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Why is Lloyds of London’ 2 decade ban on American citizens important?

First everyone interested in the truth should email James A Mackay – – Senior Lyolds of London Insurance agent who was assigned to meet with World Heavyweight Boxing Federation Champion Michael Grant and myself, Gary S. Gevisser, on March 27, 2012 at his board room high above and a stones throw from the trading floor of very glass structured and bright lit Lloyds, and our documentary of documentaries beginning about 60 minutes before at the one above ground level entrance leading directly on to the trading floor where only members and their guests are allowed.

Mr. Mackay and I last communicated in June 2006 right before Lloyds hastily called a meeting on June 16, 2006, to address me beginning to bring Public International Attention to this outrage all geared to turn Americans with nowhere to run to, on themselves. This was the very same day I was leaving with my French-Canadian wife on a 24 day “fact finding mission” to China who are central to the Israeli Military Intelligence-Mossad [IMI-M] report from the summer of 2007, 

Following the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China, Al Qaeda will launch a series of attacks on the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar which will immediately paralyze the United States’ economy.”

The fact that it is not only Americans who are silent about Lloyds who began in the shipping business in 1774, two years before Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations was published, the same year as the signing of the US Declaration of Independence, is not inconsequential.

There are in fact no words to describe the importance of Lloyds’ banning order, and therefore it cannot possibly be overstated.

This is important to every person who considers themselves “law abiding”, and that includes those responsible for enforcing “law and order”, from judges to lawyers who mostly make the laws which includes making it legal for law firms and individual lawyers to make political contributions to Judges campaigns that immediately has the appearance of impropriety which is all designed to intimidate anyone not able to afford a honest lawyer, is also not lost on the bought media who have yet to address this most important banning order on Americans citizens who we all know which ones are corrupt by their silence.

Nor is up to the Chinese or any other nation to be up in arms about the total lack of media coverage and that includes all the top politicians such as Obama and the US Congress who know also that if they are pleading ignorance that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

The United States’ Security Exchange Commission [SEC] are up to their eyeballs in this corruption of corruption that at its heart is money laundering of the Nth Degree.

One cannot possibly have either democracy or free and fair markets let alone “free trade agreements” between different countries if the most important commercial enterprise in the “Free world” is a pivotal player in this free money circus which if a book were to be written and the word non-fiction stamped from front to back it would never sell because no one would believe it.

Fact is in fact more strange than fiction.

This is the script of this documentary that will decide the future of humanity as each of us with the information has to decide first in our own minds whether we are part of the solution or part of the problem.

There is only so much time left for each of us and in the next split second this money laundering farce of farces could end because not every citizen of the world is sharing equally in this scam all designed to drive that much more of a wedge between the rich and poor and at the same time cover the tracks of the greatest mass murderers of all time who have got this most extraordinary free pass because the little people believe they have not only no voice but that their lifestyles are of paramount importance.

It is not the fear of death that scares the corrupt because a corrupt person does not believe in a Higher Authority, everything is about grabbing as much enjoyment out of life as is humanely possibly and part of feeling good is being charitable and part of a group who share the same interests.

The fact that good is the underlying preoccupation of the hypocrites does not mean that a time such as this will expose everyone, good and bad.

Who but One G-d could have created such an event as the The Diamond Invention and for all the evidence to be out there and so transparent and yet you don’t find a single individual other than me explaining such an important farce that dictates the value of all commerce including who each of us choose as our partner given how without money one cannot survive, at least not as an independent thinking person given how once one is a government welfare recipient one is increasingly quietened.

It is no small matter the lack of support for myself and my French-Canandia wife that I am being labelled by the justice system of the criminals a “defamer” which doesn’t bother anyone corrupt who cannot get enough of me being hit with a $4 million DEATH SENTENCE by a very corrupt judge showing his arrogance from start to finish that he will do exactly as he is told by a liar-lawyer out of Dallas Texas who along with his client ex CIA Charles Knuff who says that he is receiving medical treatments for his neurological diseases, speaks loudly of the systemic corruption, and yet how amazing is it that everyone ether openly corrupt or simply playing stupid is able to continue with their lives that is dependent upon interacting with others corrupt and the only thing they have in common is their silence which does not prevent each of them from questioning themselves how much information the next person has and how have they used that information to accumulate greater wealth.

Internecine fighting only begins at home but it quickly spreads and why civil wars are not only very bloody but the natural outgrowth of a rotten people who very quickly make out that they have patched all their differences because they have once those defeated are dead or permanently disabled and dependent upon an ever growing government to wage war on the rest of the world, no longer have a voice.

A Police State does not need to have initially Nazi SS trooper marching down every main street in America placing Jewish Star of David writings on the windows of shops belonging to Jewish people.

All of that is part of the media campaign that is designed long ahead of implementation.

Not every government worker is corrupt, at least not as corrupt as those who first got all this information and their paychecks show the pecking order.

Not every cop on the beat is a multi-billionaire, the same with every judge.

Every District Attorney knows that waiting in the wings are a whole bunch of deputy DAs looking for their shot at the brass ring.


There is one San Diego deputy DA whose name hasn’t been shared with me who is today far better informed than those deputy DA’s who are not feigning their ignorance.

No one but him knows exactly what is going through his mind following his meeting with Adam Lee Tucker, the main defendant in this Knuff defamation lawsuit which is a defamation on the justice system and which I spelled out in my last pleading to the California Superior Courts who will decide today whether this egregious miscarriage of justice in Texas will be allowed to stand.

The fact that there will not be many if any of my supporters in the public gallery does not change either the irrefutable facts of the most grave injustice being done to my gorgeous in every respect F-C wife and me or the past sins of inaction by all those “playing for time” and figuring that no matter what happens even if there is a day of Judgement at the end of each of our lives, G-d will be too preoccupied with punishing the likes of Hitler because they figure G-d can only have two hands because they are bred to believe that man is created in the image of G-d.

The fact that G-d created man and that includes each of our minds that we think are so independent doesn’t mean that G-d isn’t capable of multitasking better than anything a human has ever imagined.

Imagine what human could dream of creating the most fireproof material, water out of the two most combustable gases, oxygen and hydrogen.


The fact that the formation of clouds is not the only thing the human takes for granted does not mean the human is either the smart or dumb one; it only means that there is in Higher Power that most of all allows each of us to know what is meant by good and wrong.

It is the feeling of stupidity that every human can empathize with every other human whether good or bad is what I am most focusing on for one cannot be faulted for doing wrong when one does not have the information.

But how it is possible for so many not to have known the game of Lloyds who have never kept it a secret that they are the protection racket of protection rackets.

Morals play no part when one has been fooled unless one draws the conclusion that for so many to be so stupid and we are only just now figuring it all out, that this widespread stupidity has led to no morals.

It is the chicken and the egg game that the human will revisit endlessly until just one person or a group come together just like they did for the US Constitution, but this time not use words all designed to make the people feel good about themselves.

Logic falls apart when you decide to steal.

That is what this Knuff defamation lawsuit is revealing as Texas Judge Martin Lowy cannot say enough times that I am a nutcase and the thinking is that such a labeling, along with the enormous $4 million DEATH SENTENCE all designed to shock and intimidate will be the last thing the people will remember.

Everyone reading this is faced with having to decide whether to stick with the corrupt and hope that my logic in proving time and again that G-d must exist will not hold, and that if there is G-d then G-d will have to be at least compassionate with his creation especially since there are so many wretched that He and He alone must take responsibility for.


The real world exists but it is not close to as convincing as the metaphysical world where pure logic-truth abound.


Logic-math-science while constantly improving the technologies that make living that much easier have not been able to improve the morals of the human which we can all see have been in steady decline.

Were it not for me spelling out the corruption of De Beers-Lloyds none of you would have been any the wiser  that very soon all poverty around the world can be wiped out and the human becoming irreversibly moral because with the human population dropping and sharing the resources equally rather than the current method of “might is right”, there will be less and less fighting and much of the leisure time will be taken up with all future generations congratulating themselves in living together in peace and harmony without even bothering to thank G-d who will know better than to show His-Her face.

That was all your past fantasyland. The real world is that you have to make the decision in this moment whether there is a strong enough leader out there to instantly end all the pain and suffering amongst the poor or to wait for the current brutal allocators of the world’s resources which we see clearly in the 2006 photo of Putin and Nicholas Oppenheimer

to get their act together.


That was quite the act, the decision for Nicholas Oppenheimer to convene such an important meeting in Johannesburg where America’s Commander In Chief, George W. Bush was not invited, and nor has his successor Obama condemned such an open display of firepower on the poor of the world.

The Oppenheimers-De Beers have never said they were saints; on the contrary every grass roots organization throughout the world knows that mining is a very dirty operation as it first displaces the poorest of the poor indigenous peoples who don’t have the money which is first used to lure the weakest of them into the city where city life is increasingly easier, and the diseases are not all that obvious unless looking from afar, and the elders left behind have increasingly less influence because they don’t have the money and their rural lives are very harsh as they are principally focused just on surviving.


Where is G-d in all this is obvious to me but it may take you a little longer to work out but that doesn’t mean you will find comfort when playing stupid.


People with little intelligence have great difficulty feeling stupid – Marie Dion Gevisser


Only One G-d could have everyone who is corrupt thinking that they will get away with their corruption and yet at the same time they all know that there is a measure of justice in every aspect of our lives beginning when we eat unhealthy food we know soon enough that we pay for it; and those not paying sufficient attention to their indulgences inevitably develop their fat diseased TALKATIVE cells that they know themselves are unattractive to those they would like to attract and these people we all know are very angry deep inside no matter how they might try and suggest otherwise.

When you lose G-d-Truth-Logic you are alone, and yet you have a long way to go before death and during this time you have to play this game of keeping track of your lies in order to convince the next person that you should be trusted.

The money is nonsense and yet we are all dependent upon it to survive because of the fact that the crooks still rule.

The fact that no one can think of anyone more trustworthy and logically smart as me to rule fairly does not mean that until such a person comes around you won’t increasingly hate yourselves.

Hell as well as heaven has always been here on amazingly resilient planet Mother Earth that to exist was not just a piece of luck.

Only the dumbest of the dumb are made to believe in their minds that a Supernatural Force couldn’t have created such magnificence as the cosmos, along with the most uncaring and hypocritical human.

I know, versus believe that G-d exists and that makes me special in putting all my trust in G-d.

The fact that the most lawless society has the most laws and prides itself on an “orderly citizenry” and wherever one looks there is the word God or crosses that were mostly used to torture in order to intimidate the masses, is there because G-d must have planted all these thoughts there in the first place.

G-d does not need, however, places of worship to know that his most regressing species has been laughing at him following G-d’s decision to plant in the human’s mind the idea of One God which was only designed for the human wanting an increasingly easier lifestyle that was afforded him by virtue of advances in technology that result from the human only discovering G-d’s inventions, to take personal responsibility which having many Gods allowed blame to be placed elsewhere like the 3 Branches of the US Government who are like the Holy Trinity.

The true history of money is all basked in the most extraordinary bloodletting and the history of the US is no exception; in fact in terms of blood and guts gory, the US stands out all alone and yet we have the most blasphemous words, IN GOD WE TRUST on the $, that of course makes those people who are gutless and the most violent and now priding themselves on being so civil, feel that much better about themselves.

Right now all those “looking in” to see what will come of my wife and me are just wanting to witness the execution.

The movie The Mill and Cross is one even the most “disadvantaged” human should be able to get their head around.

Each human is programmed to talk and share information because that is what makes them feel better about themselves.

In this light speed digital age it is increasingly realistic that we will know in the very same instant the moral code of each of us and at the same time we can all vote on who should be deciding the fate of the rich and the poor and with the jealous human constantly wanting more in order to have fun attracting their better half.


It is a mind game that boggles the mind, and if you don’t get it doesn’t mean the next person won’t including your next of kin who if you choose to say that it is all above you, might now believe you.

In the very next instant we could have a much fairer allocation of the resources of the world than the current system which has the most violent who are not the smartest, because I am not one of them, deciding for each of you.

Remember that Deputy DA who is going to kick himself each time he realizes that none of his fellow lawyers and DA’s around the country thought it important to keep him informed.

There is a reason why G-d created the poor and they are not all thinking like big lifestyle rich shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] Jeffrey R. Krinsk how to fool the poor.

Each of us is singularly compelled to place our energies where we think we get the biggest bang for our buck.

But the money system is a total fraud, and we all see it in the way I have been dealt the gravest miscarriage of justice with all of you knowing, no different to Judge Lowy, liar-lawyer Loewinsohn and sick ex CIA Knuff that this defamation lawsuit was totally fabricated and therefore the only way to fix it is for the injustice to be reversed and that would mean opening up a hornet’s nest for the corrupt.

My knowledge continues, however, to get out there, and the largest population on earth, the Chinese, also happen to be the most learned of all the worlds peoples as these most industrious and thousands of years old art cultured people who don’t have the same history as the west when it comes to invading mineral rich countries, continue to live to learn versus the most sickening, self-absorbed who live to eat shit and as logic would dictate, talk shit.

In one instant more than the 400 million Chinese who speak a perfect English could be tuned into and then what will the rest of you have to say?

Until then you have the choice of continuing to back the wrong horse.

Common sense always prevails in the end.

In the meantime there are continuous improvements being made to, beginning with this most important story about Lloyds.


Whoever jumps on board the sooner will be remembered long after I am gone.

Anyone with the least imagination will understand that this Lloyds documentary makes all environmental issues throughout the world obsolete because it explains why producing sugar in Afghanistan-Pakistan versus poppy plants doesn’t pay as much.

Long by now millions of you could have come together to express your outrage, but only one and twos and then it was never coordinated because there was never really a concerted desire to do anything more than the most token gestures and when it got too hot to direct all the negative energy towards me.

The logic of lying causing the short-circuits in the space between the ears to first result in pain followed by increased numbness where increased faulty logic was being increasingly relied on, can all change.

Instead of those not yet corrupted having to think about saving their own skins which is hard to do in a logical manner when your lies are permanently recorded in a digital setting like the borderless Internet, they can all learn from misdeeds of the corrupt, and besides it is made easier since the masses are not only increasingly younger because population growth is key to covering the acts of genocide by the mineral monopolists, but they have not shared equally in the spoils of their mass exterminations.

Currently the US judiciary looks like they are “hamstrung” because of “rules of the court” but in fact they all fully understand that this Lloyds, beginning with the failure of the US Government to protect American citizens from turning on themselves, could backfire on the US Government and its entire judiciary.

The only thing the judge/s here in San Diego and Texas are looking at, knowing that the lawsuit was wrong from the start, is to see if I am able to bring much more international attention.

It takes just one to destroy the world and it takes just one of us with an internet connection to save the world by sharing this knowledge.


Everyone is selling from the deputy DA thinking about running for political office to the grocer wanting you to buy their banana.

Price is everything and if the price mechanism is corrupted, which it is systemically, then all the deceit comes to the surface in the very next instant.

It is all a matter of how much truth and living a righteous life means to you, and the consequences for not doing the right thing.

Everyone can come up with their own excuses for not doing the right thing but that doesn’t mean they can be convincing to their fellow man.


Everyone can understand Knuff’s criminal actions which began with intimidation of the highest order were then expanded to fraudulently use the justice system to extort monies and suppress the free flow of information that no one can find anywhere else let alone from someone as credible as me.

The fact that you have hired guns like Knuff’s liar-lawyer Chen out of Century City thinking that keeping his lifestyle is most important that he has such a corrupt job does not make it right or anywhere close to fair. The lies and intimidation are so egregious that it is just a question of time before it all comes to a head.

Again, nothing – apart from this extortion by ex CIA Knuff who is fraudulently using the court system here in the US to steal my and my French-Canadian wife’s hard earned wealth which of course does not touch sides with what I could be worth had I an ounce of corruption within me, which would make me like all of you, and you know that is not a pleasant feeling – is as important as the start of this most revealing documentary at Lloyds which ended with the most wild, but very controlled meeting with James A. Mackay, who of course was most surprised to see me following his decision back in mid-2006 NOT to answer my questions centering around the Oppenheimers so flagrantly using Lloyds to launder their worthless diamonds while laying the groundwork for turning Americans on Americans when banning as investors American citizens, who not only purchase most of Lloyd’s insurance policies but the Oppenheimer-De Beers worthless diamonds are the principal capital base of  Lloyds which turns upside down the world of every lawyer and banker or for that matter everyone who has a penny to their name and can’t figure out what they did wrong to deserve such shithead parents because they thought that somehow their parents had to be more intelligent than get caught up in the materialistic world.

That price of sugarcane seed that I mentioned earlier is dictated by De Beers control of the drug trade and why Putin is still photographed in a defensive postion to Nicholas Oppenheimer who does not need for me to explain to him as I do to the common herd what Putin’s KGB succeeded in doing when invading Afghanistan on December 24, 1979 when I was still officially on De Beers payroll. De Beers are the druglords who understand how much money is consumed in giving jobs to government officials to fight the drug trade otherwise they too would be lower down the totem pole in collecting welfare checks.


The decision to ban American citizens from Lloyds took careful planning but very little intelligence because the Oppenheimers have always known ever since Harry’s feature story in the New York Times on March 19, 1989, the year the Soviets left Afghanistan by which time heroin addiction on Soviet main streets was up 8 times, that the only thing the common herd think about is what they increasingly see at the end of their noses and therefore when so fixated can’t smell a rat.


Next was the drug connection with the bottom falling out of the Lloyds insurance market which Lloyds could have easily overcome by simply increasing its capital base of worthless diamonds but that was not going to force American investors to flee with their tails between their legs while claiming that Lloyds had committed fraud when recklessly managing their Lloyd syndicates on behalf of their investors who had done rather well ever since Lloyds first got going in 1774.

The Oppenheimers are not the only people in the world who realize that Adam’s Smith 1776 Wealth of Nation was a total fraud as well as being incomprehensible which didn’t mean the framers of the US Declaration of Independence and US Constitution didnt know what right wording to use to make it all sound nice and inspiring.


[On the outside wall of the Contemporay Art Museum in La Jolla are the words, “Brave men run in our family” and beneath is a ship that looks a lot like the Mayflower.]


The disgusting part is the lack of intelligence more than the evil because the evil could be abolished in an instant were I to be afforded a worldwide audience.


Getting rid of Americans in the early 1990s allowed Lloyds which is the De Beers who were not good to the British people during WW II because they principally backed America’s main ally Nazi Germany, to have the British get back at America who was still insisting on being paid back all its war debt, as again America and De Beers, one and the same, supply all sides to war but mainly the monopolists led by the Oppenheimers.

America couldn’t cry foul in 1989 because that New York Times article showed that Americans only care about whether they continue to feel richer than the rest of the enslaved world.

Every time an insurance premium is paid to Lloyds, American citizens, while excluded from this one of a kind investment opportunity, validate the diamond capital base that Lloyds allows its non-American investors to include as part of the assets they use as the collateral to get Letters of Credit [LOC] from other banks, and these LOCs are their investment in Lloyds. The dividends Lloyds pay their investors can then be used to purchase more diamonds that are added to their assets and allow them to get even bigger LOCs to take even bigger positions in Lloyds who could just as easily get De Beers-Oppenheimers to put up the entire capital base, but that does not achieve the purpose of incriminating increasing numbers of government officials both in the United Kingdom and the US as well as elsewhere from supporting what is nothing less than the most extraordinary money laundering operation that is totally transparent, and not one US government regulator or prominent elected official or member of the media has done so much as raise an eyebrow.

What better way to nail me to the cross then when saying there is no case against me, and that my Constitutional Rights to a fair trial and free speech afforded to me under the First Amendment, to hand me an astronomical $4 million DEATH SENTENCE and promote the money system at the same time.

But they are first and foremost insulting G-d because the lack of justice couldn’t be more transparent.

The fact that they have never asked me for a specific retraction of what I have said that they constitute to be defamation against Knuff is a very soft spot in the underbelly of the beast who DAREs to wrap itself in all the goodness associated with G-d.

The idea is to drive me into bankruptcy, destroy my marriage and eventually have me declared a criminal and incarcerated, and to do it soon.

The fact that my own family are so culpable explains everything of course.

The family is not G-d, they are just like each of us vehicles of G-d to get a simple message across that G-d rules, no matter what.

Every person including the police have to operate on logic and once they see what is really going on with Lloyds that shuts up all the fat cats around the world like hugely talkative Mr. Krinsk, they will have increasingly second thoughts about doing all the fat cats’ violent bidding.

Lloyds’ support for diamonds as their capital base, and the money laundering going full circle when Lloyds’ investors take their dividend checks, convert them into cash and more diamonds that get reinvested in Lloyds while Americans sit on the sidelines, but not exactly, as not every American is currently aware of both the banning order on Americans or the most important fact that when buying any insurance they perpetuate this money laundering cycle, which De Beers know the British people won’t have a problem with Americans turing on Americans given how because of the US Government’s support for the Oppenheimers-De Beers during WW II, it cost the the very small British island more casualites than the US during WW II and all of the British treasury including all the gold they got out of South Africa.

[The Newsweek November 1947 feature story about Smuts talking about these gold shipments.]


Everyone should remember that Harry Oppenheimer article which came a decade after I joined De Beers, and on March 19, 1989 I was in China, references their one subsiduary African Explosives Chemical Industries which is of course a “BRANCH” of Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals that still exists.

Nor is it a secret that the US Federal Reserve, owned by the banker mineral monopolists, financed WWII, created debt certificates (money) issued to Britain for post war debt, and all this laundered wealth ends up in the hands of individuals who are not “we the people”.

It is not where is my G-d but where is everyone else’s head that they have waited so long to show their true colors.

But one does not need to be G-d to know that the jurisdiction of Texas was wrong.

The rapacious move to now do a debtors examination of my French-Canadian wife as well as loop in our landlady that this upright American citizen by being our landlady is now getting the same convict labeling all designed to cut off our oxygen, is no different to Nazi Germany except that my 6 million Jewish brothers and sister gassed knew what the charges were. This is so sick that one is forced to ask, “Where is G-d in all this?” My answer is simple. No one stood up for the 6 million who were also very slow to point out the suffering of those less fortunate until they were all in the same boat. Should this court wish to play stupid then it must also suffer the same fate.

Lloyds-De Beers-Knuff defamation lawsuit are inextricably linked; the same with Knuff’s attorney, liar-lawyer Alan Loewinsohn making two financial contributions to the judge’s political campaign

6/29/2009 – $1000 Judge Martin Lowy
7/2/2009 – $1000 Judge Martin Lowy

9 months later, on 4/6/2010, Judge Martin Lowy signs order setting schedule and unlawfully allows jurisdiction within Dallas, TX

Everything is now coming to a head as I bring more people like my very sick cousin Mark Gevisser, the well known author son of my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser who is not around to guide Mark Gevisser who is fast losing his ability to find convincing words.

A talkative person who has made their living from writing does not know how to suddenly keep quiet.

The Jewish South African Moshal Gevisser families were the first line of defense against the Oppenheimers-Engelhard-Lloyds mining-shipping consortium that gives all the “civil servant” jobs that includes most of us who are not fully retired and not dependent upon a government paycheck. If my family “missed the boat” so one cannot expect anyone without a conscience to stand tall; hence there is no way to compare the traffic to to any other website as all those comfortable with the Oppenheimers and company in charge of giving out the civil servant jobs are not out there talking about the information from getting out there.

There is a lot to be learned once you get the Zena Gevisser clan to walk on eggshells given how nothing in all their writings lays blame for the Holocaust and the much greater Holocaust on the Blacks of South Africa squarely on the shoulders of Engelhard, period. In 1969 Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971]was very much alive. 

Most of the world are very poor and just need to be kept informed and more like this Ramon Kaplan who emailed recently about the hugly important Rothschilds who I have spoken about very little, which is not to say that I vouch for Mr. Kaplan who I know nothing about.

Time to get ready for court.

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