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The Rotschild Family

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: April 23, 2012 9:20:53 PM PDT
To: Ramon Kaplan <>
Subject: Re: The Rotschild Family

Dear Ramon,

Let me take you at your word; most would say, “Who gives an F…. ” about stuff like this. Those people who are the overwhelming majority who consider themselves so enlightened because they have at least something that others want beginning with their sexuality that never goes beyond, pick a number, 80 when all they are left with is their memories of good times.

I do care and it doesn’t bother me what the common herd says.

You happen to be the first person who is has ever come close to writing me about such an important subject. The Rothschilds were Nazis through and through. The fact that they helped us Jewish people acquire land in Israel which served as a base to build a very strong army didn’t also let our enemies know exactly where to find us. The Rothschilds were partners with the German-South African Oppenheimers, that makes them and their offspring who haven’t distanced themselves from their recent ancestors enemies of us Jewish people.

Do not ask me for proof, just ask every Jewish person you know including the current cabinet of Israel why they have never asked the Rothschilds to explain their pivotal role in The Diamond Invention.

The evil of this world that you are very possibly only just beginning to get your head around I first began understanding before I was 13 and each moment that ticked by I noticed the evidence of this evil getting increasingly stronger at the same time I was instilled with a “sensitivity” that G-d was behind all of it.

I wish I could teach all that I know but that is not within me because that would make me G-d and I wouldn’t want such responsibility as it would also take away the glory of G-d.

I wish you the best,


On Apr 23, 2012, at 7:22 PM, Ramon Kaplan wrote:

Dear Mr. Gevisser,

As an avid reader of your website, I must “tip my hat” to you for having put into words so many of the thoughts and ideas that I’ve never had the skill to put down in writing.  I cannot but admire the power of your words and the boldness in your ability to criticize powerful people that I would even fear to mention.

That said, I wanted to ask you about the Rothschild family, which I understand has been on the one hand magnanimous with respect to Zionist causes and on the other hand a supporter of Nazism.  I am uncertain as to the latter, and would love it if you could direct me to some kind of proof or evidence to how and in what capacity the Rothschilds helped the Nazis.

I am asking because someone I’m considering getting into business with, who claims to be well funded, has also inferred that they’re connected to the Rothschild family.  My concern is to be careful getting involved with people who bring with them old ghosts and baggage that could carry a real negative impact down the road. 

Thank you,



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