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Tonight’s dinner discussion – Fwd: So fooled – Re: Fully recovered – Re: Cara hetson-Gary + Marie + Mango

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Tonight’s dinner discussion – Fwd: So fooled – Re: Fully recovered – Re: Cara hetson-Gary + Marie + Mango
Date: September 19, 2013 2:18:48 AM PDT
To: Cara <brainwaves>
Cc: rest; Alexey Shumeyko <alexey.shumeyko>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes.” <matthewmargo>, “Glenn Greenwald – Guardian reporter who released the Snowden documents.” <glenn.greenwald>, Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker <kbabies1>, “Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10, 1996” <dbhenriques>

Cara good morning,

I hope you are going to join us all for dinner this evening and bringing to the table all your journalist and TV advertising skills, otherwise I am going to cancel with Alexeye who left without an audience to convince, would be totally quiet, just like he was ever since we met back in May when Marie, Mango and I came across to watch World Boxing Federation heavyweight champion Michael Grant fight against a top to toe better fighter by the name of Carlos Takam.

You will recall that interrupted your conversation with Marie who was explaining the difficulty of going after Grant using the corrupt American justice system that rules the entire western world while intimidating the crap out of the rest of the world with its willingness to use nuclear weaponry; and I think you would agree that when it comes to military-economic matters you are a total fish out of water compared to my knowledge, which does not make me arrogant because there is nothing like the truth when cutting to the chase and not wasting time contributing something positive to this world given how naturally destructive is the human from the moment it is born and becomes an increasing succulent until it either dies or gets sick when it becomes as thin as a rake which is far cry from the bodies you see Marie and I wear which is not quite as nimble, strong and athletic as Mango who has never eaten more than a morsel of organ poison meat which has a lot to do with how both our skins look, and mine becomes very stressed whenever I am in a polluting environment such as a fossil fuel carbon emission city such as LA, Boston, New York, Paris and London; and even San Diego bothers my outer most organ which why the skin logically wraps around the skull housing the extraordinary brain.

I didn’t fully explain, but my interdiction also didn’t prevent you and/or Alexeye from asking more questions; at the same time I knew that if necessary I could use written text at a later time to enumerate.

I also interrupted very quiet Marie when she began to enumerate the military connection of nuclear energy because when my F-C wife speaks everyone pays very careful attention to what she has to say and because they can rarely connect the dots as quickly as she can they come away without the full picture but feeling that they are as smart as her but they in turn quickly forget other than the point she made that they don’t perfectly understand and that is like being only half pregnant.

People with limited knowledge are extraordinarily dangerous, especially if they have a huge oversized ego like Alexeye who had never been challenged prior to running into me; and when you compare all the time he consumed with his totally nonsense talk to all that I had to say which I am capable of repeating pretty much verbatim because I have a very good memory thanks to not having to ever keep track of my lies because I learned from the mistakes of others not so fortunate who the first time they lie so their downward spiral to hell began and the first thing they do when debating me is to become aggressively defensive.

The fact that I have never once been beaten up has a lot to do with inner core strength which is fueled by my reliance on my cerebral powers that are part and parcel of the rest of my body that was strong to begin with thanks to my parents choosing one another based on natural selection which my mother covers in that Wellington Weekly article published on April 25, 2001, which you recall was prior to 9/11 and after the Jerusalem Post decided on February 1, 2001 to have my name rising to the top of the list amongst the very few intelligent thinkers.

Do you recall not asking me how I connected the dots between De Beers-Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton who you most likely still think was a better President than George W. Bush, granting Jewish American CIA oil trader Marc Rich a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour of his presidency and 9/11?

Were you the only person who got that information and never enquired any further, it would be that much more difficult for me to extrapolate my findings, but not so when you have 100% of the common herd quiet on such an important insight and analysis of the important events of the day and each one, without exception, quickly changing the subject to talk about something that they think they are so knowledgeable about.

It ranges between a non second and 3 seconds before the least defensive of them begin sprouting their knowledge of the economics of the financial system and how and when someone that is a household name to them and certainly better known amongst the common herd than me has either written a book or been quoted time again by the very carefully handpicked common herd commentators to the common herd public, who are only as good as they have been brainwashed to believe that they are independent thinkers because they believe it is ultimately their choice in how they spend their money that is price fixed by the world’s number one price fixer, De Beers, who make it their business to reward the least accomplished of the humans starting with the lawyers who mostly become judges and do in fact do as they please; moreover they have never encountered someone like me and why they felt it necessary to stamp on me with a $4 million judgement as corrupt Texas Judge Martin Lowy made all the right arguments for my acquittal before going on to break every law on the books and violating all the court rules that only serve to catch the common herd common criminal who is totally clueless about how rotten is the system from top to bottom, beginning with those at the top of De Beers’ socio-economic-military ladder having failed to pay our soldiers a fair wage for waging war on the poor of the world only for the benefit of the least accomplished of the humans who pride themselves on how hard, using their brains, they have earned their money that they feel proud about using in part to help elect representatives that they believe are the most honest of the entire rotten bunch.

How is it possible to defy the teachings of history which from the start of record keeping has always had the best soldiers not only rising to the top spot, Commander In Chief but in charge of allocating amongst their most loyal fighting soldiers the entire spoils of wars before having the civilian population responsible for feeding, clothing and housing the soldiers receive the short end of the stick.

Only a regressing species can believe to a man that man has evolved where the Commander In Chief no longer needs to have battlefield experience in order to garner the support of the soldiers; and given the advancements in battlefield technology so fighting has become that much more a video game.

But you cannot give a computer video game geek their own nuclear weapon to launch at will.

Before I broke my silence with De Beers officials on 11.11.2004 a little shy of 2 years before Putin had Litvinenko murdered by nuclear poison and knowing perfectly well that the trail would lead directly to the Kremlin who he authorized on October 3, 2008 to release the photo of photos that causes everyone with even a molecule of brain to shut up, I knew I was capable of getting the entire literate world to shut the fuck up given the increasing advancements in light speed technology available at each of our fingertips for those that can afford a handheld computing device which is in fact pretty much every literate person even if they cannot afford the petrol/gas to drive their own vehicle to work.

Moreover, I also knew that even when people complimented me on my writing skills which they prefer to distance from my knowledge given how disturbing are the irrefutable truths I present in an interesting way, they would find a way to minimize my contribution in the lack of careful attention to detail in both their written and spoken words, which of course not only had me laughing but that much more encouraged that I was right on track.

You will first of all notice that not feeling all that great Professor Rothwell made it his business to respond earlier today to what I wrote you and I in turn responded in kind without either of us referencing anything that I had written you.

Obviously, I have not yet been assassinated and were it to happen it could only be construed as a conspiracy of the highest order given how slow the common herd have been to actively helping me expose the systemic rot that they are all so much a part of.

Very, very smart Professor of Economics Geoffrey Rothwell could very well turn out to be the only smart academic because so far I have yet to find another academic who is intellectually honest which does not mean that Alexeye is any smarter when at the end of his diatribe yesterday he concluded that there is no logic behind any of his fallacious arguments which began with his statement that he believes that nuclear energy is good.

Nor did intellectually dishonest Alexeye acknowledge that he was fully aware that soon after he went silent on me after writing me asking for my telephone number which I promptly gave, I began bringing Public International Attention by including him in the carbon copy section of my heavily broadcasted email-book communications which had him taken what he thought was an innovative tact by saying that he had suddenly found his God and that he was no longer interested in having sex.

Back to the fact that a great many people starting with my F-C wife’s first husband, The Sperm Donor It, if they felt they would prevail against me in a fist fight would give their eye teeth to blacken one or both of my eyes; and they are at first encouraged because I first of all don’t have the broadest shoulders which would only make me that much more of a target at the same dampen my well above average fast reflexes which one first sees in my ability to jump at a rather young age of 11 of up to 7 not exactly small barrels on ice; and when it came to either kicking a rugby ball or throwing a cricket ball I was again well above average; and then you combine it with the fact that I don’t have quite the 87 inch arm reach as 6 foot 7 inch Michael Grant, nor do my arms bruise when my opponent is hitting solid open air.

The fact that I am capable of doing much more than defending myself against anyone who does not have my truths constantly at their side, does not mean I am mindless about the virtues of walking away from a battle today to return tomorrow and win the war.

Do you think it would have been the smart and right move to help The Thief Grant make the biggest payday in boxing history? Do you think given all that you know about me, that it would have been all that difficult once I put my mind to it? Do you think if the entire world thought I would be stupid not to help him repay the money and gold he stole from Marie that I would pay any more attention to the last one as I would do the first stupid person suggesting that I enable such rot?

Didn’t you just love how Alexeye, suddenly a reborn Christian, was advising Marie and me that we should follow the Christian doctrine, “Love your enemy” who has shown no remorse for his despicable crime, and not even attempted to return the stolen monies that he hadn’t all used to maintain his and his teacher wife’s lifestyle?

If there is a God, don’t you think God would have me thinking smarter than stupid people who only become stupid when they choose to be corrupt?

And if there is no God and no dishonest person can believe in God, then they along with me are forced to make the convincing arguments.

When you don’t speak, you speak.

As Marie said, she provided me several months ago the choice words she has to say to The Thief Grant, his wife and his children, which I have yet to share with The Thief and the rest of the world; and perhaps we can all work on it this evening during dinner and come up with a consensus while allowing each of our input to be entered into the record, without Alexeye having to worry about his supposed dyslexia interfering with my ability to type rapidly his bullshit?

The barbarism of professional boxing does not match up to the disgustingly filthy minds of all those who have aided and abetted President Barak Obama being in charge of the wholesale slaughter of 6 million plus Congolese men, women and mostly children ever since he began the primary sponsor of President George W. Bush’s Congo Relief, Security and Democracy Promotion Act that the US Congress passed in December 2008.

Tell me what you would like to discuss at tonight’s dinner.

Please take a look at what I wrote you previously and let me know if you were not able to connect the dots where certain gaps were first created.

I must now brush my teeth and leave with Marie who has a few errands to run before we move on to our next accommodation.

All the best



PS – you might also find interesting my ongoing dialogue with my new friend Karin which is where I began our conversation yesterday:

From: K <kjleavitt>

Subject: Re: Time to stop,,,Re: OVA -best

Date: September 18, 2013 5:27:14 PM PDT

To: Gg <garystevengevisser>

I got it & thank u!

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