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What prevents OCCUPY WALL STREET from marching on De Beers?


No one knows what they are all about; i.e. who is backing them?

Have they made a demand; have they told anyone?

Have they mentioned De Beers and why De Beers who owe everything they have to the US military, no longer accept American citizens as investors in the Lloyds of London Insurance who fix the price of insurance worldwide, no different to De Beers who fix the price of their diamonds that are not inventoried, but Lloyds accept De Beers certified diamonds as an investment-money instrument.

On an everyday basis what does this mean for the average Joe Blow?

Answer: End of distraction. People late in life, feeling their bodies age and few getting physically healthier that makes them attractive to the opposite sex which is all that the young and vibrant care about, and their play time getting harder to enjoy at the same time they feel the pressure of their time for enjoyment running out, and worse yet, they have yet to have built up a sufficient nest egg, feel deep resentment in not having learned when they were kids that South Africa based De Beers are a mining institution that controls the world’s drilling industry and therefore countries like Saudi Arabia and all the financial markets beginning with insurance, thanks to their century long stranglehold on diamond tipped drilling bits that are needed to drill for all minerals including water, oil and diamonds that are not produced in machines which De Beers control because were a conglomerate like General Electric, that produced diamond manufacturing machines in the mid-1950s were to try and compete with De Beers, De Beers because of their huge stockpile of industrial diamonds that have only increased over the years since diamonds were discovered in huge diamond pipes in South Africa back in the late 1860s, they would put them out of business in an instant, and so General Electric caved in.

How much effort if you are fortunate to have a healthy body does it take to be a maid, compared to having to think through the reactions of all those De Beers have afforded the easy life which covers a very broad spectrum?

The youth of the world should first focus on all those who have in fact built up a sufficient nest egg, and I am the person to help them and nor do they need to go looking for the very thin corporate structure of De Beers to “get their kicks”; in fact, it is the totally wrong thing to go to their homes as many in this very loosely held together OCCUPY WALL STREET crowd that is nowhere near as big throughout the world as the media are portraying which of course the media want to make much more of, so that everyday ciitizens who have a job and/or are enjoying the relative calm that prevails throughout the world will support a crackdown on these “hooligans”. Instead they should all stay home and those who work and/or attend schools and colleges should just work their inner circle starting with their family and friends including their Facebook “friends” and other social intercourse websites to ask them their point on view on the subjects History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] and when they tell you they have no interest in those subjects which they find “boring”, you know you have hit a “raw nerve”.

You will find these people inevitably making the argument that the whole world is rotten, in which case they should agree that since there are no morals in this dog eat dog world then it is only fair and smart that we pay our soldiers first before the rest of us get so much as a morsel of food.

The comfortable cannot get enough of their corrupt governments acting as the buffer with the soldiers they have been brainwashing ever since the logic of Mind AND Body took second place to Mind OVER Body which would only make sense to a devolved species.

In the next instant with the poor of the world still in the majority the violence of the silent majority could end and we could all make our individual case of the value of our contribution to the whole.

Who other than a selfish future shellfish would want to live amongst people who show much worse than the fact that they are evil that they are stupid.

Right now I am being asked by a young, beautiful, hard working webdesigner lady to come with a title for this Occupy Wall Street to be added to the BREAKING NEWS category on the homepage of I told Diana that I cannot think of something very catchy, as I am battling to find the right words reach people like her who haven’t given up their dreams versus those of middle age who are raging at me right now for having so upset their easy go lucky worlds where as they have aged poorly because of their laziness they seek increasing comfort in the friendship of others of the same mindset as they drain each other the way of wrestlers, except that seeing old fat diseased TALKATIVE cells wrestling in the nude makes me want to vomit, and let me know how you feel.

There is a huge and ingenious difference between Jewish people of old and the Christian world which has ruled ever since the days of the Crusaders and their names have simply changed to keep up with the devolution times.

Christians call their Bible either The Bible or The New Testament. The Jewish bible is not called a bible for it is known as the “Torah” which means “Knowledge”.

Another important word which most of the world knows is the name Israel which translates into the English, “Wrestle with God”.

Christians are preoccupied with “blind faith” which is what their scripture tells them is paramount, and yet when waging most of the wars they see the “savages” on the other side as the work of Satan which does not exist in the Torah.

Another big expression in Judaism is “L’ Chaim” which means “To life”.

It is the closest expression one gets in any human language for humans to be “in the moment” like all the rest of the animal species as well as equally perfect and always in balance nature, which the human sucks off from day one in order to survive.

When a Christian goes to confession all they ask for is forgiveness from God which the confession priest says he has the power of God to grant absolution so long as they confess and say the perfunctory Hail Marys.

In Judaism of old, a sinner would need to ask those they have harmed for forgiveness, which might never happen as is the case when someone has injured the name of a good person and why slander in Judaism is tantamount to murder.

So godly powers granted to a Roman Catholic priest are passed down under the guise of “By Divine Right We Rule” which the Monarchs and Noble people who provided the soldiers to wage war against other kingdoms which had valuable mineral resources and then to enslave their peoples.

In Judaism of old, the Hebrews knew more about the clay feet of their human leadership than their strengths as they were encouraged by their rabbis and priests who were not corrupt to “wrestle with God” and ask all the right questions and when searching for the truth one finds God-Logic-Truth in the moment.

God exists and the human just has to try it once and when it works the first time, the next time it is even easier, and in that first experience it should become first nature, and there is no logical reason to give up after the first try in order to try again, when of course it will happen, but in the meantime one lost time after giving up after the first try when achieving success.

It is so simple, but complicated and so boring, so monotonous mankind, the oxymoron of all time, always thinks he can outsmart the genius of One God

Only One God could have created and sustained such a simple organization whose leaders have never exhibited qualities of warriors like King David and Alexander The Great who first proved themselves in battle even if they eventually fell victim to the trappings of success.

De Beers’ monopolistic control of the world’s key industry makes this most dynamic organization which their “common herd” have known little and nothing about, the official allocator of the world’s resources. Such extraordinary power violates all the world’s anti-Trust/anti-Monopolies laws as it allows De Beers to be a law unto themselves. They are the bank of bankers as they set the value on the raw minerals that come out of the ground that countries need both to defend othemselves as well as wage war. In other words De Beers make a very good business from backing all sides to war. Nor do they have any difficulty explaining their almost omnipotent power to their corrupt elected and non-elected government officials who they put in charge of printing all the world’s different currencies which are one and the same because De Beers buy and sell their different government currencies using their own exclusive unlimited supply of untraceable currencies that they have never provided an inventory, because that would mean they would disclose to the general public the bribes they have paid to make them not subject to the anti-Competition laws that they flagrantly violate.

Their only fear is that the military backing they have had from day one following their victory in the very bloody South African Boer War of 1899-1902 could be beaten by both a less corrupt military and one that is stronger than their current backer, Uncle Sam.

De Beers take no risks in the financial markets that they have created which gives jobs to the hordes of paper pushers who get born in abundance after each war which is geared to both cull human overpopulation and cover De Beers’ most brutal genocidal war tracks, and they reward the most those who work most on perfecting their gift of the gab to indoctrinate the masses where distraction is the end game.

As the information age has kept up with weapons technology De Beers have increasingly become desperate to maintain control of the airways which move the masses the way a pingpong ball crosses the net. They never envisioned the leveling power of the Internet and so now they brought out their big gun Putin of Russian who the world knows represents anything but democracy, but Putin does maintain law and order in the Soviet Union and nor is he afraid to flex his muscles.

The important photo shoot of Putin bowing

in Johannesburg South Africa to De Beers head Nicholas Oppenheimer on September 5, 2006, was a shot across the bow of the US, that the US who has the most bloody hands in support of the most anti-God organization the world has ever known and who own the capitalist system which they mock to high heaven, had better demonstrate their willingness to use force throughout the mineral rich regions of the world as well as have American citizens begin paying their way by going back to work and digging for the minerals they have been stealing from the rest of the world for the past century.

De Beers owns Lloyds who accepts diamonds from their investors who can no longer be American citizens and which the US Government has not brought to the attention of the American public while the US Securities Exchange Commission fully endorses this action by Lloyds as there are no restrictions placed on Lloyds from selling their insurance to Americans and American corporations who always have the choice of finding an American based insurer such as US Government owned AIG and other so-called non-US Government owned insurers who all understand that because Lloyds can underprice them, since Lloyds’ cost of capital is inextricably linked to De Beers who control all cost of capital that cost them as much as Uncle Sam charges to protect De Beers and their violent regimes throughout the world.

De Beers have never had any competition in setting the price of their diamonds just like you would expect from a mafia organization selling protection on any main street.

It is so simple and unimaginably stupid, but it is all very real.

Lloyds in accepting diamonds as currency while not accepting gold bullion has everything to do with De Beers putting a gun to the head of the US Government when forcing the US to go off the Gold Standard on August 15, 1971.

Lloyds is De Beers and De Beers is Lloyds, and it didn’t become transparent just yesterday.

Lloyds are the leader in the risk insurance market which determines what each of us pays for our motor vehicles that we cannot drive without insurance, for our housing which cannot be built without the general contractor having insurance, all the way to the professionals such as medical doctors, lawyers and the such who have a fiduciary responsibility to inform both their clients and prospects.

Amplification: De Beers, who remember the owner of this website from well before he began his 24 year deafening silence – CLICK HERE – in 1980 after first joining them in early spring 1979 at their most important site holder on US soil, Codiam Inc. who are still headquartered on 47th Street, New York City, only look at the human population numbers throughout the world and then decide where, how and when to make cuts. They know the country that has received the most steel and other strategic metals as well as oil byproduct plastics to make first and foremost expensive motor cars like Ferraris will fight tooth and nail to hold on to what they have.

Have you ever noticed the reaction of an expensive car owner when someone just happens to walk by the car just a little too close?

Most of the world’s population do not own motor vehicles because their money in mineral rich raped countries is artificially suppressed in the same way war is an everyday event either within their artificially designated borders or in the countries surrounding them which create a steady stream of refugees who are then blamed for weakening a cluster of economies which creates that much more of the necessary tension which breeds fertile soil for the ongoing genocide of the poor, who simply lack the education more so than the guns which the out of control military industrial complexes of the weapons supplier countries whose citizenry while brainwashed with patriotism, “We are the best because we are the smartest because we are told by our teachers-parents that it is Mind Over Body versus the logical Mind AND Body temple, have got lazy while living high on the hog and self-righteously proclaim they have earned their slave master position, and the corrupt clergy just obey in defiance of scripture which they abuse to add to the confusion.

The lazy also no longer can do the heavy lifting work, which is not lost on foreign slave wage earners laborers who have not come close to being all killed off which is why they are still the majority and can figure this all out much quicker than their slave masters who have no loyalty to country, race or religion just to those who feather their nests as these figureheads of the monopolists such as Putin are increasingly embroiled in figuring out who is King of the Hill and knowing the logic behind internecine fighting is the bloodiest which eventually killed off the Medici family which only took awhile because the masses never had the leveling medium Internet.

The mafia monopolist of mafia monopolists, the De Beers drilling monopoly decided in the first week of September 2006 to show Putin they had the big gun Uncle Sam and if he wanted to be crowned king as America’s President at the time George W. Bush and his successor have remained conspicuously absent from this most important bowing ceremony

The puppet Captains of Industry are fat cats and they try as best they can to find as their puppet military-civilian leadership as in shape a stooge as possible, but as we can see they are having an increasingly tougher time finding someone half way decent for the unwanted job of President of the United States.

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