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Time to clean up

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 20047:23 AM
To: ressakow
Cc: crest; devinstandard
Subject: Time to clean up

Roy hello – considering the dramatic events taking place in the northern hemisphere more than a handful of folks have been asking why I have been rather quiet in celebrating the “death” of Yeshiva Professor of Finance, Aaron BrownNose Brown co-founder of

Those, however, like the FBI and other law enforcement offices around the globe not exactly left out in the dark, u surely recall BrownNose mocking me rather recently, “Sorry we won’t have Gary to kick around“, agree?

The incredible light here in Machu Picchu is stirring folks from all “walks of life” to pay ever more attention to what is going on at

In due course my final post on`s The Buck Stops Here will appear on the home page of Next…Trial along with my most recent communique to the FBI which makes reference to you and your former boss imploring you to get with the program “quick.”

You may recall my mentioning in a previous missive how our mutual friend David Levy now president of an orthodox Jewish congregation in La Jolla, California at a Carmel College high school reunion mentioned in my presence to his son who I believe was at one point considering attending Brownnose’s Yeshiva in New York City how u had once got caught stealing something that didnt belong to u, my mother who has always had a very fond spot for u letting me know that instead of getting a crack across the face as your father gave you in the police station she would have had me “stew” in jail a while so that I would come to my senses of what it means to break the law to mention once again in passing the word of your “arrival” in California following your stint with Marc Rich no doubt reaching the likes of David Levy who I understand saw fit to grab on to your monies in the “nick of time” allowing him and the “wrist of congregation” (sic) to sit in the pound

seats, agree?

Nothing quite like having extremists in our midst to turn this world more topsy turvy to mention little of your mother back on November 8th 2000 imploring me to vote my “conscience” to ensure that Senator Lieberman, “a Jewish person” sits in the White House which is not to suggest that Norma Essakow had any idea of the deal in the works to get Marc Rich his pardon and so “seal” what would have been revealed had this fugative from United States justice been forced to stand before a jury of his peers, agree?

And of course I have written quite a bit on how I then “put my foot to the pedal” going some would argue “overboard” in getting our great President George W. Bush elected, never in a million years believing that former President Bill Clinton would do the most dishonorable thing to the vast majority of good, law abiding Jewish people who today suffer the indignity to mention in passing the fallout from the world as a result of the presidential pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute not knowing the whole truth and nothing but the truth that has the likes of Marc Rich who add zero value to real economic output, laundering monies, paying off despots around the world from the sanctuary of places like Zug, Switzerland, agree?

Again, your efforts in setting some of your monies made alongside Marc Rich to shed more light on exactly what would have been revealed had your boss been brought to trial in the United States “to face the music” would do much in my opinion in reducing the level of anti-Semitic “rubblings” [sic] that r beginning to rise once again in earnest, my assuming u have not lost the touch to gain “competitive advantage” since arriving in the United States, the land of abundant opportunity, nothing quite like buying the house on the ridge overlooking Blacks Beach in La Jolla to make quite the public display, once again.

And again, u will not be alone in telling your story my imploring others including Dr. Jonathan Beare as well as my uncle David Gevisser to tell all that he knew about the deal between the South African Oppenheimer family – DeBeers – and his benefactor Charles Englehard, the “possiblity” [sic] exists that my father’s first cousin and son of the co-founder of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies simply “fell asleep at the wheel” as he assisted Mr. Englehard with quite the addiction to Coca-Cola to not only control the world supply of platinum but drive a wedge in between the efforts of the United States Justice department to bring the DeBeers Cartel to justice, The Diamond Invention and what it really means to “trade with the enemy” required ready wouldnt you agree at the beginning of each Passover meal


How about say a paragraph


tTOo read each and every fricken Friday Night and Saterday morning service wherever u and any other South African Jewish person has made a contribution since we all became aware that the South African Oppenheimer family were behind the rise and 40+ year enslavery of the peoples of color throughout Africa, the likes of the Durban North South African Lazarus family simply the puppets of the Nationalist Nazi Party who in turn were the prostitutes of the anything but Jewish South African Oppenheimer family agree?

Time we cleaned up our own back yards before telling the rest of the world how to live the “high life” agree?

Time to fly.


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