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We now await Bernard Wolfsdorf’s move

From: Fary S. Gevisser
Subject: We now await Bernard Wolfsdorf’s move
Date: October 10, 2017 at 5:41:15 AM PDT
To: “Bernard Wolfsdorf Esq. – FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <bernard>
Cc: rest, Yad Vashem Holocaust Resources <holocaust.resources>, “Rod Margo Esquire – FB friend of Gary Gevisser. Rod’s father, South African judge Cecil Margo Esq. wrote, at the request of Ben Gurion, the \”blueprint\” for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force.” <rdmargo>, 60 Minutes <60m>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes. Matthew and I have known each other intimately since I headed up the restructuring team of Epilady USA Inc. starting back in late 1989.” <matthewmargo>, “Major Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK” <friling>, Office for the Israeli Department of Defense Attache Israeli Embassy Washington DC <Att-sec>, “Malcolm Ness – British architect and political commentator. No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <malcolmnessarchitect>, Paco Furió Marco – Spanish-German Business News TV Anchor <pacofurio>, “Barrie Spero – served time in the South African Apartheid Regime’s notorious the notorious Greefswald camp overseen by infamous Jewish medical doctor, Dr. Aubrey Levin and where Spero once witnessed up close the presence of high ranking American military officers.” <barriespero>, “mauricekes3” <mauricekes3>, “Neil Gould – no longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <ngould>, “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall, Solana Beach, California” <jessakow>, “Sam Schaffer – J. Essakow’s best friend + Adele Breytenbach, but still FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <sam.schaffer>, Sammy Haim <haimsam>, “Shaun Tomson – 1977 World Surfing Champion – went to same high school and studied economics at university with GG. Both our father’s played on the same junior high school rubgy team; Shaun’s father was an Allied tail-gunner during WW II and GG’s father was a Fighter-Bomber-Pilot completing 71 missions.” <shauntomson>, Shaun Marsh – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser <cvcstudios>, “South African-British solicitor Ray Oshry – classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s murdered cousin Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. R. Oshry remains a FB \”friend\” of GG but blocks GG from messaging on Facebook.” <ray.oshry>, Hlumelo Biko – son of Steve Biko murdered on 9/11/1977 – now running a Wall Street charity-investment portfolio <ali.ayala>, “Jann Turner – daughter of slain white South African Richard Turner [September 21, 1941 – January 8, 1978] co-founder with Steve Biko [Decem,ber 18, 1946 – September 11-12, 1977] of Durban Movement.” <jann>, “Jill Hogan – younger sister of ANC official Barbara Hogan who is the only white South African convicted by the South African Apartheid Regime for treason, and tortured during her captivity.” <info>, “cbenn” <cbenn>, “Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker; FB \”friend\” of Gary Gevisser” <kbabies1>, Barry Solomon – FB friend of Gary Gevisser & Vic Wartski <barrysolomon11>, Barry Koral <barrykoral>, Barry Pepper – Actor – Saving Private Ryan <pepperasst>, “Michael Sewitz – Brother-in-law of Gary Gevisser’s close cousin Gary Levinsohn, co-producer with Spielberg of Saving Private Ryan” <drapes7219>, Jo Becker – New York Times journalist – Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal <jbecker>, “John \”Fish out of Water\” Reed” <john.reed>, “Geoffrey.ROTHWELL” <Geoffrey.ROTHWELL>, “Geoff Norris – South African-British actor who produces, directs and acts in his self described \”absolutely crap\” Youtube promotion of himself as an actor, teacher and singer.” <jefron>, “Brand Pretorius – Hired by Terry Rosenberg-J. Beare” <brand>, “Terry Rosenberg – Director of Uranium One [2006-2010] which is controlled by Putin and owns 20% of the United States’ uranium reserves. Prior was the top dog of failed Jonathan Beare’s Prefcor-McCarthy Holding Group-Avenger before Brand Pretorius took over on October 1, 1999, the same day the epic Revlon Corporation class action lawsuit was filed; the same day Russian forces invaded Chechnya following Russian false flag operation in the heart of Moscow.” <terry>, “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC. Russian Embassy” <defattru>, “grundfest” <grundfest>, “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest. Met Strauss on June 20, 2006 at bottom of zipline at Simatai Great Wall, China. Most shocked was Strauss to hear that DeBeers had established retail shops on US soil.” <mstrauss0>, Debbie Patton Kingsriter <>, “Deborah Sturman Esq. – replaced Kathy Gevisser Danziger as executor of Alan Zulman’s estate on Zulman’s death bed.” <sturman>, “Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.” <jrk>, Laurie Black <LJBlack612>, “gbarber” <gbarber>, Dave Fifield – Gerhard <monkeyboy264>, “Olg Zabludoffa – former Editor-in-chief at National Association of Educational Broadcasters – Facebook friend of Gary Gevisser + open challenger of Jerusalem Post’s Steve Linde. Olg’s husband Sid is a 33 year veteran CIA economist [1962-1995] who worked directly for President from 1969 until 1972.” <ozabludoff>, “steve” <steve>, Dovid Katz <dovidkatz7>, “Vegetarian Tzipora Malka \”Tzipi\” Livni” <zlivni>, Desiree Pure Evil Levin <desilevin8>, Del Mar Times – Del Mar Times – Editor <editor>, Editor-shanghai daily <editor>, “llwsbrn8” <llwsbrn8>, “Kevin Hall – Pulitzer Prize Winner, Panama Papers” <khall>, Jeff Young <jeff>, “lauramalter” <lauramalter>, “Laura \”Lekker\” Dekker – The youngest solo circumnavigator ever” <media>, “bnetanyahu” <bnetanyahu>, “Tomer Tene – IAF Lt. Colonel + organic produce farmer. FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <tene.organi>, “Peter Thiel for Governor (Official Draft Committee)” <info>, “Guy Bechor – principal G.Planet Israel” <guy.bechor>, Uri Rosenberg <urir77>, Uri Bar-Joseph <ubarjoseph>, “Megan Ellison – Film producer [Detroit] and only daughter of $60 billionaire Larry Ellison” <contact>, “Clint Eastwood – Chairman of Monetery Peninsula Foundation c/o Morgan Matthews – Executive Director, Player Relations” <MMacias>, “Donald Trump c/o Claire, Republican National Committee” <email>

Bernie, please would you also keep a backup of my dialoguing with your South African lawyer FB friend Graham Dyson

FB screenshot taken at 5:40AM Calif. time, Oct. 5, 2017

Gary Gevisserto  Olga Zabludoffa & Bernard P. Wolfsdorf who are FB friends of Grant Gochin

15 hrs ago·

Subject: I will stick to my “ignorance”

Notice that your fellow coward [FB friend] Grant Gochin removed my postings from his FB wall.

Below is the full story:

Grant Gochin
18 hrs · Los Angeles ·
On October 9, 1941, Jewish life in Svencionis, Lithuania was brought to an end. This community had a long, rich and storied history.
The famous Jewish American artist Meyer Matzkin, was born here in 1881. That was the year that Russian Tsar Alexander II, a popular monarch who had freed the serfs, was assassinated. Of course Jews were blamed, leading to emigration of Svencionis Jews to USA and South Africa. In 1904, Matzkin immigrated to America, settling in the Boston area. H…
Continue Reading

Rita Gabis:
Grant you do a wonderful, important job detailing the savaging of this illustrious community. I’m always moved by your activism and intelligence. This is a service to all, but particularly to so many of the anonymous dead who deserve to be remembered every day. We must speak for them–and you do. Thank you, thank you.
6 hrs

Gary Gevisser:
Grant, where you fail is in exposing the war profiteers. Going after the little soldiers who do the killing does not come close to doing justice to those who perished. How after all this time can you remain so ignorant?
1 hr

Grant Gochin:
Gary, I am addressing history. If you want to expose war profiteers, go right on ahead.
I will stick to my “ignorance” – thank you.
49 mins

Gary Gevisser:
True, you are sticking to your abominable ignorance. You are choosing denial. You should be intellectually honest and say so.

You also left my group chat THE LADY’S SPEECH OBSERVERS just moments ago before you revealed your true colors here. That has not prevented me from continuing to expose people such as yourself who are responsible for rewriting history.

You want to leave the impression that it is simply “war profiteers” without names who are not as important as the misdeeds they are responsible for, then shame on you and anyone who has anything to do with you.

You are lying when you say that you are “addressing history” when as a Jewish person you should make it your business to look further than the end of your nose in figuring out who was most responsible.

If you didn’t know already know about Edward J. Epstein’s 1978 non-fiction book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION than your ignorance should not make you an expert, far from it.

Once you know, however, about The D I book and specifically the detail covered in chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, you are no better than Goebells-Hitler’s propoganda machine, “The people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small lie”.

You won’t mind if I now share start sharing this with the world starting with our 2 mutual FB friends, Bernard P. Wolfsdorf and Olga Zabludoff.

I had a sense you were hiding when you failed to show all your FB friends to the public; and for sure once someone such as myself became your FB friend you only show our mutual FB friends.

Don’t get sidetracked by what De Beers-Barclays hoped to accomplish with the slaughter of half of European Jewry; namely their price fixing of the money that coupled with brainwashing easy to brainwash people such as yourself with the abominable GDP index, they would soon have no opposition.

Bear in mind I am still here to expose all of you; and even if you cowards succeed in eliminating me and my writings your still have to worry that you will take to your graves your FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES.

Coward, rewriter of history Grant Gochin who should make every Jewish person want to vomit, showed his true ugliness and did everything within his power to slow down the spread of truth.

Olga, you being born and bred in South Africa as well as being able to read since you left, you would know that the first people the Apartheid Regime aka The 3rd Reich’s Southern Division counted on to shut up the masses of us Jewish South Africans were the weakest of us Jewish South Africans.

You would also know that using common sense and nor would you need to be like your Jewish CIA economist husband Sid who his boss President Nixon counted on to do his dirty work; i.e. confuse the people with a bunch of mumbo jumbo economic talk, if you had the power of the gun at your disposable you would do the same; all that you needed was a lack of a conscience, which you know there is no shortage of.

I will repost this on the wall of Bernard P. Wolfsdorf who also remains a FB friend of coward Grant Gochin as well as others such as indifferent Nina Senčar to name but one of great many others suffering from Poverty of Thought!

Let’s never forget traitor Geoffrey Rothwell Phd of the OECD.

Graham Dyson· Friends with Bernard P. Wolfsdorf:
Gary Gevisser, you might find that your contribution to world knowledge has more chance of being sustainable if you refrain from aggressive personal attacks and labels. Frankly, the tone of your comments and personal attacks smother the content and any interest I might have in trying to figure out what is causing you to be so stressed. If you continue with your tone and personal attacks, you will soon find yourself in a box with others of similar tendencies. This might be a comfortable place, of course, but your message is likely to stay in the same box. Words should be windows to understanding, not walls. (From the late Marshall Rosenberg’s communication model: check it out!)

4 hrs ago

Gary Gevisser:

Graham Dyson, my message is very clear. You simply don’t like the clarity. My message is also being sustained by lawyers such as yoursellf who should know better than coming to the defense of another lawyer when you cannot refute the irrefutable truths.

The box that you would prefer to see me in is of course the one that gets placed underground when the person is dead. Your pitiful lawyer training at the racist, virulent anti-Semitic University of Natal-Kwazulu South Africa has you attempting to couch it perhaps a little differently providing you a way out; at least that is what you first thought.

I obviously struck a raw nerve with you which prompted you to speak out without first consulting with Jewish attorney Bernard P. Wolfsdorf who is not only still one of my FB friends, and YOU ARE NOT, but Mr. Wolfsdorf has a voice of his own without you helping me expose the corruption that much more.

No less importantly, it is highly likely that you are not Jewish and that you served in the Apartheid Regime’s military, although the South African Apartheid Regime who always did the bidding of my former employer De Beers-Anglo American Corporation-Barclays also relied on those with economic-political science-law backgrounds to serve as their informers; and nor were they impartial to working with those who avoided their military service, but of course they preferred “order takers”.

So, lets keep out the personalities of those who profited the most under the Apartheid Regime, what have you done since you became aware that the backers of the Apartheid Regime were the same people who backed Nazi Germany?

By now given all the time you took in crafting you nothing but attempt at intimidation, you must have read at least once Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book. When you got to chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, the thought must have occurred to you that following the slaughter of the 6 million there would have been untraceable diamonds handed to Hitler and his financial network which have continued to circulate.

In your business do you do any business with De Beers-Barclays or any of the affiliates?

If you wished to ingratiate yourself further with these monsters how would you go about doing it?

Do you think they would be angry or pleased with you if you were able to land a solid punch on me?

Your pitiful, weak words of advise, “Words should be windows…” had me checking out this Marshall Rosenberg who I had never heard of.

He was not old enough to fight against the Nazis in World War II, but that wouldn’t have prevented him if he was genuinely interested in peace which you know is war to those who profit from war, from examining once he became a young adult which individuals exactly were the principal financiers and raw war material suppliers of Nazi Germany who were prohibited under the Versailles Peace Treaty from rearming and once Rosenberg quickly realized that they escaped prosecution at Nuremberg to have then spoken out so that De Beers-Barclays would not profit again from destroying all hope of peace; at least not until such time as they and their families became immune from prosecution through the death of people such as myself, but so long as I remained alive it wouldn’t prevent people such as yourself simply not able to live with your guilty conscience and now help me expose the truth to the light.

Thank you Graham Dyson for helping increase the circle of those dependent upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.

A couple more things. According to Wikipedia your hero Rosenberg, “At age 13 he began Hebrew school but got expelled. Twice his father beat Rosenberg, once so badly he missed school the next day.”

May I suggest that you stay away from people who at a defenseless age get beaten up by their father.

Were you ever bullied growing up?

What was your father’s WW2 military record?

If you served in the South African Apartheid Regime’s military, what rank did you achieve? Did you order any killings and/or carry out any murders?

The origins of the Jewish Kapo system, you must remember, began with you Christians.

Please let me know if you have any anti-Semitic family members and friends. I would love to give them the same piece of advice that I have for you.

You are now on my $HIT list, even if it takes me a while to place your name alongside the FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES.

28 mins ago

Gary Gevisser:
I am now writing to Bernard P. Wolfsdorf and others encouraging them to make a backup of our dialogue.

27 mins ago

Graham Dyson:
Good Grief, Gary, I stopped reading after the first sentence. Over and out. I hope you manage to get well.

16 mins ago

Gary Gevisser:
Would it have made a difference if I asked you first what you meant when you wrote, “you will soon find yourself in a box with others of similar tendencies”?

We will now await Bernard P. Wolfsdorf‘s move.

14 mins ago

Gary Gevisser:
Bernard P. Wolfsdorf, I am about to send out, and addressed to you, an email broadcast titled, “We will now await Bernard P. Wolfsdorf’s move”.

That does not prevent you and me from continuing on Facebook this important dialogue where Graham Dyson left off.

As a lawyer, would you say that Dyson is either lying or totally stupid when he writes, “I stopped reading after the first sentence”?

Would you, again as a lawyer, refer him any business when he stops reading after the first sentence which reads, “Graham Dyson, my message is very clear.”

Let’s assume the business he is in today only makes widgets which can be used to help open and close the doors of De Beers-Barclays officials, and he manages to make a profit, would that make Graham Dyson credible enough for you to continue doing business with him?

So Bernie, having Graham Dyson as a FB friend, what does it do for you?

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