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Will they pose nude? – facebook – Part 2

No one can really say what is going to happen tomorrow let alone today, even if they are not connected to the internet but know someone who is.

Remember, I am most likely the most knowledgeable person living in the 4 subjects: History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP].

The Military is most important, and while I have not EVER been a member of any military including the Israeli military NOR have I been killed or for that matter wounded which also means both my body and mind has not been contaminated by avoiding exploding shrapnel and worse yet the much more damaging shock wave that precedes; and equally harmful the highly exotic munitions where folks like the EPA have no jurisdiction.

Not to mention the top secret training areas for Israel’s most elite Special Forces units don’t have the polluted lakes first drained before distilled water is then poured in.

Most importantly when I was still in high school in South Africa, some 2 years after my 4 month Ulpan at Sde Boker, Negev Desert, Israel where I met Ben Gurion for the first time on Nov. 1st, some 13 months to the day before he passed away, I had significantly more knowledge about Israel’s weapons system “procurement” than people such as Commander Syd Cohen who needs no introduction and for those unfamiliar with the greatest living person in all of Israel, there is Google Search.

People like Commander Cohen and his very skilled and experienced Fighter-bomber-pilot friend, my father Bernie Gevisser, only got told what they needed to know, to make certain they remained at all times focused on their mission; and it wasn’t so much, “Your father Bernie cannot be trusted”, so often expressed by my highly secretive mother Zena, but only in PRIVATE, never once would my mother or 3 elder siblings “talk out of school”, but rather, “We have to trust people such as you who understand, “Lose Lips Sinks Ships” to protect your father at all cost.”

Not to mention my mom Zena and while very much in an “arranged marriage” loved and adored my very good looking and athletic father who possibly remains the most humble human being who has ever lived, was fully aware of the trauma experienced by my dad when arriving back from war on April 23rd, 1945, having on April 15th, just completed his 71st miraculous mission dive bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards, to not only have to deal with his dying mother Katie Gevisser who he had no idea was even sick, but Katie’s out of control brother Louis Sher who attacked my dad with a kitchen knife blaming my most sensitive father for his sister coming down with cancer from “worrying to death” about her favorite child who along with the likes of Commander Syd Cohen had defied extraordinary odds.

To mention little of my mom wasn’t even in South Africa when this all took place as Katie Gevisser died 46 days later, June 8th, 1945, one month to the day after Nazi Germany surrendered.

To mention in passing that by the time my mother met my dad for the first time and in a matter of months were married on Oct. 10th, 1948, my dad had just turned 25 and had not only got over the lunacy of his uncle who didn’t get close to killing him, the knife never even touching his skin, and it was a moment in my father’s life that he has never forgotten, but my dad was “fighting fit”; moreover, my mother was still a teenager; albeit a 19-year old most sophisticated and worldly woman, but still only 19; whereas her father, Al Ash, one of the cash richest men in the entire world who was worth a cool one million English Pounds sterling with his entire wealth all in cash, was just 49 years of age and strong as a bull; the same with Al Ash’s “silent partner”, my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser who at age 60 owned the “control block” of shares in the hugely successful multi-national trading conglomerate, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies which included ACME Timber Industries Sabie where my business person’s backside uncle David Gevisser was just one of the many executives overseeing ACME Timber’s “huge forests” in Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa, which needed only “rocket science” genius coming from God to provide sunlight; the soil was rich to begin with; ask anyone who has grown Natal’s most profitable export, Durban Poison.

Even now people like David Altman – who consider himself very “aware” on what is happening in the world and you can see by all the nonsense stuff David still had up on his Footsak, no strike that, Facebook “wall”, and you don’t have to take my word that David is not working for the Mossad, because they know from me, to know better than to do something as stupid as that – have forgotten WHY it was that Israel had to fire a single shot in defending herself in the most brutal War of Independence [Nov. 47 – Jan. 49] where massive atrocities against innocent Jewish civilians took place, many at the very start, with people like Ben Gurion and Co. fully aware that it was not possible to prevent.

Not to mention that there wasn’t a single founder of the brutal Israel Air Force that was led to victory by Commander Syd Cohen immediately following Squadron 101’s first commander, Israeli Modi Alon getting killed some 6 days following my parents extravaganza wedding in Durban, South Africa that didn’t go unnoticed by the “powers that be”, who was as skilled and experienced with the rock-solid American made fighter-bomber Kittyhawk as my dad, apart from of course Commander Syd Cohen who signed up for two tours of duty during World Oil War II.

To mention little of even fewer had my father’s experience flying Spitfires that would inevitably end up in the hands of Israel’s enemies; moreover, my father trained on Spitfires in Egypt before moving to the rugged terrain of northern Italy where he flew all of his 71 odd miraculous missions and why American Colonel Dwight Kroesch who is credited with being the first pilot to drop members of the 82nd Airborne behind enemy lines on June 5-6th, 1944, when paging ever so carefully and slowly through my Dad’s two logbooks, declared with tears in his eyes, “He is the miracle man!!”

To mention in passing Boris Senior who passed away in April 2004, a close friend of all those close to the founding fathers and mothers of the modern State of Israel, was not the only member of the Jewish Underground aware of his extraordinary purchase of some 50 Kittyhawks in perfect flying condition for the total sum of 300 English pounds in early 1948 when Ben Gurion sent him back to South Africa where he was born and received the same fighter-bomber-pilot training as my dad who flew some 26 or so more missions than Boris who in March 1945, was shot down in his 45th operation after scoring a direct hit on the German vessel “Lionheart” [sic] some 800 meters from the shoes of Venice where he nearly froze to death in the icy waters, were it not for two most brave Americans flying a sea rescue aircraft who finally managed to save him.

Boris Senior who also knew only what he needed to know starting when immediately following the end of World Oil War II, he joined Menachem Begin’s Irgun Jewish Underground movement, flying French Resistance trained assasins in to Great Britain and the European Continent to hunt down and kill British and American military officers enforcing the British-American White Papers of Feb. 1939 that included the most diabolical arms boycott of Israel that made it illegal for men of military age such as my father to even enter Israel where they were being shot on sight – was most careful in his “choice of words” in his autobiography, NEW HEAVENS, subtitle, My Life as a Fighter Pilot that was only published after his death.

Not to mention, Boris does not mince any words in letting the reader know that the United States Government was “no friend” of the fledgling Jewish St
ate, while heaping loads of credit on those two courageous Americans, one who I believe was a Black African American, who saved his life.

To mention little of my mother once again who “From the earliest days of 1949 [Zena] visited Israel two and three times a year, writing reports for different publications”, didn’t just suddenly wake up one morning in January 1949 and decide all on her own that she was now going to begin visiting Israel “two and three times a year, writing reports for different publications”.

To mention in passing, both my grandfathers, Al Ash of Hasholom and Israel Issy Gevisser of Hasholom were not exactly “potted plants”, starting in 1947 when Al Ash “abruptly” informed his only child, my “born to perform” most brilliant numbers person as well as hugely literate mother, that the Ashes, who in September 1939 all changed their last names from the Jewish sounding “Badash” to the more Gentile, “Ash”, were immigrating to South Africa, the very same time German-American Charles W. Engelhard first began journeying.

I assume you are also telling your Facebook “friends” that the first thing they must do before signing up for one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops is to read the most interesting internet only book, The Diamond Invention, written by Hollywood blockbuster author, Edward Jay Epstein.

This communication may be all it takes to get someone like David Altman to actually “stay in the moment” for the rest of his natural life.

The same may apply to everyone who reads this even if it is in the afterlife.

I could care less about “lost souls”.

Ehud Barak who has never met me, and has a good number of years on me, and it shows beginning with his waist line, knows perfectly well I could easily lead the brutal Israel Defense Force just from where I sit, glazing out the kitchen windows of the Stone home, the sun casting perfect shadows on the bird pond some 20 or so meters away, the many variety of birds are gone, in part because I have run out bird seed.

How much commentary is there on the fact that Mr. Olmert is still the Prime Minister of Israel which means the Mossad are still reporting to him; a man who is a crook with ties to crooks here in the U.S?

There comes a point in time when “putting to work” crooks and traitors has to be put aside and pure logic takes over.

The CIA have of course responded to my headline news item, Now Israel again defends itself against CIA rocket attacks.

Not to mention, the homepage of while still waiting for the data to migrate over to it, but more importantly, is more screwed than ever. Speak to Nicole.

The CIA’s non-response is a response.

Furthermore, the CIA haven’t forgotten their history of supplying Hitler.

The fact that they never knocked off Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and Co. who didn’t have an army, explains clearly the CIA worked for De Beers and have ever since, no different to the rest of the 3 Branches of the US Government.

I am an American citizen and it is my right to be heard telling such important truths.

The fact that I can explain why it is that spoiled rotten American kids less than half David and my age won’t lift a finger to inform more people in the US military about what exactly is going on, does not prevent others such as David who now understands more about the South African Reserve Bank affording the most corrupt South Africans not only the monies they invest here in the United States and take out their ill-gotten principal as well as huge profits, but with plenty of monies left over to hush other American citizens who have tax and estate laws passed allowing these selfish bastard children and their parents-grandparents to be afforded multi-million dollar Trust-Hush-Funds that have them so quiet.

Look at David’s Facebook profile and you will see mention of him working for some US Export Council.

Its sound official.

Its sounds like a public service.

I doubt it especially if it is owned by the US Government.

Now David feels better about himself being independent of the US Government, but then why not add an addendum that says,

“We are a for-profit institution all geared to enlighten the US Government on the merits of reinstituting the merit system that has never once been a part of the US Constitution; beginning by exporting to South Africa all American good-for-nothing but small talk Trust-Hush-Fund kids and their parent-grandparents who thanks to Gary S. Gevisser’s “backups” we know exactly who knew what and when did they know it.”
When I arrived in the United States I was at first being paid a “slave wage” when working for Bernstein & Bank Ltd, Chicago, Illinois, but thanks to the one fairly attractive billing clerk it didn’t take me long to brush aside the secretary of Howard Bernstein, who I had met briefly no more than a couple of times in the first 6 months I worked at this highly profitable consulting-accounting firm, and without mincing any words, repeated what I had told just moments before told my manager, whose first name was Shelley, who was a male,

“I come from a country that discriminates against people based on the color of their skin, but it seems you will discriminate against anyone who will allow you to get away with it!!”

Howard Bernstein asked me to, “stay put”, and then went to talk with Shelley, who must have told the truth, which was how after my “date” with the billing clerk who provided me with the evidence that I was being billed out at some US250 an hour, providing the firm with a gross profit of US$245/hr; i.e. I was being paid effectively less than US$5 an hour, Shelley began my review with the following:

“I don’t quite understand why you are coming to me now. You have only been here six months and we only do annual reviews. Since you insist; let me now explain your progress!”

Shelley grabbed hold of a pen and paper and neatly drew an X and Y axis. Then while continuing to talk down to me started to draw a line horizontal to the X axis which represented time.

The Y axis represented my “progress”.

Remember I am ALSO “Charm School” trained and waited for the pregnant pause from this monster of a fatso, and then responded, “Are you quite finished?”

He said, “Yes”.

Then I unloaded what I told Howard Bernstein, got up without saying another word, and immediately went to Howard’s office that was next to the office of the senior partner of the firm who was billing me out at US$250 to the firm’s most preferred client, Joe Seigal of Seigal Trading, who was the largest commodity trader in the world, second only to De Beers, who kept Joe on a very short leash, and of course I paid no attention to Howard ‘s personal secretary who was still telling me I had to make an appointment to see Howard even when I was already standing still at the edge of Howard’s desk who had yet to look up.

When I have to move fast, I move fast.

I can also, were my American passport to show up; and of cause it is possible that my French-Canadian wife has hid it from me, but I doubt it, be standing just as confidently before both Olmert and Barak who would do well to bring in Admiral Ami Ayalon; and in no more than 5 minutes we would have the start of everlasting peace without a drop more blood being spilled.

Not to mention 5 minutes, no more, is all the time that would be needed to bring me up to speed on the exact positioning of every Israeli Special Forces unit including those on Israel’s most advanced nuclear submarines that have yet to leave port, never once firing up their engines and therefore no possibility of
sharing their “signature”, all the while approximately half of Israeli submarine captains on less secure subs prepare to “light up” everything on board including the tiniest of kettles as they also surface, and then just as quickly submerge and go silent once again.

To mention little of the brutal Israel Air Force.

Given the lethargy that is systemic I see no other option besides for Israel demonstrating right now superior and overwhelming force against each and every adversary beginning with the CIA-Pentagon whose top officials should of course be tried for genocidal war crimes of epic proportions.

Such necessary action does not preclude Facebook from doing all it can to give peace a better chance.

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