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Who are dragging their feet?

From: Marie Dion Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 10:21 AM
Cc: rest
Subject: Perfect Storm XXVII

Dear Mr. Freeman,

It seems that Mr. Gevisser might in fact be on to something, i.e. when it suits your organization to communicate with him you don’t hesitate to call him on his cell phone to let him know that the “paper work” is not complete. When, however, he asks you what seems to me to be a reasonable question you drag your feet.

Once I contacted Mr. Gevisser after we spoke and got the gist of his concerns I immediately contacted my bank to stop payment on the 3 checks.

This morning I was informed that the checks had in fact cleared my account. You are to return these monies to me as soon as possible.

Soon may not be soon enough. My style is definately different to Mr. Gevisser’s that may come across in his emails as being “combative.” Mr. Gevisser’s track record though of giving people the benefit of the doubt when first dealing with them is well documented as well as his success in going after people who play it fast and loose with the truth.

I will reiterate Mr. Gevisser’s earlier concerns that neither one of us recalls your salesperson who was reading from a “script” although it might not have been “chapter and verse” according the “fair lending act” making any referance to “interest charges…” If in fact he and I were both “deaf” to the pitch then it may in fact be a wakeup call for others less sophisticated than Mr. Gevisser who need help in responding to fast ball thrown at or near head.

You should be advised that Mr. Gevisser has written this entire email while forcing me to go to work on producing another series of cartoons much like the one you see at the website. Drawing cartoons is something I don’t really care to do and in fact detest it as much as I hate looking at a computer screen.

I have yet to go on to the so-called Internet although Mr. Gevisser did on one occassion have me look at one of his websites which I found rather infantile.

Be advised though that I have known Mr. Gevisser some time now and I can assure you he does not lie, steal or cheat or so he says. He also tells me that Mr.Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman has agreed to a settlement rather than run the risk of a courtroom setting that would have Mr. Gevisser begging me once again to draw more cartoons although he says he is willing to pay me an arm and a leg. I also detest it when Mr. Gevisser makes me beg.

No doubt there are a number of people out there who would like to chop of Mr. Gevisser’s nose as well and so if you know of any plastic surgeons who have been playing things fast and loose with other peoples arms and legs to boot just email him from one of his 78 odd websites which might now exceed 100, or so he says.

I dont know enough what ultimate message others will get from the Revlon Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit and how folks like Ronald “O. Ring” Perelman use Other People’s Money to wreck havoc on the masses while co-opting good folks to do his dirty work butt Mr. Gevisser’s one and only other suggestion outside of returning the monies to me without deducting one single cent is that you take a close look at the deposition taken by a “.killed and competent attorney-colleague” of Mr. Gevisser’s that for the past 3 plus years has prevented Mr. Gevisser from doing other matters of importance in his efforts to solve the problems of the world.

Mr. Gevisser will be calling you in due course. Should you have any further questions please contact Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk at who in turn will find a way to communicate with Mr. Gevisser or the executor of his estate Mr. Devin Standard.

Mr. Krinsk, according to Mr. Gevisser, is currently in Las Vegas and will be returning soon after the New Year. Mr. Gevisser says that he would like to add the following even though I think this is already going on too long,

“It is unlikely that Mr. Krinsk will have bet the farm while visiting the Casinos with his partner “in crime” who may not believe in miracles. My step-father, Alan Zulman, who could also be in Las Vegas right now betting away what might not wrightfully belong to him taught me from an early age, ‘Can’t is not in my vocabulary.y, the impossible shall be done, miracles take a little longer’ although he may have picked up that expression from Sol Kerzner who almost made it on the cover of Time Magazine recently.”

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