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That is cut! But don't try! – Part 2

I will of course explain all this in my forthcoming communiqué to both him and President Bush, well before inauguration, all being well.

Would like an “advance copy”?

Do you know what a joke you as well as Adam are to someone like Jason M. Ritchie who has known me a whole less time than either your or Adam?

Jason is an American.

Let me repeat, Jason M. Ritchie is a most proud American.

Jason has served his country with honor.

Jason’s trigonometry might not be quite that of my wife Marie Dion Gevisser or Sebastian Capella but his trig was good enough along with the rest of his high grades to make it through the extraordinarily arduous selection process, to then being the grueling testing before eventually becoming a US Navy Sonar Operator on the world’s most advanced Los Angeles Class fast attack submarines, that of course Jason M. Ritchie most likely won’t confirm or deny, let alone explain in any detail whatsoever the importance of the Sonar Operator in the launching and tracking of the world’s known most advanced nuclear weapons systems.

I “preface” the word “most” with the word “known” since my “knowledge base” is limited to what I knew about Israel’s most advanced fast attack nuclear powered and armed submarines going back to 1978 when I received my very last “unofficial” briefing from the most senior members of Israeli military intelligence who knew that while I had decided less than a handful of years before not to “sign on”, I hadn’t lost an “ounce of credibility” and could be fully trusted to never open my mouth; and nor am I about to, apart from letting you know that the brutal Israel Navy some months before the Mossad finally, in 1989, took out Mr. Salameh who was on the CIA’s payroll some 2 years before this PLO terrorist, along with the CIA, masterminded the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacring of 11 Defenseless Israeli Athletes, had absolutely no fear of discovery by the United States’ most advanced nuclear powered and nuclear armed submarines.

No to mention, you would know that the Jerusalem Post who are as masterful at propaganda as the mafia monopoly De Beers Anglo American Cartel who have owned the 3 Branches of the United States Government for more than a century now, and who I worked for shortly after immigrating to the US on March 17th, 1978, chose very carefully when deciding to publish my first “Letter to the Editor” back on Feb 1st, 2001, which was an “open letter” to US Navy intelligence officer Jonathan Pollard who remains in solitary confinement at Marion Prison, at least to the best of my knowledge.

To mention little of the Jerusalem Post’s decision to publish another 3, the last one on May 1st, 2001 and YET the Jerusalem has decided to bring Public International Attention to Jason M. Ritchie’s “letter to the editor” titled, “What is Israel waiting for?” by not publishing Jason’s most thoughtful letter and which he sent to Judy Montagu the Letters Editor of the Jerusalem Post on November 4th of last year, and which had Judy responding to me that she hadn’t got it, and that I should send it again which had Judy then deciding to go “deafeningly silent”.

To mention in passing after listening carefully to the phone recordings of Ernest Slotar calling me in March of last year, and of course listen to the verbatim transcripts made by US Navy submarine Sonar Operator who for good reason received US Navy Top Secret clearance, to then examine very closely the “back and forth” between myself and Israel Military Intelligence as well as the Mossad, beginning on November 19th, 2007, and how after asking me in writing to provide them with a CLEAR, SHORT sentence of what I wanted, which had me providing them with the most CLEAR and Short sentence Israeli Military Intelligence report that they had developed, which was to “address” the CIA failing to respond APPROPRIATELY to the Mossad’s “heads up” one month ahead of 9/11, both Israeli military intelligence and the Mossad let me know me in the clearest manner imaginable that they didn’t get my email because they were have having email problems at the Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache at the Israeli Embassy in Washinton D.C.

Now if you were Jay Leno, or his counterpart on CBS, forget his name, o yes, o I forgot his name again, o yes, David Letterman, you would suggest with just a little smirk on your face that I could have taken an ad out in the New York Times asking for anyone with electricity experience to help out AS WELL the Mossad’s Metsada Special Operations Division that includes the Kidon assassination unit with their email problems.

You are not laughing.

But you feel better about yourself than you think Nelson Mandela is currently feeling as he feels the noose getting that much closer around his neck.

Mr. Mandela you recall joined the ANC in 1944, the same year the CIA/OSS informed the entire world that they owned each and every one of the 730 delegates from 44 nations who attended the Breton Woods Conference in July 1944; and that included each and every grass roots organization at the time who were in opposition and/or supportive of both those 730 delegates and their second-in-command just as carefully picked by the OSS/CIA.

Now come back to the fact that I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two individuals most responsible for the pending collapse of the United States Empire, is my old pal, Roger W. Robinson, who I have known intimately ever since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982, and his very close ally, Sec. James A. Baker III, who is most responsible for President elect Obama getting the message loud and clear that if he wanted to make it to the inauguration he had no choice than to make lifelong CIA member Robert Gates, his Minister of Offense/Defense, the same message that President George W. Bush received from Sec. James A. Baker III when told to replace Sec. of Defense/Offense Rumsfeld.

Not to mention the Mossad also know that they cannot guarantee that I will live to enjoy sunset with my wife this evening over at our art gallery-studio home perched atop the bluffs of Del Mar, as we took most of the day to take a rest from our ongoing celebrations for having been separated the past week.

To mention little of what it means to have “truth” constantly looking over your shoulder.

To mention in passing, the CIA also know that if they do anything stupid they will have to explain how it comes to pass that I know why “Our Man Roger” aka Roger W. Robinson, minced no words in letting me know going back to the early 1980s, that Sec. James a. Baker III who law firm represents the House of Saud, “IS THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON IN THE WORLD”.

Humans are the only ones that have a perception of God.

Animals just go with the flow.

More food, more of them, less food less of them.

They would attack us otherwise, we are messing with their habit.

Humans are only ones that have a perception of God.

The animals are there just to guide us.

We have freedom of choice in everything apart from choosing our parents and children.

Humans are the only ones who have a perception of God.

Children who think it is their “divine right” that once born “in to privilege” it is their “divine right” to be lazy, undisciplined, good-for-nothing spoiled brats, with a chip on their shoulders to boot.

Children not born into “privilege” might feel the same way.

Children not born into “privilege” are not born into privilege and cannot find any reason to believe that those children born into privilege are born into “privilege” because they are somehow more special, especially when someone as credible as me can provide the “money trail” that explains in simple English that those “born int
o privilege” who have things like multi-million dollar Trust-Hush-Funds have simply stolen such wealth, using first the barrel of a gun, that does not make them even begin to feel that they are entitled to anything but a big kick in their tochas.

Notice how quickly everyone on board that US Airways flight that landed in the water started praying.

Furthermore, my expertise in the 4 most important subjects, History, Economics, Military and Politics [HEMP] is rather daunting when you consider for example the total lack of expertise in the HEMP by President elect Barrack Obama who could still “call it quits”.

Have you thought for a moment what it would be like not to think?

Just think the way you currently think.

The Mossad also haven’t forgotten that while I continue to work on my forthcoming book, The History of Money Creation and its Future!, subtitle, A Message for the President, I have in fact developed a bullet proof military plan that is engineered to bring about world peace well within 24 hours.

Moreover, the Mossad who also know I didn’t get off a boat just yesterday in Haifa harbor, Israel where my paternal grandfather owned priceless beach properties going back to the late 1920s, I understand just as well as them and Israeli Military intelligence that they have little to lose in at least attempting to execute my military plan that dovetails perfectly their Military Report of all time, given how it is inevitable that the direction the world is heading towards now does not bode well for the State of Israel, no matter who replaces Obama, and God help America with Ms. Clinton, Commander In Chief.

A man is just telling a dog on tight leash held by its owner, “Calm down you are joking yourself.”

The stupidity of the human beast knows no limit.


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From: []
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 4:24 PM
To: Gary Gevisser
Subject: FW: Uncle Gary

Paul is wanting to reach my uncle Gary Hoffman to most likely get real estate information as he has spoken to my uncle in the past for similar reasons and to my knowledge would have no other reason to contact him.

Do you want send Paul some elements of that email that you had previously drafted or should I reply?

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Uncle Gary
From: “Paul Robinson”
Date: Thu, January 15, 2009 3:03 pm
To: “‘Adam L Tucker'”

I hope all is well with your endeavors, I see the website has been updated.

I would to get in contact with your uncle Gary. Do you have his contact information or company name?

Thank You

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