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I don’t preach. I only tell it the way it is. Moreover, I have the track record in taking on corruption at the highest levels.

Why wouldn’t you make the entire world aware of your personal experience with the judicial system that is so hypocritical.

How can you differentiate personal matters when it is your immediate family who present themselves to the outside world as being so cohesive when they epitomize the non-existent moral fabric of American society which is all about money, me.

Isn’t it only right that the whole world know what a bunch of hypocrites are your sister and brother-in-law?

Shouldn’t those who they prey on be made to avoid them like the plague?

Do you remember how I approached your younger sister Gabe with irrefutable smoking gun proof of voter fraud during California Gubernatorial election of November 2002, and she too turned a blind eye to evil because it affected her pocket book.

Don’t you see how what goes around comes around with a vengeance?

The reason the system is corrupt and we get our elected leaders we just deserve because people like you who have the information choose for selfish reasons not to share it?

Don’t you see how hypocritical you sound while deciding to go on the attack with me.

You are defensive.

How can you talk about personal family matters as being not something to share with the world as you also go about talking how criminal is your immediate family.

Its seems to me that you want it all ways.

You look like you are hiding as much as your sister and her husband who I believe every non corrupt person in the world would want to see exposed.

I am about to eat a most delicious lunch here in our extraordinary find Valencia hotel room after spending a good part of the day at the Sorolla exhibit.

Life is too short and interesting to keep secrets, don’t you think?


On Dec 8, 2009, at 9:43 AM, wrote:

Dear Gary,

Thank you for your concern on my recent family issues. I do not
discuss matters over the internet nor be open book on private family
issues. I state to you that you underestimate me on my education,
dealings with the legal system and the insight to how life is messy.
You only know bits and pieces of my background and you should be careful
not to preach to me about how life is or what evils are within people.
To carefully listen to someone is key to success.

I hope you trip is safe and relaxing. Liz

—- Gary S Gevisser wrote:
Dear Liz,

I noticed that you haven’t responded to my 3 straightforward questions.

Of course it could just be that you have other priorities.

My wife and I leave for Valencia, Spain in a few hours.

It is hard to say what tonight let alone tomorrow will bring.

But whatever happens we will go out with a smile on our face because
we are living proof of fighting the right fight.

I have spent the time combing the internet for more on your father and
had forgotten or possibly never knew he was Canadian.

Your family dispute resonates not just with me but every family that
has a miniscule of wealth.

I take it that you understand that you are not the only person in the
world following along my writings without knowing for sure who is
reading but knowing it is inevitable my knowledge will reach the
masses who will not continue to be used and abused for the enjoyment
of the reckless lazy rich.

You are most likely also thinking how best to leverage my knowledge to
“win out” with your sister and her husband.

Again, you are a little late in life to be figuring out how corrupt is
the American judicial system.

You should be thinking of your legacy, and that includes your
daughters who even if they wanted to be lazy that leads to corruption
they may not be afforded the opportunity.

You would know that while your nephew Jimmy served my wife and I very
well in court back on October 24th, 2002 as he simply allowed The IT
to strangle himself with his own words leaving Jimmy and me, let alone
my most poignant wife needing little to say and what she said was
riveting, he did end up stealing monies from us and your sister and
brother couldnt even be bothered.

Why wait for me to return to San Diego or you read about me showing up
dead before doing the right thing.

Bear in mind that you have told a whole bunch of people the story long
before telling me who in being such an open book is doing a whole lot
of good.

That is the only way to expose your sister and brother in law and
their “secret society” that people like me have known about since we
figured out something wasn’t right to allow for the rise of Nazi

If not now then when?


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