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Wake up meathead (and all those mean spirited passive aggressive)

Prior broadcast

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: September 30, 2011 1:50:59 PM PDT
To: Brad Whann
Cc: rest;, “John K. Pollard, Jr. – alumnus of MIT and Cornell University.” , Lynne Zimet , charles ivie , Gary Yoursofsky , “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” ,, Adam Hochschild – author of Blood & Treasures – founder of Mother Jones , Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama” , Jay McMichael – CNN MCMICHAEL
Subject: Attention Brad – wake up meathead (and all those mean spirited passive aggressive).

Prior broadcast – CLICK HERE

Brad – Marie and I are now done with referring meatheads.

Santiago, Diana Duval et al may be interested in the juicer.

Marie will send you again, and for the last time, her onion bread recipe. Anyone else who wants it does not need to come help her on the next batch but to make a sizable contribution to our paypal.

I am now finishing up my 3rd glass of juice and feeling younger and healthier each moment; and of course the only thing you should be thinking about is having wild sex, which is all you can look forward to given how you know that you cannot possibly have any intellect even in your choice of partner if you weren’t able to figure out the unimaginable foolishness of the Gross Domestic Product index.

GDP supports not just war on the poor but the next World War on the poor who are only poor because the weak mind-body refuse to get them the education, as the debris from all the exploding spy satellites will interfere with our view of the stars that of course even the few stargazers that there are have give little and no thought, again only because One God wants each of us to suffer most by how easy it is to observe how dumb we really are not able to put together how everything connects up.

Do you know of anyone who is intellectually dishonest able to enjoy sex?

Do you think there is a single medical doctor who would write down that they have a healthy relationship with their spouse or mistress or male prostitute in the case where their spouse is a male?

Can you name me one non-passive aggressive individual who continues in a relationship with the dumbest of the dumb professionals; i.e. medical doctors.

It is not really difficult to understand that people who have let their one time healthy body get to the point of no return and as they read back each of my broadcasts to realize they have nothing intelligent to say that cannot already be found on the Internet and simply needing the best professionals in the disciplines that most avoid medical doctors, that the painful death they are currently experiencing can only speed up with more pain which is God’s punishment.

The majority of the world’s population will quickly determine the hypocrisy of all the religions who disrespect God when making any comment about sex other than to suggest that there cannot be any greater gift from a loving God than sex with a healthy body-mind; and logic-truth also says that one should be immediately punished when not able to enjoy such a gift which no human invention can come close to achieving which hasn’t stopped the proliferation of prescription and non-prescription drugs as the most out of touch keep experimenting with to either numb the pain or achieve such high levels of spirituality, which of course does not stop our most vengeful God from laughing at his most devolved specie who when coming down from their unnatural highs find the next time they have to keep increasing the potency of the drugs to counter the bigger downers, and before they know it, all they have to hold on to are their gross Gross Domestic Product supported monies and the assets they become that they find themselves more attached to as they feel that much more repulsed by their loser partner.

Of course the beauty of sex is not the only thing that can’t be produced in a machine; a dog can’t be produced in a machine, nature cannot be produced in a machine, but it is the church who are the loudest pontificators of God at the same time they, who are mostly ugly looking because they are so self-indulgent like congregants in eating God’s Little Animals friends and disrespect God’s Body Temple, make sex out to be a bad thing.

Long live Truth-Logic. God is great.

Ps – Yesterday’s Site Analytics for are going to blow you away.

Storm clouds now forming deep inside the Cleveland National Forest

and there is thunder in the distance.

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