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Who has scruples? (Copyright) – Re: Gary, can you tell me more about your book, please?

Broadcast 4
Begin forwarded message:
From: GaryStevenGevisser <>
Subject: Who has scruples? (Copyright) – Re: Gary, can you tell me more about your book, please?
Date: August 17, 2013 1:13:41 PM PDT
To: Daniel Ellsberg – In March 1971 leaked Pentagon Papers that his boss Offense/Defense Minister McNamara authorized in June 1967 the same time McNamara and company placed the USS Liberty spy ship in harms way Sinai Peninsula – c/o Karen Jenkins – RAND Corporation <>
Cc: rest;” <>, “” <>, Tefo Mohapi <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Martin Rapaport – Rapaport Report <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Director The Extra-Mural Education Project Cape Town South Africa Jonny Gevisser – only son of Leslie Gevisser <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, author and founder Dream Change Change John Perkins – former CIA Economic Hit Man <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Israel Professor Amiram Goldblum – Hebrew University <>, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah <>, Embassy of Sweden – Washington DC <>, “” <>
Broadcast 3

Begin forwarded message:

From: GaryStevenGevisser <>
Subject: Who has scruples? (Copyright) – Re: Gary, can you tell me more about your book, please?
Date: August 17, 2013 12:48:12 PM PDT
To: “Dr. Leizer Molk MD” <>, “United Sec. of State John Kerry ℅ Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “Deborah Sturman Esq. – well compensated lead counsel in $4 billion Holocaust slave labor settlement that was cheered by virulent anti-Semite De Beers.” <>, “Andile Madikizela – First cousin of Winnie Mandela and close confidant of Nelson Mandela who acknowledged in private meetings with Andile of his knowledge that the CIA turned him in to the South African Apartheid Regime during the Kennedy Administration. Andile first contacted me because he was curious about multi-billioinaire Jonathan Beare who hung out in gay bars in Johannesburg; and no one seemed to know much about him. It was my email postings on The Internet which first caught his eye, and Andile was impressed that I did not fear J. Beare.” <>, Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker <>, “” <>, “” <>, “Glenn Greenwald – Guardian reporter who released the Snowden documents.” <>
Cc: rest; Office for the Israeli Department of Defense Attache Israeli Embassy, Washington DC.” <>, Alexey Shumeyko <>, “” <>, LaVern Whitt – Agent of Asher Gevisser ℅ Whitt’s agent Neil Bragg of Don Buchwald & Associates Associates <>, Levi Lee <>, “” <>, “Adele Strous Im not interested in history of Israel Clingman – wife of CIA oil trader Alan Clingman and business partner of Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and company.” <>, “” <>, Bool Smuts <>, “” <>, “” <>, Chief Rabbi of South Africa Goldstein <>, “Cliff and Ronlynne Benn – Durban South Africa.” <>, Catherine Robson <>, Charles Finch – Manager of Director Nick Broomfield <>, “ Negev Desert” <>, “” <>, Darma Mahadea <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “South African Professor of Economics Mark Darrock – \”De Beers bring order to the diamond marketplace that would otherwise be chaotic\” [July 1, 2006 – China]. [July 1″ <>, “EDITOR@SHANGHAIDAILY.COM” <EDITOR@SHANGHAIDAILY.COM>, Guy Ellestad <>, “” <>, “” <>, “ESSAKOW@YAHOO.COM” <ESSAKOW@YAHOO.COM>, Embassy of Sweden – Washington DC <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Matthew Hoh – former US Captain who resigned from US State Department <>, Nigel Gevisser <>, Geoff Harris <>, jeff hubbard <>, “” <>, Israel Professor Amiram Goldblum – Hebrew University <>, “” <>, Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec South Africa <>, Lisa Fugard – Daughter of South African playwrite and actor Athol Fugard who played Jan Smuts in Ghandi <>, “Deborah Sturman Esq. – well compensated lead counsel in $4 billion Holocaust slave labor settlement that was cheered by virulent anti-Semite De Beers. De Beers.” <>, “Jason M. Ritchie” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Jessica Schroenn Goebel <>, Julie Burgon – De Beers Jonathan Oppenheimer’s PA <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Ann Neumeister <>, “Newell \”The Big Lie\” Starks – Citicorp Venture Corporation officer.” <>, “Larry J. Merlo – Chief Executive Officer CVS Officer CVS” <>, John Gevisser – son of David and Hedda Gevisser c/o Jonathan Norton head of operations Operation Lionheart <>, Amanda Lopez – US ARMY recruiter <>, Tumi Makgabo <>, “Rabbi Caspers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama.” <>, Reuven Sobel <>, Martin Rapaport – Rapaport Report <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Symantha Ash <>, “” <>, Susan Edelman – New York Post – Gmail account <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Thulani Xulu <>, “” <>, US Marine – Corporal Kevin Gipe <>


Begin forwarded message:

From: GaryStevenGevisser <>
Subject: Who has scruples? (Copyright) – Re: Gary, can you tell me more about your book, please?
Date: August 17, 2013 10:54:07 AM PDT
To: Levi Lee <>
Cc: rest; Monkey 1 <>, “ Adam Lee Tucker” <>, Laura Malter – ex CIA <>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes.” <>, “” <>, “Geoffrey Rothwell – Principal Economist at OECD Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – Professor Stanford University – World authority on the pricing of uranium.” <>,, charles ivie <>, “Michael \”The Big Lie Thief\” Grant” <>, “Michael \”TORDU\” Awerbuch” <>, Alan Conrad <>, Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law School <>, “” <>, NANCY SPIELBERG <>, “Patrick K. Tillman Sr. Esq. – father of American Football athlete Pat Tillman who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan.” <>, “” <>, “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney – prosecuted Presidential Pardoned Marc Rich’s attorney, Scooter Libby.” <>, “Colin Cowie – Celebrity Caterer – former longtime lover of South African Jonathan Beare. Jonathan Beare.” <>, Jonathan Beare – founder Investec <>, “” <>, Jeffrey Fall <>, “Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author END OF POVERTY.” <>, Adam Hochschild – author of Blood & Treasures – founder of Mother Jones <>, “Rock legend Cyndi Lauper – referenced in VP Dan Quayle’s response to Major Sam Samples on December 9, 2011” <>, Vice President Dan Quayle <>, “” <>, Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant <>, Thulani Xulu <>, “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall Solana Beach, California” <>, Neil Gevisser <>, Kathy Gevisser-Danziger Kathy danziger <>, Melvin Gevisser <>, “” <>, Zuma Dogg <>, Lynne Zimet <>, Kerry-Ann McCullough <>, “” <>, “” <>, Noam Chomsky – I AM movie <chomsky@MIT.EDU>, “Jann Turner – daughter of Richard Turner murdered in Durban, South African on January 8, 1978, 119 days after his co-founder of The Durban Movement, Steve Biko was tortured to death, beginning on September 11, 1977. 8” <>, “Hlumelo Biko – son of Steve Biko, now running a Wall Street charity-investment portfolio. 11” <>, “Mark Gevisser – celebrated investigative journalist and author son of the David Gevisser [1926-2009] the male heir of American-German mineral monopolist Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] whose 2006 autobiography THE UNLIKELY FORESTER mentions the torture-murder of D. Gevisser’s first cousin’s daughter, ANC military wing member Sandy Jacobson whose brother Steve Jacobson is a Facebook friend of Mark Gevisser who while publishing the biography of US-De Beers-Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corporation black puppet Thabo Mbeki, The Dream Deferred in 2007, has yet to comment publicly on either whether or not he and/or his father David snitched on members of the ANC’s military wing that contributed to the torture-death of Sandy or the clear message murder of his close relation Sandy Jacobson whose murderers would have known that David Gevisser supported the Armed Struggle of the African National Congress in its fight, not against the United States of America’s sponsored South African Apartheid Regime, but against the true Freedom Fighters of South Africa who were easily hunted down on their way to the Apartheid Regime’s ANC-CIA terrorist training camps. Nor has Mark Gevisser explained to the world why Mark, his 3 younger brothers and mother Hedda and all those who curry favor with them are so quiet about David Gevisser being the male heir of Engelhard Jr. – Chapter 18 THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY of Edward Jay Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book – who along with his German-South African partners, the Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, Harry and Nick O. clan were the greatest beneficiaries of The WW II Holocaust and the 3rd Reich’s Southern Division-The National Party which quickly took root in South Africa, none of which was lost on the long memory Mossad who assassinated Engelhard Jr on March 2 1971 and having him leave an extraordinary paper trail starting right before when he named David Gevisser Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa in 1970 which is the year prior to Engelhard’s death which David Gevisser gets twice wrong in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER. Engelhard Jr. was buried not in a Jewish cemetery because racist and anti-Semite Engelhard Jr. was never Jewish and was buried at Roman Catholic St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown New Jersey” <>, “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” <>, Sandie Lampe – Celebrity TV Dog Show Host – San Diego <>, “” <>, “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” <>, Mary Valder – Personal assistant David Rockefeller <>, Marcia Kramer – CBS TV New York City <>, “King Golden Jr. Esq. – former in-house General Counsel of Science Applications International Corporation – sister corporation of General Atomic. Golden was Gary S. Gevisser’s long time American attorney and bosom buddy of Roger W. Robinson aka Our Man Roger who joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” <>, “Valerie Schulte Esq. – National Association of Broadcasters senior lawyer – former 15 year lover of Ted Turner.” <>



Levi, Let me first explain my credibility relative to anyone you know or have heard about; and it helps to see what will next be posted on the Facebook “walls” of those in the carbon copy section, starting with Lynne Bentel and quickly go across to Michael Tordu-The Bitch Awerbuch.

Back in January 1994 after I had completed a series of discrete assignments for Randolf Apperson Hearst who never paid me for my consulting work because I was seeking to be at least an equal partner in the right business opportunities that I was investigating, but he reimbursed all my expenses with American Express Travelers such as the $100 one below

that I have still not cashed, this former Chairman of the Board of Hearst Corporation, who was the last surviving heir of his father, the original media mogul, offered to pay me an advance of $6 million for the book that I am about to publish, at the same time, given how well I had performed in the tasks that only benefitted him, he offered me the position of Chief Executive Officer of Hearst Corporation.

My knowledge of History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] and all centered around money creation that not a single plebe has known the first thing about and that includes people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates Jr., is not only unparalleled, but my ability, given such knowledge to connect all the dots past, present and future making all those who profess an expertise in these most important money matters completely and totally dumbstruck, and that includes each and every lawyer, judge, politician-banker, medical doctor and the such; the exception of course are the extraordinary few non-plebes such as Nicholas Oppenheimer

who you most likely don’t recognize seated to the left of not very happy Putin.

You notice that Nick O. is a little too old to be the next boy Buddha which were it the case, then your mind would be somewhat consoled, but still it would have you in a state of shock once you realize that the photo is not only authentic but following Putin being instructed to have the Kremlin release this most important photo ever taken in the history of photography back on October 3, 2008,

File:Kremlin authorisation-English.pdf – Wikimedia Commons.pdf

757 days after it was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa [September 5, 2006], which was 14 days after Senator Barak Obama visited my birth country of South Africa for the first time, Putin went on a [killing] spree.

Did a shiver just go up your spine and end with the hair on the back of your neck still standing on end?

When you look at tortured to death Litvenko lying on his deathbed, do you think he was faking it?

When he died on November 23, 2006, my one cousin, Sandy Jacobson, who is the same relation to David Gevisser, my father Bernie’s

first cousin, as I am, was most likely already dead. She too was tortured to death in South Africa shortly before David Gevisser, the “male heir” of super mineral rich American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] published his 2006 autobiography, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER – click here:

Sandy had an unusual history for anyone of her background. She joined Umkhonto, the armed wing of the ANC, and saw very active and dangerous service. She and her husband retired to a farm outside Johannesburg after the Mandela miracle. She was recently found tortured and murdered in circumstances which are as yet unexplained, but thought to be connected with internal ANC feuds that dated back to the years of the struggle. Stephen has emigrated to Australia.

As you examine Edward Jay Epstein’s 1978 non-fiction and most interesting read book, The Diamond Invention, specifically Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY – click here – you will note that it does not mention that 2 days ago De Beers-Oppenheimer-Engelhard-Anglo American Corporation celebrated the 42nd anniversary of President Nixon’s speech announcing that with the US going officially off the Gold Standard, and distracting future generations from focusing on how America built up it gold stockpiles, the only thing backing the US Dollar that our trading partners such as China and Japan would have to accept or face once again the cannons of US Admiral Perry, would be De Beers’ worthless diamonds and the American military which support the price of De Beers diamonds both for ornamentation as well as diamond tipped drilling bits.

Also note that no future President or US Congress has condemned Nixon’s speech which is not mentioned in chapter 18 or anything about the US going off the Gold Standard on August 15, 1971; and nor is there specific mention that Engelhard Jr. died on March 2, 1971, 166 days before the speech that my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser, who was Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa and received a $6 million payment from Engelhard’s estate when agreeing to become an executor of the world’s most gun-money-diamond power estate, wrote, which he does not mention in his Chapter X of THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, ENGELHARD EXPERIENCE – click here – but you can easily follow the dots. Instead there is the so bizarre, so out of context statement that Engelhard Jr. had “no male heirs”.

When do you think America’s involvement in worldwide criminal conspiracies began?

Were President Obama to retrace his steps during his first visit to South Africa do you think people like Nick Oppenheimer thought much about him, other than he would be a perfect next candidate for President of American plebes?

Do you see how very different future history would be were it not for me?

You have a good sense of the huge numbers of iterate people following trends set by the bought media who know about this Clinton Charity Foundation “scandal” that only hit the headlines late this past week and it is already old news.

At 3:55PM PST this past Thursday I wrote Amy Chozick, co-author the New York Times feature story, Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions:

You will first notice that you are aware of 3 other people who have very similar information to you; your colleague Nicholas Confessore, Timothy Stanley and his one representative, “Fredica” [sic] Friedman.
What none of those 3 have is the information that I am first sharing with you; namely, the importance attached to America’s most corrupted politician-lawmakers visiting my birth country of South Africa which President Obama did for the first time in 2006, the same year he chose to be the primary sponsor of the Congo Relief, Security & Democracy Promotion Act that was the “brainchild” of Obama’s most ardent Republican opponent President George W. Bush which became law in December 2006. My count of the genocide that followed is in the ballpark of 10 million, while others might have stopped counting at 6 million. The true number will eventually run into the hundreds of millions if not billions because the children who were murdered so far and who make up the overwhelming majority of the innocent victims are not expected to produce peaceful resistors. You also know that reducing the mortality rate of young children in Africa helps not only with the overpopulation problem that places stress on finite natural resources such as water to survive, but for future purchases of weapon systems as well as future cannon fodder.
Keep foremost in your thoughts that within 24 hours I will begin broadcasting to the world all that I have shared with you, unless you can give me a good reason why I should bide my time. That means I could begin posting up on The Internet well before this time tomorrow.


———- Original message ———-

From: Gary S. Gevisser [Anonymous email address]

Date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 11:34 AM

Subject: Attention: Fredrica Friedman concerning Timothy Stanley.


Earlier I sent Timothy Stanley an email from his official website. The slightly edited version reads as follows:
I am using a nom de plume email address as well.
Last evening I contacted NICHOLAS CONFESSORE, and right after submitting this to you I will be following up with AMY CHOZICK, who as you know, co-authored the New York Times feature story, 
Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions 
which you and/or your editor-s provided access in your article titled: 
The New York Times takes down the Clinton Foundation 
This could be devastating for Bill and Hillary
by means of a hyperlink over the equally carefully chosen words, Today it runs with a fascinating takedown of the Clinton Foundation. 
Mr. CONFESSORE may have been too busy to get to his New York Times inbox, but in the end we will all be the judge of his decision to be quiet; and nor do we have to wait for each one of us 7 billion humans to cast our vote because not only do I know that I have the truthful answer to the question I posed, but you would not be the only one who agrees that he figured I had the answer that he would prefer not to know at all, and in the meantime prior to more people being informed, he will be using the time to jockey for position.
I could have used my real name with him as well as you, and it would have most likely meant nothing to either of you, but like Mr. CONFESSORE you would quickly figure that there is much more than a ring of truth to what I wrote him.
You can quickly scroll down to that short communique while bearing in mind you too have to live with the words that immediately followed your headlines; 

This could be devastating for Bill and Hillary Is the New York Times being guest edited by Rush Limbaugh? Today it runs with a fascinating takedown of the Clinton Foundation – that vast vanity project that conservatives are wary of criticising for being seen to attack a body that tries to do good. But the liberal NYT has no such scruples.

The title of my communique to Mr. Confessore was, How to get the right confession out of the Clintons’ principal backers; and then I proceeded with the following 154 words:
Would you like me to connect the dots between the Clintons’ interests in forestry, my family’s huge South African timber corporation 

Envelopes clearly marked

bought by a very rich American, and what 2 “Thodes” [sic] Scholars at the same time have in common apart from [a knowledge of] money laundering?
I am using an alias email address.
Would you like to meet me in person? You will have missed the redeye flight to the west coast where I am for a little while longer, or you can meet me in Paris in the middle of next month.
Please don’t come with frivolous talk asking me to reveal more of myself when you know that I have exactly what you are looking for.
You may be too young to remember that Cecil Rhodes was as powerful throughout South Africa as he was in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia
Envelopes clearly marked-2
that has never lost its mineral wealth; and Rhodes was nobody’s fool.
Mr. Stanley, I don’t expect that you consider yourself the sharpest tool in the shed, but nor would you likely consider yourself as “dumb as a doornail.”
BTW, I added the Latin Adverb “SIC” after misspelling the word “Rhodes” the first time I used it.
Bear in mind that in my first communique with Ms. CHOZICK I will be sharing this exact communique at the same time I will be providing more information to her that will have her not only more trusting of me, but less trusting of Mr. Confessore, unless he can quickly provide her with a plausible excuse for biding his time.
It has also not escaped my mind that Ms. Choznick and Mr. Confessore may be as “thick as thieves” which only means that they trust one another only while it is convenient.
May I strongly suggest that you focus on what you would do once you had enough wealth to start a charitable foundation like the Rhodes Scholarship and what criteria you would choose to award those who are the greediest.
One of the first things you will notice besides for not having yet chosen “denial” that would place you in the same category as the rest, which you know is not a good feeling especially when you consider all the spadework I have done since turning down both Mr. Hearst’s most financially lucrative offers and there would be no guarantee that I would be around today to enjoy close to my present lifestyle that is hard for anyone to imagine given the highest levels of spirituality I have already achieved without feeling the need to belabor the point, is that you have to feel better than all 4 individuals mentioned in the above email-book broadcasts.
My goal is simple; to sell at least 50 million books in the first year given how my book D-Money Lie obsoletes all books written on the HEMP since Adam Smith published Wealth of Nations in 1776 which was no coincidence with the timing of the US Declaration of Independence as both documents were total and complete nonsense because at the time no one could make any sense of them and therefore as time passed the same would be true with all future generations of poor educated humans.
I haven’t even bothered to check your credentials or where you get your financing because of course I am not relying on you either to do the right thing because of some moral conviction given my experience with everyone else. 
I have given you enough to make a good judgment call for you to impress upon me how long it would take for you to muster the resources for me to achieve my goal and nor would I be surprised if I sold one billion copies in the first year given how I will also be naming all the world’s FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES in each updated edition.
BTW, have you heard of Oregon Judge and trial lawyer Rita Thomas who when I met with her the week before last told me that she is active on Facebook, but I wasn’t able to locate her? Should you come across her FB account and/or email address, I would appreciate it if you could pass it on to me.
The most important person for you to focus on in the cc section is my lifelong friend Tony Leon
who recently stepped down as South Africa’s Ambassador to Argentina; and prior to that Tony was head of the Democratic Alliance Party who were the official opposition to Nick Oppenheimer’s African National Congress [ANC] regime who took over Nick and his father Harry’s South African Apartheid Regime in late April 1994.
You remember that I was in New York City in early January 1994 visiting frequently with Randolf Apperson Hearst [1915-2000] and his wife Veronica who is still alive. In mid-1995 I was back in South Africa for the 3rd time since immigrating to the United States in March 1978. During this several month visit I got to spend a great deal of quality time with Tony Leon who would remember why he confided in me, “Harry Oppenheimer is the biggest problem in South Africa”; and Harry was also the largest financial contributor to the Democratic Alliance Party, much the same as his American partner, Charles W. Engelhard Jr. who openly supported both the Democratic and Republican Party, but mostly Democratic Party candidates because they were far dumber but equally corrupt.
You would agree that dumb people are more susceptible to bribes because when they do stupid things they can be that much easier blackmailed until eventually they don’t even need to be bribed to stay quiet?
Thank you,
Gary S. Gevisser
Ps – Geoffrey Rothwell, former senior lecturer of Economics at Stanford University from 1986 through the end of last year and who currently holds down the most important paying job in the entire western world, aside from of course those planning to blow up the world as well as defend the world from such violent anarchists, recently wrote me that he is “hot to trot” on completing his latest book which he hasn’t shared with me either the title or subject matter; but more importantly, he has downloaded to me a bombshell that makes this Snowden sideshow the equivalent of the smallest ant picking away at the behind of the world’s largest elephant.
[Word count 2773]
On Aug 16, 2013, at 2:25 PM, Levi Lee <> wrote:

Dear  Gary Gevisser,

Thank you for recently contacting Trafford Publishing and requesting information about our services.

My name is Levi. As a Publishing Consultant, I’m interested in learning more about your book project. It would take at least a few minutes and I will be able to discuss and quickly match services we offer with your plans and goals for it.

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I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, or to provide you with the information you need regarding our self-publishing services.

For the time being, I would appreciate if you take time out of your busy schedules to fill out the questionnaire below. It would be of great help for me to be able match services we offer with your plans and goals for your book:

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