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What unites

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: April 22, 2012 12:44:27 PM PDT
To: “Adam Lee Tucker – Principal co-defendant in Knuff lawsuit who was severed from the lawsuit on the day the most fraudulent defamation $4 million DEATH SENTENCE was handed to GSGevissr on January 21st, 2011. Tucker met for the first and only time with Knuff on December 23, 2008.” <>
Cc: rest; Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman [May 30 1929 – ] c/o Arnold Pollak” <>, neil <>, Laura Malter <>
Subject: just in case you have an internet connection.
What unites all the middle class from my family to yours to everyone who has produced children over the past 4 generations is the realization that one family has controlled human population growth by managing all the currencies through the purchase and sale of diamonds and this explosion of middle class paper pushers from the cop on the beat to the likes of George Soros are unwilling to address how they have been so easily manipulated by the Oppenheimers who have never once tried to hide their modus operandi, and that is too much for everyone to bear, since they could have worked it all out on their own, and now their pride along with all their material possessions make it impossible for them admit they were wrong.

What do you think my mom could say to my eldest brother, and then look at all those middle class families with less tight bonds.

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