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There is a catch – Part III

One knows before doing something morally wrong that it feels wrong.

That is innate.

We know that because we have strong evidence that the overwhelming majority of the adults who raise the kids have absolutely no moral compass and yet the kids know this intuitively.

What mind is capable of creating such good logic in each of our minds?

We can all see that none of these people are contributing any good and we say to ourselves if it wasn’t them all being corrupt, it would be someone else and we just go on with our lives and hope for the best when not finding ways to either see religious meaning to it all or to philosophize like mental midgets.

Instead of saying how much worse things could be, how about how much better if we didn’t have any of these people thinking we are so stupid, and stupid us saying that we might as well ignore it all because we can’t find anyone better to fix the problem.

If everyone wants to think stupid, that does not mean I should be so foolish as to follow them blindly.

It is so easy for a person like Vice President Dick Cheney to do something wrong like taking a bribe which can be nothing more than being offered a US Supreme Court position and told to simply look the other way from the true history of the United States which people like Cecil Rhodes [1853-1902] founder of De Beers were not oblivious to, the same with Germans like Hitler who applauded the remarkable way majority rule in the United States was instituted, by simply murdering the majority of the peoples that were first here, who also stood in the way of Americans, without a conscience and who would breed even more unconscious offspring, and it shows up most vividly in the expansion of their largest organ skin that naturally-logically wraps itself around the brain, having vast open landscapes to grow their corn to feed the cattle that again logically leads to more observable devolvement of the human that cannot be by chance assuming there is a God.

Putting God into the equation really does complicate the mind, if in fact one has become mindless.

Everything is so very logical including how easy it is to fix people’s minds just by having their bodies healthy again.

But lazy people’s bodies tell them they are happy with their fat diseased TALKATIVE cells and there is no telling someone who only hears what their cells tell them they want to hear what is the right thing to do.

If you look at a self-indulgent person based on that internal organ of the body that most expands the skin and at night when they go to sleep it is the one that is most squooshed, you end up paying less attention to them and therefore more to perfect mother nature that makes the best trackers of the most sensitive.

The diseased human can still talk about nature but unless they are out there wrestling with the forces that make the body strong and also attractive, they might as well just pee in the wind.

This morning right before I received a very kind visit from a US Forest Service lady who has been with the Forest Service who are responsible for these lands on which our rock cabin resides for 38 years, I took a leak into an ant hill, and what I observed most besides for the so organized frantic behavior was how those who survived the drowning just walked over their dead comrades like they were nothing.

I suspect the same thing happens with the 300 million human sperm who don’t make it.

Only an intelligent being that the devolved human can only understand by going back in time, could be responsible for such an unimaginable large number of people who are each distinctively different but they are totally common in their stupidity; and I know that I am not one of them, and each of them would agree with that.

There is a catch. These same people are totally disgusted with themselves when looking in the mirror and seeing their ugly disgusting, cellulite smoldering and so stinky bodies heating up as they eat themselves to death without swallowing a morsel of what had them looking and behaving like the poison cattle they first eat and which they cannot get enough of.

Have you ever once seen or visualized a healthy looking male or female who wasn’t being motivated by money saying, “I would love to be seen around town with that beast?”

My mother would always say to me, and beginning long before I understood what a prostitute did for a living, “Prostitution is not only the oldest profession, it is the most honest”.

I have yet to have anyone in the United States Air Force or any other branch of the United States’ Armed Forces or even a local city council member of a small town like heavily real estate corrupt Del Mar city council, confirm that Dick Cheney in May 1991, while he was US Defense Minister, overruled the strong objections of Secretary of the US Air Force Rice and had added to the survival kit of the ejection seat of American fighter jets and bombers, a whole bunch of valuable diamonds that were purchased from De Beers, and which De Beers would have pulled out of their unlimited supply inventory which has never been shared with their corrupt governments, and besides for the diamonds costing De Beers absolutely nothing, the moment the purchase order was written by the Pentagon, so De Beers had the 3 Branches of the US Government that much tighter by the short hairs.

Would you know how many inmates in the United States were executed today? What about tomorrow?

I am not about to ask you whether if this information about Cheney which I heard from someone who I consider to be a reliable source, is tantamount to treason, but you would know that from 1995 to 2000 he was Chairman and CEO of De Beers affiliate Halliburton who features prominently in Ron Bellows of AIG May 3, 2004 memo detailing the plan of the US Government to bankrupt AIG at the same time AIG’s executives were committing the most transparent shareholder fraud – CLICK HERE.

You havent forgotten where “Our Man Roger” was during this time.

On Sunday, January 25, 2004, “Our Man Roger” appeared on a 60 Minutes segment that was all geared to trash President George W. Bush – CLICK HERE. The next day I followed up with my longtime friend Matthew Margo, a senior attorney for CBS and shared my “findings”. I just happened to be changing a VHS rental tape and the TV screen came on and we didn’t have a TV hookup and I could barely make out Roger’s face but his so distinctive voice I could not possibly miss; and it had already started, and I heard no mention of his important credentials, and one can only wonder what his Chinese colleagues on the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission are thinking today?

Remember, everything about my website and the two and half hour meeting that my former webmaster Adam Lee Tucker had with Knuff, centered around De Beers. De Beers is diamond currency and diamond drilling bits that dig for all hard to get minerals under the ground.

When soldiers sign up to do their duty for their country they are not given a lesson in the business of De Beers who know that if they ever stop covering their tracks of stolen resources which they do not produce underground, because God does all that for us, they wouldn’t be able to focus us on living in a constant state of fear of losing what we have.

The source of this diamond information about Cheney who after his stint at Halliburton went on to become Vice President of the United States, says that in May 1991 he was flying in the war zone of the Middle East America’s most advanced F-15 E fighter jets and later you see his face in Van Halen’s blockbuster video, Where Eagles Fly, and he remembers vividly when the addition of the diamonds were made, as one can fully appreciate and which makes Sec. Rice’s objections a whole of sense, especially if he was honest.

It may not be intuitive as it is to me the psychology of this ingenious move by De Beers

First, Sec. of State James A. Baker III’s choice to replace Bush Jr’s first choice, Donald Rumsfeld with CIA Director Robert Gates only took place in December 2006.

Second, a fighter pilot first and foremost, loves to fly; the money means absolutely nothing. Each time they have to inventory the survival kit they get to inspect the diamonds which means that their eyes are open and what they see in addition to the Five 1-carat cut solitaire diamonds and 3 large stone carat diamonds whose weight is so far unknown, the Auto injectors of Atropine, Auto Injectors of Morphine, Amphetamines, and there are 3 troy ounces of gold bullion, which have always been there, but suddenly Cheney felt that diamonds was a better mineral for a downed pilot to barter their way to freedom and promote that much more in target countries that have yet to buy into “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”. That is evil. That is not good marketing. That is evil and it has the name of every American who knows this information and is not outraged, written all over it.

Third, on not every mission an F-15 E fighter pilot drops down to billboard height as they mostly hang out at lofty heights of 70,000 feet to prance on their prey such as Migs who are first bated with our F-16s which we can all agree travel faster than the Ducati ST4S, but when a pilot descends from the heavens they do have to behave like the rest of us when driving on the roads, and forced to pay attention to the billboards that further entice them to buy their favorite chick a diamond engagement ring. Of course you would not be surprised that one American diamond jeweler had a million dollar a year business marking up his diamonds 11 times when selling on a payment plan diamonds to American servicemen that included a nice, heartwarming poem which was included in the pretty wrapped box for the serviceperson to give to their mother or loved one before they went to war, just in case they didn’t come back. That is sick.

Fourth, Ben-Gurion knew he could ask Ernest Oppenheimer, the grandfather of the current head of De Beers, Nicholas Oppenheimer, who was openly supplying Hitler with his diamonds from the Belgian Congo, to loan him some diamonds that he could use as collateral to get a loan to pay the ransom monies – ARROWS IN THE DARK – that the Nazis were asking to save Jewish people who were earmarked for execution in the death factories of Auschwitz, Treblinka and the such. That same principal could be applied today if in fact the United States Government wanted to save the lives of the 5 million black people of the Belgian Congo who have been murdered over the past half decade. Ben-Gurion was not stupid because he was the General of Generals.

I don’t need to tell you how many financial institutions there are in the world today like Investec who I am as intimately familiar with as I am De Beers’ Lloyds of London Insurance who accept diamonds from investors, again as long as they are not American citizens, but Lloyds do not accept gold bullion which I covered ad-nausea in my blog yesterday which you can find on the homepage of You can, however, easily imagine how many jobs would be lost in the western world if Offense/Defense Contractors like General Atomic were to be allowed to sell their most advanced weaponry to the Pentagon whose generals would eagerly use them rather than risk a single US serviceperson.

I also teach people to think. A thinking population is the exact opposite of what Beers want to see.

Obviously, I am in God’s hands, and therefore time is not in the least bit important to me; so take as much time as you need in getting back to me.

All the best,


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