than playing voyeur when not attempting to undermine me and Marie.

There has never been a case in the history of this country where you have the plaintiff not being required to present evidence to support their claim that I have defamed him and the judge expresses clearly that he is bewildered by such action to the point that the Judge declares, “Defenses to what?” since it is of course impossible for me to defend myself when the plaintiff refuses to provide the evidence because both the judge, the plaintiff and his lawyer know they do not have the evidence, and their game is to try and wear me down when not also intimidating witnesses beginning with the key witness, co-defendant Adam Lee Tucker.

We also have the incident involving Michael Awerbach receiving a death threat on his new cell phone number right after he had called lawyer Michael Feldman about investing in a counterclaim against Knuff and his corrupt Texas Lawyer Lowinsohn, which should begin with a defamation lawsuit against Texas Judge Lowy.

They are not the only ones simply waiting to hear that I am dead.

How is it possible for so many people from different walks of life to be so sick?

It cannot all be attributable to the bad food which is there just like the healthy food to have us all constantly focused on logic.

The degree of absurdity including such an outrageously large sum of $4 million without Knuff being required to prove up his damages because he alone is responsible for his so calculating evil, is unprecedented.

When Knuff states in sworn testimony that he is suffering from neurological diseases that have been compounded by this lie of lie lawsuits and the Appeals Court of Texas does not require Knuff to provide his medical records and you don’t have the entire world up in arms, forget every Constitutional lawyer who can read the clear transcripts of the trial which has every last one of them running for cover, the only conclusion a person with a conscience can have is of course that there is more than ex CIA Knuff with something to hide.

It is all so utterly preposterous that there is in fact no concise way of laying it all out, which they fully understand.

They have not only broken each and every sacred law on the books but every aspect of the US Constitution as well as the rules of the court which they know I have abided by to the Nth degree and the exact opposite in the case of Knuff, which is why Texas Judge Lowy after first stating “Defenses to what?” and Texas lawyer Lowinsohn expressing a whole bunch of nonsense words which they know the Court Report is gathering ever so precisely, the judge immediately goes into admonishing me yet again for not having exercised my Constitutional Right to have an attorney without also mentioning that I am entitled to exercise my Constitutional Right to represent myself and not have the record clouded by my lawyer were I to find a single honest lawyer in the United States, which I am proving beyond a shadow of
a doubt does not exist.

This sham of shams trial has at every stage the Appearance of Propriety and the lack of Appearance of Propriety.

They intended such malicious misconduct to be a “double edged sword” to use against me and Marie in the hope that they would also split us up, and you can understand how everyone alone or in a horrific relationship would so very much rejoice.

Let me know if you think I have left anything out.

Keep smiling!

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