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The world is your oyster

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 10:01 PM
To: Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance
Cc: Adam L Tucker; שחר פאר; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post
Subject: The world is your oyster – JASON M RITCHIE /// HELLO

Let me know if I need to remind you that you have no reason to trust her.

We are what we eat and the company we keep.

I have met Nicole twice which is once more than I needed to, no different to you.

I go into detail just so that there is a clear record, nothing left to the imagination or for that matter “unsaid” and of course Adam can choose to share this with Nicole; there are no secrets; apart from those I know that I have yet to share and which of course may never happen.

My mother Zena would most likely understand this better than anyone else, apart from of course this Power that looks constantly over my shoulders.

Nicole did just enough in getting her friends to look at the two rather excellent slide presentations that Adam did on the diamond invention.

But that was it.

No follow up.

She is getting out of Adam just what she wants and Adam doesn’t want to be alone.

You can’t really blame him.

He may not even be a bad lover.

It is much more fun also doing other things with someone else.

The “money me” crowd have no spirituality, however, and it is showing up all over websites like facebook.

If I had Facebooks programmers and doing everything just like them I would be today in no better position.

No one would come.

But why would I bother replicating facebook when we have facebook and Nicole FINALLY comes to visit with you.

She reads everything, and allowed me to post on her wall, and she got a whole lot quieter ever since.

Everyone on the planet, whether they know it or not, if they are in the least bit corrupt, they are increasingly and nauseatingly finding themselves in a “little of a pickle”, as my dad, Bernie would say.

They never figured in their worst nightmare all this happening and so very fast.

They look at you, still not yet down to your fighting fit weight, and they look at me still occasionally dressing like a “clown” but not really, because I

have never EITHER come close to acting like a clown unless in a play such as this.

Just in case; that’s me, the clown. Behind me wearing the fur shoal is my former girlfriend Annie George who I referred to earlier today, I believe it was.

This took place in Hawaii in either 1987 or 1988 at Insurance Marketing Services Inc.’s annual convention where the top independent insurance agents gathered for “fun and games”.

It so happens that it was at this Convention where for the first and only time in the 5 years that I was with this hugely successful marketing-publishing company that was in fact on its last legs when I came in back in Aug. 1984, that I put on a “workshop”, that wasn’t all that well attended, in part because I wasn’t that well known amongst our customers, who were in fact the most successful of the some 30,000 independent insurance agents in the US and Canada, but enough had “run into” the chairman of the company, George “Big Nose” Norhaus, who you see wearing the French beret, who couldn’t say enough good things about me and so they showed up; and I bet they were mostly unimpressed, even though as you can well imagine I had a lot of knowledge in the History, Economics, Military and Politics [HEMP], but it was not very pertinent to the way they all “made money”; namely the 3R; Referrals, Relatives, and Renewals; and besides we had experts in every aspect of the insurance business who put on seminar workshops both at these well attended Annual Conventions and throughout the rest of the year who “covered all the bases”; and so in all likelihood I was called upon to do “something” because a “slot” had opened up.

Not to mention that today, they would all understand the simple English language that I can also speak.

The thing I remember most about this convention besides for how much incredible fun we all had – I have a photo somewhere of us all in togos drinking champagne out of the bottle, and of course it was a huge “money maker” – was one of our “members” – on hearing me make a “suggestion” to one of our “idiot” employees who had very politely asked me, “Where can I get more chairs?” which had me responding just as quietly and of course most politely, because remember I am also “Charm School trained”, with the following, “Why are you asking me?” since she had no reason to believe I manufactured chairs and was just standing around like a “potted plant” also just waiting to grow enough branches to then instantly weave the seating area as I surely carried scissors in my back pocket to cut my hair

for an occasion such as this when one of the workshops that was being put on had more attendees than what they had expected and so there were a whole bunch of them standing at back along with me – the man turned to me and said words to the effect, “That is the very worst bit of management I have ever seen. I am going to make a point of mentioning this to George Nordhaus”.

Not to mention, I didn’t say the words, “Please yourself!” but there was no mistaking my “grin” which had him seeing even more “red” if that was at all possible.

To mention little of when George and I next met up, and it may have already been when we were all back in Santa Monica planning our next vacation spot, since the IMS Convention was always held at “hot spots” at the most luxurious hotels, “Big Nose” said to me with a big smile on his face, “You sure pissed off so and so” and of course I don’t remember the person’s name who I had never laid eyes on before, which wouldn’t have made any difference to what I told the employee or my response to him who most likely was pulling out of his insurance agency a good million dollars a year if not a whole lot more, all the while still managing to spend 3 days a week playing golf; and of course that was considered work, all the snoozing and whathaveyou; the toughest was having to devote one day of the weekend to his wife and family; i.e. he was only in the office at tops 3 days a week.

To mention in passing, George Nordhaus who I last heard was working harder than ever just to make ends meet, and now well into his 70s, was actually a rather handsome, tall and athletic man, on the Vanderbilt Univeristy basketball team which is the same university that my mentor hugely brilliant and athletic Amos P. Wright

attended and who I first met at IMS when Amos was just getting ready to retire for the 3rd time, but stayed for another couple or so years since he and I were having so much fun.

George Nordhaus who was also one of the biggest American “names” at Lloyds of London knows that he has no one else to blame but himself for not being today an extraordinarily wealthy individual; and were he to be “intellectually honest” he would agree that our “discourse” began when I refused to become a member of this rather exclusive insurance club because I knew how very corrupt is the entire insurance game and that it was just a matter of time before the whole House of Saud-De Beers-House of Cards would collapse.

Not to mention that at one time Insurance Marketing Services Inc. had close to 6,000 “members” all paying nearly US$500 a year just to get what was called our Weekly Marketeer

that cost next to nothing to produce, just the time of what I refer to as the A-team

who were the “backbone” of the organization an
d whose employees numbered less than a 100, but we had “stringers” throughout the country who were “feeding” the A-team tons of material and of course when it came time for of them to leave, all within 12 months of me leaving and “spreading my wings” they were “on top of their game” having no difficulty either going out on their own or getting “top notch” jobs at the top insurance carriers.

Now that all took place, that is all of them, having departed IMS by the end of 1990; I left in Aug. 1989.

George Nordhaus was “pissed off” with me in Aug. 1989 although he was a whole lot pissed off a few months later when we sat down to negotiate the sale of my ownership interest in IMS which was “only” 10%; bearing in mind that I could have owned at least half the business given the condition it was in when I joined some 5 years earlier, perhaps to the day.

At the time of my departure, he had the entire organization “fully intact”, and the company was in fact peaking; moreover, just months before and prior to my trip to the Orient in the spring of 1989, I had lined up the world’s top media companies who were very keen to acquire this operation who had no competitors to talk of, beginning with how I went out of my way to “breed competition” starting with our worst employees who were on average head and shoulders superior to what was out there.

Remember how my mother raised me, “If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem”

When that imbecile, I think it was a woman, she may in fact have only been in her early twenties, possibly still in her teens, came to me with a “problem” without first at least showing me that she had thought of a solution apart from possibly having us diversify and buy up “huge forests” in Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa, I was mostly letting her manager know it was time to look for employment elsewhere.

I should also let you know that in all likelihood the manager of that person was one of the members of the A-Team although the more I think about it the more I seem to recall it was another youngish women who was very bright but a bit of a politician who I eventually let go and who was responsible for the lack of independent thinking of her employee.

I am not a micro-manager because I know better to than to micro-manage anyone but imbeciles on their way out.

When my mother wrote on a piece of cotton fabric: it’s not easy to sour like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys!, it also happens to be true.

But just because we know something to be true doesn’t mean we necessarily follow our own good advice and that is where I come in.

I make it my business to hire the best and brightest, provide them with the tools to be even more successful beginning by getting rid of the slugs and to then get the hell out of the way and only “mixing in” when called upon to do my job.

With that said, the only time I can recall ever being asked my opinion about hiring someone to join that A-Team was when Annie George presented me with someone she appeared to have already made up her mind to hire; again, after having got rid of all the top management including the President who had hired me, my job was pretty much done, and why when I say for the better part of 4 years I worked at tops, some 3 hours a week; although, of course, I spent a lot of time in my office when I mostly snoozed on the sofa you see in the backyard below the Etcher etchings.

I can’t remember exactly why, maybe it was because Annie failed to mention that this person had two of the cutest dogs, but I told her that if it was up to me I wouldn’t hire the woman which obviously didn’t change Annie’s opinion as she went ahead and hired this lady who turned out to be another superstar.

Not to mention, that during our negotiations George Nordhaus and I never had any direct interaction for the animosity wouldn’t have helped soothe things, and so we left it to our respective attorneys; and I used King Golden Jr. Esq. who showed a whole lot of sympathy towards “poor, poor” George who through his attorneys kept bringing up, “You have been retired for the past 3 years, and on top of your huge salary and bonuses, you still want to be settled!!”.

To mention little that of course Nordhaus brought up how my replacement who was now his son-in-law was also having to get paid an “arm and leg” but what Nordhaus nor King Golden Jr. Esq. ever got into because I thought the better than to “stir the pot”

was that this alcholic English-Canadian son-in-law would inevitably cost Nordhaus his entire business.

To mention in passing again, this was a hugely successful company, and its “greatness” was that we managed to stay way below the “radar screen”, which was because our primary assets left the building each day and we, that is I, George Nordhaus was mostly in “Lala land”, had to be assured that they would return the next day, but when you have the fancy residence just down the road from President Ronald W. Reagan in the Pacific Palisades, and you own, not lease, the latest Bentley and your southern bell wife has the Rolls, although I think Kaye Nordhaus drove mostly the Bentley and then the fancy apartment in London, etc etc, you ALSO quickly forget from where you come, and so I put up with a whole bunch of “abuse” even from my own attorney who you recall remains the “bosom buddy” of “Our Man Roger” aka Roger W. Robinson who more than anyone in the entire US Government is responsible for the collapse of this rather short-lived American Empire.

By the way, George and Kaye Nordhaus who got divorced shortly before I left, owned a most awesome one level. great party house with an indoor swimming, which was formerly owned by Lawrence “Bubbles Man” Welks.

Back to Nicole.

How did she look?

Did you take a photo?

You may recall me making her a “proposition” to invite all her friends to one of my Educational-Light-Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops and I said that I would split 50/50 the net revenue with her and she wouldn’t have to do a thing apart from getting them there.

She completely ignored me.

But she didn’t forget to come and say hello to you today.

Ps – You may not have heard me say that another thing my Royal Mater-Mother Zena would “remind” me on occasion when I was wanting to get more “training outside the country of my birth”, South Africa was, “You are white, bright and when you are 21, the world will be your oyster, and you will be free to go out on your own but until then you will live in my household along with my rules”; and trust me when I tell you that my very “cool” mother who carried no chip on her shoulder despite her huge success, had only one rule that I had any problem with, and that is the one she enforced strictly with her models, “Don’t ever let me catch you messing with any of my 4 sons”.

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From: J R []
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 3:48 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser


Adams girlfriend just walked in today, I did not know she was a designer, I have seen her before. She asked me if I was the Jason, Gary talks to.


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