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The Revolution in South Africa

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 4:17 PM PT
To: KSWBreceptionist-
Cc: rest; Dr. John K. Pollard –; Adam L Tucker; ‘’
Subject: The Revolution in South Africa – Tell me how you think I can fine tune my proposal to be sponsored by Specialized


Pretty much up until 11.11.2004 when I broke my 24-year “deafening silence” with the mafia monopoly De Beers starting with the most carefully thought through words, “Remember me?” and continuing throughout the remainder of the 272 word communiqué to be “mindful” and constantly aware of my highly secretive and most worldly mother Zena’s last words spoken to me just several weeks before, “Are you not concerned for your life?”, I had been a “closed book”.

In the period since the only person who has been consistently intelligent when saying something to me has been my wife Marie, who I assumes needs no further introduction.

Your “hello” means what exactly?

I know you are not interested in dating me!

Could it be that you would like me to introduce you to Adam L. Tucker and are just going about it in a round-a-bout way, highly unlikely because you would know to first check with Nicole who you know to reach through Adam’s Facebook account and Nicole in turn would put you on to all the other losers.

Most likely you would like for me to make you a proposal that will not only make you “look good” but be very financially rewarding without compromising your “value system”.

You also know that you have very little to lose even though your job may be more important to you than Fox News TV anchors who get paid a little more money and can afford to be out of work for a few years if not the remainder of their lives.

Gold last trading on the spot market at US$ 976

and so far no large gold producing countries like South Africa while these days second to China, have revoked all the mineral drilling rights currently owned by De Beers controlled operations and which were entered into “under duress”; i.e. making them in an instant “null and void”.

Not to mention you have of course read US war veteran and US Navy submarine Sonar Operator, Jason M. Ritchie’s most thought provoking “Letter to the Editor” of the Jerusalem Post whose Letters Editor Judy Montague by deciding not YET to publish it is in fact making such a “ground breaking” communication “conspicuously absent”.

To mention little of once you have your arms around why it makes absolutely no sense that there is a single poor Israeli let alone Israeli kids going hungry each and every day, so you also understand that in addition to the Mossad not having to pay for their weapon systems as well as their own intelligence so does the rest of the brutal Israel Defense Force get everything they want for free without a single United States politician able to say a single derogatory word.

To mention in passing, Israelis are not suicidal and nor are they fanatical apart from the ultra orthodox fanatics who have taken over the Israeli Knesset and whose allegiance is to those who butter their bread; namely the CIA who allegiance is to the mafia monopoly De Beers who have always buttered their bread.

What these “wolves in sheeps clothing” haven’t figured on apart from the most vengeful “Hand of God” now coming down on them like a ton of bricks is their “history” that begins with most of them for the most part vehemently opposed to the modern State of Israel, all the while serving as the “cushion” of De Beers who are the monopolists of monopolists who are totally opposed to anything resembling democratic rule.

You also knew when responding as you did that I would be broadcasting what I believe to be your well above average level of intelligence and were say someone above you to come down on you like a ton of bricks you would be more than simply “well equipped” in terms of how to respond given how all you have done is say “hello” which means a whole of things to different people and absolutely nothing at the same time.

Being smart, however, isn’t enough to convince me to give you more than the time of day.

Show that you have “stamina” and I will then help you to have everyone at Fox News including Rupert Murdoch “eating out of your hands” assuming of course you were to find such vulgarity appealing.



[Word count 716]

From: KSWBreceptionist []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 3:23 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: RE: Tell me how you think I can fine tune my proposal to be sponsored by Specialized -The Fish Rots From The Head Down. – Did you receive my sponsorship application?


Linda Garnica
7191 Engineer Road
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 492-9269

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