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WAR ULTIMATUM – late in the day to play games!

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 12:44 PM PT
Cc: rest; Dad; Kathy-Louse-Gevisser-Danziger; melvin gevisser; Neil Gevisser; Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman c/o Raz Elmaleh; Dr. Leizer “SAVE ZENA” Molk MD; Mark Gevisser – The Nation’s southern African correspondant; Jonny Gevisser; Nigel Gevisser (; Mark Darryl Gevisser;; Roy Essakow – Executive Marc Rich Holdings; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton; Howard Schultz – Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks; Steven Lee Parkinson – Mothercare – Middleast; Joseph A. Greco – Institutional Senior Trader, BRANDES INVESTMENT PARTNERS ; Professor Joe Grundfest – Stanford University – former member of the SEC; Randall Kaplan. co-founder of AKAMAI with Daniel Lewin – 911 victim – Member of Sayeret Matkal – Elite Israeli Special Forces unit; Newell Starks – Chairman of the Board – Sterling Holding Company – A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Guy De Chazal – Partner Morgan Stanley; Mossad; United States Justice Department; Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10, 1996;;; Joseph Steinberg – President of Luecadia National Corporation; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton;; Senator Lieberman ; Oprah;
Subject: WAR ULTIMATUM – late in the day to play games!


Your reaction is understandable but that does not make it right.

Let me explain.

Each of us is entitled to our own opinions as well as well to live in “peace and quiet” without anyone apart from ourselves thinking it mighty fine to “pass judgment” on those we believe are more poorly conditioned than ourselves.

Then again you know and I know and so do most of the world’s literate as well as illiterate humans that each and every moment that goes by each of us is not only “passing judgment” on the next person without a care in the world to their being a higher authority having a whale of a time enjoying all the so transparent hypocrisy, but those of us “in the know” are mostly making out like bandits.

Let me explain.

Before first walking in to your shop I didn’t just get off a boat that got marooned on Coronado Island where not only are our NAVY SEALs based but Coronado Island serves as we all know as one most terrific entry point for drugs such as opium which we grow in our satellite state of Afghanistan where prior to President Eisenhower warning us in his last speech from the Oval Office right before DAAC President John F. Kennedy became Commander In Chief and did as he was told by American Charles Engelhard before he got a DAAC bullet to the back of the head, the women of Afghanistan were not only the “head of the household” but not afraid to show it.

I assumed as I always do when meeting anyone only the best of you who was very forthcoming with your knowledge of beads while mentioning twice that you are a gemologist which even if you attended the DeBeers Anglo American Cartel’s Gemological Institute of America didn’t mean automatically you had blackened hands.

On the contrary I thought it would be a whole lot easier to get you to “come on board” in order to give peace a better chance and in the process increase your wealth while of course sharing both your wealth and knowledge with others following the principal not only, “you get what you reap” but “what goes around comes around with a vengeance” although you are of course entitled once again to your opinion as well as “peace of mind” although you might still be thinking more in terms of telling me to fuck off and let you “live in peace in quiet”.

On our second visit the disconnects got a little more transparent when you insisted that you had to keep one of the “eye beads” in a necklace you had on display and which had a price tag. Your soliloquy in explaining why it was necessary for you to not repeat the mistake of the past when letting go of something so very valuable begged just a couple of questions beginning with why not remove the bead from the necklace before putting it on display as well as what purpose other than to deceive would you place a price tag which would when combined prove mighty distracting to the brain dead before then once I said, “Keep the necklace” had you responding words to the effect, “If you pay the price on the price tag you can have the necklace as is”, not to mention how just prior to this “reality check” you had painstakingly gone through each one of the beads pointing out that the other much smaller “eye beads” were so very excellent and that neither my wife nor I would be able to notice the one “eye bead” you hoped to remove.

Let me explain even more.

I didn’t get off a boat just yesterday but I can swim.

I give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt knowing that the odds of finding someone honest as myself and my wife are pretty slim.

Every animal, however, that I meet I know for a fact is honest unless it has been conditioned poorly by its human owner.

So when going “back and forth” between the animal and its owner it doesn’t take very long to figure out all that is right with the owner given how it is mostly all wrong.

Interesting that the medical community have now come out with a drug to combat obesity in pets which doesn’t strike me in the least bit funny.

Would you want as a member of your Special Forces unit anyone that was overweight and yet you cant help but notice that so very few of our military personnel are in fighting fit condition?

You are in fact a very sophisticated bead trader and may in fact be the most honest bead trader in the entire world but I wouldn’t know since I have never met another bead trader but I do know why it is that you who loves to talk about how much you know as well as how much more you know than most if not all of the rest of the published experts all without exception corrupt to their core, knowing as much as you do about how it is possible that you a Lily White Wheaty Eating American have such an extraordinary good bead collection although I cannot be certain it is all that great since I have yet to meet another bead trader such as yourself.

It is important to read one of my communications as if you were going in to a book store and picking up a book, knowing to just open it up and whatever page appears to start reading and if not interesting to replace it, knowing of course that there are no such things as coincidences, that design is everywhere, just a matter of knowing not only to look but how if you had an ingenious mind you would go about designing every element of each one of our environments including the placement of inanimate objects.

I would though just love the opportunity to interview both you and that one published expert who you said spent 3 days with you “shooting the breeze” and when he left you gifted him a rather valuable item from your personal collection.

Of course I would also want to have this one-of-a-kind interview videotaped and loaded up on to our website which you have acknowledged you have visited once and when we last spoke over the phone, I believe it was on Wednesday which Adam Tucker may have possibly caught snippets of on camera as he and hung at our studio cliff house, Adam mostly focused on the very, very, very attractive and scantily clad young women constantly passing in front, knowing however not one of them come close to “matching up” with the beautiful and beyond belief muscular skeletal system of my wife, you were going to go back and take more of a “look”.

You will also recall that I devoted some 30 or so minutes to explaining over the telephone this past Tuesday when at 10:27 AM I forwarded to you th
e email I sent Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk titled, I SUPPOSE AFRICANS ARE UNLUCKY, the importance of being a woman.

Just kidding. Needing to make sure you haven’t fallen asleep.

I know you are still thinking, no strike that, raging and allow me to plant in your head the 3 words, “Piece Of Shit” but then again you are mostly thinking about your pocket book and how all this affects your ability to keep trading with traders from Africa and elsewhere including China using worthless-fictitious and very bloodstained United States Dollars that of course should have a diamond or at least something looking like a diamond prominently displayed.

I am leaving shortly to purchase more of the private mineral collection of a man Marie and I met recently who should by now be long dead.

He is also a gemologist but unlike you who I doubt very much actually used your hands to dig this gentleman did that as well as master the fine art of cutting precious stones and from what I can tell never allowed his formal education to interfere with his learning.

That 30 minute conversation brought you fully up to speed to the point that I very seriously question the sincerity of your words, “a bit too much information for me to process at this time”.

Let me explain.

On October 10th a very busy Ron Bellows of AIG responded with a 144 word email to Adam Tucker’s 17 odd word email of October 6th.


Adam’s email read:


This was pretty clear, don’t you think?

What did you think of what he wrote?


The 8916 word email Adam was referring contained at the very beginning a 207 odd word summary that reads:

The purpose of this relatively long and heavily broadcasted communiqué is to explain the genius thinking that went in to the not so Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that in a nutshell points out that in the opinion of Israel’s intelligence community, the United States of America is fully behind not only the “insurgents” in Iraq and Afghanistan but all the terrorism throughout the world given how extraordinarily easy it would be for Al Quaida to launch a series of attacks on the oil fields of the Middle East, and if not capable themselves, then to find the Petro Dollars to finance a unit of Hezbollah Special Ops, so very brilliantly mimicking Israeli Special Forces, “sticking to their knitting” as well as simply remaining in their own backyard beginning with Saud Arabia which Al Quaida argues is the reason for being at war with the U.S.; the DAAC House of Saud has always been fully under the control of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel controlled U.S. and the reason for 911 that resulted first in the DAAC U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to take control of the world’s largest opium production, some 90% destined for U.S. consumers and then Iraq sitting atop high quality oil fast running out.

Ron Bellow’s 144 word response to Adam’s short and easy to understand two questions ended with:

I cannot respond because I have stopped reading his emails and can no longer be associated with him –

All the best to you and to Gary


Phil, do you think it is just me who feels that you are also “conflicted” to the point that you look not only like an imbecile but even an ant knows better than the need to talk.

Let me explain.

Were I to either get on a plane or simply take a slow boat to China given how very wired are not only Israeli Special Forces commandos but some 500 million Chinese, one half times more than the entire US population, less than 150 million of us “wired” and those that are spend their time either downloading porn, playing games in real time with their friends or just chatting about utter nonsense which is what you would expect if you were in charge of the United States of America’s educational system that produces people such as yourself and no doubt others a whole lot more intellectually dishonest which shouldn’t make you feel all that good about yourself.

Then again I am just one ant who can, however, speak and write perfect sense.

Notice Gold last traded in the spot market at US$748.20 a troy ounce and the Peoples Republic of China have yet to tell Paulsen of the US Treasury and Bernanke of the Federal Reserve to go stuff their DAAC war ultimatum, at least not officially.

You perfectly understand that what we have going on right now is much more than a Treason Trial for the 3 Branches of the US Government.


[Word count 1961]

From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 9:49 AM

Hi Gary,

Thanks for thinking of us, but this is a bit too much information for me to process at this time.
Not necessary to continue to send these emails.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful day in paradise!

All the best,


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