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There is a catch – Part II

The photo above shows me on the right alongside Derrick Beare of Investec at the 1986 World Cup final in Mexico City which we traveled to for 1 day and never got to see one goal scored and there were a whole bunch, and only when we returned to the United States did we know who won. Now isn’t that a story?

BTW, Derrick had the potential to be as big a soccer star as David Beckham, but his one uncle, Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare who provided the seed capital for Investec, had other plans for Derrick which of course didn’t stop Derrick from being a whole lot of fun to be around.

Pictures do tell a thousand words.

When looking at Mr. Krinsk’s signature on that congratulatory “citation” he sent me on March 29, 2001 that soon resulted in Mr. Krinsk and his law partners, Kaplan Kilsheimer & Fox out of New York City collecting a $10 million payday for just a few days work, 3 at the most, and that included a most brilliant 9+ hour deposition Mr. Krinsk did on October 17, 2002 – CLICK HERE – and you will notice my notes in pink, it is not the same signature on the credit card slip even though it is Mr. Krinsk’s handwriting.

Try not forget what “Our Man Roger” was doing in October 2002, bearing in mind that he joined the NSC in March 1982, the same year The Diamond Invention book was first published by Simon & Schuster, and his former boss, before joining America’s most wired spy agency that may still be headquartered in the basement of the White House, was David Rockefeller whose family are players in the Diamond Invention, but not quite up there with the German-South African Oppenheimer family, given how the Oppenheimers are the ones who have administered all the bribes without taking up American citizenship, so they could never be accused of treason.

You would agree that this action by Mr. Krinsk which is most likely not illegal since I gave him permission without him asking me how much to tip, should not result in his head being chopped off and his body quartered, which is the advice he gave me when suggesting it was time for me to use my talents that are well encompassed in the term ” risk assessment” and to use his words, “chop off all the heads of De Beers and to not stop until you have quartered the body”.

Those of course were Mr. Krinsk’s exact words which is why I don’t place a “sic” afterwards.

Mr. Krinsk also knew that if anyone in the world was capable of this impossible act, it would be me. Had I mentioned to him a word about my one of a kind intimate knowledge of De Beers he would have said, “Wait. Stop right there. Let’s go get you a book deal and we would not even have you using your own name, because it is that compelling”. Were I to have told him that in early 1994 Randolf Apperson Hearst, Chairman of Hearst Corporation offered to make me a “household name” in well less than a 24 hour period without me using my real name as he felt a non de plume was more than sufficient, and his use of the words, “household name” was just telling me I could “write my own ticket”, Mr. Krinsk would have said, “Hearst is dead. My wife Marcy “Campbell Soup” Krinsk has a never ending need to keep expanding her shoe collection that is not simply logged in 3 ring binders, but color coded to boot, to match her outfits that she wears for all our charity events that are only to maintain our one of a kind lifestyle, and it is not only Campbell Soup and me who are so envious of your lifestyle” (sic).

I have not seen my mother in going on a decade this December, and we last spoke in late summer 2004 right before I broke my 24 year deafening silence on 11.11.2004 with De Beers – CLICK HERE.

When my wife and I agreed yesterday that neither of us would want to return as anything other than ourselves, the conversation did not continue on to discuss our respective parents, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she too would want to have the exact same parents and siblings.

I have yet to hear back from anyone else if they feel the same way, but it wouldn’t surprise me if most would end up hating themselves even more than they do right now just thinking about it?

The only thing you should be thinking of right now besides for reading the most unbelievable transcripts of the Texas kangaroo court proceedings, which I will send to you next along with a couple of my subsequent filings following the $4 million DEATH PENALTY sentence and I will also include a very rudimentary draft of my cross-complaint that California Judge Groch indicated on September 19 when postponing the proceedings until March 19, 2012 by which time I could be long dead, he might possibly entertain, which of course would help short-circuit the process of exposing this grave injustice that is nothing less than the murder of my very good Jewish name by a bunch of tossers who have the support of the world’s wankers who make up the sum total of the corrupt, is why I bother with so many little tossers?

That answer can be found by putting yourself into my head when looking at the attributes the De Beers-US Government were looking for when they chose both Hitler and Stalin, two horrific military strategists.

Stalin was an easy choice. He was a General in Lenin and Trotsky’s Red Army and failed to follow orders, which greatly hampered brilliant General Trotsky to wage war against the Czar’s White Army; i.e. those in favor of monopolies, who were supported lock, stock and barrel by the United States and it’s not always “happy trooper” allies such as the British.

Hitler was a piece of cake. Forget that he didn’t look anything close to being Aryan, and if you have forgotten his other features you will find them in my previous writings. Forget the fact that his hand went limp which it couldn’t have been that way when he was a little corporal in World War I, and no one gave him a moment’s thought because he was an absolute no one, who couldn’t even make sense when he gave his best speeches.

Hitler was worse than Obama and Obama can at least blame his teleprompter.

Hitler could draw and probably no better than any of Sebastian Capella’s “cero coca” fine art oil painting students, who can all tell the difference between a square painted pretty and a square painted ugly.

Hitler too could tell the difference between nonsense abstract modern art and the fine art that he wanted to steal. His financial backers wanted someone who would screw up his brilliant generals’ strategies which they demonstrated time and again, and trash modern art so that their common herd would clamor for it.

When you read in my mother’s memoirs, THE LIFE STORY OF ZENA that can be found on as well as on other spots on the Internet and also in peoples’ special folders of emails of mine they have received over the years that they hope to profit from when I am dead and/or famous, and how she made it her business to “train”

all her 4 children to live outside of South Africa where she always found herself a “stranger” despite living in the country of my birth for 3 decades, 1947-1978 and only beginning to make her home back in England when I left South Africa for the US on March 16, 1978, what you may have missed in the first read, is how she would lecture to the top businessmen around the world about the opportunities of investing in South Africa.

Today, thanks to my knowledge that I have already shared with you and millions of people throughout the world including every single lawyer I have approached to assist me with nailing this Knuff and which if they had an iota of a conscience they would do in a heartbeat, without a thought of asking me for money which I have always been willing to pay so long as the lawyer does just what I ask, and not sell me down the drain, you perfectly understand that my mother had to be either fully nuts or extraordinarily crafty.

De Beers have all the investment monies they need. They own the world’s most precious minerals. Foreign investme
nt like foreign capital like any regular money that they have their governments print, mean nothing to De Beers other than each time their governments print money their elected and non-elected government officials simply tie the noose that much tighter around their necks.

It is so obvious, you just have to think about it.

It should also be crystal clear how easy it is for people who have a trade to function without De Beers overseeing the corruption.

De Beers have simply counted on no one other than their very top officials getting their heads around how totally rigged are the currency markets which means every market is rigged.

Perception is reality. If the people don’t know the currency markets are rigged then they will perceive that they are not rigged, or at least not as rigged as other markets which they perceive are rigged.

De Beers never in a million years expected someone such as myself not to be corrupted given how cushy a lifestyle I could have had without having to deal with all these pitiful tossers.

Imagine you are at a football stadium and this information is shared over the loudspeaker system, and the person next to you wanted your services and offered to pay you in advance with the money they have in their pocket versus them giving you their own promissory note, which you know is money, you would most certainly think about it more than had you and 70,000 individuals not heard the exact same information.

You also know that not only it is perfectly true what I am telling you, if tomorrow you heard Rush Limbaugh explaining it all, would you trust him as far as you could throw him?

What about the US Congress?

What about Hilary giving a speech on how confident she is that she and Obama and the Republican candidates for President can explain President Nixon’s speech better than my “lucky uncle” Dave?

David Gevisser’s most trusted confidant in the world was of course my mother Zena.

She also knew that when her father volunteered to fight with the Allies in World War I from the very start when he was only 14 and lied about his age, he was not a multi-millionaire, and when the war ended and he didn’t die, he also didn’t come away being the cash richest person in the world, not even close. The fact that he survived most would say was a miracle.

Everyone who could read and write and also listen to the radio during World War II and was living in Great Britain as was my mother and her entire immediate family including her pogrom orphaned paternal grandmother Nechie who Ben-Gurion believed was assassinated and he was not the only member of the Jewish underground who felt the same way, knew who Allied Field Marshal Jan Smuts was, as well as why his great many adversaries around the world including the great many in South Africa in his own political party called him “Jew King” which did not mean they were wrong, as he walked the finest line possible, and even then it is almost unimaginable to believe that he was not assassinated. No doubt someone very powerful was looking over his shoulders.

I never asked my granddad Alef-Albert Badash Ash who in September 1941 while his mother Nechie was still alive, made application in Leeds, England to change his Jewish sounding name to the more Gentile, Al Ash, because he died in 1965 rather suddenly of liver cancer, and I was still just 8 years of age, the same age that Nechie witnessed her entire immediate family having their throats slit by a gang of Cossacks on a night out on the town having fun killing very poor Jewish people.

It is of course rather important that I only found out that Nechie and Ben-Gurion came from the same tiny village of Plonsk, White Russia-Poland in December 2001, again when my mother and I last visited which was just over a couple of months after my close to her chest

mother wrote her most craftily written memoirs that she first began publishing via email on September 25th, just 5 days after the Los Angeles Times broke the story that the Mossad’s art student spy ring had gathered detailed intelligence of the most carefully orchestrated 9/11 terrorist attack, which Israel’s foreign intelligence institute shared with both the FBI and CIA beginning in August 2001, and you can safely assume they didn’t wait for the janitor in both headquarters to finish mopping the floor of the toilets

to give him the information, and for him to figure out who would be the best person to get it to the right people in the White House as well, without first telling him to wash his hands.

You would also know that most Americans as well as those in the rest of the world hate President George W. Bush Jr.’s guts because they see him as an idiot, trigger happy cowboy who never really had to work a day in his life. Obviously most Republicans felt the same way which is why they supported Texan Sec. of State James A. Baker III to remove Rumsfeld rather than Cheney.

Distraction does not only take place on the battlefield.

A friend is someone who is willing to lay down their life for you, and if they are not willing to do that then they should be treated as an acquaintance who could turn on you in the next instant once they find themselves a better acquaintance to use and abuse.

Texas Sec. of State Baker was a very close intimate of the Bush family and first swayed the US Supreme Court to make Bush Jr. the winner in the close November 2000 elections which still has most liberal art students incensed, including those now familiar with my writings and knowing the true facts, as they want to hold on for dear life to the belief that they cannot all of have been so utterly stupid to think the monopolists of the world would ever allow something like the US Constitution to actually be implemented.


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