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To do List-No history – Re: It was great speaking with you today – Thanks for checking out Nation Builder


From: Gary Steven Gevisser <crowedavid2>

Subject: To do List-No history – Re: It was great speaking with you today – Thanks for checking out Nation Builder

Date: August 16, 2013 7:50:33 AM PDT

To: Fredrica Friedman –

Cc: rest; Julie Niemi <jniemi>, Lwinokur Winokur <lwinokur>, Tom Shadyac – Director-Writer I AM – c/o Janet Matthews <firststreetcp>, lbagley, 60 Minutes <60m@mstrauss0>, “Joe Could I stop you? Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School – intimate of Diana Henriques.” <grundfest>, Laura Malter – ex CIA <lauramalter>, Michael Tordu Awerbuch <michael>, Jonathan Beare – founder Investec <jbeare>, “United Sec. of State John Kerry ℅ Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. Krinsk” <jrk>


Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser <gary>
Subject: To do List-No history – Re: It was great speaking with you today – Thanks for checking out Nation Builder
Date: November 23, 2012 12:05:36 AM PST
To: Julie Niemi <jniemi>
Cc: rest; Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM <gbarber>, Hlumelo Biko – son of murdered Steve Biko ℅ Ali Ayala <Ali.ayala>, “Andile Madikizela – First cousin of Winnie Mandela and close confidant of Nelson Mandela who acknowledged in private meetings with Andile of his knowledge that the CIA turned him to the South African Apartheid Regime during the Kennedy Administration.” <mad11a>, “James A Mackay – Senior Lyolds of London Insurance agent who was assigned to meet with World Heavyweight Boxing Federation Champion Michael Grant and Gary S. Gevisser on March 27, 2012.” <james.mackay>, Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law School <dersh>, “Professor Amiram Goldblum – Hebrew University, Israel” <amiram>, Guy Friedman <bentley55>, “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy, Washington DC Israeli Embassy” <att-sec2>, Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – President of South Africa South Africa <president>, “Larry Summers – former President Harvard and key male player in Inside Job. ” <president>, “Tony Leon – Outgoing ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia and former leader of the official ANC oppostion, Democratic Alliance Party -tonyleonsa” <tonyleonsa>, Guy De Chazal – US Government owned Morgan Stanley <Susan.Runge>, “Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author, THE END OF POVERTY Columbia University” <sachs>, “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and \”bosom buddy\” of Roger W. Robinson aka \”Our Man Roger\” who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” <Kingdelmar>, “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” <rwrincorp>, “Valerie Schulte Esq. – National Association of Broadcasters senior lawyer – former 15 year lover of Ted Turner.” <vschulte>, “Texas American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]” <acluinfo>, “Newell Starks – Deadbeat officer of Citigroup’s Citicorp Venture Capital Group who specialize in \”management friendly\”; i. e. \”shareholder hostile\” takeovers – based in Austin Texas.” <newell>, Tom Shadyac – Director-Writer I AM – c/o Janet Matthews <firststreetcp>, Chinese Embassy – USA <service>, Embassy of Sweden – Washington DC <ambassaden.washington>, “Rod Smith Ph. d – Alumni of RAND Corporation” <smith>, “William H. Jackson – Attorney for Wetherly Capital Group” <wjackson>, “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki, former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser, \”male heir\” of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2, 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church, Morristown, New Jersey” <mark>, “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” <amay>, “Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10, 1996” <dbhenriques>, “Joe \”Could I stop you?\” Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School – intimate of Diana Henriques.” <grundfest>, Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant <ressakow>, “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall, Solana Beach, California” <jessakow>, “T. Colin Campbell, PhD – Cornell University The China Study” <bjp1>, TheTonightShow <TheTonightShow>, matthewmargo Margo – CBS senior attorney <matthewmargo>, 60 Minutes Minutes <60m@mstrauss0>, “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard who felt the heat of having a Facebook account and not choosing change was better to deactivate his FB account.” <devinstandard>, Jeffrey Krinsk <jrk>, “Deborah Sturman Esq – Inspired by Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman, played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to the home of the German-South African Oppenheimer clan whose Lloyds of London Insurance have never once attempted to hide that they are the money launderers or money launderers, and figured the common herd would think themselves too smart to have it all smack in their faces.” <info>, “Sidney Abelski – lawyer – only child of two Auschwitz survivors.” <sidneyabelski>, “Major Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK” <friling>, “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President OBAMA ” <ravfunnye>

Julie hi again.

What do you do when you know the people who print the money, also decide its value and everything they acquire and pass on to their next of kin including goods they have on each of their most important corrupted officials costs them not a penny?

Common sense say that you go very quiet.

But once you start printing the money there is no stopping because your booking has you borrowing from yourself and paying interest to make it look legit and if the people demand their money and they don’t get what they want they will eventually go ballistic and if you give them what you want there will hyperinflation and that will make the money worthless and the people will go ballistic.

So you just have to brainwash them that the money that is printed is different to the money that is wasted on pet projects for the politicians and their most powerful supporters who guarantee above all else national security and that means more jobs for the people increasingly out of work and happy to get a government paycheck and they whine less because if they start resisting the first paycheck to go bad if the government collapses and new money is printed will be theirs.

How do you keep the people with the money from spending the money that trickles down to the poor people before they are forced out of their small jobs and businesses and seek government assistance.

You don’t. In fact you have them spend more than ever buying the biggest apartments, the largest tracts of land, the newest and most expensive cars on the market, and the money keeps changing hands within an increasing smaller circle of friends who know better than to act too high and mighty towards their increasingly poor fellow citizens.

Facebook does an excellent job in making the poor FB “friends” feel the same as their rich FB “friends”; the poor just happy that they have rich friends who if times get tougher will at least refer them for a government job.

You who control the printing of the money and the value that is assigned to it as you have your currency traders never making the common herd currency traders feel like they are a joke are focused on two things; one making the money look scarce which you see is very easy as the rich keep it to themselves and their ranks keep growing but nothing like the size of the poor who just want to be like them and the poor just know to keep saving as much as they can and it does not take very much just to survive and if you become homeless you are quickly forgotten by all family and friends who are ashamed by your presence which makes it easier for them to just say that you disappeared from the face of the earth without a trace and second; perpetuating the myth that money “poorly spent” is lost.

If you are able to pull a male Spaniard away from watching their favorite sports team or needing to take a break from work to talk about the political-economic bank crisis they will burn your ears with talk about all the huge frauds involving government contractors who have spent billions of Euros building airports and motorway observation posts that can’t afford a working elevator or the single staff member to the man the observation point and this concrete slab looks like an eyesore is so out of place, exactly as it was originally designed to have the people talking about the things they have and see in common.

Their minds don’t even stop to think where is the $16 trillion in United States debt. All the frauds throughout the world combined don’t reach one trillion but every fraud is good for maintaining the false perception that money is the scarce resource.

The banks who have the most public holidays and are only open half the day, at least in Spain, never explain to their customers where is all the government monies that never disappear, other than out of the hands of the poor who are too busy trying to make money that they don’t even know the right questions to ask and if they do they are never given the truth and warned what happens to troublemakers in a dictatorship.

Spain has only been a fraudulent democracy since the mid-1970s.

America has been a fraud democracy from the very start.

Most Spaniards today who were opposed to the dictator Franco remember that there were not that many Spaniards out of work and those that worked had money in their pockets and they could afford themselves and their families a good lifestyle so long as when hauled off to jail you could find local residents to say good things about you and you were released without being tortured to death.

Never before has there been a way to bring the world together as one good community serving the best interests of all the citizens of the world.

That is the last thing the corrupt want to hear, but it is nevertheless true.

More than the fact that the poor have me in their corner, it is the lazy corrupt rich who are the most quiet and which because I am no fool I fully anticipated while always aware that from the moment I opened my mouth I would be on borrowed time.

The lazy rich like to joke that we are all on borrowed time as they quickly announce as they leave the discussion because it is too hot a potato as they notice their minds short-circuiting and losing their cool, “time is money, you cannot change the world, people are stupid, they like a strong man to lead them by the nose telling them what to do and when”.

The poor are only poor because they have been brainwashed by the rich banker politicians and the most unaccomplished who they reward the most.

You haven’t yet answered my important question, “tell me what you think?”.

It is
always about the money, until you think about it.

Money does not grow on trees.

You say it enough times you believe you have to make money, just like you have to till the soil and plant the apple tree before the apples grow on the branches, and you then get to sit under the tree waiting for the first apple to fall, and you know the rest will soon follow.At any time if you get bored, just skip all the way down until you find something interesting.

How long do you think I should have waited after I first noticed when attending university in South Africa, De Beers’ backyard that in not one of the economic lectures there was no reference to military in either the textbooks or speeches by the idiot professors who looked to me like they could have just come off a Hollywood set, and just practicing how best to mumble?

More than you knowing the entire capitalist money system is a complete farce, a fabrication from the very beginning, is the fact that you also realize this play acting is going on this very moment, not just by the likes of Obama but everyone who goes to the store or restaurant or dress shop or brothel etc etc is putting on an act of one form or another.

A high school play couldn’t pull this off.

Were a screenwriter to present this to Hollywood, they would be the laughing stock.

Your mind tells you correctly that this nonsense should have been put to an end long before you were born, until you realize who little you have personally done to change the course of history, but still there is hope for you because you have yet to dig your heals in, and therefore you might think differently to the rest who are fast running out of plausible excuses for being so lame.

Let’s assume you have a white skin like me, you might for the very first time understand why the educated Black Americans felt that O.J. Simpson might be innocent despite the overwhelming evidence that he, and he alone had committed the two murders.

Black Americans understand perfectly when they walk or drive in a white neighborhood, no matter how well dressed, no matter how well they carry themselves they are seen as thieves and Mexican Americans as lazy.

I thought that might help you better digest what is up ahead.

The fact that Black Americans don’t see Obama as I do, half-white, and done as much for the poor of America as Putin has done for the poor Russia, does not mean they have forgotten what it means to be ripped of your African roots by a bunch of pompous white hypocrites of the Nth Degree who have plenty of means at their disposal as well as the luxury of time to carefully select their Black Uncle Toms the moment they enroll in nonsense Ivy League Universities such as Harvard Law School.

You thought it was mind boggling 3 days ago when you did your best to calm yourself, starting with, “I appreciate the abundance of information” immediately following our first conversation when you repeatedly told me that you preferred to just listen and then do your research later.

You don’t need to think much about how I think you can help me push forward my initiative because I will spell it out, and still I will look forward to your response.

How was your Thanksgiving Day going?

What do you think of this truce between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza that keeps being broken?

Do you think De Beers haven’t anticipated the apathy of their “common herd”?

I have now received 2 follow up communications from colleagues of yours; Kara Scharwath – kscharwath, and Adriel Hampton – ahampton; have replied to both, but neither are copied on this communication; at least not yet, which does not mean I can speak for what others decide based on the overall health or ill health of their internal organs.

Would you say the chances are higher or lower that the minds attached to human livers not processing the meat as well as a healthy organic vegetables, fruits and nuts are thinking smart?

Would you think a Medical Doctor who is sick and still eats meat is someone you should listen to, rather than doing your own research?

Why do you think it is that all of us who believe we can still think independently conclude correctly that we are what we eat?

If 95% of our bodies were blood would you say we should drink more or less clean water?

If you think there was something to Einstein’s most balanced equation 2 c mE in reverse, at what point do you think the nervous energy cells from a soon to be killed Turkey that is not raised in farmlands to live a long and healthy life get released and where would they mostly reside?

When you hear that the airlines are making mention of the large amount of bacteria in the aircraft do you think much about whether each time a kid pees or releases airborne particles of feces, the seat gets an immediate scrubbing?

Unfortunately these writings are not going to keep pedophiles away from children, agree?

Do you think if there is truth to us becoming what we eat and it just takes time and a little observation of fat people in particular, the turkey cells in the nervous wreck Turkey end up morphing into the weakest organ of the human such as those that surround the eyes and the tip of tongue?

Would you say that there is any evidence that the tongue of meat eaters is most likely not as sensitive as it once was because of all the pollutants starting with salt that takes more effort since you have shake the dispenser than popping pills to address the pain once the cancer cells take over fully?

Again, this is all food for thought, and just my opinions, and if you decide to take them with a pinch of salt, who am I to argue differently.

Have you noticed how when people are around sick and dying humans they decide to think that much more about their bad food habits, but that lasts about a day? Is that your life experience?

My life experience has been all about trying to get smarter by getting to know my brain as best as possible without being killed, while always remembering as best I can that it is all one big, but most ingenious game where it is not possible to opt out, not even committing suicide; nor can the brave be guaranteed at the moment of death for there to be peace of mind, because that would make the pointless for starters. On the other hand if you know for a fact that your back is against the wall and your murderers are most likely going to torture you, I think it is safe to say God will forgive you, assuming of course you have done everything within your power to stop the violence against the poor.

De Beers also anticipated that the earth never stops spinning; meaning that everyone is always very busy doing something even if it is only sleeping and that the world would never organize sufficiently and at the same decide on who best to replace them as allocators of the world resources while they continued to pick off the best of us one by one.

Assume for the moment that Nick Oppenheimer, Putin and Obama were reading this and all three knowing that more than you and me were involved in this one of a kind roundtable conversation, do you think they would predict that more people would trust them than you and me?

At what point do you think they would increase their inner circle talking about me?

Which important people do you think are out there who have not heard of me?

How many of your family heirloom diamonds would you give up to watch a debate between me and Nick Oppenheimer?

What about Harvard Law Professor Alan Deshowitz?

They also know that the human ego is far too out of control for those who know who the least certain market is the trading of currencies to admit to others that they have been so horribly fooled by the most infantile scam imaginable, and would prefer to live in denial and enjoy being voyeurs waiting for the whole world to blow up before their eyes and see it all as one great fireworks display.

You also know that most people who go to sleep eventually wake up and when they do their brain reminds them as it does your’s right now that money is not made by toiling the soil and planting seeds.

That photo of the 2500 year old Chinese bronze sculpture showing Chinese “fly away” money growing on trees I first came across in a hole in the wall museum in Dali, before traveling in a private car to Lijing when on the way we were held back because Chinese commandos were involved in an artillery drill that had live rounds flying over our heads, all of which I caught on video camera.

That was June 26, 2006, 10 days into our 24 day “fact finding mission” to China.

On June 1, 2006, De Beers’ Lloyds of London insurance had a meeting that been hastily called just days before to address my decision to being bringing Public International attention to the more than a decade and a half banning order by Lloyds preventing US citizens including President George W. Bush and future President Obama as well as their wives and Vice Presidents from investing in Lloyd’s where all you have to know is which of De Beers’ insurance syndicates to invest in and you cannot possibly use because even if you got too involved with your White House intern and got distracted, De Beers would give you another shot at it.You have heard the truism, “It is not what you know but who you know”.

So why aren’t all the charities of the world starting with the Roman Catholic Church rushing off to Johannesburg to ask Nick not just for their handout but what has prevented him all this time from letting us know how he decided to invest the last $5 billion he laundered out of De Beers when selling the remaining 44% to De Beers’ sister corporation Anglo American Corporation.

What do you think now of the words, “It is too true to be true”?

I thought the same thing when I was still 15 years of age and because I thought the world was stark raving nuts I decided what good would come of speaking out.

How would you rate my performance so far?

Would you vote for me if I were to be allowed to run for President of the United States?

You know that Obama could be forced to resign.

Do you think my Facebook “friend” Black American Rabbi Caspers Funnye would vote for me if enough Americans were also to rewrite the American Constitution and to include more references to the word “truth”?

Not celebrating Turkey Brain today – YOU ARE THE COMPANY YOU MEAT SIC – are the 400 million Chinese who read, write and understand English perfectly, and that applied to all the many Chinese people we interacted with in mid-summer 2006, along with the 1.1 billion others, mostly Chinese peasants who can trace their ancestry at least back to 1900 when the United States of America led the 8 Allied invasion of China to suppress the Boxer Rebellion; and after murdering the Chinese men, raping the women and children, the brutal invasion forces didn’t exactly leave with only all of China’s harvested gold and ancient artifacts dating back 8,000 years, because they then waited for the much longer than anticipated South African Boer War of 1899-1902 to end, before shipping to South Africa tens of thousands of Chinese “Coolie” slaves to work De Beers-US South African mines.

Think the words “mint” and “mine”.

You have heard the expression, “You can make a mint”.

If you mint the money you buy everything you want.

It is the money that decides everything so long as it is your money that people want to exchange their goods and services.

So how did people get so used to the expression, “I need to make money” without first thinking how much to have their corrupted elected and non-elected government officials decide the pay of their most brainwashed soldiers?

You know that being brainwashed is not a nice feeling.

You also understand perfectly that I am not responsible for the American educational system that has brainwashed 4 generations of you.

Do you think anyone from Lloyd’s mentioned to Nick Oppenheimer who was behind their need to call such an important meeting that took place 81 days before Putin met Nick in South Africa?

5 years ago yesterday the Chinese Government refused the landing rights of 3 US Navy vessels including the 8,000 sailor aircraft carrier fleet Kittyhawk and one of the frigates also sent out a distress signal. Those landings in Hong Kong had been long planned.

The Chinese Government knew that Chinese businesses in Hong Kong were going to be hugely disappointed, the same with the Government run brothels. The Chinese government does not make a distinction between the private and public sector because they understand the money business as well as me.

I would assume by now that you have seen on my website the back and forth between myself and Israeli Military Intelligence-Mossad [IMI-M] at the Israel Embassy in Washington DC, starting on November 19, 2007 when they requested that I provide them a CLEAR, SHORT sentence request which I had previously made them aware of, and on the day following Thanksgiving Day 2007, which again was the day the Chinese Government, without saying why, refused those landing rights, I responded to IMI-M’s request and at the moment I hit the “send” button on my computer while on the phone with IMI-M in Washington DC, to have them confirm in real time that they had received my email, they informed me that the entire email system at the Israeli Embassy had gone down. Nor did they let me know if the problem had been fixed. [Click here.]

Mango is letting us know that it is time for him to go run in the park, so I will be speeding things up.

Most westerners when hearing the words, “BEWARE OF THE YELLOW PERIL” are fearful of the Chinese who did not invent any of our religions and nor were they responsible for our Jewish Holocaust. I, because of how I raised mostly by my mother

to embrace the merit system, all part and parcel of Confucius teachings, wanted to find out as much as I could about what the greatest generals during World War II had to say about these “Godless Communists”.Calvinist Jan Smuts bled his heart when describing in a September 24, 1937 letter his heartache at what the Allies were letting happen to the Chinese as one defenseless Chinese city after the next was bombed to smithereens by the US’ most trusted ally Japan who was given the green light to invade Manchuria, China on September 19, 1931 as the two-tongued, hypocrite of hypocrite US Congress declared loudly that so long as Japan followed the rules of war laid out by the United States and did not officially declare war on China, then the United States Government would be duty bound to continue supplying Japan with its raw war materials.

Two years after Smuts’ death on September 11, 1950, the United States Government-De Beers began to remove Smuts’ name from the history books.

Notice the identical photograph of Smuts on both covers; the American version on the front; the British, Cassell the publisher, version on the back.
Cassell, BTW, was founded in 1848.

Are you comfortably seated?

The decision by the American publisher to remove all mention of the trip Smuts took with Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, grandfather of Nick, to the Belgian Congo that was openly supplying Hitler with his diamonds, is an open and shut case.

In most “common sense” societies the military dictatorship would immediately resign.

Remember, I resigned myself to believing when I was 15, 40 years ago, that the world was very stupid but I felt that there had to be a greater purpose for us being here.

I am happy to say, after doing my level best to figure something different, that would be more uplifting, I have failed.

Had I found some other reason then it would mean that I had to be as smart as God and while I knew that was not possible it didn’t prevent me from trying, because what else would you suggest I should have done with my time and energy?

We all have to live in the real world as much as we might look for escape into the metaphysical world where of course things are much more black and white.

Instead we have to deal with our arrogance at the same time how each of us accountable for what we knew, when we knew it, and what good we did with the information.

Cassell could have also taken out such a hugely incriminating trip, but they the British didn’t.

The British also knew why all the gold

the gold was ending up in the United States.This November 10, 1947 Newsweek

feature story nails the coffin of the 3 Branches of the US Government.A close up of the one column.

No one has commented.This is not lost on me.

Page 36

If they could get rid of Smuts from the history books

you would have figured it would have been much easier to get rid of me.I learned from being quiet.

How many people do you know can say the same thing?

If you were my mother Zena, would you have been concerned for my safety immediately before I decided to break my 24 year silence on 11.11.2004?

Let me know when you have read The China Study that American Medical Doctors by and large will not touch with a 100 foot pole.

These American medical doctors and scientists had to go to China to do the exhaustive research that is of course first nature to all of us in touch with our bodies-minds.

You watch the Gerson Institute will soon begin to thrive.

All fear will soon be removed.

Logic-truth always wins out.

The Government who prints the money tells its government workers to reduce it size, to keep cutting back because of the deficit budgets, but the government has to continue growing because they have to keep printing the money which they explain is spread amongst a growing population who don’t have the common sense to question their government what they do with the money that is not burned when fire destroys a house and the money is kept under the mattresses?

The people haven’t questioned because they money buys them also their freedom to keep producing babies just so long as they have the money to pay for everything.

I am not only talking about those getting the least of the government handouts, such as the street cleaners, and moving up quickly those providing the cement to for interstate freeways that crisscross the entire developed world, to the judges ruling from the bench, back down to the policemen looking for the cushiest jobs waiting on the side of the streets hiding behind the bushes for speeding motorists in rich neighborhoods with that many more rich bored housewives looking for attention and knowing that if it turns into a quick fling the chances of getting caught or blackmailed are very low, but not as low, if they are white skinned and vacationing say in Jamaica.

What causes all literate Europeans to immediately short-circuit is when they hear from an educated person, especially a white South African with my very strong family connections to the most powerful families of the past 4 generations, that the most corrupt justice is American justice system.

They quickly change the conversation, and it isn’t long before they start badmouthing America about not having a good healthcare system for the poor of America, and finally they get to it being legal in certain American States like Texas to execute people found guilty of heinous crimes like murder of the first degree.

What they never want to talk about is my January 21, 2011 $4 million TEXAS DEATH SENTENCE, and were I to bring it up, which I very rarely do, because I get to hear the same old boring question, “What does DEATH SENTENCE mean; do they plan to eventually execute you?”; something going on either outside or if we are already outside a distraction from a noisy scooter or just a butterfly all the way over in China flapping its wings causing the wind to have the tree nearest by bristle that much more, before a dead leaf falls to the ground and the chain reaction begins once again.

Confucius – The tallest trees attract the most wind.

What goes around comes around, but with a vengeance when you choose to play stupid.

Pain is one of the most logical feelings because not only can a human pinpoint the pain most of the time, but the pain each of us feels is very subjective, and yet if we think about it long enough, and that also means one’s mind has to be sufficiently well nourished, we can figure out the source of the pain.

For example if you are walking barefoot and you don’t watch where you are going, you run that much greater risk of dog crap sticking to the underside of your foot than if you were wearing shoes or sandals assuming the temperature is temperate.

When you first found out that there is one organization, De Beers who you thought you knew a lot about because you recalled their catchy Hollywood-Madison Avenue jingle, “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”, has no cost of capital; meaning that it costs them nothing to dig for the diamonds from deep underground or those simply lying on the beaches of Namiba, who did you tell first?

Imagine if we could get the whole world to answer that question one week from now, would you feel better about yourself or would you feel sad if not everyone in the world knows all that you know?

Namiba, you may know used to be called South West Africa that prior to the outbreak of World War I was a Germany Colony that quickly fell into the hands of the Allies when South African Boer Commanders Jan Smuts and Louis Botha executed one of the two best double fisted knockout punches, at the very same time they faced insurrection from other battle hardened and most courageous Boer Commanders who were very unhappy that Smuts and Botha had aligned themselves with the British who were the enemy in the most bloody South African Boer War of 1899-1902; and they saw no German soldiers on their battlefields.

Smuts was the brightest student when attending Cambridge University which did not mean he allowed his formal education to interfere with his learning.

Let’s take a quick look at what Wikipedia has to say about a man extraordinarily few South Africans knew the first thing about until I began speaking just 12 years ago, and to a man all the great many South Africans I grew up with including the very few South African Facebook “friends” I have, are silent, and therefore one cannot expect more from those such as yourself who know little to nothing about the history of very important South Africa where a whole bunch of platinum mine workers were gunned down back in August and it made news headlines for as long you can remember.

During his time in Cambridge, he [Smuts] found time to study a diverse number of subjects in addition to law; he wrote a book,Walt Whitman: A Study in the Evolution of Personality, although it was unpublished until 1973.[8] The thoughts behind this book laid the foundation for Smuts’ later wide-ranging philosophy of holism.
Smuts graduated in 1893 with a double First. Over the previous two years, he had been the recipient of numerous academic prizes and accolades, including the coveted George Long prize in Roman Law and Jurisprudence.[9] One of his tutors, Professor Maitland, a leading figure among English legal historians, described Smuts as the most brilliant student he had ever met.[10]Lord Todd, the Master of Christ’s College said in 1970 that “in 500 years of the College’s history, of all its members, past and present, three had been truly outstanding: John Milton, Charles Darwin and Jan Smuts

Would it impress your mind to know that following Smuts’ defeat to American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. and his German-South African partner Harry Oppenheimer in the May 26, 1948 South African General Election, Smuts accepted the Chancellorship of Cambridge University?

If you were in charge of brainwashing the entire human population because you wanted to insulate yourself from charges of corruption, you would know to follow the strategy of De Beers because you can see how well it has worked.

Jump now to the person on the right of my paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser [1890? – 1970].

My mother Zena, to Issy’s right, did not like Sol Moshal, the uncle of Engelhard’s “male heir” David Gevisser so she cut him out of the photograph when handing it to me before I immigrated to the United States on March 17, 1978, the same year that Epstein wrote The Diamond Invention book.Would you think it dumb or shrewd that my mother immediately before I joined De Beers’ most important site holder Codiam Inc. in New York City had me hand one her diamonds that she carried in her diamond broach to Ernest Slotar who had just been put into the diamond business by Codiam Inc?

Listen carefully to the bone chilling phone conversation between myself and Ernest Slotar on March 24, 2008, my 51st birthday – CLICK HERE.

The problem De Beers has is that they have never once told the world that they have an army of their own and they have mostly relied on America to do everything for them, and just so long as their heads could keep their egos in check; i.e. not feel the need to be number one of their Forbes 100 list of richest billionaires, not a single one of the brainwashed would question much.

When you look at my parents, if there anything about their physiognomy that suggests I would have been better off choosing uglier parents?

Do you think their smart parents thought they would make a good match?

Don’t you see how much better off the human race would be if money didn’t decide our genes?

Does it not look to you that The Diamond Invention is “God’s Game” or do you prefer to simply think the human has to be regressing?

When you see time and again this 1937 photo of smiling and happy, happy, American Wallis Simpson, former abdicated King of England and Hitler who is clearly the one being bowed to,

and Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor didn’t just go on to lead a happy life but were openly wined and dined by the most powerful man in the world, Engelhard Jr. and made certain all the most powerful Americans at the time starting with Ted Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Attorney General of the United States Mitchell, etc etc were there in attendance and everyone doing what regular people do, beginning with hitting up on the next person because they are so bored with their boring lives, and no one asks, “So Wallis, did you fuck Hitler?”If there is no God, you must all be fucking mad.

If there is a God, you must feel if you are corrupt, that no God exists.

What do you think First Admiral of the British Navy, Winston Churchill thought of my mother’s other client, Onassis?

Do you think the Mossad-IMI were unaware that on October 20, 1968, my mother was the only other woman in the room when former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy signed her prenuptial agreement with Onassis.

Do you think Jackie O ever forgot that in my mother’s words, “Not a word was spoken between us”.Let me quickly prove to you that you are not paying that much attention to the De Beers’ Forbes list of richest.

Do you know who is currently 18 and 19th on the list?

No, but you would know where to look, and then you could ask those people through one of their spokespeople or just choose any employee who works for one of their companies what they think of this communique and if they would like to convene everyone they know for a roundtable discussion, just to email you and/or me.

Now I know from past experience you are not going to do that unless you learn from everyone else’s mistake.

When the human fails to think logically it automatically thinks that others will behave the same way.

That is exactly De Beers thinking.

Wouldn’t you if you have managed to confuse 4 generations into believing that there is a difference between the private and public sector, think you are God?

Do you have your head fully around your brainwashing?

Let me help you.

If you decided that you wanted your theft of the world’s mineral resources kept a secret as you relied upon your governments to continuously be at war with one another, wouldn’t the first thing on your To Do list be to grow the human population after each major conflict?

Have you looked at the growth of the human population around the world since 1900?

Can you see what preceded the spikes in 1920 and 1950?

How old were you when you found out that if you placed people in confined spaces even if you fed them well, they would soon get sick of one another assuming they were not sharing equally?

Let’s keep it simple but not stupid.

What would be the conflict between 2 human beings in say the Garden of Eden?

One answer: the one got too fat and didn’t enjoy sex as much as the other.

If you understood that no child born into a loving environment will lie, you would also know that if you understood the extraordinary evil of De Beers and their fellow American bankers who morphed back and forth into one another as they mostly focused on growing the size of their increasingly bigger governments to soak up all the increasingly less needed humans doing the heavy lifting and farm work as technological advances kept pace with the regressing human thinking in order to keep them quiet for fear of losing their jobs, the last thing you would do is explain it all to your child because the first time the kid opened it’s mouth to say one of his friends who in turn would tell their parent, it is no longer a secret.

Consequently, you just have to be very careful about who your most accomplished children decide to marry and hope that at least one would be born with common sense.

My mother would be the first to tell you that she never once complimented me with having more than “common sense”.

I never felt that I was different really to anyone else but then again I never once heard my mother tell the same thing to anyone else including my 3 elder siblings who I always thought were rather bright because we not only laughed at the same jokes but we thought all our close cousins were rather ridiculous in all their bickering that was aimed mostly at our parents who it was obvious to us that both our mom and dad were both better looking and more athletic than their parents.

But the jealousy increasingly seemed less about looks as I noticed all the conflicts revolved around money and so naturally I was interested to know more about who was in charge of deciding first of all how much money to print because I thought that if you made too much of anything starting say with chicken soup and you couldn’t sell it, then it would go to waste, and you would be out the costs of the ingredients, the energy to heat the soup, the labor to pay the chef and so on.

Wouldn’t you have thought the same without thinking that you had anything more than “common sense”?

I also knew that you couldn’t have your soldiers eat the money to sustain themselves in battle, at the same time if you produced too much money that you gave them to buy extra food or ammunition in the event they ran out, you couldn’t say to them that they should eat the surplus money because it was highly likely if they had one bullet remaining they would use it to kill you.

Do you now know who prints the money?

Is it more important to you that you know how De Beers and their fellow banker-politicians throughout the world remove the excess monies they print?

What made you think that money which is never destroyed can be wasted either by a rich person spending more than what they need or say a bank losing money when it makes a bad loan to a house or apartment owner who defaults on their mortgage payments and the bank ends up owning the property and the now homeless people have to find the money to rent and that first of all requires both a deposit and reference; and if they are so far down on their luck they are very likely unemployed and their credit sucks?

Do you recall that the reason the De Beers-US Government said that they had to bail out a whole bunch of corporations such as AIG who had succeeded by wiping out smaller competitors who didn’t have quite the same access to cheap capital as AIG, was to prevent a meltdown of the entire financial markets that would be most disastrous for the poor of the world who weren’t so fortunate as to know who to go to for the lowest cost loans?

Your brain is now thinking overtime.

Go ahead, take your time.

Apart from my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser I never met a single billionaire who figured that if only they thought and didn’t believe their most infantile brainwashing, they would simply have found a way to communicate directly with Nick Oppenheimer to fund for example their email eavesdropping venture.

Now I was very young when I thought of Tony Tillum who is one of Nick’s closest cricket team buddies. That is because Tony’s sister is the mother of my first cousin’s Adrianne and Lisa Ash who was for a short period on July 12 one of my FB “friends”. Would like to see what I wrote her that most likely contributed to her changing her mind about me as one of her now 322 Facebook “friends”?

Do you think she has spoken with her mom about me?

Lynne is now remarried and uses the last name Machray

Lynne is the woman who looks 25 years younger than my mother’s half-brother Joe Ash who was probably the most well-known Durban South African city council members during the late 1960s and early 1970s when he rose to the position of Deputy Mayor of Africa’s most important deep water port, although his position Commodore of the highly anti-Semitic Durban Yacht Club increased considerably his sphere of influence, none of which was lost on Harry Oppenheimer-Engelhard and company.The only other thing my mother taught when growing up, apart from encouraging me to continue being very quiet and to listen that much more – God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we should listen twice as hard as we speak – was that Smuts was “too busy being an International Statesman, and so he lost the May 26, 1948 South African General Election” which took place 2 days after Smuts who was Prime Minister of South Africa at the time, recognized the fledgling State of Israel that had come into existence just 11 days before, and the next day the 5 Arab armies encircling this most tiny piece of land invaded with full force and their overconfident generals believing, as did the entire world, that the war would be over by sunset on May 15th and all that would be left was for the Arab Generals to decide how best to cut up the land with all the Jews massacred.

Allied Field Marshall Montgomery – When the British flag is lowered for the last time in Palestine, the Jews will be overrun.

My mother also mentioned that Harry Oppenheimer was an anti-Semite at the same time she told me that she considered two of my close male cousins anti-Semitic. At the time I could have cared less about Smuts or my two cousins being anti-Semitic which meant absolutely nothing to me, I just knew that both of them were pricks, just like both of their parents, and no one was forcing me to play with either of them. Nor did my mother show me a photo of Smuts or Harry Oppenheimer and if she had I wouldn’t have recognized either. I was, though, about 8 at the time and I had about the same amount of energy as I have today although I can run much faster than I could back then.

How would you rate your energy level at this time?

Does the date September 5 mean anything to you?

Of course you recall the photo of Putin bowing to Nick Oppenheimer in Johannesburg, South Africa back on September 5, 2006; and if you have been researching my writings on the Internet and/or the activities of Israel’s most elite Maritime Special Force unit, Flotilla 13, you would know that exactly 9 years before, Flotilla 13 experienced a catastrophic event and only very recently was the truth revealed of this calamity that resulted in the entire Israel Defense Force immediately “standing down” which meant that Israel’s Foreign Intelligence Institute, Mossad was now working overtime; meaning it was at great risk of its most deep undercover agents being exposed as the need to identify the weak spot in the intelligence network became of paramount importance given how if a Flotilla 13 unit can be decimated, the only shield that Israel would have, besides for God, which is not inconsequential, is knocking down inward bound rockets inevitably carrying nuclear weapons.

Of course assuming you are interested in reading more about how increasingly sophisticated Hezbollah Special Op commandos have become in recent times, why have me spoon feed you everything since there is still the Internet.

On September 5, 1939 Smuts once again became Prime Minister of South Africa and most importantly Commander In Chief of the world’s not only second oldest, but best Air Force.

My dad Bernie and the only other Jewish fighter-bomber-pilot of Smuts’ South African Air Force Squadron 11, future Israel Air Force Commander Sid Cohen who lead Israel to victory in her War of Independence [1947-1949].

All that Wikipedia says is that Smuts was one of the founders of the Royal Air Force [RAF] and the SAAF. That is not quite correct because he was the “father” of both; meaning he, and he alone, was the first to see how military aircraft would change forever battlefields; meaning, you had to find a way to get into the factories making the aircraft during the blueprint engineering phase.BTW, an English gentleman friend of mine, John Malin’s father was a captain in the RAF, and his job was to flush out Nazi spies in one of those aircraft factories; and he would eventually nail the Chief Executive Officer.

You are only beginning to understand how very close was the world to being run by Nazis back in 1940.

It took Engelhard-Oppenheimer and company just a little longer; but all is not lost because they have yet to engage China in war and you would know that if one Israeli Fighter-Pilot were to be following my writings the chances of Israel going to war with China are slim to none.

War, however, has changed dramatically since the United States went boom boom on Japan back in early August 1945.

Smuts had a good 5 years left in him.

4 Star American General Stilwell, the American hero of heroes, also had a lot of life left in him.

Not everyone in Hollywood was a Nazi lover, starting with Frank Sinatra and John Wayne who simply told it the way it was even if he was one of the worst Hollywood actors.

But they and Reagan were only actors on a stage which still exists today, full of boring clowns against a backdrop of genius Master Design.

How easy it is for the messed up to complicate matters.

Chance cannot explain so many nincompoops taking themselves so seriously, starting with Wall Street investment bankers and then there are all the stockbrokers who already know everything you know and they could care less because their money still buys them whatever they want and they are quite confident that if the world pushes Uncle Sam too much then it takes a handful of boom booms, the world will soon get over it.

That assumes each and every one of you can keep this all a secret and live with your sleeping partner wanting not only to protect their own nest egg but who wants to fuck a fool who could soon be parted with his money?

There has never been a General in modern day times if not of all times who first made it his business to understand how loyalty could be bought with not just money bribes.

No one messed with Smuts because they understood there was no one better at ferreting out spies than him, apart from his spy catchers who remained off the radar screen because they were that good.

Even when Smuts lost the SA General Election his opposition, De Beers-US Government-CIA-Soviet Union, his spy network remained in tact and this was also not lost on his adversaries who gave him the title, “King of the Jews”.

Smuts turned 78 on May 24, 1948 and he was not the man he was during the Boer War, First World War and its continuation WW II, but that did not mean he had forgotten why Churchill made him, for the second time, an Allied Field Marshal in 1941 just so that Churchill would not be accused of treason when handing Smuts the Allies’ nuclear weapon secrets.

In September 1941, my maternal grandfather, Al Ash, the favored son of pogrom orphaned Nechie Becker Badash [1874-1943] made application in Leeds, England to change his Jewish name Alef Badash to the more Gentile, Al Ash.

It was not because he or his 4 siblings were ever once bullied, but Al Ash was not as strong as when he volunteered at age 14 at the very start to fight in World War I, with the British of course, as when the war ended, and his one minor injury came a short time later when he planted a pick ax he was using in helping construct a section of Niagra Fall, Canada into his big toe, which didn’t prevent him from entering the United States illegally and “setting up shop” on the lower east end of Manhattan, which is where the trail runs cold; but he eventually made it back to England and married my grandmother Rachelle in 1927 who had her 4 year old Joe whose biological father died from a mishap in hospital where he was recovering from Scarlet Fever – CLICK HERE – 7 months before Joe was born.

So how successful were the Nazis throughout the world following the surrender of Nazi Germany on May 8, 1945?

Do you know how many Jewish Holocaust Memorial Museums there are throughout the world?

Let’s just give it a number like 20.

Do you know how many portray us Jewish people more as the greatest resistance fighters than being all cramped up in Nazi Death Factories waiting to go up in smoke?

How many point out the collapse of Jewish resistance in South Africa following the defeat of Smuts in the election where he still ended up getting the majority of white voters; the Black South Africans of course slaves and not entitled to vote but to be thankful that it was us Jewish people who first went up in smoke otherwise it would have been them?

What happened on May 27, 1948?

Was all history of The Holocaust lost?

Remember, every war has a plan.

The Nazis ran into a few problems with their Final Plan to exterminate all 12 million European Jewry.

De Beers still had their control of the world supply of diamonds.

The Oppenheimers, the Fords, the Engelhards, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and company still had their necks.

They haven’t got me, at least not yet.

Every Israeli citizen is still entitled to vote their conscience long after I am dead.

I am a nothing. I came from nothing and I will be nothing forever if that will make everyone happy.

Life is to be enjoyed.

You cannot enjoy life if you are constantly afraid.

How can you be afraid of these people who are so frightened that they cannot make sense of their so carefully choreographed speeches.

When you watch the two videos [ & CLICK HERE] of Nick Oppenheimer filmed live on June 9, 2011, 1738 days after he let the world know that Putin was now in the diamond business and Nick Oppenheimer remained both The Platinum and Diamond King of the entire world, would you be able to tell me in simple English words the difference between one terrorist and the next?

More from Wikipedia:

In 2004 Smuts was named by voters in a poll held by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (S.A.B.C.) as one of the top ten Greatest South Africans of all time. The final positions of the top ten were to be decided by a second round of voting but the program was taken off the air owing to political controversy and Nelson Mandela was given the number one spot based on the first round of voting. In the first round, Field Marshal Smuts came ninth

Let me share with you the first page of a manuscript written by Durban, South African Jewish attorney Alan Magid when interviewing Nelson Mandela who was in prison at the time, in an effort to reduce the sentencing of a group of Black South Africans found guilty under De Beers’ Terrorism Act of terrorism against their terrorist Apartheid Regime:

Mandela was a lawyer. He never had a client like De Beers.

Smuts’ most important client was Cecil Rhodes, the founder of De Beers.

Smuts said a lot of good things about Rhodes before and after going to war with him.

Words are very important; but actions speak loudest.

Imagine if Smuts was still alive today, do you think he would come up with ways to improve how I have managed to stay alive so long, and happier than I have ever been in my entire life?

I cannot help it if you would all like to see me miserable because I know misery loves company; and if I understand it, so must God.

Smuts wasn’t a lawyer, he was a thinker.

The British were losing the First World War and the Americans were no help because they were sitting on the sidelines, just like De Beers profiting from supplying all sides. It looked hopeless until Smuts took charge and commanded the British Army in East Africa where he brilliantly neutralized the smart but not smart enough German Commander Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck.

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia:

From 1917 to 1919, he [Smuts] was also one of five members of the British War Cabinet, helping to create the Royal Air Force. He became a field marshal in the British Army in 1941, and served in the Imperial War Cabinet under Winston Churchill. He was the only person to sign the peace treaties ending both the First and Second World Wars.

Bear in mind while your short-circuits subside and give way to greater enlightenment as you know the human only uses a fraction of its brain, so all is not lost, I knew before you expressed on the telephone that your mind was smoking that you would eventually find the right words to express the thoughts of your brain and since then I know from observing a great many others that you continue to be totally baffled without thinking that you should make an appointment with the closest Roman Catholic Church to seek their most wise confession priest who you would agree the richest of the congregation would have no problem in such a person feeling not only that they had God calling them to service the wretched hearts of the sinners but being paid the largest salary of all the priests.

It is time to be reflective and thinking first about the Israelis and the Arabs on the brink of yet another war that could have oil prices skyrocketing.

The Chinese have only been for a little over a century the slaves of the United States Government and their principal backers the world’s monopolists led by the most powerful De Beers who have the most valuable bribe monies; namely diamonds which besides for having a price fixed by De Beers as De Beers are allowed by their corrupt governments to control every aspect of the diamond trade from the mining to the manufacturing that involves cutting and polishing to their distribution outlets that beginning with in 2002 competed directly with their fronting retail operations such as Warren Buffet’s Ben Ridge Jewelers that was established in 1912, one year prior to the formation of the monopolists’ US Federal Reserve which took place in an illegal Act of Congress, that was never rectified just like how does Uncle Sam recall the Great White Fleet expedition that enslaved the entire world.

The fact that no one else on the planet has connected all the dots just means that I first to do so, and you now have the knowledge, the light to stand up and be counted, and if not your mind will tell you what you stand to lose; ask anyone stupid what it is like to lose their mind.

That question and the question I asked you 3 days ago, “Tell me what you think?” leads to the goal of the “bank crisis” that negatively affects mostly Europe and the so-called Third World which is dominated by mineral rich countries raped by the First World.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving like the overwhelming majority of Americans you were surely preoccupied talking about all the ways the turkey is going to be cooked and then you stuffed yourselves preparing for the heart attacks and the remainder of your lives visiting with medical doctors and others sick and dying like flies.

The Europeans are different in one respect. It goes back four generations. To them the Soviet-Russians are bad and America is God.

Were you to suggest to a European who uses Euros as their money, and now I am not talking about the Brits who are those lighter skinned living on that far away island separated from the mainland by the English Channel that now has a train running underneath as the Brits still stick with their British Pound Sterling, that America starts all its foreign wars beginning with the American Spanish War of 1898 that lasted 3 months 2 weeks and 4 days [I was born on 3/24/1957 just as a point of reference] they would all look at you like you are crazy; but of course not if they had managed to read thus far.

Were you to also suggest that there was a reason why America’s foreign wars have never taken place on American soil other than America’s former ally Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, more than 2 years after US puppet Hitler invaded very strong cultured Jewish population Poland from the west and the American Soviet puppet Stalin from the east, they would look at you like you are a commie.

When you point out that America only declared war on Germany during the First World in April 1917 after war in Europe first broke out on July 28, 1914, but only engaged in its first battle and most reluctantly 14 months later, and Smuts was so incensed that offered to lead American forces into battle, you might get their attention assuming by this time you hadn’t either put them to sleep or they were too busy having sex or watching their favorite soccer match.

It seems to me that the only Spanish and French who listen are the Roman Catholic priests listening to confessions.

I am seriously considering being the first Jewish person to go to confession here in Valencia, Spain once I either get the go ahead to be the lead supporter of ex CIA officer Laura Malter to run for President of the United States once she has completed fixing both traffic tickets of his two college student sons and my Ducati speeding ticket when I hope to put on an extraordinarily strong defense which Laura has assured me she will have completed by the time I return to the United States when she could in fact be the first female President and needing at her side someone such as myself rather expert at international bankruptcy law which like all law is 100% military.

You do understand that there is nothing in Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations or the US Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution that prevents democracy from taking place outside of Washington DC.

Could you do me a very big favor and do a Google search to see if Saturday Night Live or any of the numerous Jewish comedians have ever filmed themselves in a real confession with a real Roman Catholic Priest in order to prepare themselves for for their movie role to make certain they get the first cut right, to maintain the refreshness?

What if it turns out that I would be the first?

What if my F-C wife were to read this ahead of you, do you think she would be amused?

The owner of the home we live in Valencia, Sebastian Capella said to me before we left that I could stay as long as I wanted so long as I behaved.

What if I journeyed back to France, picked up a guillotine in pretty good condition, just needing a little oiling and elbow grease to get it working perfectly and before entering the church where Sebastian and his wife were married some 6 decades ago and the confession priest who was 80 at the time is still sitting mummified just like he was back then and placed the guillotine in the middle of the Plaza of the Virgin?

Spain got hammered in that Spanish-American War just like Spain’s 1936 Civil War that kicked start World War II.

One war cost Spain much more than Puerto Rico, Guam and allowed the United States to purchase the Philippines Islands from Spain for $20 million.

The Spaniard young woman are not just drop dead beautiful because they are the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world, and of course with the best pair of legs, but still no match for my F-C wife Marie Dion, but the Spaniards will one day soon win World Cup rugby.

For God’s sake they are best soccer players in the world and they have to deal with mass migration to the United States at the same time the US is planting the seeds for civil war; a repeat of 1936.

It only has to be that way if the human has no free will.

God would never be either so cruel or stupid.

And no I am not going to film myself going to confession because I first of don’t speak or understand Spanish.

America has been first at everything military but the last with an ancient culture since America is just a little over 200 years old and its citizens including the hardest working who are first generation immigrants s no different to first generation immigrants in the rest of the world are clueless about America’s dealings with the rest of the world following the abolition of the importation of Black slaves from Africa and that economic loss was compensated by establishing slave work camps and letting their puppets keep the names of the original countries unless it suited them to make changes.

To help you get your head quickly around the insidious purpose of war, and most importantly the much touted D-Day June 5-6th, 1944, you would only need to compare the words spoken written to me recently by British Economist Edward Hugh, based in Barcelona, Spain and those spoken in private by British Economist John Maynard Keyes to the 730 delegates from the 44 nations who attended the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944, the month following the most contrived; military staged battle in the annals of war; and the history of the world is the history of warfare.

Given how there was never a record of these important conversations which were held with Chinese delegates as well, and most if not all of them are now dead, may I suggest you read very carefully the “back and forth” between myself and British Economist Edward Hugh.


I have yet to inform Mr. Hugh of my real name but that does not mean he does not know who I am at this time because others I kept apprised of our email conversations could have decided to share with him my real name without necessarily revealing their true identity. Such individuals would fall into the category of mostly voyeurs.

In time you will find that all humans will decide to follow in my path and be an “open book” because they too will have nothing to hide.

It is a scientific fact of life that all the other animal species vote democratically; once the 50% barrier is reached, in the very next instant all members of the group decide to choose change.

You would also know that no other animal species has studied math as us humans but that does not mean the rest of the animal kingdom are prevented from being guided by this most important mathematical principal that a woman, Marilyn Vos Servant was the first to bring to the attention of the American military brass who first ridiculed her notion that choosing change always increases the chances of success, but eventually they all backed down because she provided the very precise mathematics which I first came across in the novel, The Curious Dog – CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE.

The fact that the human has the most difficult time implementing democratic rule is no doubt “food for thought” assuming you can think intelligently.

Maybe there are tons of people who were aware ahead of me about this extraordinary physics where the human is the only species left out, and the connecting dots with our fixation on “one man, one vote”.

In Africa the mineral monopolists who have controlled the educational system by being perfectly adept at suppressing the information, have their “common herd” whites proudly proclaiming,

“In Africa, once you hand over power to the Blacks, you have one man, one vote, once”.

The cries to maintain the status quo of the rich getting richer trickling down the costs on to the backs of the poor, start with those whites who have to do the least amount of physical labor because they are the first to be handed the free money from the monopolists’ central banks who created a bookkeeping system which you couldn’t confuse even the dumbest South African accountant, J. Essakow who I coached through Deceased and Insolvent Estates at our alma mater, De Beers’ University of Natal-Kwazulu, located in Durban, South Africa right at the time they were getting the two leaders of the Durban Movement, Steve Biko and Richard Turner into their gunsights.

As you know I was not yet born in July 1944 when my father purchased this souvenir of Egypt,

a Jewish bread covering either for the Friday Sabbath dinner or for Passover in remembrance of the time when us Jewish people were slaves in Egypt.The little non-Kosher pink piggy wearing one of my F-C wife’s earrings is one of Mango’s squeaky toys.

The point of all this is make you aware to the point that it becomes first nature of the purpose of all wars which very few soldiers are explained by their recruiting officers.

The only battles where there are no survivors were the pogroms of Europe that eventually matured into the Death Factories of Nazi Germany-Poland.

The exceptions to these rules of war is when the bravest of warriors decide that with their backs to the wall, no possible means of escape they either choose death by their own hands or refusing the terms of surrender offered by the winning General who then has his artillery blast away and then the foot soldiers come in to spare the dying any more pain.

The smartest of the smart winning Generals usually allow a great many of the enemy to escape without being pursued and these demoralized soldiers by the time they reach their families and still bleeding from their wounds, starving to death, dying of thirst, last gasps left, don’t need to talk for their next of kin to feel every bit of terror, if not more.

The weakest of them embrace the victor as he comes through and the victor has no fear of assassination because the toughest have fled to the borders which offer the most rugged mountain terrains where they hide out amongst the toughest of the world’s warriors.

Spy satellites, GPS and most of all the F-15 American fighter jet changed the course of history as battlefield tactics of the past became obsolete, just like my writings obsolete each and every book written on the subject of money and economics going back to the nonsense Wealth of Nations.

There is a reason why no educated person can debate me on the merits, instead their only option is to ridicule me if they think they can get away with it, or ignore me and just put their faith in their corrupt government’s justice to nail me to the cross.

As you go back and examine each and every military conflict since the American Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892, Independence Day in the United States of America, and 400 years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue and when arriving in the America’s thought he had landed in India that borders China and Pakistan and then there is Afghanistan, what you will quickly notice is the continuous pressure placed on China by the surrounding refugee crises.

Ask any Spaniard or French or Swiss or German or Portuguese or Italian or Greek what they think is the root problem of the “bank crisis” in Europe, they will not tell you that the problems are their corrupt government officials who steal all the money that is printed which they then spend in faraway lands like Argentinia, Great Britain and the United States of America, they will first say the Muslims, not just those pouring in from the Middle East and north Africa but the Muslims who have lived for generations in Europe who speak hatred towards Christian Europeans and incite their Muslim youth to return to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and most of all the US protectorate Pakistan and join Al Quaida and its splinter groups made up of increasingly weaker recruits because the toughest never make it to the military training camps; then they climb into the Chinese.

No different to what took place in my birth country of South Africa immediately following the defeat of Jan Smuts in the rigged South African General Elections of May 26, 1948 when the very next day, the entire South African Jewish community should have hung their heads in shame, other than if they had, each one of them would have had their heads chopped off, at least that is what they would like the world to believe.

Some very brave Jewish South Africans simply held on to small statues of Smuts known by his enemies as “King of the Jews”, but the bravest and smartest then went deep underground and knowing that the first of them to talk would mean lights out for the remnants of the Jewish traders who understood that staying small business and quiet, developing trusting relationships with employees of all ethnic groups, was the only hope against the brutal tyranny of the monarchs who morphed their ownership of the world into monopoly corporations at the very same time they had their lawyer-banker-politicians pontificating on the need to protect the masses of hard working people from unbridled competition by having a Branch of US Judiciary led by the US Justice Department vigilantly safeguard both the tenets of capitalism and small family entrepreneurialism that go “hand in hand”, by fiercely administering the sacrosanct anti-Competition/anti-Trust/anti-Monopolies laws.

But what excuse do the Jewish traders have for wiping out the best of us Jewish traders without pinning the blame on De Beers-Engelhard-Oppenheimer who have never meant us Jewish people well, at least not those of us they didn’t manage to corrupt?

The instant the human combines more than one word together, all humans should be on guard.

It does not mean they are trying to confuse, just that we should be on guard.

If one cannot get the person trying to confuse you with nonsense talk to “come clean”, follow the advice of former Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission, Nicholas Johnson who recommends first asking the question, “What do you mean?” and when you cannot get a coherent answer, then follow up, “How do you know?”

I can hold my own against the greatest English orator who is a bullshitter, and if logical why argue since they are on my team.

So you arrive at the right conclusion that there are a great many bullshitters who speak other languages besides for English.

“Tenet” is defined by the Internet edition of Merriam-Webster:

principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true;especially : one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession

The word “good” is generally felt by all those using a word such as “Tenet”.

If you don’t like the word “tenet” because you feel there is stronger word that one can use as a good adjective next to the bad word, “Capitalism”, please be my guest without having to write me back explaining chapter and verse why.

The fact that not a single economics book explains that nothing good can come from stealing something that does not belong to you, because theft we can all agree is bad, is very important.

Adam Smith who published his Wealth of Nations in 1776, the same year as the nonsense US Declaration of Independence that led to the equally nonsense US Constitution, understood perfectly that there was no way possible to describe anything about Capitalism as being a good thing which is why he nor anyone else who has read Wealth of Nations can make any sense of his nice sounding words.

Also remember there is a very big difference between winning something in a war and stealing what does not belong to you using words and laws made by liar-lawyers to distort most of all the historical record.

When enemies engage in battle, even if the numbers doing the actual fighting are a very small fraction of both populations, all the citizens of those countries as well as neighboring territories have always understood that the winner takes all and that means deciding amongst its generals how best to allocate the spoils of war first amongst the winning soldiers who may not be the very best administrators, but they can see if a middleman is only meddling when stealing all the pigs and wheat of the farmer on the defeated side who then has his and his family’s throats slit and the soldier is told by the administrators police to continue being dutiful towards his country and go home peacefully to his family and if running short of funds to support himself and his family to be fortunate to go on welfare, that would be unjust and inevitably to civil war.

If Napoleon were alive today, what do you think he would make of the performance of Obama and his Republican opponent Romney?

If only the human could think, think how easy it would be to govern without all the meddling middlemen.

How is it possible that I remain the lone voice in support of open markets that foster trade and trust between the hardest workers who are close-knit family members who know one another best and wouldn’t dream of slacking off and leaving the heavy lifting to another family member, let alone steal from one’s next of kin?

You just need to have, however, one rotten egg in a family business, and you can kiss that business goodbye.

The smartest of the world’s traders remain us Jewish and Arab traders who are mostly Muslim, but we are so few that one could make the argument that it isn’t worth me even mentioning; other than it only took One God to create this amazing universe and you know there couldn’t have been more than one because there would be a constant battle over things like the laws of physics. Just imagine what that would mean if the forces of gravity were interfered with when making love?

Look, relax, take a deep breath, I fully understand what I am up against; and what is so wrong if I accomplish nothing more than having just you stop and think.

You in turn might decide that you have nothing to lose by becoming a client of Nation Builder and asking the largest shareholder to back you.

First, may I suggest you read on.

The human only has voice advantage over the rest of Mother Nature’s perfect soul animals who do not know the meaning of lie, but they most certainly feel great disappointment when they are not treated fairly by an insensitive owner who first fails to feed them the healthiest meal they would serve themselves if only they had the intelligence to care for their own bodies that once sick to the point of no return are doomed forever despite each of us gifted a most resilient body, and it is only those most sick who keep pointing to those extraordinarily few born brain dead and deformed because that is what makes them feel better about their own lack of personal responsibility.

There is no need to argue with me over the statements I made in the previous paragraph; it was only intended to have you feel more sensitive to yourself based on what you last ate that has yet to digest.

Please, when you have the time, take a look at an earlier broadcast titled, You Have To Think, and if you come up with suggested edits email me back before I post it up on The Internet


The same with the back and forth, You Are The Company You Meat SIC between myself and our good, very athletic and most beautiful French friend Natalie:


So you see clearly, the “bank crisis” is a bonanza for the United States of America and all those around the world who profit from the rule of the monopolists led by one family, the German-South African Oppenheimers who were they to eventually die out the ignorant world would have been none the wiser.Were I to have waited a moment longer before deciding very carefully when the time was right to go to war with the US backed Oppenheimers, I could have been killed and you and rest of the world would have been none the wiser.

You can prove this to yourself by examining the reaction of each individual following my decision on 11.11.2004 to break my 24 year silence with De Beers whose top official at the time I was being “assessed” and finally hired in early spring 1979, was Nick Oppenheimer’s father, Harry who knew everything there was to know about me, in part because I was the only close relative of Charles Engelhard Jr.’s “male heir”, my father’s first cousin, very non-athletic, very ugly in every sense of the word, David Gevisser to have been given a Letter of Introduction signed by D. Gevisser who only knew about me based on what my mother Zena had told him.

What is most important is that it was my mother asking my “lucky uncle” Dave for that letter because he also knew that he could not refuse such a request because my mother had a couple things going in her favor.

First, she never asked him to do something like that for any of my 3 elder siblings who my mother knew were all very bright because first they had her and our father’s above average computing genes, but none of them were as interested in her and our father’s most interesting immediate family history because they didnt write an all tell book and think their children and grandchildren’s lives were more important than protecting Israel’s lifeline were boom boom to be repeated just once.

Second, David Gevisser made my mother aware that he received a $6 million payment when agreeing to become the South African executor of the world’s most valuable estate, soon after my mother walked in to Sol Moshal’s office without making an appointment with his secretary Cynthia Woodhead, and smacked him across the face and only uttering the words, “You bastard!!” and promptly walking out, again without saying a word to no fool Cynthia who also witnessed since she had a very good pair of eyes, Engelhard Jr. frequently visiting in private with Sol “Little King” Moshal all the while Engelhard was running Military America.

Neither of my grandfather’s controlled our education in our Jewish day school. The Durban North Lazarus who were openly pro the South African National Party that won the 1948 elections, were fully in charge, and these were schlemiels.

Do you remember Eichman sitting in the dock in Israel after he was kidnapped by the Mossad in Argentina? He said he was a nothing and he was telling the truth. Hitler was a nothing. He didn’t even have an original thought. He couldn’t make it into the fine art school in Vienna even though he could draw a whole better than most who call themselves fine art painters, and so tried his hand at wall painter hanging and he managed to get by before deciding the words, “The Jews, The Jews, The Jews” resonated rather well because it was not the first time he heard the teachings of the church.

Let me quickly take you back a little in time. What do you know about Alexander The Great’s family?

Did you just notice how your mind told you to question everything about the historical record where it does not specifically spell out how each and every military general went about deciding on the pay scale of their soldiers during the recruitment phase as well as after battle when there would be debriefings of both officers and randomly picked grunt soldiers corroborating everything including what the top General saw with his own eyes beginning when doing his own scouting?

Do you know why you know nothing about my father’s Commanding Officer, General Jan Smuts?

It is because he was that spectacular in every aspect of asymmetric warfare which he and his fellow South African Boer Commanders perfected during the very bloody South African Boer War.

Were you to get your hands on any book or article describing “Slim” Smuts bravery and cunning, the first thing you should say to yourself is, “How is it possible for him to have been so smart; after all he was trained as a lawyer?”.

Wrong. He read law at Cambridge University and he sucked as a lawyer, barely able to eek out a living until he caught the eye of De Beers founder Cecil Rhodes who first came across smart as whip Smuts when Smuts was the top student in the history of Cambridge.

You recall that Isaac Newton attended Cambridge University and we can all agree that Newton was no dummy, but Smuts could also understand numbers which most lawyers have a very difficult time with, at least relatively speaking; speaking of which Einstein after completing his mind-boggling Theory of Relativity which has been proven by one direct experiment after the next for the past 100 years, and forms the basic principals of the nuclear bomb that Iran is trying to build and the most likely target will be Israel unless something goes wrong with the guidance system and then it will just be a question of time before a suitcase size nuclear bomb will be placed at the base of the Western Wall, known also as the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, referred magnanimously to Smuts as being, “One of 11 men in the world who understands conceptually the Theory of Relativity”, which of course meant much more to others since Smuts knew that he understood perfectly every aspect of 2 c mE in reverse although I have no confirmation that either Einstein or Smuts looked at E=mc2 reading just as well in English “To see mE” which is in compliance with Quantum-Physics-Gravity-Mechanics, what goes forward must work in reverse.

One of those people was Churchill who had been captured by Smuts closest Boer Commander confidant, Louis Botha during the early stages of the Boer War and while Smuts was writing a letter to Botha asking him to release Churchill who was a non-combatant, Churchill escaped and became big news all over the world. By the time World War I came around Churchill had shown no signs of senility, and that was partly due to the fact that he was not yet 40; the same age as my paternal great grandmother Nechie Becker Badash [1874-1943].

When you read my mother’s carefully crafted memoirs titled, LIFE STORY OF ZENA – CLICK HERE – which she decided to first broadcast via email to a select audience on September 25, 2001 having also received my very first and longest ever email broadcast on December 1, 2000 – CLICK HERE – which coincidentally was exactly 9 months and 11 days prior to 9/11, you might find interesting my mother’s mention of a personal thank you note she received from Winston Churchill’s wife Clementine for the monies my mother helped collect for the sunk British Destroyer Royal Oak that was destroyed on October 14, 1939, just a month and a half after the De Beers-US puppet Hitler invaded Poland and the Polish army executed the greatest false collapse in the history of warfare, which really pissed off Stalin of the Soviet Union who masqueraded like he was a loyal follower of Stalin but in reality he was of course a stooge of American-Soviet Capitalists who continue to owe everything they have stolen to the great success of the 16 battleships all painted stark white that made up the Great White Fleet.

At the time my mother was just 10 years old.

There are few who would argue that despite my mother never being declared officially “a certified genius”, Ben-Gurion knew each time she passed through Lod-Ben-Gurion International Airport

she was the star attraction of the day; but why the need to visit Israel two to three times a year?My mother had no Israeli models and not all Jewish women look like Adele The Butcher’s Daughter Strous Clingman.

There was probably no Israeli civilian visiting Israel as often as my mother beginning immediately following the cessation of major hostilities in Israel’s first war of survival [1947-1949] when my mother was still 19.

My mother wasn’t carrying weapon systems under her skirt and hand comforter and nor was she bringing in illegally into Israel genuine leopard skin handbags, hats, coats, accessories and so forth or for that matter carrying cash or diamonds or gold or checks. There was not the internet but monies were being wired back and forth just as they are today.

You are at a loss.

Words get spoken all the time by people who don’t know the first thing they are talking about.

Those who know don’t talk; those who don’t, do all the talking; once you tell a secret, it is no longer a secret.

It does not matter how much of a genius a 10 year is, when they start talking about raising money in a country like England which was as heavily divided as Jan Smuts’ South Africa given the linkage of all the Royal Families of Europe who were unconvinced that the United States couldn’t be forced into both wars which it started when declaring war on the rest of the world which can be traced back again to the Great White Fleet, you quickly learn, “Loose lips sinks ships”.

No one asked as many good questions as me and all I kept hearing was, “Loose lips sink ships” because that was my mother’s standard answer.

Each time my mother visited Israel, the same with me, it was never the same; and it got increasingly worse as the gap between the rich and poor Israeli mimicked perfectly the United States of America.

It takes just one curator at one the many Holocaust Memorial Museums to “fall on the sword” by simply asking Nick Oppenhiemer to make a charitable contribution and to invite me when he gives his “acceptance speech”.

The Nuremberg Trials were a great thing; they fully exposed not only Oppenheimer-Engehard-De Beers but every Jewish person they subsequently bought.

My mother has not spoken to me in more than 8 years. It is as if I am dead. She told me as much when we last spoke. You know how it is when you prepare yourself ahead of time for the death of someone you love deeply, more than words can describe, it makes it that much easier when you finally hear the news. It is sad, but true. It is nice to know that my mother does remember my birthday every year, so that tells me that she has not lost her mind as I once feared.

What could be worse than having to live with the knowledge that someone as bright as my mother, with the absolute perfect memory because she never lied and nor did she tell half truths which are the same as lies, comes down with a disease like dementia or alzheimer when they can say very hurtful things that often have much more than a ring of truth which is tormenting to the survivors who feel they have to be there in the event the help hear what is said and they end up writing a best selling book?

World War II could have ended a month and half before Poland was invaded by the two US-De Beers must trusted allies, Soviet Union from the east and Germany from the west. Sir Ernest Oppenheimer knew that he needed to neutralize the smartest military general alive and so he took Smuts in mid-July 1939 on the most important flight to the Belgian Congo, and when Smuts returned to South Africa all he spoke about to his trusted aids including his one son of the same name who wrote Smuts’ one biography in 1952, two years after Smuts passed away at age 80, was the beautiful scenery which the American censors removed all mention of in the American edition, but there was nothing they could do about the British edition where it remains to this day; and of course were it not for me finding the missing paragraph in the almost identical American version, none of you would be the wiser.

Moreover, not even De Beers-US government think it smart to just chop off the head of the greatest warrior, military tactician-strategist of all time, given how prolific a writer was Smuts who kept both his friends and his enemies equally close without any fear because he never told secrets to people who could not be trusted and his letter writings covered a very broad range of subjects but nothing about the actual battle plans that he didn’t want finding their way in to the hands of the enemy, which is why whenever possible in both WW I and WW II he did his own scouting when he never took bodyguards who could never be trusted close to as well as Smuts trusted his own eyes and those of his best warriors, the ones who came in fast and low, sometimes the shrapnel from their own bombs exploding penetrating their fighter-bomber aircraft.

My dad’s 60th mission on April Fools Day, 1945, beginning at 16:05 and lasting 75 minutes is epic:

His 3 500 pound bombs found their target D/H [Direct Hit]: Storm Troopers Storage Dumps in Parma, Italy.

Were Smuts who never once gave Sir Ernest Oppenheimer reason to doubt that Smuts put South Africa’s interests above trying to save the lives of Jewish people who not a single ally of the United States offered refuge, and the Chinese did their best while they had their hands full with being massacred by the Japanese whose Foreign Office officials did more than the entire US State Department who lined up solidly behind open Nazi sympathizer Joe Kennedy Sr. even when he was eventually recalled back to the United States because liar-lawyer President Franklin D. Roosevelt was not as adept at “handling” people as he and every corrupt lawyer think is their unique mastery.

When you see the world around losing their head, the only thing left to do is to be patient.

There is a reason why Ben-Gurion would implore both friend and foe who he would meet with in private that the Mossad have long memories at the same time to leave what can be done today for tomorrow especially when the first shipment of De Beers’ diamonds reached Nazi Germany, Smuts, Churchill and the General of Generals had set a trap when forming the Diamond Committee under the British Economic Warfare Department and having Sir Ernest dominate this committee so that he and the rest of the gang of thug capitalists would know every move taken by Churchill-Smuts and company to interfere with the diamond shipments out of the Belgian Congo, a US protectorate prior to WW II, and today the same, except that about 6 million blacks of the Belgian Congo have been exterminated over the past 6 years.

Smuts-Churchill never once purposefully bombed a single death factory or the railway lines leading in to them.

They never once cut off the diamond shipments to Nazi Germany.

Ending WW II before it started would have meant Nazi Germany was that much better prepared.

So you see how much of a miracle a single Jewish person survived The Holocaust.

You only need one miracle to prove a miracle.

You can easily imagine every Jewish person who profits from the insanely evil rule of De Beers-Oppenheimer going permanently quiet as good people who know who each of them are, don’t give them so much as the time of day.

If it does not happen right away, it also does not matter if it never happens.

It is what each of us thinks.

We die with our memories.

If you are interested to know the exact numbers of Black Africans murdered in the Belgian Congo you would have to consult with the United Nations because as you know dead people and scared people do not talk.

WW I began just a little over 5 years following the return of the Great White American Fleet after its 434 day voyage of international terrorism that remains unsurpassed because the United States of America fully understands that if it were to apologize for such a travesty, such an extraordinary breaking of International Law as it was nothing less than declaring all out war on the entire world, such a confession would not only make a total mockery of today’s War On Terror, but it would mean that every cow meat that remains undigested in the intestinal tract of every American meat eater would have to offered up in retribution, at least I would suggest that be the initial negotiating position were I to be hired as a consultant for the horrible repressed Allied nations of the United States who are the most captive as the rest of the world, starting with Africa first see how the remaining Allied nations respond to the US Government-De Beers counter-offer which you would agree would be most interesting.

The moment your body tells you that there is no such thing as a coincidence, you know in that next instant that there is a Master Designer and that it requires you stay true to yourself which is rather difficult if you have become the animal you eat, but not impossible because God is smart, not vengeful unless one makes the choice to be at war with God.

All that we are instructed to do is “Wrestle with God” and questioning is everything even if you don’t always know the right questions to ask, but now everyone does; and the focus should be on Nick Oppenheimer and all the silent who can always choose smart.

1421 are very good numbers which I saw on the windshield of a car belonging to a Spanish friend who joined my wife Marie and I for one of our regular delicious, mouth watering fruit breakfasts where the most liquid item is raw, non-pasturized almond milk that is homemade in a not all that great cusinart mixer that was purchased here in Spain.

The chances of me being the only person really challenging Nick Oppenheimer who without me spoon feeding you all it is obvious to you as it is to me that none of you would have seen how in your faces he, Putin and company are; and yet even if you don’t believe in God you still know that they are not God and nor do they constitute the majority of either the world’s soldiers or non-combatants who also have a vote.

Everything I feel tells me that your state of shock approximates what my close-to-her-chest British-English mother Zena felt in late summer 2004 when she and I had our last phone conversation which could easily have been tapped.

8 years have elapsed and the one thing you know for equally certain is that the world’s population has increased and most of them have never heard of me or De Beers, and therefore you know they could care less.

You also know that they would react exactly like you once knowing that it has never cost De Beers a single penny for the diamond bribes they have paid their highest elected and non-elected officials.

You are aware that the more than 50% of marriages that end up in divorce are 100% related to money; specifically the different monies that each of the world’s governments print and which get authorized by different government bodies such as the US Federal Reserve, European Central, London Exchequer-British Central Bank, South Africa Reserve Bank etc etc. The remaining 50% who remain married first of all got married because of money.

In other words, even those marriages where the one spouse argues that the other other was a drug addict, addicted to Coca Cola; i.e. colored sugar, heroin, meth, cocaine, alcohol etc etc all those substance abuses required money at some point in the distribution chain from the start of the production to the final digestion in the human body.

When we first set eyes on someone we find attractive, unless it is on the old style Kibbutzim of Israel money is the determining factors. Moreover, to have ended up living on a kibbutz, you would not be a Rockefeller, Ford, Dupont, Rothschild, Engelhard or for that matter Oppenheimer.

Right after my highly informed British-English mother Zena warned me at the tail end of our last conversation, “ARE YOU NOT CONCERNED FOR YOUR LIFE!!” which had me not answering because I always knew never to talk just to talk, she felt the need to inform me, “Did you know that one of Harry Oppenheimer’s grandchildren had decided to become a religious Jewish person?”, and again I knew better than to waste my breath with small talk.

Prior to informing my mother about the very disjointed verbiage, “Engelhard had no male heirs”, I thought long and hard.

In January 13, 2004, I wrote my first email to Edward Jay Epstein, titled, “Pool Resources” – CLICK HERE – and the first 3 paragraphs read:

Mr. Epstein – I recently came across your website while doing sum research of chemicals being imported into the United States on behalf of SCALs more commonly known as Shareholder ClassAction Litigators.

I have skimmed through your Internet book although I realize that when Simon & Schuster decided to publish The Diamond Invention the Internet was nothing short of a “pipedream” and I assume you are still alive, an Oppenheimer offshoot hasn’t got one of his cricket buddies to place a pipe bomb under your car, yet?

I came across in Chapter 18 reference to “Engelhard arranged for Oppenheimer to buy a controlling interest in his far-flung empire, since he had no male heirs to take over.” It so happens that my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser, was, I believe, the sole executor of Charles Engelhard’s worldwide estate.

Nothing prevents you or anyone from being the first to ask Epstein why he didn’t respond?

Mr. Epstein knows just like you and everyone else who considers themselves having sufficient common sense to eat unless there is no food available or you are starving yourself to death, that not to speak is to speak.

You would also know by now that you have a very different opinion of all those such as Ghandi who refused to eat in order to draw attention to their respective social cause, because not one of these efforts have resulted in the poor of the world getting a better shake because at no time in the past 110 years following De Beers’ victory in the South African Boer War [1899-1902] which didn’t take long for the United States of America to ship Chinese “Coolie” slaves to work De Beers’ South African mines, has the leadership changed amongst those who control the mineral resources of the world who following the appointment of their government officials where the first thing they do is pick their candidates is to also choose their candidates amongst each one of the Opposition Parties.

So now you have a better idea of what the United States of America has in common with its most trusted One Party Soviet Union State.

So what’s the hangup with China, apart from De Beers-US having succeeded wildly in brainwashing an extraordinarily large number of humans that smacks of the greatest miracle I can ever imagine.

De Beers-Oppenheimer-Soviet Union-United States of America have been joined at the hip ever since the start of the October 1917 Russian Revolution which pitched non-Jewish Lenin and his Red Army led by brilliant and totally ruthless Jewish Trotsky against the villain Czar of Russia’s White Army, backed 100% by the United States of America and its Allied nations whose generals such as Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty and South African Allied Field Marshal Jan Smuts knew the only way to take the power out of the mine owners was for an organization like the League of Nations to take root, and of course the US-De Beers stayed away from that body and only embraced its successor the United Nations once the strongest opposition went up the chimney stacks of the crematoria.

So what that it has taken so long for one of us to write the true history without any of us feeling the need to right any of the wrongs of the past, just needing to take the smallest leap of faith for all humans to come together and vote as one even if it is only for one leader who we know couldn’t be more a puppet than all that exist today.

There really isn’t anything to lose, plus it could be a lot of fun.

Always remember the alternative that we are opting for when we opt out.

Even the least educated in the History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] Jewish South African when seeing the September 5, 2006 photo of very defensive Putin pitted against very much in charge Nicholas Oppenheimer and they also see that the photo was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa without a single individual or organization such as De Beers’ United Nations commenting, they go very quiet.

That does assume they recognize Nick Oppenheimer which most South Africans white and non-white do.

The fact that you are not alone in failing to recognize Nick Oppenheimer does not mean that you are well informed, because it tells you in fact that you are totally clueless about how the real world works.

To give you an even better understanding of how deprived you have been as an American citizen let me again remind you that De Beers’ Lloyds of London have banned American citizens from investing in Lloyd’s which is the number one insurance market in the entire world. This banning order has been in place for more than 2 decades. De Beers also control both the “bid” and “ask” price of the insurance being sought, no different to how they fix the price of diamonds which non-American citizens can use as collateral when getting one of De Beers’ approved banking institutions like Investec to issue Letters of Credit to their “favored clients”.

Note that James A. MacKay is included in the carbon copy section. James will also let you know that neither I or heavyweight World Boxing Federation champion Mike “BIG” Grant have responded to James writing Mike on April 11th:

From: Mackay, James A <james.mackay>
Date: Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 3:24 AM
Subject: RE: Just following up
To: Mike Grant <mageph520>
Cc: “mariedion1” <mariedion1>

Dear Mike,

It was a great pleasure to meet you and Gary. Since our meeting I have re checked whether we can or cannot help US residents who wish to participate at Lloyd’s and most sadly it looks as though the cost of employing an army of lawyers to get all the regulations changed is prohibitive at this stage and we cant proceed any further.

I wish you the very best of luck in both your boxing and investment future.

kindest regards and I’m very sorry that I cant help.


Note that James carbon copied me at my French-Canadian wife’s email address.

Now read very carefully what the strongest heavyweight boxer in the world, possibly of all time, wrote James 7 days earlier:

From: Mike Grant [mailto:mageph520]
Sent: 04 April 2012 06:22
To: Mackay, James A
Subject: Just following up

Hello James – As I woke Tuesday morning there it was at my doorstep frontpage news about Lloyds of London & the U.S. Just like a fight James, I choose my opponent carefully. You cant just find or fight anybody, Style makes fights my friend.

As you said the timing is right and I am looking forward to establish our relationship.

All the best,

Mike Grant

As you may have gathered, James gave Mike and me “inside information” about losses of Lloyd’s that the British newspapers would be reporting on March 28, the day after we met.

To provide a clear paper-money trail, soon after our several hour meeting in James’ boardroom I provided a number of individuals a “heads up” including Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq., the cash richest Jewish American shareholder class action litigator [SCAL].

This would not be the first time I thought it wise to use SCAL Krinsk as an insurance policy against those capable of great mischief.

On February 8, 2002, at approximately 2:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, I faxed Mr. Krinsk several documents, detailing the “greasing of the wheels” that led to the voter fraud in the November 2002 California Gubernatorial elections – CLICK HERE – that I had obtained at the start of a very important board meeting of the Wetherly Capital Group that was held in the conference room next to the Chairman of the Board of Wetherly Capital, Dick Zyman, who was also Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Ari Realty, which at the time was the largest Real Estate Investment Trust [REIT] traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and ARI as you may know was later sold to GE Capital.

I took the liberty of asking a member of ARI’s top management’s executive secretarial pool if I could use their fax machine and at the same time I engaged one of their senior executives in small talk conversation without being in the least bit concerned about the 5 other individuals sitting totally shocked in Zyman’s conference office.

The fact that the only uncorrupted individual of the group, Rod Smith Ph.d who is the most knowledgeable individual in the United States on matters related to water, at least all issues of water west of the Colorado River that once flowed into Mexico, which is not an inconsequential matter, did not mean that Smith who helped me organize this most important meeting, was prepared for either my statements or actions as from the moment the board meeting began, I took charge, all the while having to battle under the table Vicky Schiff to my immediate left who was wearing a brand new pair of high heeled shoes.

The fact that Vicky was once very much into weightlifting did not mean much given how first of all that was a lifetime ago, although she was still in her mid-thirties and very petite; and second, she had never played the position of hooker in a rugby scrum, in part because she never played rugby which is only partly the reason I was able to neutralize her frantic footwork without anyone else at the circular table aware of Vicky’s efforts to distract me, as I began by asking everyone seated, starting with Vicky’s co-managing director of Wetherly Capital Group Dan Weinstein, seated to my immediate right, who was also an alternate on the California Coastal Commission, what each of them were contributing.

Bear in mind, I was just a consultant to Wetherly Capital but you also know that even the dumbest consultants have a mind.

Second, on January 15, 2002, 24 days prior, I received a letter from Wetherly Capital Group informing me that my services had been terminated.

Be aware that there are times when I am typing fast that I make mistakes even with dates and numbers such as one of my recent previous missives where I wrote that Steve Biko was murdered in 1997 when in fact this most important De Beers-US Government brutal assassination took place on September 11, 1977, and subsequent broadcasts of that missive I placed inverted commas around 1997 and placed the Latin adverb SIC immediately after.

Have you ever once read in a fiction novel of such an event taking place?

You must have watched at least one episode of the TV series Law and Order, and you must wonder how come their highly paid writers couldnt have thought of at least borrowing what took place on February 8, 2002.

That is right; I received a notice of termination on January 15, 2002 and the person who had the most problem with it was Vicky Schiff because she was having trouble knocking sense in to the head of her partner Dan Weinstein who the first time he and I met was when he joined Vicky and me for dessert at the tail end of our dinner at an expensive Italian restaurant in the Gas Lamp district of downtown San Diego, just a couple of buildings down from Roger Hedgecock’s former restaurant on 5th Street, Weinstein was just coming out of a meeting of the Coastal Commission which runs real estate development along the shoreline of California and 6 miles in; but that is just the tip of the iceberg of its enormous “energy” power, and it wasn’t long before Weinstein began to explain how his father in law a bigwig in the Teamsters Union made Ron Burkle who he is.

To Chinese peasant farmer in a remote village that will take a few more years to get WIFI Internet, Ron Burkle is a nobody. But if your business has anything to do with the service industry including strip joints in downtown Los Angeles that Weinstein and Burkle used to frequent, then still the name Ron Burkle means nothing.

Burkle, however, would later give De Beers President Bill “De Beers-Rhodes Scholar” Clinton his first paying job after he left the White House when at the 11th hour he gave CIA oil trader Marc Rich the most treasonous Presidential Pardon. Burkle also provided the first $2 million of seed capital to Wetherly Capital Group.

Do you think Burkle has heard of me?

Do you think Dick Zyman remembers the first board meeting I attended of the Wetherly Capital Group where he did most of the talking and I mostly listened.

The fact that I feel the most lonely potted plant has more common sense than anyone I know including myself does not have me believing that I am a potted plant.

A lot gets said when those being accused or given testimony in a trial Plead the 5th.

There was a reason why Dan Weinstein who is capable of driving his wife’s expensive BMW was first of all losing his mind in not listening carefully to what Ms. Schiff had to say to try and get him to avoid at all cost terminating my services given how well I had performed under the terms and conditions of a rather lucrative consulting agreement which stemmed from how well I had previously performed for Ms. Schiff even though at the time she first engaged my “risk assessment” services I was still rejoicing from the all night party I had on December 10, 2000 where I celebrated with friends and family; my dad being the only one who showed up, my New Beginnings Party, as I gave notice to everyone that I was no longer going to a part of the rat race.

You have heard the joke, “Man makes plans, and God laughs”.

If there is no God then it is not really all that funny.

If there is a God, then at a minimum you have to smile and then you must laugh.

Remember who is writing this.

I am an individual that no one knows about, and yet I have “hanging over my head” a $4 million Texas Death Sentence judgement handed to me by a corrupt Texas Judge who states clearly on the record that the entire case was a fabrication from the start and why those bringing the charges would not be able to provide the necessary evidence which is fundamental to any court case anywhere in the world.

To think that not a single reporter anywhere in the world is willing to stick their neck out to at least call me up and ask why, what more can be behind the United States Government being willing to be ridiculed by the rest of the world?

The message of my Kangaroo Court trial was very clear from the start and why it was that I couldn’t find a single lawyer anywhere in the world including the infamous American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] to investigate because they too understood perfectly that the lifestyle of each and every lawyer and non-lawyer working for this systemically corrupt organization that only gives the poor and destitute a false sense of security, depended on shutting me down “by hook or by crook”.

The fact that I was well prepared for this outcome does not mitigate the evil of first and foremost my Jewish brothers and sisters lawyers who like all the biggest crooks in the world support the politics of big government which in the United States of America is the Democratic Party and why it is that American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. and his partner in crime, German-American Harry Oppenheimer invested more heavily their bribe monies that cost them not a penny with Jewish American Democrats who would be the first to tell you that their Republican counterparts remain with the Republican Party because they weren’t smart enough to have first figured out how the system works.

You know the truism; they comes for the Jews, and no one cares; and when they eventually pick off the few righteous Gentiles there are no Jewish people left complain.

That was really meant to be a joke.

The truth is far stranger than fiction.

It shouldn’t undermine my credibility the fact that I never bothered to engage Mr. Krinsk to collect against Wetherly Capital Group whose documentation and writings of their idiot Stanford Law School trained lawyer, William H. Jackson Esq. had them totally buried, and why Krinsk felt they would easily settle with me for $3 million, and when I countered “Why not $63 million?”, Krinsk knew that was a most reasonable number since the Wetherly Capital Group had also retained Mr. Krinsk’s New York partner Robert Kaplan of Kaplan Kilsheimer & Fox who filed along with Krinsk the epic Revlon class action lawsuit on October 1, 1999 with just a matter of a couple of hours remaining before the statute of limitations expired; and of course yours truly played a pivotal role in not only getting it filed on time thanks in no small measure to my F-C wife producing The Revlon Make Up cartoon with the entire composition and wording the brainchild of my mother Zena.

My immediate family consisting of my dad, my mother and 3 elder siblings, like all families only squabbled with our closest relatives who were all Jewish and each one of them more wretched than the other, although on religious ritual gatherings we would all sheath our swords and poison ourselves with our poison food diet.It was however, our most amazing father Bernie, the first of us to depart this insanely stupid world whose humans cannot get their act together only because their oversized egos prevent them from logically thought processing and each of the body cells combined and which form functioning body parts telling them only how important it is that the individual is everything as all the human does from the start is be a perfect succulent that only pollutes and remains at the very end monotonous and never contributing anything positive other than top soil when it finally departs.

What can the rest of the world do when they wake up to the injustice done to me and the whole of America so sickeningly silent?

If you cannot get justice in the United States as US Judges who hand me an illegal judgment state in my defense that it is impossible to convict me of any crime because the person, ex CIA Charles Knuff and his liar-lawyer Dallas lawyer Alan Loewinsohn bringing the charges of defamation were never able to provide a shred of evidence that I had committed the heinous and most difficult to prove charge of defamation where the truth is the best defense, what does that say about the rest of the world’s justice system?

It cannot possibly be worse than the US Justice system, is what it says.

Americans, me included constitute 4.2% of the world population.

America cannot fight the wars it has fought in Europe and Asia “In defense of our south east Asia policy”.

I say it cannot, and I don’t need everyone’s silence to be broken to know that I am right.

Were you to ask for example for 19 year Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan if he has heard of me and/or why I say De Beers are in the unique position of having a zero cost of capital and he were to look at you like you were mad, it would not change the fact that you would know that I am telling the truth, even if you try and suggest something along the following lines, “What you say sounds true”.

It has been 34 years since very well known to the literary world E. J. Epstein first penned The Diamond Invention book, and you know how very easy it would be for him today to make the necessary edits to his the Internet edition that is available for free to everyone who has an Internet connection.

There is in fact nothing in the entire book that is so bizarrely written as letting us know that Engelhard “had no male heirs”.

Chapter 18 details the connecting dots between the entire United States Government and their tyrannical South African Apartheid Regime through the lynchpin, American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. that Jewish Epstein leaves his audience with the very clear impression that Engelhard Jr. was Jewish.

Engelhard Jr. was not even born Jewish. He was born German Protestant and on his deathbed, and in accordance with the wishes of his Roman Catholic wife Jane who was first married to a prominent German Jewish banker who died rather mysteriously soon after marrying Jane and right before Hitler invaded Poland, Engelhard went for a Catholic funeral that drew his biggest puppets, Senator Ted Kennedy, former President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey.

Edward Jay Epstein, is not me, but that does not mean he is the least influential Jewish American author.

It is important that I give his ethnic background in order for you to perfectly understand that if he was not Jewish, the chances of Harry Oppenheimer granting him such extraordinary access to the inner sanctums of Oppenheimer’s virulently anti-Semitic De Beers banking-mining consortium would most likely be none.

When Epstein wrote in Ch. 16, WARRING WITH ISRAEL, “He [Harry’s nephew Anthony Oppenheimer] met with De Beers’ favored clients, the bankers who were extending credit to diamond dealers and the government officials who supposedly regulated the Israeli industry. He subtly warned them all that De Beers would not tolerate unbridled competition between Israel and Antwerp, and announced that De Beers intended to cut the Israeli quota of diamonds by at least 20 percent in the coming year“, Epstein who got well rewarded by Oppenheimer when later writing a Hollywood blockbuster book detailing all the “funny money games” of Hollywood that is dominated by us Jewish people starting with Spielberg, Geffen, Katzenberg and now my school buddy South African friend Gary Barber, understood perfectly what shell-shocking information he would be sharing with the world including all those being trained in “terrorist camps” to commit atrocities against “soft targets”.

You would agree that the most defenseless in Israel at this very moment are those thousands of Israeli children who go to sleep hungry.

A hungry person cannot fight for very long.

No army fights from the home of its most hungry soldier.

Every Israeli soldier has to be well fed before they can begin to have a positive influence on the unit they are eventually assigned to.

Waging war is not an overnight affair.

It takes extraordinary planning, but one miscalculation by the Commanding Officer of even the very best military can be catastrophic and change the course of history.

Can you imagine if General Hannibal had decided not to be gracious in victory towards the Roman Empire as he could have easily laid waste to Rome following his last victory at the Battle of Cannae 216 years before the birth-death of Jesus Christ, that the German Pope also believes was wrongly computed?

If there is no God, no Higher Being, no Supernatural Force guiding anything and it is all chance, then it is up to each of us to make the convincing arguments about every aspects of our lives that are dependent on others such as those from whom we buy our basic needs as well as luxury items, which to a street person is the most basic dwelling that shelters them from the harsh elements.

If there is a God, then it gets a little complicated, but not quite as overwhelming as not being able to explain how you have contributed to someone like Putin never explaining why someone like President Obama or the United States Congress remain silent in their comments about his awkwardness when listening to Nick Oppenheimer talking nonsense.

Look again very carefully at Epstein’s words, “De Beers’ favored clients, the bankers”.

Those bankers were Jewish Israeli bankers who were tasked with destroying the lifeblood of their fellow Israeli brothers and sisters who belonged to the same religion, fought side by side in each one of Israel’s wars of survivals and would have prayed together on the high holy days like Yom Kippur.

Look again very carefully at what Anthony Oppenheimer told his “favored banker clients”:

He subtly warned them all that De Beers would not tolerate unbridled competition between Israel and Antwerp, and announced that De Beers intended to cut the Israeli quota of diamonds by at least 20 percent in the coming year”

Now jump again to what Harry Oppenheimer’s son Nick said on June 9, 2011, CLICK HERE, 531 days ago:

Competition is the lifeblood of economic growth, and growth in turn is the lynchpin of social harmony and political stability’ so it all comes together and we in Africa have to be competitive ….lot of work needed on competitiveness….free passage of trade….

Nick Oppenheimer went on to say how much he detests in Africa, “greed and cronyism”.

You will also notice that his greatest attack is on China who has been making great inroads in Africa as these most industrious peoples who never had a hand in building or profiting from one of Nazi Germany’s 300 Death Factories, secure both their mineral resource needs and alliances of their future trading partners.

But not all is lost as Nick Oppenheimer who has yet to tell the world where he intends to invest the $5 billion cash he received from selling his remaining 44% interest in De Beers to himself, Anglo American Corporation, implores the United States to catch up with the Chinese.

When you start lying you don’t know when to stop because you cannot stop because you can never fix a lie.

Oppenheimer acts like there is no history.

Each of you who know better allow him and his merciless murderers who have never stopped profiting from our Jewish Holocaust to be comforted that their unjust justice system will never have them or their future generations “face the music”.

Nick Oppenheimer looks supremely confident.

But you would all feel much better about yourselves if only he looked so much more handsome and strong, like the naked statue of David, future King of Israel.

I have yet to hear from one Christian raised person how Roman Catholic children are taught to reconcile all their figurines of the Catholic Church all draped in sparkling gems and gold, apart from the blood splattered body of Jesus Christ, with the teaching of not being blasphemous.

I understand when an old, decrepit Roman Catholic woman huddles along all bent over in to the Confession booth and begins telling the equally old man who supposedly has never had sex,

“I don’t know what to do about my daughter. She does not come to church. I have lost control over her. My grandchildren prefer their iPod music and I barely have enough money to pay my medical bills, but can you tell me why you haven’t managed to have God inform you how to keep the pigeons out of the bell tower of the main cathedral in Paza De Le Virgin in Valencia so that we can all enjoy the sounds of the bells that much more.”

If you cannot come up with a reason why other than we are stupid for us being here, then must still make the most use of your remaining time.

Does going to Disneyland interest you as much as it did before you ran into me?

Do you want to know more about how easy it would for fairness, peace and prosperity to encircle the world if there was just one more like me?

If you don’t have courage once you have the knowledge, wouldn’t you prefer to be dead than live amongst cowardly fools?

Have you noticed how certain people can be so amazingly talented in their area of expertise but not educated nutrition wise and who put their energy in to digesting pills?

I am thinking about writing a book only dealing with that last paragraph. Would you consider writing it for me?

Julie, what is the first thing you would do if you had no cost of capital, could afford everything, because you controlled a commodity that the world’s most powerful and rich people wanted?

First you would pay off all your credit card debt because your fear is that someone who owns that debt could collect on it and not accept your money debt that you used to purchase all your wealth starting with your real estate holdings that you couldn’t run with, no matter how hard you tried.

But your thinking might be much more simple than that, and so you would first go to your employer NationBuilder and tell the main shareholder of your “lucky windfall”, and in return for him able to tell all his Wall Street investment bankers to go to hell and never again be bothered looking at their greedy fingers, he would have you keep your job and if you wanted his then all you would need is to ask.

In early January 1968, I was standing in northern Israel, by the Golan Heights

that had been captured in the 6 Day War 7 months earlier, and as I stood first of all wondering why we had stopped to look out over a minefield that had yet to be cleared, and we didn’t just stop to stretch our legs because we spent a considerable amount of time looking around and so did other tourists who didn’t have a private driver and arrived in the Egged bus you see in the background.It was just 19 years after my British-English mother Zena began from the earliest days of January 1949 visiting Israel two and three times a year, and eventually rewarded with being the first “civilian” allowed into the captured territories of the Sinai immediately following the June 1967 Six Day War where for the first time the brutally strong and brilliantly trained fighter pilots of the Israel Air Force showed what they were made of, and this transformation was not overnight but each of the pilots could in fact fly blind given how well they knew the sea and landscape of their foes’ territories that reached back to the summer of 1944 when my father

and his “wingman” future Commander of the IAF Fighter Squadron 101 during Israel’s War of Indpendence were the only Jewish fighter-bomber-pilots of Allied SAAF Squadron 11 which had recently been resurrected and based in Idku, Egypt

where they learned to fly the British made Spitfires which neither Syd Cohen or my dad flew on any of their dive bombing missions once moving to the front lines of very rugged terrain northern Italy, that Hannibal once crossed and it cost him half his original 50,000 soldiers who died of malnutrition and exposure and nor did his elephants fair all that well during the freezing cold of winter.Do you have any idea how tough was Hannibal and his commanding officers, the same with the Roman legions who were led by extraordinarily brave and skilled Roman rulers who while democratically elected for one year terms by the Roman Senate were always in the thick of battle and many got severely injured and killed.

Today it is quite different, if you hadn’t already noticed.

But I felt something different even though I was still only 10 years of age and wanted to understand from our Argentinean-Israeli “guide” Yehudah Matov how much everything cost starting with the cost of the mines and how much it was going to cost to remove them and why hadn’t they already been removed by the captured Syrian soldiers who had placed them. Now I assumed it was the Syrians who had laid the mines since this area belonged to Syria at the start of the war.

This was not the first time Yehudah heard me talk but he also let me know that he didn’t know the answers to my questions including an earlier question about this most disturbing dead dog that lay under a rather large artillery battery that was to the side of the road leading up to the Golan Heights. Everyone else had to see the dog that look like an Alsatian and perhaps many of them knew the answer but still why hadn’t the dog been buried?

Obviously this still concerns me today, but can you imagine what it felt like to a 10 year old who was surrounded by dogs from the moment I was born and they were very much a big part of our family.

The fact that I cannot understand why some people don’t like dogs beginning with those who have never been bitten by a dog and that would make sense that they are afraid but it does not excuse the behavior of the owner of the dog that did the biting, means only this remains important to me even though I figured out a long time ago that the human serves no useful purpose apart from when dying our bones add richness to the depleted top soil that brings all the beauty of nature starting with grasses and equally beautiful flowers that with just one petal missing makes the flower look ugly.

Isn’t it amazing to you how a human body worn by one person can be more delightful than anything imaginable and the very same muscular-skeleton system worn by a self-indulgent human is so utterly revolting given how we are mostly a very visual species even though our eyesight is not perfect.

When you have lost your mind and you know it, so the superficial looks of yourself and all those around you become that much more important.

I didn’t speak out once I figured that how very important was the very little purpose of us humans who are gross succulents from the moment we are born and the more poison foods we suck on the less defense we have from the natural entropy before dying all alone and those left behind only have the good and bad memories which plague them the remainder of their lives.

To me that would have been depressing and there was nothing else disgustingly depressing other than the regressing human who prides itself once it has lost its appealing body thinking itself so smart having falling victim to the nonsense Mind Over Body when simple logic says that it is Mind and Body.

So back again we go to this hypothetical mineral that allows you to be so generous to yourself and your friends because it grants you a zero cost of capital and that means that no one can offer a loan any cheaper, unless of course they were to steal that commodity from you.

You are not the only person reading this who is thinking diamonds.


Try again.

Brilliant, you got it, you moved your eyes to the line below.


The instant the US Congress mandated that American automobile and truck manufacturers purchase the 1.9 grams of platinum embedded in the catalytic converter of the exhaust system of every new vehicle sold in the United States, and the only supplier was De Beers who following the death of Engelhard now controlled the world supply with 80% mined in South Africa, the US Congress, and the remaining 2 Branches of the US Government were royally screwed, and so was De Beers-Oppenheimer and their South African Apartheid Regime.

The Apartheid Regime ruled brutally for an uninterrupted period of 46 years which all liberals in the United States point blank opposed and the more right wing felt that if South Africa went “communist” the communists would control the world’s mineral richest country.

The Apartheid Regime had never contested that the exploitation of 80% of South Africa’s population who were Black was wrong, nor was anyone disagreeing that the Blacks were there before the white man who is just less evolved as we came later but we still remain Black just lighter that’s all, but South Africa was waging a war against “Communist insurgents” who couldn’t have God on their side because communists don’t believe in God, at least our Christian God who would have no problem with the words, IN GOD WE TRUST on the American Dollar, and yet the Soviet Union and De Beers had a long history of cooperation.

It all can get very confusing until you see that with the fall of the Soviet Union and elections going on left and right, just like in the US but everyone knowing that Putin is mafia and controls all the very loud Russian billionaires who are everywhere where there is “money to be made”, and if they don’t get their way, to quickly pull out their guns, yet nothing changed in South Africa, you still have Nick Oppenheimer pointing at Putin and saying, “It is going to be my way or the highway”.

So you see it is really not at all confusing.

How is it possible to have such chaotic change taking place with the Soviet Block nations, the Middle East constantly on the brink of nuclear armageddon and the Blacks of South Africa have their vote but not a single handout from De Beers-Oppenheimer; not even a “I am so sorry” note?

Instead, the most extraordinary denial at the same time Nick Oppenheimer is telling the world that Africa’s problems is cronyism and insufficient competition at the same applauding the arrival of Walmart into South Africa.

Try selling this to De Beers-Hollywood.

To be continued.

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Im about to enjoy dinner right now with my amazing French-Canadian wife Marie Dion who has been very busy today, which is not unusual, and she too has a lot on her mind; and of course she heard much of our conversation.

Following dinner, I will write to you more. In the meantime take a look at Ch. 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY of Edward Jay Epstein’s non-fiction book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION.

When you get to the section that reads, “had no male heirs” tell me what you think.

On Nov 19, 2012, at 7:45 PM, Julie Niemi <jniemi> wrote:

Hi Gary,

I appreciate the abundance of information you provided me about DeBeers and diamond mining. I would really love it if you would send me some reading material to better inform me on this topic. Speaking with people such as yourself about the issues they are extremely passionate about and in return, learning about these issues, is the best part of my job. I greatly appreciate the call.

Also, please send over an email with any questions you would like me to answer about how NationBuilder can help push forward your initiative.

Looking forward to speaking with you again soon.


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Julie hello,

Im currently in Valencia, Spain.
How about tomorrow morning your time. Could I call you on Skype or do you have another preference? Let me also know what time works for you.

Thank you,


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Hi Gary!

I saw you signed up online to keep you in the loop. Well, I am Julie and I’m an organizer with NationBuilder. Would love to have a conversation about your interests and to see how NationBuilder can make your life awesome. Are you available sometime this week to chat?


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