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The gloves come off

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 6, 2012 4:54:32 PM PST
To: “Terry Gevisser – sister-in-law of Gary S. Gevisser”
Cc: “Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples – Chief webmaster – Veteran F-15 c Eagle Fighter Pilot +++” , Rebecca Samples , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , Colin Schneiderman , Guy Friedman – vintage , “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” , Rose Tchang-Sun Yat-sen ,,, Brazil Embassy – USA ,, “JOÃO DE VALLERA – Portuguese Ambassador to the US.” , Chinese Embassy – USA , “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC.” , Nobel Prize Committee , Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host ,, “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President OBAMA ” ,, Editor-shanghai daily , South China Morning Post , “Kara Cooney – celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA.” , “Jane I. Wells – 3 Generations” , Jeffrey Krinsk , “Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author, THE END OF POVERTY Columbia University” , “Professor Jared Diamond – author, “Guns, GEMS & Steel” (sic).” , “Professor Norman Finkelstein Phd.” , “Patrick K. Tillman Sr. Esq. – father of American Football athlete Pat Tillman who was killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan.” , Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant , “Adele Strous “Im not interested in history of Israel” Clingman – wife of CIA oil trader Alan Clingman and business partner of Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and company.” , “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall Solana Beach California” , “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney – prosecuted successfully Presidential Pardoned Marc Rich’s attorney Scooter Libby.” , Department of Justice – Anti-Trust Division , “Alan Loewinsohn Esq. – Dallas, Texas based attorney for CIA Charles Knuff” , Texas 5th Court of Appeals , “Texas American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]” , Texas Judge Martin Lowy , “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” , “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and “bosom buddy” of Roger W. Robinson aka “Our Man Roger” who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” , “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” , Mary Valder – Personal assistant David Rockefeller , “Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman [May 30 1929 – ] c/o Arnold Pollak” , “Bernie Gevisser – [Oct. 18 1923 – ]. 2nd Lieutenant B. Gevisser along with Captain Syd Cohen were the only Jewish Fighter-Bomber-Pilots of South African Air Force Squadron 11 during WW II and whose Commanding Officer Allied Field Marshall Jan Smuts was second-in-command to Churchill.” , “Addy Cohen – wife of Syd Cohen [1921 – 2011] South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” , “Major Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK” , “De Beers – Ernest Slotar Inc.” , Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM
Subject: The gloves come off – Fwd: AFRN Group Scam

I intended to send this to my webmaster, sorry about that. (It’s been about a decade since we last communicated? I have a nephew that must be around barmitzvah age and a niece that I haven’t seen, not even aware of her name, although I am sure someone must have mentioned it).

It is a terrible thing when one is strapped for cash and cannot think of anything other than surviving.

But what if you know better about how exactly the capitalist system works from the top down and bottom up beginning with the propaganda, “We are the best and the goodest of all the world’s peoples” (sic)?

Better yet if you have not just very good formal schooling including a high level math MBA from USC but going on to become the Top Gun of the US Air Force’s Top Gun Fighter Pilots that has you leading America’s most advanced F15 C’s into combat in the first Gulf War and having earned your first Distinguished Flying Cross at age 24 when landing your upwards of $70 million F-15 fighter trainer when your Commanding Officer seated in the backseat bails after ordering you to hit the ejection button without having to spell out chapter and verse that by not following his order you will be facing a Court Marshal since the two of you had other things going on in your minds beginning with your second engine on fire that followed the first shutting down because of an overheating problem which you know is not quite the same as turning down the thermostat of your house heater.

Wouldn’t you first take a deep breath and say to yourself, “How best can I leverage my knowledge to get out of a $5K debt that in large measure has to do with my failing health that few would argue was brought on by pulling the most neuron pulsating Gs in the world’s most predator killing machine that so far has a record of 700 kills without a single F-15 being brought down in combat.

Couldn’t you also get a big time celebrity singer who along with her former manager owing their lives to you write a song thanking you not only for their lives but her having to first endure the most brutal rape, and then with your other palm handing out the single?

Anyone you know who cant get enough of the dirt on others especially their fair weather family and friends may be most surprised how this all turns out. Feel free to get all your FB “friends” teed up.

(it could happen to any of us, and so who to trust? My $4 million DEATH SENTENCE is liberating; Marie and I are not the only ones who get to see everyone who is hiding from the truth while continuing to post up on their Facebook “walls” thinking the more they write the easier it will be to explain their coverup.)

Take a look at how and when it all ended:

Date: January 6, 2012 11:23:05 AM PST
To: “”
Cc: “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “”
Subject: Re: AFRN Group Scam

LOL, this ENTIRE THREAD is A SCAM. Pretty sure no one falls for these anymore. It’s So 1999.

Happy new year and good luck to the creators of this ridiculousness.

I wonder how many people actually couldn’t help but read the scam story /scam response/scam “please don’t reply all–this is private etc.


Major Sam who much more than the Top Gun of the Top Gun US Air Force Fighter Pilots which only one fighter pilot can lay claim to such a coveted title, informed me soon after, “The gloves come off” an expression used last evening by one of his oldest celebrity fans whose email address and others chose carefully to include in the carbon copy section. (And why would anyone other than the corrupt choose to hide at time like this?)

(Notice that my South African-American friend Gary Barber co-CEO and Chairman of MGM continues to be carbon copied and the same with former Vice President Dan Quayle who at the time he left the keys in US Air Force 2 which allowed Major Sam and his wingman Randy to travel to New Mexico where over a period of 3 days they executed a Top Secret mission ordered by President George Herbert Bush, may not have been aware of Major Sam’s one unauthorized mission deep in enemy lines which he executed to perfection without any backup, and which would have had him being quietly applauded by all members of Israel’s most elite Special Force units who regularly execute the most spectacular two and three times a week without any of their missions ever being picked up by the highly censored media, which is all bought and paid for, because how else would it be possible for the status quo of the lazy rich without loyalty to country, race or religion, trickling down the cost of getting richer on to the backs of the poor who are not stupid just grossly informed, to remain so solidly in place.

You who before meeting my middle brother Melvin thought everything was about knowing the right people who had the money without a thought to how money is first created in the capitalist system that we are all told was eventually embraced first by the Soviets.

Yes, that is a killer photo showing Soviet KGB officer and now President Putin being lectured to by his boss German-South African Nicholas Oppenheimer whose family were the principal winners of World War I and II and every conflict that has ensued including the most violent; namely the genocide of the poor.

I don’t believe you went to college, at least not a very accredited university such as the one my brother Melvin and I attended in South Africa where it was much more obvious that the Oppenheimers rule the roost since whenever we would fly in to Johannesburg before leaving on our regular overseas trips we noticed all the huge mounds of dirt excavated from their mines using slave laborers who were not called by us whites slaves because we were told they earned wages, and nowhere in the story of Exodus that is told in our Jewish Hagadah prayer book read on Passover anything about the Hebrew slaves of Egypt getting anything but a hard time.

So play act with your mind a situation where the Pharaoh of Egypt handed out gold bullion to the Jewish slaves building the grand monuments on a regular basis, and the amount of gold was just enough to feed and house them but not enough to buy them their freedom; would you still consider them slaves?

Can you then explain why it is that there are so many of you so fucking stupid to think slavery got abolished following the American Civil War as our monopolists simply expanded our civil war to the rest of the world and paid our slaves just enough to keep them quiet?

You have heard the backwards-forwards: A MAN A PLAN A CANAL PANAMA.

You have heard of the Suez Canal because you still watch The NEWS?

You have heard of our Jewish Kapo-sellouts the Rothschilds who on a weekend when the British Parliament had the day off, financed the Suez Canal with the 10 year construction completed in 1869, which was the year before Cecil Rhodes, the founder of the mining monopoly funded by the Rothschilds and J.P. Morgan and company arrived in Melvin’s and my birth town of Durban, South Africa.

You know you can eat diamonds and they come out in your stool assuming their is no blockage of organs and even then someone like Dr. Mengele could easily pluck them out without anesthetic.

But you can’t drink diamonds because real diamonds are pure carbon which is not 2 hydrogen atoms combined with 1 hydrogen atom.

Something tells me that you are not the only Jewish genius who never thought what message God was sending us when combining the 2 most explosive materials to produce the most fireproof material, which is water.

You never heard that I was the worst business-finance-economics-accounting tutor at our alma mater The University of Natal-Kwazulu before immigrating to the United States on St. Patrick’s Day 1978 because I was in fact one of the best, assuming you had an iota of common sense which of course few had, and hence I didn’t consider taking an overdose of sleeping tablets right after each tutorial because I was not depressed.

How could God possibly have a problem with gay and lesbian people who produce less unwanted children in an overpopulated lack of common sense population?

God, logically can only have a problem with people who have the information and choose to do stupid things because they are simply lazy and that first shows up in the ungodly way they take care of their God-given Body Temple.

Do you think when our mother noticed that all 3 of her boys could tough it out in the snow in their shorts that we were a bunch of pussies?

Could you imagine any 3 of us being led into the gas showers without a fight?

Dam right you could if we were not strong enough to fight.

Do you remember anyone asking you to even go to boot camp?

The answer is no. (That is not to say it can’t happen)

You are just required to be Jewish and stand tall to evil beginning with the biggest evil; namely the capitalist monopolists who not only financed Hitler but controlled the economies of the Soviet Union during the Cold War which you should not have forgotten followed the Second World War that was simply a continuation of WW I which the also financed, all geared to control the water.

Oppenheimers-De Beers-Anglo American Corporation-Chase Bank-CIA-Marc Rich-Suez-Vivendi-US Congress-Obama-Clinton De Beers-Rhodes Scholar and company are all about water?

If you can come up with a fair price to pay for water then you can assign a fair price to everything else including the price of a ticket to attend Cyndi Lauper’s next free concert.

You hate history; at least the way I teach it which is the truth; but you might change your mind once you get your head around that you may have to do more should China pull the plug than attend boot camp just so that you get better used to starving.

Melvin who when play acting and putting up his hands

as I aimed an Uzi whose bullet chamber had been double checked by my mother’s Argentinian-Israeli “guide” Yehudah Matov just to make certain, could easy have kicked the crap out of me, the same with my eldest brother Neil

who long before stopping with a single bow to the chest a “celebrity looker” dead in their tracks when venturing off the sand on to the Malibu house of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore when they were still a couple, obviously, would have been up there with the best street fighters in the world which still would not have been enough to have him become an Israeli Fighter Pilot who of course go through the most grueling hand-to-hand combat training given how when bailing out in enemy held territory once cannot expect the CIA [Cavalry In Arms] to be there right behind you.

My DEATH SENTENCE was a most carefully orchestrated, military precision conspiracy including Texas Judge Martin Lowy calling me not once but twice a “nut” without making reference to my very pro-Israel mother Zena being on the back of the Grape-Nuts cereal box for umpteen years, the same with ex-CIA Charles Knuff telling Lowy that he was suffering from neurological diseases without Lowy asking him or his liar-lawyer Alan Loewinsohn to provide medical records which might shed light on Knuff being “scitzophrenic” (sic) which could explain how he could expect to get away with filing a baseless defamation charge against me and knowing he would get away with it because Lowy also wouldn’t enquire as to why Knuff could never provide any evidence against me of defamation.

You couldn’t possibly get such a miscarriage of justice anywhere in the world apart from here in the United States, and why not start out with lawless Texas and at the same time expose all chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union who are supposed to be such a stellar organization fighting for the protection of rights such as the Right of Free Speech guaranteed under The Constitution for American citizens.

Do you think it is just a coincidence that I am the only American speaking out against the Oppenheimers banning American citizens from investing in their Lloyds of London Insurance and this incomprehensible DEATH SENTENCE that not a single lawyer or judge is willing to lift a finger and show their outrage?

Should I go back and explain the silence of the lazy rich world spending the earth with worthless monies that belong to the Oppenheimers following Nixon giving his “bugaboo” speech on August 15, 1971 that ended the Gold Standard and had Americans that much more worshipping the IN THE GOD WE TRUST $ backed by the Oppenheimers diamonds that distracted all the world’s nincompoops from the theft of the world’s water and then the poor get charged not just for the plastic bottles but the piping into our homes.

Why not be the first at my university to submit your thesis on the merits of capitalism versus the merits of sharing fairly?

Born and bred Jewish Americans must be the first to be exposed, right after all the Jewish American governmental officials who have also followed the fact that just under 4 years before Knuff filed his murderous charge that has been spotlighting ever since all your corruption, I began bringing Public International Attention to a nearly 2 decade old ban on American citizens from investing in the German-South African Oppenheimers’ Lloyds of London insurance which is most embarrassing thing effecting all American citizens ever since the American pilgrims who said they were escaping religious persecution in Europe murdered the first of the eventual 10 million murdered indigenous peoples that last 3 centuries and which you know from your history books continued during the Civil War where the same white offspring of those religious and pious pilgrims murdered 700,000 of their own in the space of less than half a decade.

Embarrassing is not simply a relative word, but it means absolutely nothing to people without a conscience.

Look carefully at all the email addresses you see in the cc section where many if not all the email addresses came from my webmaster highly decorated US Air Force Major Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples’ proprietary database that has been hacked by very sophisticated hackers. what if one or more of them are big name celebrities who know Major Sam very well, and it turns out that they didn’t step up to the plate to let the world know that Major Sam does not lie?

If you know the bad guys know everything there is to know about those of us who have nothing to hide, especially those of us exposing the corruption of those who control the money which I have been explaining in a way a 12 year old would understand, if not a 10 and 11 year old, then shouldn’t everything be made public beginning with how much each of us stand to inherit from those who have most profited from the theft of the land? How is it possible to then set a price on anything when the resources beneath beginning with water so critical to life is not even created by man? If the foundation is not fair to begin with, how unless one is a certified idiot and/or corrupt can we accept the status quo just because the money created by the monopolists who first stole the lands, is forced on us as we get herded into the cities and need the money to survive, and only the money rich can if they accumulate enough escape to their estates in the countryside that were once the farmlands of the poor who never asked to be driven into the rot festering cities perpetuating a never ending cycle of violence that could end in the next instant, if only enough of us put on our thinking caps; and right now I, my most trustworthy webmaster Major Sam, his nurse wife Rebecca and my most common sense ingenious French-Canadian wife whose mind is not hurt by having the most spectacularly beautiful and healthy body, are all very much thinking the same.

Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth. The truth is “tTOo” (sic) disrupting for “sum” (sic) people too busy keeping track of their lies – Marie Dion Gevisser

Let me know if that was all too troubling for you. Forward this to my mother

and Neil.

Ps – we are now trying to track down Mr. Larry Moses.

[Word count 3448]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 6, 2012 12:14:52 PM PST
To: terry gevisser
Subject: Fwd: AFRN Group Scam

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jim Stabile
Date: January 6, 2012 9:05:06 AM PST
To: Mike Malek
Cc: “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , Josh Weaver , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “”
Subject: Re: AFRN Group Scam

Same goes for me…..I hope its not too late to stop payment.

On Jan 6, 2012 11:49 AM, “Mike Malek” wrote:

I am not sure how I got your email. But we also signed up with AFRN group and nothing was ever delivered.

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

—–Original Message—–
From: Josh Weaver
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 16:41:12
Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Subject: Re: AFRN Group Scam

I’m not even quite sure how I got on this email thread. But let me know what they scammed you on and I should be able to help you find a reputable person, if I can’t do it myself.

Josh Weaver

On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 10:36 AM, Steve Mulholland > wrote:


I had the same exact experience. I still have not been refunded for work that was never done back in July.

Tel: 800 . 383 . 1381
Fax: 805 . 830 . 0363

Video – List
Giant Intro
Video – Virtual Tour of Corporate


From: Larry Moses [ ]
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 8:22 AM
To: ‘Terry Samples’; ‘John Barges’; ‘2 Design’; ‘Debbie Duguay’; ‘Search Engines’; ‘Michael Feldman’; ‘Michael Feldman’; ‘Diana Forrest’; ‘Ellen Fourroux’; ‘Gary Gevisser’; ‘marie Gevisser’; ‘Gary Gevisser’; ‘Josh Gold’; ‘Jean-Paul Goodrich’; ‘Victoria Gottschalk’; ‘Francisco Gramajo’; ‘Jenny Greenleaf’; ‘The Group’; ‘Marilee Guinan’; ‘Gabriel H’; ‘Lance Haynes’; ‘Justhost Helpdesk’; ‘Danielle Hershman’; ‘Laurie Hinckley’; ‘Molly Hopkins’; ‘Jennifer Horowitz’; ‘Jennifer Horowitz’; ‘1&1 Inc.’; ‘derek irby’; ‘Angela Jablonski’; ‘BetteJo johnson’; ‘Takis Katsoulis’; ‘Sue Kauffman’; ‘Lindsey Kinnsch’; ‘Clint Krisco’; ‘Vijay Kukreja’; ‘Matt Lacrosse’; ‘Cyndi Lauper’; ‘Bob Letson’; ‘Trio llc’; ‘Theodore Loesch’; ‘Amiron Machinery’; ‘Francis Mahema’; ‘Mike Malek’; ‘Dylan Marshall’; ‘Carmen Medina’; ‘Abdullah Metwally’; ‘Justin Michie’; ‘Lance Miller’; ‘Sara Miller’; ‘Michelle Miller’; ‘Russ Moalemi’; ‘Trenise Moore’; ‘Wendy Moore’; ‘Featheringill Mortuary’; ‘Lawrence Moses’; ‘Steve Mulholland’; ‘Sharieff Mulkey’; ‘Justin Nassie’; ‘Justin Nassie’; ‘Patrick Nichols’; ‘Microsoft Office’; ‘Brandon Perry’; ‘Brandon Perry’; ‘Todd Pierce’; ‘crish proo’; ‘Diane Rettew’; ‘Terry Roberts’; ‘Ashley Rogers’; ‘Greg Roper’; ‘thomas rourke’; ‘Terry Samples’; ‘Rebecca Samples’; ‘Noble Samurai’; ‘Michael Schuster’; ‘Phil Sciuto’; ‘phpForms script’; ‘Dave Shields’; ‘Bridget Smith’; ‘Linda Smith’; ‘Genyfer Spark’; ‘Jim Stabile’; ‘ Support’; ‘PHPForms Support’; ‘ support’; ‘ Support’; ‘Charice Thomas’; ‘Alan Thompson’; ‘Jonathan Waltz’; ‘Josh Weaver’; ‘Joe Webster’; ‘Ray Wilkerson’; ‘Phil Wilson’; ‘Edward Wollmann’; ‘Anthony Wood’; ‘Ben Y.’; ‘Dmitriy Zamogilniy’; ‘vanessa zamorano’
Subject: AFRN Group Scam

Dear Terry and Rebecca,

I am now making my 3rd request for a full refund for services that I paid for which you never provided. Attached are emails from Rebecca where she stated on November 18 and then again on December 7 that she was sending my refund for the services which you were contracted for and did not provide. I am now starting to believe that you are running a scam operation and I am copying all your email recipients on this email to make sure they are aware that you may be doing the same thing to them, which is stealing their money. My next step will be that I am going to file a complaint with the BBC and with the San Diego County small claims court against you and your wife.

Even more appalling to the fact that you took my money is that you sold me on the idea that you were an honorable, discharged air force veteran who was a Christian that conducted his business in good faith and with honor. I find it disgusting and shameful that you would use what Americans like myself cherish as important values, and use those values as a front to lure people in to paying you for services that you do not provide. You and your wife are awful people, and I do not expect that you nor your wife will be writing me a 3rd email stating that you will again send me my refund. I only hope that all the people reading this email right now will go forth with caution before they reach a point where you screw them also.

What goes around, comes around, and your scam will eventually catch up with you and Rebecca.

Larry Moses

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