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That is cut! But don't try!

From: Gary S Gevisser
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 5:16 PM PT
To: Paul Robinson
Cc: rest; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Dr. Paul “Bozo The Clown” Teirstein; ‘’; Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance; Jay McMichael – CNN photojournalist; Rabbi Caspers Funnye – Close relation of First Lady Elect Michelle Obama; Fred Deluca – Founder-co-owner Subway; President elect Barack Obama; President George W. Bush; Mossad; Ernest Slotar Inc.; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; Eliot Spitzer – Former Governor of New York State – Former Attorney General of New York State – Linked to Prostitution Ring ; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention; שלמה שלפר; שחר פאר; Cassidy – User Operations – Facebook;
Subject: That is cute!. But don’t try – Uncle Gary


who I don’t believe you have met, said, “You better plan a big party and a good party” right as I hit the “send” button to the last heavily broadcasted email where the “addressee” was Adam, before heading to the DMV where I got my drivers license renewed and which had expired on my last birthday, 3/24/08 and that required I take a written test as well as my eyes tested, so that I could ride legally a motorcycle, the same license as my highly athletic, so full of life artist-painter teacher French-Canadian wife with the most beautiful face to compliment her drop dead stunning perfect female body, which you know is second only in terms of sensuality to a horse just about to mount an equally impressive mare.

Not to mention, Jocelyn, the gorgeous and sexy with the most excellent figure general manager of Bararellas upon brushing past me commented when I asked whether President Elect Obama would be “bothered” by the photos above of my delightful, so strong F-C wife commented,

“Actually I think he would enjoy them!”

To mention little of I never checked to see if you have a Facebook account but you would today if “following along” understand perfectly well that Mr. Thiel, Facebook’s not all that sophisticated “money bags” person “pulling the strings” of the Harvard business school “geek” that has been getting all the credit for creating possibly the fastest growing company in the history of the world, finds himself “caught between the rock and hard plate”, never believing in a million years that any successful human being wouldn’t be “corrupt” and now using ingenious “connectivity” of Facebook’s “friends” to “test the mettle” of Mr. Thiel and Co. whose only reason for placing me on their “banned list” is that I am so very supportive of total transparency that begins with every Facebook member increasingly that much more thoughtful in not only choosing their “friends” but when they find them lying, stealing or cheating to let their other “friends” know without necessarily “deleting” the “offending friend”.

To mention in passing let me as well as Mr. Theil know if you don’t fully understand my “drift”; bearing in mind I have a lot of distractions going on right now beginning with a “growling” young mother talking to her infant that she is carrying in his arms.

Have Adam who I assume forwarded me your nonsense email to both distract me and at the same time “read you the riot act” all the while increasing the circle of those dependent upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day, you obviously thinking that we were both brain dead, and had forgotten how months ago, perhaps as much as a year or so, you bragged about having figured out a way for us to reach a billion internet users and then you went “deafeningly silent”, having achieved your “negative attention” goal.

What else do you have in common with those us Americans educated for some 3 generations now under the bs Bell Shaped Curve education system where it is the most average who rise to top; such mediocrity best exemplified with kids being told, “That is good enough”.

When did excelling at what one is devoted to become a “dirty word”?

I suggest you send your money order in right now for the answer which I will only publish, giving the exact date and event in my forthcoming book, The History of Money Creation and its Future!

Right now I am still seated at the bar counter at Barbarellas in the flats of La Jolla, waiting for its owner Barbara to respond to the personal email I sent her using what seems to be a competitor’s wireless network.

Barbara, who is best friends with the heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune, lives across from her very successful watering hole that attracts the likes of Paul “Bozo the clown” Tierstein, a local, but world famous cardiologist, most of all known for how cash and land rich he is with a whole bunch of empty condominiums on the upper east end of Manhattan, and who when Marie and I last ran into him here, along with his financial advisor, apart from trying to “cause trouble” between Mr. Jeffrey R Krinsk Esq. and myself, Dr. Teirstein MD felt the need to impress Marie and me in letting us know that he owned a whole bunch of stock in Citicorp.

Not to mention Mr. JRK of course only let Dr. Teirstein MD as well as his other tasteless intimates know only what very skilled and experienced as well as “close lipped” Mr. JRK thought it important for them to know.

To mention little of the fact that the person writing this yet another equally heavily broadcasted communiqué, was in fact more responsible than anyone on the planet for Citigroup first entering the insurance market here in the United States back in the mid-1980s when as far as the average Joe Blow Wall Street investor, let alone all the bought and paid for analysts were aware of, the so very talked about Glass-Seigal Act that separated banking from insurance, was still very much “intact”.

To mention in passing as I download more rather important analytical information you are not in the least bit offended how mostly most offended I am by you thinking you are smarter than me because not a single corrupt member of the media has YET to mention my very good name.

It is one thing for you to think that you can outthink Adam, who I believe is as close as it gets to losing his entire mind to God, but to take me for a fool when you know you are only fooling yourself, is rather childish.

Have you been properly tested for dementia?

And you know the most crazy people these days feel even more crazy each time they refer to me as “crazy”.

If you think your brain is hurting now, just stop reading, take a break, consider a frontal lobotomy, and then just forward this to your Facebook “friends” who you know are not difficult to figure out.

Furthermore, even you can understand when I explain that the mind is the first indicator of the Supernatural, all chemistry that translates into the science into the math, the most perfectly precise of all the languages that it could only have been created by one most smart and vengeful Super Being, who surely wouldn’t think it smart, let alone fair to make one child more special than the next, unless part of the carefully engineered mind to exposé these lazy, selfish future shellfish mindless human beings, but to think you could “bypass” me in the process, can only have you thinking that you are no smarter than Adam who like every person was born a genius, no more than 24 or 25 at tops, Standard Deviation Points of intelligence that separates the smartest of us at birth, but when we lie, steal and cheat, all one and the same, we alone are responsible for creating all the short-circuits that ma
kes us so dumb.

You current “deafening silence” also explains how everything is always in perfect balance, the “light bulb effect” created from the perfect vacuum of space between your ears which like Deep Space from which no sound can travel is balanced against the great laughter of those us positively charged who know most of all to never even allow ourselves in the presence of “negative attention” seekers unless needing that jolt of instant gratification laughter that of course we must control.

As hard as it may be for you to believe, but even Lily White Wheaty Eating South Africans who have prided themselves on how extraordinarily dumb are Black African Americans such as yourselves, who by all logical analysis are born superior in every respect to us Lily White Wheaty eaters, given your superior brains and body, which remember connect to the brain, best illustrated in your vastly superior hand-eye coordination, were not able to figure out how the South African Reserve Bank, under the command and control of the brutal South African Apartheid Regime, gave their favorite both Lily White and Black South African customers “preferential treatment” when first handing them worthless-fictitious South African Rands which their “parent corporation” the US Federal Reserve allowed this most privileged but lazy as shit South Africans, who of course were predominantly white, to not only invest such huge sums of money in the United States, but to take out both their principal and profits that includes all movable assets and then invest in other countries without any restrictions to come back into the United States of America until such time as the United Sates was broke which is right now and then “bottom fish” and pick up what little assets worth saving remain, and make yet another killing.

Now think about all those real estate assets owned by people who you think you know who don’t all have South African accents.

Not to mention you recall well now why the FBI haven’t followed through on Adam having “turned in” his criminal family who live better than most Americans thanks to a South African handing his one uncle, also blind copied on this email, the sum of US$2 million in a suitcase that was then laundered through his hugely successful plastics corporation.

To mention little of what address should we use in the event that we think it is worthwhile to subpoena you for deposition.

To mention in passing to feel free in sharing with me why you don’t feel the need to comment of the Hollywood blockbuster author, Edward Jay Epstein’s, The Diamond Invention.

So what exactly do you want from Adam’s real estate investor uncle Gary Hoffman who apparently has yet to do anything, at least publicly about bringing Public International Attention to his step father who apparently fiddled Gary as well, at least based on what I recall Adam shared with me not only verbally but in witting?

Gary as you cannot see is blind copied, unlike the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, Mossad, Israeli Military Intelligence and of course the entire US Congress, President Elect Obama and President Bush; and of course Barbara who I understand isn’t feeling all that great right now and is resting.

Back to this big party.

The first person I am inviting is party animal Lily white Wheaty Eating South African Gary Cooper, but first he had better cut his hair.

Next, also LWWE South African Michael Sewitz and at least his one party animal son whose one photo on Facebook looks like he plays soccer but unless I actually see him drop kick a soccer ball like I did last evening before Marie Dion Gevisser got dressed for this Latethannever production at the 10th Street Theater in the poorer section of the gas lamp district of Downtown San Diego, he will have to impress me with something else that will attract the best and brightest; and of course the best looking people in the world beginning with Sebastian Capella, who I first visited with after the DMV, for about an hour at his studio atop Soledad Mountain, La Jolla and which ended with me “playing phone intermediary” between this one of a kind master painter teacher oil painter and Marie Dion Gevisser, that began with Sebastian mentioning to me as we strode in to his house to pick up a couple of his paintings that we own that were part of a two month exhibition at the Poway Art Center for the Performing Arts, “I don’t mind keeping them” which had MDG painting away at the cliff house, responding in her so very cute French accent,

“That is cute. But don’t try!”

MDG who has more going for her than a motorcycle license and riding the hottest red 250cc Piaggio scooter, jumping 2 classes at school because of her excellent command of mathematics, a competition horse jumper, a helicopter snow skier and speed skate roller blader with some 40 hours of solo plane flying and trust me she would have breezed through the final written exams had she decided that she wanted to pursue flying, has been some 11 odd years with Sebastian Capella’ studying religiously classical fine oil art painting, and is very excellent, but most modest when it comes to comparing her knowledge base let alone being able to execute like Sebastian, who at 82 has some 150 years more experience, which does not mean more than a couple of handful of people in the entire world can even begin to understand his genius paintings which doesn’t of course bother Sebastian, Marie and me, given how for starters, if they did we wouldn’t even be able to afford a single priceless painting, let alone own many if not most of his masterpieces; and then there is the book I am writing that is going to stop cold dead each and every one of the Nouveau riche crowd, who have been so very foolish to invest a penny in worthless-fictitious modern/abstract art.

Did Sebastian and I laugh hard.

Even if you are as dumb as a doornail you know the importance of levity.

But you are not laughing and nor should you be.

You are beginning to understand because, I someone with huge credibility, is telling you that you have so very little understanding of anything about how the real world works, but you do, however, understand that most people do not understand the paintings of Sebastian, they much prefer modern art that because there is no challenge, so easy to understand anything that has no gauge, which does not require any knowledge of anything; and moreover “appreciating” as well as owning “modern-abstract” art is ALSO an easy way for you to find “community” with others who know nothing as you go about telling the next person that you like them, as you like their nonsense modern-art.

Which chapter specifically in “How to win worthless friends and influence imbeciles” should I read?

You know better given how you know enough about me, not to be angry with me but mostly with yourself for being such a moron to have been so very much led astray, YET AGAIN.

Have Adam L. Tucker send you what I last sent out and at the same time have him explain to you so you can then get back to me with what he does not perfectly understand.

While you compliment him on the look of that I think is atrocious, confusing and worse than it has ever looked, you most likely haven’t even bothered to listen to the important phone recordings of De Beers operative Ernest Slotar, a Lily White Wheaty Eating South African who represents the vast majority of LWWE South Africans who have laughed themselves silly at you Black African Americans for more than a century now, and the biggest laugh of course they have is for President elect Obama that was picked for the job of President because he is most likely the least qualified American citizen.


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