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Who else knows?

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: March 10, 2012 10:19:31 AM PST
To: Leith Eaton <>
Cc:rest;, Mike Flint <>

Subject: Who else knows? Re: This is Gary Gevisser

Dear Leith, you were very fortunate in being gifted early in life the knowledge that wealth is health. I thought that because my mother appeared for a great many years on the back of the Grape Nuts 

cereal box and wrote the definitive book, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN, and she and her models didn’t get any prettier, other than Miss Canada of 1958 who lost to my mother’s Penny Coelen in the Miss World competition, so my mother brought out Miss Canada to South Africa and the end of that story is that when I returned to South Africa for the first time in late summer of 1979 I introduced Miss Canada’s daughter, Ronlynne Botha to one of my closest friends Cliff Benn whose parents “opened their doors” to me while I recuperated from having my liver poisoned while working for De Beers on 47th Street; but in fact like most of our parents and grandparents, my mother knew little and nothing about nutrition which didn’t prevent my French-Canadian wife from leading the way that has us both enjoying the fruits-nuts-veggies of life.

With that said, you can see that I went to your one website to check you out and therefore I would expect you to do the same with me. Most would also agree that my track record of success far exceeds that of my mother, and it is not possible to even begin comparing what I have accomplished when compared with my dad who like all accomplished people don’t feel the need to write their memoirs unless there is a very important story that needs to be told such as Boris Senior whose book NEW HEAVENS I highly recommend; not to mention my mother decided to publish her memoirs via email on September 25, 2001, 5 days after the LA Times broke the story about the Mossad’s art student spy network getting the scoop on 9/11.

As I mentioned to Nancy a couple of times and that I assume is because it was so noisy on your end, you want find anyone in the world alive or dead who has written an inside story about the German-South African Oppenheimers whose names only come up in discussion when people start talking about who controls the world’s wealth after all other names and plots involving one nonsense conspiracy after the next have been fully exhausted, and then it is time for sleep, because we all know such conversations rarely if ever stimulate a healthy sex life, which is of course everything once you have healthy mind and body.

You notice I leave a little room for “debate” while aware that you were writing from an iphone and there may not have been opportunity to visit my website that stops 99.999999% of the world’s literate population stone cold; and that would mean everyone you know including all your high profile politician-banker friends.

Nor did I need to canvas the world population to figure out that none of us who know how the world’s financial markets work had spoken out prior to me, and those that had were talking rubbish and continue to do so; and second, that the reaction of the human herd would be to feel anxious because they wouldn’t know who else has got all this information and not shared it with them, and finally stupid that they hadn’t figured it all out on their own before buying a bought author’s explanation; and so they weigh their options on how to avoid or diffuse, and neither you know are the right choice.

You would also know if a writer-talking head is bought, if they do not begin by mentioning either the Oppenheimers and/or the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892, somewhere very close to the beginning, because they can’t be that selectively stupid in their research which prevents them from playing stupid for very long.

Now of course I didn’t bring up the Bankers Manifesto in our conversation just like I didn’t mention all the millions of other words I have written since deciding on 11.11.2004 the time was right to expose the Oppenheimers and all those they had corrupted from the top down and bottom up.

Again, my F-C wife’s words, “Once you have the knowledge, you know everyone’s game.

The Diamond Invention book is of course a monumentally important non-fiction work, but not one that I would have needed to read in order to either know what I know today or get hired by De Beers-Anglo American Corporation whose owners, the Oppenheimers began to hide this past November for the first time in the history of The Diamond Invention; and I attribute that to my earth-shattering wrongful conviction in the history, not only of the United States but the entire world by a corrupt Texas Judge who did the unthinkable in spelling out in the most simple English that he had been bought.

Yes, the transcripts of the very brief hearings are that crystal clear; and why not a single hypocrite wants to touch them with a 100 foot pole.

You understand now that the Oppenheimers are not omnipotent, because only G-d is omnipotent and only good. The fact that the Oppenheimers could not buy me, is also not inconsequential and nor can anyone who has not been offered a lifestyle that would put people like Sol “Gambling Czar” Kerzner to shame, say that they would have done the same, unless they are stupid.

You all know lots of lawyers, lets see if any of them go very quiet, just like the rest. (Most people comfortable with the status quo don’t challenge anything of material importance, which does not mean they can continue hiding indefinitely from their inner circle that they most pride themselves. Don’t be surprised if you see more and more people deactivate their Facebook accounts once they realize the impact of my writings).

Below are some of the stats for for the past 6 days:

Date Unique Visitors Visitors
Mar 04, 2012
Mar 05, 2012
Mar 06, 2012
Mar 07, 2012
Mar 08, 2012
Mar 09, 2012

Country Visitors Percentage

This is the first time South Africa has appeared other than in the first couple of days when we started keeping track back in mid-May 2009.

Bear in mind, I am 34 years older and no dumber than when I knew upon arriving at O’Hare International Airport on March 17, 1978 that I just had to bide my time a little longer before I would be working for the most important organization in the world which didn’t mean that I felt the need to become a blabbermouth even after I passed all the necessary tests designed to see in great part whether I was shocked when realizing that there is not a single private or public corporation or screen play worth talking about that the Oppenheimers don’t first review before giving the “green light”.

I am fully aware of the amount of time I invested in that rather lengthy phone conversation last evening with the two of you, who were of great assistance in me refining my message to those in most need and to continue getting out the truth in the best way I know how; and so far it has been the deafening silence of all those who feel the truth is too disturbing.

It is true that we all feel at one point in our lives that the quest for the truth is paramount but that ends very quickly once we become corrupted.

I must now move on to other matters beginning with my -Egosue stretch-strength exercises followed by one of our amazing fruit pancakes topped with the freshest and best tasting fruit breakfasts and each moment enjoying the moment of one most divine presence who created such perfect beauty in nature counterbalanced by the regressing human who moves much slower in reacting to truth, for obvious reason, than a herd of wildebeast in the wild whose formal education never interfered with their learning.

Of course I have yet to fully get my head around why Mike, despite being so well-connected in Hollywood hasn’t managed to secure what he says is just a couple million dollars for a documentary that of course the Oppenheimers and their fellow bankers do not want out there unless it is a story they want to see in which case Mike should have asked Spielberg what to include and exclude.

My take on things is that unless you are preoccupied with a documentary such as Angels In The Sky there is nothing close to as interesting as my story that of course more than touches on the birth of Israel.

BTW, I am currently in a most interesting dialogue with Jim Winters the son of Charles Winters who President Bush Jr. gave a Presidential Pardon on December 23, 2008, the same day that this neurologically impaired ex CIA Charles Knuff met with my former webmaster at Knuff’s home here in San Diego county. [CLICK HERE].

Also realize that I am fully aware that none of us live forever and were it not for me, none of you, and that includes all those more than 2 million visitors to my website who are responsible for more than 46 million page views and NOT ONE journalist-politician has written one article or given one speech in support of me, would have lived out your lives, none the wiser, the same with your parents and grandparents, which does not have me concluding that forces against me won’t ultimately prevail in getting me silenced, and then the rest of you silent have a long life ahead before taking your final breadth and then you figure out on your own what a smart, ingenious G-d would have in store for each hypocrite.

The critters beginning with the ants are winning.

If you think like an ant, you are an ant – Marie Dion Gevisser

My most beautiful walkin-takin work-of-art F-C wife is now up.

Time to enjoy that much more a most beautiful sunshine day.


On Mar 10, 2012, at 7:47 AM, Leith Eaton wrote:

From: Leith Eaton <>
Date: March 10, 2012 7:47:55 AM PST
To: Gary S Gevisser <>

Subject: Re: This is Gary Gevisser
Hello Gary:

It was great speaking with you and I have been reading the very interesting information you sent to me.  It seems as though we have much to talk about and explore. Thank you for sending this and I hope to meet you and your wife very soon either in Los Angeles or San Diego.  My telephone number is 310-728-5888.  I look forward to speaking soon.All the best, Leith
Sent from Ambassador Dame Leith Eaton’s iPhone

Please excuse any errors.

On Mar 9, 2012, at 7:58 PM, Gary S Gevisser <> wrote: This is Gary Gevisser.
Diamond Invention

My wife Marie’s first email:

BTW, I thought there was a hyperlink over “infantile” but I was mistaken.

December 31, 2002 was a month and 19 days shy of 2 years before I broke my 24 year silence with De Beers (11.11.2004) – you can find those communications that began, “Remember me?”on my website

Come to think of it, putting coincidence aside, the 4 digits 1421 when you add or multiply equal 8 that is “lucky” to the Chinese, and there is the non-fiction book 1421 THE YEAR CHINA DISCOVERED AMERICA which I didn’t cover in my initial communications with Mike back on the 6th.

Here is a cut and paste:

Is Rod Margo, Matthew Margo’s brother? Matthew and I go back to the fall of 1989 when I was heading up the restructuring team of Epilady USA Inc. for the South African Krok family whose fortunes were first made in their Twins Pharmaceuticals.

Matthew, who I last spoke with a couple of years back, is not the only New Yorker who would also remember the Krok’s Broadway musical, Meet Me In St. Louis, which more important than the $10 million lost when money appeared to most to have more value than today, is the most important journey of the M.S. St. Louis that was forced to return to Europe on June 6, 1939 which was never lost for a moment on Ben-Gurion.

Matthew was of course included in the email invitation I sent out on December 1, 2000, the 27th anniversary of the passing of Ben-Gurion for my New Beginnings Party that was held here in Del Mar at my former digs, and I ended it with the following:

Judge Cecil Margo whose son is a friend of mine passed away last week. Judge Margo was the commander Ben Gurion chose after the 1948 War of Independence to develop the blueprints that would become the foundation of the Israeli Air Force. The funeral started the clock on his full comeuppance.

The invitation was addressed to Randall Kaplan who I had previous dealings with as he was the co-founder of the well-known Internet algorithm company, AKAMAI whose share price last traded on 12.1.2000 at $27, not a penny more, or a penny less.

By further coincidence Kaplan’s co-founder and brains behind AKAMAI was multi-billionaire Daniel Lewin, the Israeli Special Forces officer who was most likely the first victim of 9/11 as he flew in the business class section of American Airlines flight 11, the first to hit the Twin Towers; and 9/11 occurred 9 months and 11 days exactly after December 1, 2000.

In that email I included a number of family photos including this article about my mom below

And that is my mom and dad with Pandit Nehru in front of his home where they were his guests for 2 weeks and his daughter Indira Ghandi was their chaperone.

The fact that we owned a not exactly inconsequential Tea and Coffee company called GIPSY, was not the primary reason for such an unprecedented honor.

That article was published in April 2001.

On February 1, 2001, the Missad’s Jerusalem Post published my first of 4 letters to the editor that began:

The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role oil traders play in furthering terrorism.

You would know that in August 2001 the Mossad gave both the FBI and CIA the most crystal clear heads up.

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