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The road to hell IS paved – Re: Pine Creek Dirt Road

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: October 19, 2011 8:08:46 PM PDT
To: Eileen Briese
Cc: rest; susan desonia , Cabin 30 , CABIN 11 , cabin 35 , Cabin 33 , cabin 44 , cabin 8 , Cabin 25 , CABIN 45 , Cabin 39 , CABIN 10 , cabin 32 , CABIN 17 , CABIN 14 , Cabin 34 , cabin 40 , cabin 43 , Cabin 13 , Cabin 6 , Cabin 3 , CABIN G18 , Don Rebella – Cabin 12 , Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10 1996 >
Subject: The road to hell IS paved – Re: Pine Creek Dirt Road

Good evening,

This is Walter Cronkite

reporting and my Royal Mater-Mother, December 1989.

Marie just, got in.

We will sleep on our response to your email.

In the meantime my last broadcast – CLICK HERE – has kicked up quite a storm in Washington DC.

I am surrounded by turkeys.

Now I can hear the Arroyo toads

croaking, and I am sitting on the one of the tree stumps overlooking the ugly grey gravel deposits, looking to see how when each resident squooshes one, without exiting their vehicle to even inspect damage to the rocks and the tires, they make also careful note of the cause of death as one could argue that it was not the tire but rather the pointed edge of the rock you deposited, and there may be gold rock there and when it is light I will check myself and if need be send it to De Beers’ Gemological Institute, and it may be determined that this movable property belongs to the State. Earlier a contractor told us a story of how his friend bought a secondhand mobile home and in a secret compartment he found 7 Kruger Rands; and I assume you check for that. In the last 8 minutes no one got out of their cars, but the slowed down when they saw me typing in the dark.

Ps – I will try get you a photo of one that is squooshed. Their jumping speed does not appear to have increased in proportion with the speed of the cars going by. They are at a great disadvantage.

We are the most affected by the noise since we get all the traffic. You ignored our requests to be consulted.

No one consulted with us when putting all this ugly granite in front, on the side and all around. The moment you gravel-pave in one spot you create a domino effect as your momentum has you gunning the accelerator that much more and I don’t see either of you playing traffic cop, as we suggested democratically.

What is different now? I feel that you are trying to railroad us here. We would like it just the way it was when you bought your cabin and it was not such a well travelled road. We would like the road back to its peaceful nature.

Again we will sleep on it; and assume you will have taken note of our earlier protest.

[Word count 404]

On Oct 18, 2011, at 5:39 PM, Eileen Briese wrote:

Good Evening,

This email is to get your input regarding the road and it’s current condition. As you are aware it has become very rutted as well as overgrown in several locations. I contacted Susan DeSonia who asked that I contact All Cabin Owners on the road before we did anything to the road to get your input (email below).

The first couple of times Ernie and I repaired the road we used decomposed granite to fill the ruts but it was gone is a short time. Then a pick up load at a time of gravel which we spread in the worst areas. The last time several cabin owners contributed and we purchased a truck load of gravel which was dumped in the worst portions of the road then we spread out the gravel. This method seemed to work the best. In addition we reinforced the berms and added a couple of new ones to allow the water to run off the road rather than creating long ruts. In the past we were able to do most of the work our selves but we are no longer able to do it by ourselves.

If you are concerned with the condition of the road and (would like/or would not like) to see it repaired please reply to this email. This repair will cost money, how much, will depend on how many of you are willing to contribute. Those of you living in Cabins 10-13 could be charged a lessor amount than those of us living in Cabins 14-25. The actual work depending on how many are willing to help spread the gravel should take less then half a day.

If you have a another idea please share it. Eileen
Subject: RE: Pine Creek Dirt Road
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 17:58:17 +0000

Please get together with other cabin owners on road and get their imput and send into me. Hopefully you all can work together on this issue…
From: Eileen Briese []
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 5:42 PM
To: Desonia, Susan
Subject: Pine Creek Dirt Road

Hi Susan,

What is happening with the Road? We really think it is ready for some work. Eileen and Ernie Briese Cabin 23

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