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From: Gary S Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 1:49 PM PT
To: Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret clearance –
Cc: rest; Adam L Tucker;; Tefo Mohapi; Augusto Benito Vargis; King Golden Jr. Esq. – former General Counsel of Science Applications International Corporation – left wing University of Virginia Law School graduate – “bosom buddy” of right wing senior National Security Council member, Roger W. Robinson ; Roger W. Robinson – aka “Our Man Roger” – co-founder of PSSI – Former Chairman and Vice Chairman, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission-Protege of senior DAAC operative David Rockefellar – Chairman of J.P. Morgan-Chase Manhattan Bank; Dr. John K. Pollard –; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Mossad
Subject: White Russia – Russia /// new

You might find “sum” [sic] repetition in what I sent just earlier to a long time South African-American friend Michael Sewitz who is a Facebook “friend” of mine:

Connect… people that you and I know who may have come in as my “friend” as well as “your friend” without however being necessarily our “mutual friends” who when finding out a just a little bit more about myself, beginning with how much I used to be a “closed book” only letting people know what they needed to know, but always answering their questions fully without being in the least bit deceptive since I had no “fear” of them knowing my “secrets” since I was so well schooled in the all important, “Once you tell a secret it is no longer a secret”, they quickly “delete” themselves as my “friend” and of course have the option of coming up with a fictitious name along with a fake photo of themselves and think they can still get all “gossip” that may or might not being going on between myself and the rest of my “friends” who of course, the intelligent amongst us have also figured out that we will keep our private thoughts on those who have not only “deleted” themselves from being my friend but chose to ignore the invitation to be my “friend” which is surely enough to drive stark raving nuts even the most illogical amongst us who have become stupid for the simple reason they chose very carefully to allow their formal education to interfere with their learning for the simple reason they are hypocrites and care nothing about contributing to the betterment of humankind, the oxymoron of all time.

This might still be all very “boring” to you but not when you know of the “huge credibility” I have amongst the world’s extraordinarily few “movers and shakers”, not the Bill Gates Jr. or his father of the same name who is the real brains behind Microsoft or for that matter “soft in the head” Warren Buffet who are only today finding out that they too have been “used and abused” by again the very few “ruling elite” who count on the “nuveau riche” to be their “peacocks”; most if not all of the upper middle class such as Buffett and Gates coming from the lower middle and working class who forget quickly from where they come because again of the way the “ruling elite” have gone about educating the masses under the bs Bell Shaped Curve Educational system where it is the most average who rise to the top.

My mother Zena who you thought you knew “fairly well” didnt need to explain in any detail let alone keep repeating to me who was born with a good amount of “common sense”, that, “The Tallest Trees Attract The Most Wind.”

Moreover, when I had completed the 4 month Ulpan at Kibbutz Sde Boker, Israel in late December 1972, upon returning back to Durban, South Africa, my mother made a point when greeting me in at Durban’s Louis Botha Airport to not breath a word about how well I had done in both the Gadna training as well as the final academic exams, and it wasn’t because she felt that I disregarded her teachings, “The Tallest Trees Attract The Most Wind”.

Remember, back then I was getting close to age 16, you and I the same age, I had, however, acquired a whole lot more knowledge than my extraordinarily brilliant and worldly mother which is a rather significant achievement considering the fact that my mother was some 28 years of age when I was born and she a “certified genius” had been mostly raised by her pogrom orphaned grandmother Nechie Becker Badash.

Not to mention that only in December 2001 when I saw my mother for the last time did she inform me that Nechie who died at age 69 in 1943 came from the same tiny village of Plonsk, White Russia-Poland as David Ben Gurion who didnt stop paying attention to me after he and I met for the first time on November 1st, 1972, some 57 odd days following CIA sponsored and trained PLO terrorists beginning to brutally murder 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

You might not have been the very best math student at school or university but you would not argue with me that we are all born geniuses, no more than 24 or tops 25 standard deviation points of intelligence that “seperates” [sic] the dumbest of us at birth, but when we are allowed to get away with lying, stealing and cheating the short-circuits in our brain create this awesome perfect vacuum of space between our ears much like deep space where no sound as we know it can travel.

Each of us were we to be intellectually honest would agree that not only do we each get our just reward but we get it in “real time”.

My gorgeous, so very funny, beyond belief sensuous French-Canadian wife Marie Dion and I are about to leave our art gallery-studio home on the bluffs of heavily corrupt Del Mar and spend the remainder of the long weekend at our Stone Home/cabin in the Cleveland National Forest.

Our time alone is very important, especially right now as I with of course your help explain all the so contrived “stupidity” that has the masses so focused on the “superficial” differences between us as they also go about “pigeon holing” the individual based on their looks, followed by ethnicity, religion, sex and so on when in fact the “lazy rich” who do all the brainwashing when not relying on their “peacock” nuveau riche” to make the poor from where they come feel “second class”, know all their “charades” are about inciting class warfare.

This photo below of Ibn Saud along with the book The Diamond Invention should allow you to attract everyone you now to one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers workshops.

let me now what you and Mary think.

From: J R []
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 8:00 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: Re: Russia /// new

how do the russians play in all of this more specific kgb, like our USA intel departments

how or what are they apart of.


p.s. I lets have another dinner

p.s. II 1.618 is golden rectangle, golden mean,

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