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Tom Watson – which could do much better in exposing De Beers

Prior broadcast

From: Gary Gevisser <>
Date: Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 11:32 AM
Subject: “conTact” (sic) Fwd: Attention: Paul Watson
Cc: rest;, ipj@sandiego.educ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gary Gevisser <>
Date: Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 7:45 PM
Subject: Fwd: Attention: Paul Watson


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gary Gevisser <>
Date: Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 6:41 PM
Subject: Attention: Paul Watson
Cc: rest;,,,,,,,,,,,,

The only people I know who have any balls have fat TALKATIVE cells.

You of course could lose all your excess weight but for that to happen you would need a much bigger cause than saving God’s Little Animal Friends from the very ugly human, who is in fact much uglier than you or your comrades ever thought; worse yet that ugliness is overshadowed by the human’s stupidity which in the next instant should have you questioning why on earth would you want to live a moment longer, apart from witnessing them all going increasingly deafeningly silent.

I estimate that well in excess of 10 million people know who I am and yet you have most likely never heard of me.

Before most of them knew me I was already extraordinarily well known to the very top officials of De Beers who saw fit to hire me well before I turned 21 because they seek out their most trusted future leaders from the best and brightest who most of all do not have oversized egos.

When last did you hear or think the words, “healthy ego”?; very possibly not that you can best recall.

It is also only logical that only liars need good memories, which good people don’t need to worry about especially when they can easily observe the firework displays in the space between the ears of the liars trying to keep track of their lies.

The “light bulb effect” should already be happening to you and if you can work through it, there will not only be hope for you but you could achieve that heightened state of spirituality that the human has spoken about but it has never really been recorded which does not stop the liars from imagining such a heightened state of awareness and when they do talk about it, their motives are either money and/or fame and with that usually comes the chicks.

The photo below

of Putin and a man you may not recognize could in fact be the last photo you recall before taking your last breath, even if it does not happen in the next instant.

If you were thinking smart right this minute and recognized Nicholas Oppenheimer, the head of very bottom heavy De Beers, you would know that its singular purpose was to intimidate the US Government that they had better continue to tow the line.

De Beers do much more than control the world’s drilling industry which they have done since before the turn of the last century for their entire business model revolves around manipulating the currency markets.

Jump quickly to the 15 minute speech President Richard Nixon gave on August 15, 1971 and if you were more understanding of things like economic indexes such as Gross Domestic Product which includes the cost of healthcare for those the most out of shape as well as those who get the most rewarded for keeping the largest consuming societies the least productive beginning with their increasing limited mental capacity to figure out how obscene can such an important index which measures the health of an economy, be, you would instantly recall that Nixon never mentioned a single name of the international money speculators he was crucifying because if he mentioned the one and only De Beers, he would have revealed in that very instant the international conspiracy which is significantly greater than you ever imagined; and at the same time so very easy to fix.

You just have to ask someone you know in power including those giving you most of your financing why the US Congress does not ask the current President of US, Mr. Obama to come up with any other organization that he thinks Nixon was talking about and in the next instant you will know also whether your friend is a true friend or foe.

Do I really need to spell out for you that De Beers, which at the time was under the command and control of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa continues to reap the rewards of this ongoing most treasonous act on the poor by the rich who have no loyalty to country, race or religion.

It so happens that my father’s first cousin David Gevisser was the Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises SA at the time.

Obama is visiting us today here San Diego County where his entourage drove right by where my French-Canadian wife has been taking her fine art painting classes with Spanish professor master painter-teacher-artist Sebastian Capella going on 14 years, and she saw one placard that read, “LIAR OBAMA” and another one that said, “THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER”; bearing in mind, that when De Beers pick their most unaccomplished figureheads they place equal importance on their feigned opposition.

His wife’s close cousin Black American Rabbi Caspers Funnye is one of my 42 Facebook “friends”; and he of course knows me much better than you; most likely.

But to be sure you could email him as well as Devin Standard and anyone else you see in the carbon copy section or when just cruising the internet and you come across my website choose any email address and when sticking to business you find how very few words they have to say, which begs the question what have all these people been doing since getting my highly informative information apart from doing their utmost to stonewall me and at the same time hedge their bets.

If you were really on the ball you would have by now come across that photo of very defensive Putin on De Beers’ Wikipedia profile as well as the much shorter profile of Nicholas Oppenheimer.

I bet you could come up right now with a very funny script of your own for what Oppenheimer was pontificating.

Your documentary Pirate of the Sea included in the cast a young male South African. He could be Jewish South African but those odds are not very high. Assuming he is not Jewish and you showed him that photo without giving him any background and he was worldly enough to recognize Nicholas Oppenheimer, he should go quiet. Show the photo to a Jewish South African over the age of 11 and if their formal education has not interfered with their learning they would instantly feel a deep sinking feeling in their stomach.

Every single violent act you have perpetrated against those insanely evil Japs is met by De Beers with applause. I assume you are unaware that when Japan invaded Manchuria
China on September 19, 1931 the US Congress declared that so long as Japan did not formally declare war on China then the US would be compelled by law to keep supplying Japan with its raw war materials.

The Pirate of Pirates has always been the US ever since the start of the voyage of the Great White American Fleet [1907-1909] where De Beers’ mineral rich South Africa was conspicuously absent from this Declaration of War on the rest of the world that resulted in the world’s monopolists led by De Beers saving on the costs of transporting their future slaves to America but still everything that is imported in to the US remains stolen goods.

Of course they laugh more at your former organization Green Peace only because they figure Green Peace don’t have the brains to ask for more cash.

De Beers control the flow of all cash through their second tiered monetary system which they mostly accomplish with the selling and buying of their never inventoried unlimited supply of both gem quality and industrial diamonds and therefore they also set the price of everything on board your ship including your fuel supplies.

De Beers owns not only Saudi Arabia and all the members of De Beers’ OPEC but all the financial markets.

You haven’t forgotten that I do not lie.

Now write down all your lies that you have ever told and you will first of all notice that you remember all of them.

I of course do not need to worry about things like that because there are only very few lies that I have told and those would not even count as white lies given how the biggest lie I ever told was admitting to taking something very small in the Arab market in Jerusalem which I did not take, and nor was I ever caught but when I found the little trinket in my jacket pocket I kept quiet when I could have said something to the person who I was quite certain had placed the trinket there in order to deflect from all the thieving he had done.

That was going on 39 years ago and my exotic F-C wife often wears today the silver G I had made by the shop owner who I thought was the owner of the trinket which the profit he made from the G more than made up for the opportunity cost of not selling that trinket and turning over his inventory during the couple of weeks that I held on to it which I also returned to the tray without feeling the need to apologize since again I did not steal it.

Not many people hold on to things that long and over the years I have lost a great many things including many sets of keys but the most memorable occasion was when mailing a letter I threw in the keys to my porche

in to the mail box and it was a Sunday.

If you have not received the emails I sent earlier today from my Iphone, again feel free to [contact] anyone on my email list.

Think what you have to lose by not getting behind me as you should perfectly understand that since everyone is so much into “control” everyone would also agree that we can all agree that human population control is a good thing; and to do that all one need focus one’s attention on is De Beers and their bought and paid for governments who have hoodwinked all the world’s military including Israel’s brutally strong Israel Defense Force.

De Beers remember only hire at their most senior levels the best and brightest who are not the dumbest.

They all perfectly understand this as well as everything else I have written and nor would they be so foolish as to reprimand me for my style of writing.

De Beers know that there are as many diamonds out there as there are molecules of water which is less than the amount of money in circulation.

When De Beers instructed their US Government to go off the Gold Standard 4 decades ago the idea was to abandon gold which is very limited in supply, non corrosive and most difficult to mine, and nor can gold which is warm to the touch and the most ancient means of exchange, be produced in machines like diamonds and money which is not only digitized but so large in quantity that if one were to place all the money in circulation it would fill up all of deep outer space given how inexhaustible is the money supply that is constantly being multiplied, given how all you need do is imagine how much credit De Beers can arrange for itself from it’s second tiered banking system given not only their huge mineral rights holdings but the huge guillotine De Beers hangs over the heads of their bribed elected and non-elected government officials.

Ask yourself, what is backing the money apart from the bad word of corrupt government officials?

The answer is simple; two things; first, total and complete brainwashing beginning with the most dumbest gross Gross Domestic Product index; and second, diamonds which De Beers fix the price.

The only question you should have for me, given how devastatingly ugly stupid is the human, is how come De Beers didn’t manage to corrupt me?

That question you will have to wait to ask God.

I am now going to join Marie and Mango who are already on the beach.

To life-truth,


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