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The biggest problem in South Africa [Word count 4002]

Posting on Rod Margo Esq.’s FB wall at 13:46 Calif. time, February 12, 2017

Subject: The biggest problem in South Africa [Word count 4002]

Rod, I hope you are listening. Should this posting be removed, you will still be able to find it on the BLOG of

On Feb 8, I joined the “Civil Liberties” discussion on your first cousin, Robin Margo’s FB wall. It wasn’t long before she, a retired South African senior counsel lawyer, decided to censor my truthful and materially relevant contributions. She first removed 3 postings which along with the rest I had already backed up; and finally she removed everything. Nor did she provide any explanation, because she had none, other than the fact that she found the truth too disturbing.

She has to be around 70 and has spent all her life in South Africa, which doesn’t prevent her from thinking that she is an expert on Israeli military-politics. That has a lot to do with her thinking that the “rule of law” is separate and apart from the blood and guts of war, which belong with people who are mostly stupid, and if pitted against an educated senior counsel wouldn’t stand a chance based on the logic, and would crumble.

Once you have a society telling you that you are smart and that increasingly civilized man who is one who has a university education chooses to avoid war by developing consensus and consensus is achieved by those making the most rational arguments and who better than lawyers to be able argue both sides of a coin, you don’t think for a moment that those profiting from the war business who back all sides to war, wouldn’t sit back in their lounge chairs enjoying the show put on by Robin Margo and those with differing opinions who are also clueless.

If I had spent one day of my adult life in Apartheid South Africa I would have known that fair play never existed in mineral rich South Africa, and nor would the mining houses who owned both the richest movable riches; namely the harvested minerals as well as the immovable property, land and improvements ever allow fair distribution to their slaves.

In fact I lived the first 21 years of my life in this surreal part of the world, and the sickness has spread much quicker to all 4 corners of the globe than modern man who took tens of thousands of years to move beyond the African continent.

The level of destruction of the planet in the last 100 years has its origins in mineral rich South Africa.

Not much work for paleoanthropologists like Richard Klein…/new%20temporary%20…/page1.htm

left to do, because how interesting can it be when you conclude that man has been going backwards, and you don’t have the courage to expose the truth because you are profiting from a better lifestyle.

FB users know that their friends, including family members are not any more trustworthy or nice because they have a FB account.

FB might not survive another decade.

None of us might survive if a nuclear power country has leadership who will stop at nothing to cover their dirty tracks by simply turning a blind eye to a neighboring country exploding a nuclear bomb on its own territory.

If anyone thinks for a moment that a country who has the potential to be a nuclear threat doesn’t have that leadership fully threatened to the point of the intelligence services like Mossad tapped into all communications of the leadership including the military leadership then it means that institutes like Mossad are not doing their job.

If Mossad are not doing a perfect job then it means we the people are stupid for not insisting that they do a perfect job.

Let’s assume that they are doing a perfect job, then it means there are political reasons for not declaring that the entire world is safe from nuclear bomb explosions and that in working with the leadership of the world, it is only a very minor mopping up operation to rid us of all terrorism at the same time house and feed the world’s poor and just as importantly educating the women who remain the majority not to use their bodies as baby machines.

It takes just one rational person to end all wars and one rational person to solve the overpopulation problem.

Why hasn’t it already happened is a question that should be put to someone like Netanyahu who would understand perfectly everything I have to say.

The fact that when a $100 million F-16 fighter goes down, it has everyone profiting from the engineering, production, investigation of the crash, interviewing the pilots, taking photos of the seriously injured pilot, to the nurse changing the dressings of his wound, in a very conflicted mind, doesn’t prevent us choosing a more peaceful and uplifting path.

The human has not been known to be rational when it comes to is own self-preservation.

It couldn’t even figure out that the GDP economic index was destructive to the environment and rewarded the most gluttonous who shop until they drop.

The Queen of Versailles [2012] documentary staring the husband and wife team, Jaqueline and David Siegel and their equally dysfunctional 8 children is the best depiction of modern man that I have seen. What they don’t explain in the documentary is that all David Siegel needed to avoid his temporary financial meltdown was having a better relationship with the leading banking-mining house De Beers-Barclays.

Still Seigal and his wife would be happy with the Diamond Invention Game [DIG] because they have profited from it by living a luxurious lifestyle without having to do any physical work, other than occasional pick up the dog mess because being so detached they couldn’t bother to feel for their pet dogs and have them house trained.

You could also see the foreign slave migrant nannies deciding that it was just too much work to bother giving the pet lizard either water or food and knowing that it would die and the not exactly child adopted daughter playing victim, “I am a bad person, I am a bad person.”

But no society was more dysfunctional than the Jewish South Africans of the SA Apartheid Regime era; and nor is all hope lost because for such a disconnect amongst so much moral talking people who prided themselves as being the most generous towards Israel of all the Jewish communities on the planet, there must be something bordering on the supernatural that is at play.

Apart from my two parents there was only one other Jewish South African who ever told it exactly the way it is. That was my old pal from Durban, Tony Leon who was now the leader of the Democratic Alliance party, the official opposition to the ANC. It was mid-1995 and he and I were just relaxing in my mother Zena’s and her second husband, Alan Zulman’s bachelor pad at Heron Water overlooking 2nd Beach Clifton, as close to the water’s edge as it got.

Tony was aware that I had just completed a business transaction which was to sell a trade-show company, Made In USA Inc. which had been poorly managed to South Africa’s largest trade show company, SAITEX which was being run by individuals with the closest of ties to the Apartheid Regime-Broederbond, and to make sure that I left the clearest of paper-trails I had a meeting with South Africa’s new Minister of Trade & Industries, Trevor Manuel at his parliamentary offices in Pretoria, and Manuel approved the deal which would soon have Made In USA Inc. “bite the dust”.

No monopolist run economy wants competition. They of course say they want competition but they are simply lying. They also don’t need different banks with different names other than it looks like there is competition in the financing.

If you can go and get financing from a banking-mining institution who also have their own untraceable diamond currency which they price fix and no one has ever stopped them from committing this most serious anti-Trust violation, but you don’t know any better and you get your financing from more costly banks such as Bank of America or family and friends, does not change the fact that De Beers-Barclays run the entire show.

If you were the soccer player Messi whose entire life has been playing soccer, you would not stop playing soccer once finding out that money system is as rigged as price fixed diamonds.

What you would do is call up your financial advisor and ask them if they weren’t knowledgeable about the DIG, whether that meant they were being overpaid and willing now to return a chunk of their advisory fees.

Some of you lawyers and financial advisors may have other ideas including how best to reach people like Messi.

Tony Leon was already being ridiculed by Thabo Mbeki, South Africa’s next black puppet President as “irrelevant” which of course Tony knew. Telling someone the truth and it hurts does not make the pain go away.

Tony also knew that Mbeki was telling the truth, and it was all over the newspapers.

Tony knew better than to bullshit me and so he told it more accurately, “Harry Oppenheimer is the biggest problem in South Africa.”

Oppenheimer was the largest financial supporter of the Democratic Alliance Party, and it didn’t cost him or any of his corporations a single penny.

In 1995 Helen Suzman was 78 and nothing stopped her from telling it exactly the way it is.

Nor was Tony Leon going public when sharing his private thoughts with me who knew better than to say another word.

In 1995 Robin Margo was of course more than two decades younger than she is right now, and probably having more piss running through her body than today.

How many of you would have gone running to the Oppenheimers to ingratiate yourselves had you realized their duplicity?

How many of you and/or your financial and/or legal advisors have been hiding your alliance with the Oppenheimers-De Beers-INVESTEC?

You would expect when dealing with the mafia of mafia that getting you the lowest cost of capital requires ongoing favors which extend beyond the grave, and why you would expect the world’s most successful monopolist to be a strong advocate for the inheritance laws.

The only favor worth anything to De Beers-Barclays is being a trusted rat.

Their money is far cheaper than what the US Federal Reserve charges itself; namely the US Treasury to create money out of thin in a so obvious one-sided, self-dealing money transaction which tells you how messed up is the accounting and auditing profession that is so dominant on Wall Street with the complicit lawyers giving their opinions that only the highest standards of ethics are constantly being upheld.

Shakespeare never quite dreamed of this when telling us, “All the world’s a stage”.

Man continues to have his wedding celebrations, birthday bashes, vacations to unwind and meet new friends, and the richer they are, the better parties they put on and that mingling is what you come back home to most talk about, alongside how much everything costs.

It isn’t long however, before you are talking about your own health issues and those of others you know.

Then you go to sleep and wake up another day older.

At some point you have to ask yourself if you have a purpose?

Not much us human’s contribute in terms of beauty other than the beauties of our bodies before we let them go to shit.

Nor are there that many nice people who are unhappy with the way they look, and the plastic surgeries have you feeling like you are listening to a ventriloquist.

Don’t you feel that man has become as plastic as the money?

The higher up the ladder you are, the more you have to play the game which isn’t that difficult because like Mandela who was always calling Harry Oppenheimer for instructions, you just have to smile for the camera and hand out awards to people like Suzman for the pitiful fight that she fought against the Apartheid Regime.

Nor were all the black South Africans buying Suzman’s bullshit, but these protestors didn’t last long.

Now, all of you who are literate understand perfectly that those bigoted, racist, sexist puppet leadership of the Apartheid Regime were being rather kind towards Helen Suzman as they hit her with cotton ball puffs compared to how they could have responded, “Shut up woman! You run the risk of overplaying your hand with all your melodrama. You are a much bigger hypocrite than all of us combined. Tone it down, and make sure your slip isn’t showing.”

The problems of South Africa could have ended the moment the Apartheid Regime took power 11 days into Israel’s very bloody first war of survival had the South African judiciary had one iota of independence.

In a nutshell; the pontifications of the members of the South African judicial system that they were separate and apart from the racist regime was tantamount to Hitler saying that he didn’t write Mein Kampf and that he really liked Jewish people.

Had Hitler said that he got rid of the 6 million innocent victims because he wanted their survivors to breed stronger Jewish people, how many of you would gobble that bullshit?

The cornerstone of South African judicial belief system was that they could criticize the brutal Apartheid Regime which ruled for an uninterrupted period of 46 years just like the richest South African family, the Oppenheimers who publicly condemned their Apartheid Regime without a single member of the white or black opposition to the Apartheid Regime exposing the hypocrisy of the once Jewish Oppenheimer family who upon securing their position in 1929 as the leading and untouchable monopoly were never friends of the Jewish people, other than their Jewish Kapos-sellouts.

These set of facts are not only common sense but they are well backed up by American scholar, Edward J. Epstein’s 1978, non-fiction book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION.

Why Epstein-De Beers continue to allow the general public free access to the book on The Internet is something that only they can answer. What is for certain is that they and their supporters who also talk out of both sides of the mouths, can only be encouraged by the non-reaction of the talkers.

So I am a “lone voice” but not exactly because I have a very beautiful and smart wife who can also figure it all out; and the same with my mother Zena who knew the moment that my 3 elder siblings said nothing when the Jerusalem Post published my 4 letters

dealing with the pardon of terrorist financier Marc Rich, that the best she could do to protect me from being stabbed in the back was to keep as many of my future adversaries close.

Chinese General Sun Tzi was talking from experience when he said, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

By 1929, De Beers-Oppenheimer-Anglo American Corporation had become more diversified, and no longer solely dependent on owning the world’s drilling industry where the only negative was that they were sticking out like a sore thumb.

So they and their corrupted politicians plummeted the world into the Great Depression which gave rise to WW2.

Less questioning people as the military-industrial-complex keeps growing in size and their adversaries are just plants which you can see from their weak arguments.

Still most parents want to protect their children. It would all be over if we became adults much sooner, like when we turned 3.

When you have the truth-logic constantly at your side, getting support from people like Robin Margo or for that matter your father Cecil who in his autobiography FINAL POSTPONEMENT only applauds the Oppenheimers and revels in his closeness to the next generation, Nicky Oppenheimer, is highly unlikely.

Should one of your 371 other FB friends learn something from all this and pass it on to their children before their children accuse them of being hypocrites, you would agree that would be a good thing.

The news, which is the Old News, is now reporting what the next generation have known for years; namely, that Facebook-Zuckerberg is fast losing the youth.

That might cause Zuckerberg to decide that he has nothing to lose but follow my suggestion that he diversify fully into the insurance game where he could own the entire global market, and from there he would be able to buy up the likes of Bezos and Buffett with his pocket change.

Zuckerberg is 33, and has his whole life ahead of him.

He has already dipped his big toe in the water when questioning in his Harvard commencement address last year that the GDP index is a problem but of course he fell well short in exposing its unmatched war crimes.

He will be reading this and taking note.

History is now being made.

Zuckerberg knows that if he stays quiet, it does not prevent a groundswell movement beginning anywhere in the world.

The fact that someone such as Mandela didn’t have the courage to denounce the Oppenheimers is extraordinary if not totally unbelievable.

He also had far more power than someone like Tony Leon.

Mandela is dead. He lost his chance. But what about each of you?

There have now been 631 independent views of my mother’s The Lady’s Speech and what to make of all the cowards, the hypocrites, the profiteers who remain silent, not a single comment as my mother is slowly murdered.

Those of you who didn’t have such a one of a kind beautiful mother are no doubt feeling a great deal of jealousy, and that could explain all your ugliness.

Being selfish does not mean you have attained the highest levels of spirituality where you can have no fear.

To predict accurately the future one has to have the logical arguments of what is wrong and how they can be fixed. If it turns out that no one is interested, then the problem is not with the truth, but all those in denial.

My mother Zena not getting her simple wishes and me being incapable of finding an honest lawyer in Israel to plead my mother’s case must be making you all joyful.

When you have negative thoughts towards a good person is very possibly worse than what Hitler had towards us Jewish people because he was only doing what he knew would win him the backing of his financiers and raw war materials providers who were one and the same. Nor have they changed their spots.

You wouldn’t need to see my mother Zena today to know that her physical and mental health would have greatly deteriorated, and therefore joining all those profiting financially and emotionally seeing my mother lose her spirit to live in wishing that my mother does in fact lose her mind under all the stress, and that her extraordinary lucidity you see on camera beginning the morning of September 22, 2016, just 7 days after a non-family member, an Israeli lawyer, Ayala Weisel is placed as her guardian on the basis that my mother is suffering from advanced dementia, will quickly be erased from your minds.

This human has never been fully analyzed, but you can all see that we are getting close.

Just like no one in their right mind would question my knowledge, but certainly their own sanity in not figuring out on their own that the foundation of the world’s modern day economy, the GDP index is totally flawed and which has been missed by every poet, every philosopher, every economist, every lawyer, every judge, every scientist, everyone and something I discovered in my first year of studying economics at my alma mater, the University of Natal-Kwazulu, they would have to be equally idiotic to question my knowledge of the insurance game.

It also wouldn’t take much to see that someone such as Harry Oppenheimer when overseeing my year long orientation into De Beers-Barclays would recognize that my good grasp of numbers didn’t me from understanding the mob mentality.

Up until now Zuckerberg has not been satisfied in simply being very rich because when you are granted huge material wealth you now become one of the pillars of the House of Cards Wall Street.

Nor could he just move into the insurance game because that would be biting the hand that feeds him.

You would learn that very quickly when clicking on the hyperlink at the bottom of chapter 18 of The D I book, aptly titled, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY

where you are taken to Kaplan University that up until last year May was owned by Don Graham, who is as close to Zuckerberg as it gets.

There are no other advertisers on the internet edition of The D I book.

Kaplan University officials who I have spoken with think that was smart thinking on the part of Kaplan University, but much smarter thinking on the part of De Beers-Barclays.

I had two very unique parents in that neither of them were hypocrites. When the rabbi granted them their divorce in the early 1980s after 30 years of marriage the rabbi announced, “Most people get married for the reasons you are getting divorced!”.

My mother also made it a point of calling me up to share those very important words.

If you have lived most of your life in Apartheid South Africa and been a talker which is what lawyers and judges do for a living without objecting to the nonsense spoken by the most outspoken Jewish politician, Helen Suzman [1917-2009] you are not being true to your mind.

When you lie to your mind it is just a question of time before you forget your lies and why it is that only liars need good memories.

You don’t hear too many of my adversaries arguing that they have good memories, but that still doesn’t stop them from talking their same old nonsense.

It is like holding on to a security blanket.

You see it a lot in the writings of those attempting to distract me who is simply suggesting a better way to allocate the resources of the world rather than through war or the manipulated value of the monies.

When you examine the back and forth mudslinging between Helen Suzman and the top members of the Apartheid Regime including their prime ministers where they take great pride in their sexist view of Suzman, even stooping as low as stating clearly that if their wives spoke to them when they got home after a long day in parliament listening to Suzman, the wives would expect to get a strong smack.

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia: Helen Suzman:

Suzman was subject to anti-semitic and misogynist abuse by Nationalist MPs in Parliament and out. Frequent comments were made to her in Parliament such as “We don’t like your screeching Jewish voice” or “Go back to Israel!”. One nationalist MP, Piet Koornhof, said to her in Parliament: “If I should come home one evening and my wife should rant and rave the way the hon. member for Houghton did this afternoon, there would be only one of two things that one could do to her… I think she deserves a good hiding”. In May 1965 PW Botha (then Minister of Coloured Affairs) remarked: ‘The Honourable Member for Houghton… is in the habit of chattering continually. If my wife chattered like that Honourable Member, I would know what to do with her. There is nothing that works on my nerves more than a woman who continually interrupts me. She is like water dripping on a tin roof.’ In 1986, she had the following exchange with Prime Minister P.W. Botha: “Helen Suzman: Stupid! P.W. Botha: Woman!”

To my important mother Zena.

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