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What goes around comes around

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 6, 2012 9:04:21 AM PST
To: Sam Samples
Subject: Fwd: AFRN Group Scam
You know that Marie and I can easily give some very positive comments, but my life experience is that the human is rotten for a reason and when the best of us get tripped up they all come in for the kill.

We were just composing a response to Cyndi telling me she is taking the gloves off and to incorporate in it the important subject of water which we should all drink lots of for a reason.

Our getting together was for a reason.

I am not telling you how to respond to any of these people, but I do know that when one drops a big bomb in enemy lines one’s foot soldiers must move fast; that is the defining difference between Israeli forces and every other military and why Israel has the highest percentage of officer casualties.

I know you don’t want to take money from Cyndi but were she to make a donation to our cause and our cause of course undermines the non-merit system that has served her as well as everyone in the west who has a pot to pee in.

Now take a deep breath, and remember none of these people have been smart enough to fly an F15 into battle.

Marie is talking with her elder sister about their dying eldest brother who also did not ask to be born unless one believes in God and that means the animals that don’t talk such as dogs know everything before it happens and their actions are there to guide us.

Until you follow this path you won’t know what I am talking about.

You have to stay in the moment and realize that everyone you know is going to be watching very carefully your next move.

I don’t suggest you say you are sorry. Wait for me to make my move with Cyndi. They all know that you are having a cash flow problem that money can easily fix.

Last night in our conversation you mentioned this lawyer-writer in Texas and who is writing about people who oppose capitalism, at least that is what I heard and perhaps I misheard.

Please explain clearly for me what she is trying to do. It may explain the timing of this attack.

Remember God has a hand in everything including natural disasters.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Josh Weaver
Date: January 6, 2012 8:41:12 AM PST
To: Steve Mulholland
Cc: Larry Moses , Terry Samples , John Barges , 2 Design , Debbie Duguay , Search Engines , Michael Feldman , Michael Feldman , Diana Forrest , Ellen Fourroux , Gary Gevisser , marie Gevisser , Gary Gevisser , Josh Gold , Jean-Paul Goodrich , Victoria Gottschalk , Francisco Gramajo , Jenny Greenleaf , The Group , Marilee Guinan , Gabriel H , Lance Haynes , Justhost Helpdesk , Danielle Hershman , Laurie Hinckley , Molly Hopkins , Jennifer Horowitz , Jennifer Horowitz , “1&1 Inc.” , derek irby , Angela Jablonski , BetteJo johnson , Takis Katsoulis , Sue Kauffman , Lindsey Kinnsch , Clint Krisco , Vijay Kukreja , Matt Lacrosse , Cyndi Lauper , Bob Letson , Trio llc , Theodore Loesch , Amiron Machinery , Francis Mahema , Mike Malek , Dylan Marshall , Carmen Medina , Abdullah Metwally , Justin Michie , Lance Miller , Sara Miller , Michelle Miller , Russ Moalemi , Trenise Moore , Wendy Moore , Featheringill Mortuary , Lawrence Moses , Sharieff Mulkey , Justin Nassie , Justin Nassie , Patrick Nichols , Microsoft Office , Brandon Perry , Brandon Perry , Todd Pierce , crish proo , Diane Rettew , Terry Roberts , Ashley Rogers , Greg Roper , thomas rourke , Terry Samples , Rebecca Samples , Noble Samurai , Michael Schuster , Phil Sciuto , phpForms script , Dave Shields , Bridget Smith , Linda Smith , Genyfer Spark , Jim Stabile , “ Support” , PHPForms Support , “ support” , “ Support” , Charice Thomas , Alan Thompson , Jonathan Waltz , Joe Webster , Ray Wilkerson , Phil Wilson , Edward Wollmann , Anthony Wood , “Ben Y.” , Dmitriy Zamogilniy , vanessa zamorano
Subject: Re: AFRN Group Scam

I’m not even quite sure how I got on this email thread. But let me know what they scammed you on and I should be able to help you find a reputable person, if I can’t do it myself.

Josh Weaver
On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 10:36 AM, Steve Mulholland wrote:

I had the same exact experience. I still have not been refunded for work that was never done back in July.


Tel: 800 • 383 • 1381

Fax: 805 • 830 • 0363

Video – List Giant Intro

Video – Virtual Tour of Corporate Headquarters

From: Larry Moses []
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 8:22 AM
To: ‘Terry Samples’; ‘John Barges’; ‘2 Design’; ‘Debbie Duguay’; ‘Search Engines’; ‘Michael Feldman’; ‘Michael Feldman’; ‘Diana Forrest’; ‘Ellen Fourroux’; ‘Gary Gevisser’; ‘marie Gevisser’; ‘Gary Gevisser’; ‘Josh Gold’; ‘Jean-Paul Goodrich’; ‘Victoria Gottschalk’; ‘Francisco Gramajo’; ‘Jenny Greenleaf’; ‘The Group’; ‘Marilee Guinan’; ‘Gabriel H’; ‘Lance Haynes’; ‘Justhost Helpdesk’; ‘Danielle Hershman’; ‘Laurie Hinckley’; ‘Molly Hopkins’; ‘Jennifer Horowitz’; ‘Jennifer Horowitz’; ‘1&1 Inc.’; ‘derek irby’; ‘Angela Jablonski’; ‘BetteJo johnson’; ‘Takis Katsoulis’; ‘Sue Kauffman’; ‘Lindsey Kinnsch’; ‘Clint Krisco’; ‘Vijay Kukreja’; ‘Matt Lacrosse’; ‘Cyndi Lauper’; ‘Bob Letson’; ‘Trio llc’; ‘Theodore Loesch’; ‘Amiron Machinery’; ‘Francis Mahema’; ‘Mike Malek’; ‘Dylan Marshall’; ‘Carmen Medina’; ‘Abdullah Metwally’; ‘Justin Michie’; ‘Lance Miller’; ‘Sara Miller’; ‘Michelle Miller’; ‘Russ Moalemi’; ‘Trenise Moore’; ‘Wendy Moore’; ‘Featheringill Mortuary’; ‘Lawrence Moses’; ‘Steve Mulholland’; ‘Sharieff Mulkey’; ‘Justin Nassie’; ‘Justin Nassie’; ‘Patrick Nichols’; ‘Microsoft Office’; ‘Brandon Perry’; ‘Brandon Perry’; ‘Todd Pierce’; ‘crish proo’; ‘Diane Rettew’; ‘Terry Roberts’; ‘Ashley Rogers’; ‘Greg Roper’; ‘thomas rourke’; ‘Terry Samples’; ‘Rebecca Samples’; ‘Noble Samurai’; ‘Michael Schuster’; ‘Phil Sciuto’; ‘phpForms script’; ‘Dave Shields’; ‘Bridget Smith’; ‘Linda Smith’; ‘Genyfer Spark’; ‘Jim Stabile’; ‘ Support’; ‘PHPForms Support’; ‘ support’; ‘ Support’; ‘Charice Thomas’; ‘Alan Thompson’; ‘Jonathan Waltz’; ‘Josh Weaver’; ‘Joe Webster’; ‘Ray Wilkerson’; ‘Phil Wilson’; ‘Edward Wollmann’; ‘Anthony Wood’; ‘Ben Y.’; ‘Dmitriy Zamogilniy’; ‘vanessa zamorano’
Subject: AFRN Group Scam

Dear Terry and Rebecca,

I am now making my 3rd request for a full refund for services that I paid for which you never provided. Attached are emails from Rebecca where she stated on November 18 and then again on December 7 that she was sending my refund for the services which you were contracted for and did not provide. I am now starting to believe that you are running a scam operation and I am copying all your email recipients on this email to make sure they are aware that you may be doing the same thing to them, which is stealing their money. My next step will be that I am going to file a complaint with the BBC and with the San Diego County small claims court against you and your wife.

Even more appalling to the fact that you took my money is that you sold me on the idea that you were an honorable, discharged air force veteran who was a Christian that conducted his business in good faith and with honor. I find it disgusting and shameful that you would use what Americans like myself cherish as important values, and use those values as a front to lure people in to paying you for services that you do not provide. You and your wife are awful people, and I do not expect that you nor your wife will be writing me a 3rd email stating that you will again send me my refund. I only hope that all the people reading this email right now will go forth with caution before they reach a point where you screw them also.

What goes around, comes around, and your scam will eventually catch up with you and Rebecca.

Larry Moses

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