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Wish upon one’s enemies

From: Greg Ressiveg
Date: January 17, 2012 4:05:46 PM PST
Cc: Marie Dion Gevisser
Subject: Wish upon one’s enemies – Fwd: Report for, 01-11-2012 to 01-17-2012

Ms. Tett,

It is possible that even before you got my first email today from (ressiveg is Gevisser backwards) you didn’t know who I am.

The photo above is the most important photo ever taken of my immediate family and close friends, beginning with the sufficiently large number of people who would have more choice, especially the adults, in deciding who they wanted to be standing next to.

The person doing the most speaking is Janie Moshal Gevisser, the mother of my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser

and his 3 elder siblings, none of whom are present; and Janie’s husband Morris Gevisser, the elder brother of my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser wearing the white shirt and tie and standing equidistant between Janie and my maternal grandmother Rachelle Badash-Ash, could be “excused” since he died in 1965, the same year as my maternal grandfather Alef-Al Badash-Ash

who while a little over 2 months shy of his 42nd birthday made application to change his Jewish sounding name to Al Ash

in September 1941, two years before his pogrom orphaned mother Nechie (Nellie) Becher Badash [1874-1943] died after falling down a flight of stairs in a boarding house in England where she was recuperating after being run over by a car which Ben-Gurion, her kinsman, never for one moment believed was an accident, given how his most trusted runner would have been always extra careful when crossing the street.

There is a similar photo taken exactly one year before, Passover 1966, in the exact same location,

which was our families rather large 2 flat apartment below the penthouse in Musgrave Heights, Durban, South Africa; and neither my grandmother Rachelle nor my grandfather or his second wife whose head you see in the March 1967 photo right between Issy and Rachelle, or Janie who lived in the same block of flats as Issy and Jenny, are present; and of course my good looking and most accomplished Allied Fighter-Bomber-Pilot Bernie

is the one taking both photos as well as this one below,

also at Musgrave Heights which included a rather large rock fountain along with an outside bar that had the words written vertically on the corner closest to the outside ledge:

Please leave your valuables behind before you jump!

You would, more importantly, know that the information I have provided you on the frailty of the financial system you could have figured out on your if only you had the taken the time to simply think about it, and soothing you at first, possibly, is knowing that it is very possible that no one you have ever met in your entire life has fully understood all the machinations that have gone into maintaining the monopolistic capitalist system which is the arch enemy of a democracy, unless it was either my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser, the “male heir” of openly racist and virulent anti-Semite German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. or one of the much more hypocritical German-South African Oppenheimers who would have no reason to trust you with their knowledge of how the real dog eat dog world works.

Janie Gevisser never got to read her youngest’s 2006 memoirs THE UNLIKELY FORESTER because she died in 1977, but she would have known why she and her husband so distrusted not only David who first showed his true color when he stole his elder brother Leslie’s stamp collection, and at the same time, like my grandmother Rachelle, Janie worshipped the ground that my dad and his father walked on.

The fact that in 2005, David Gevisser, age 79, would “earn” from Oxford a Masters of Studies in History Research tells you only how unbelievably stupid are all professors, and again, one can only play stupid for so long before it is self-evident also when the corruption set in.

David Gevisser’s decision to write such a book let alone get it published defies all logic other than apart from me, no one is speaking out, as all his family thought it was something for all of them to be proud of, because it made them feel important to belong to a family that had someone so rich.

You wouldn’t know when reading THE UNLIKELY FORESTER that my father even served in WW II because David Gevisser whose Masters was all about the years leading up to WW II, never even mentions that my father even volunteered, because in the very next instant it would not only mean having to go into great detail about what it took to become one of Jan Smuts’ best Fighter-Bomber-Pilots, just to get through the selection process of becoming a regular fighter pilot, but it would open up the deepest of deep wounds of why my so jealous “lucky uncle” Dave facilitated the asset stripping of my grandfather Issy Gevisser’s multi-national trading conglomerate by “nobody” Natie Kirsh who is today credited with being the biggest meat delivery person in the US, and the largest single owner of real estate in London; and such a transparently incomprehensible forced sale with no other bidders, typical of the way the Engelhard-Oppenheimer alliance worked when destroying the best who survived The Holocaust, had everything to do with discrediting my most humble and brilliant business person father who didn’t feel he needed to prove anything to anyone since he had proven himself on the most bloody and terrifying battlefield of WW II.

Just to give you an idea of Fighter-Bomber-Pilots of the SAAF who lost siblings in combat; Boris Senior lost his only brother Leon who was killed a week before Boris nearly lost his life in the freezing waters of Venice; and my father’s wingman Syd Cohen lost 2 of his brothers.

Even before you would have begun researching me which is the easiest thing possible given how I am such an open book because I have nothing to hide, since I never saw anything virtuous in being corrupt and to far prefer death than to live a lie and grow old and ugly like all the liars I observed who as I have grown older in biological years I noticed how much younger they were getting sicker and modern medicine simply making the drug companies and medical doctors richer and certainly no brighter, you would have known that there was much more than a “ring of truth” to what I had to say, and at the same time it would have been a breath of fresh air even if your instinct was to “clam up”.

I learned at the very young age given the wise stories my extraordinary and inspirational mother

told me that included both the untruth of this fictional character kid stuck up in a tree (below a 2500 year old Chinese bronze sculpture showing “fly away” money growing on a tree)

and his father berating him to trust him and jump, as his much bigger father stretched out his arms in a most trusting manner, and just as the child’s body left the security of the tree branch, his father stepped to the side and allowed the kid to fall hard to the ground and none the worse for wear, apart from a few scratches and bruises, which contrasted sharply with the truths of her grandmother Nechie witnessing at age 8 the murder of her entire immediate family in one of the last pogroms of eastern Europe that got increasingly more sophisticated with technological improvements as the human sheep were herded that much more off their hard work-hard play character building farmlands to work in the monotonous factories of disease ridden cities, and increasingly dependent upon monopoly government money to trade as bartering was also seen as stealing from the state who took the heinous hut tax to an even more sinister level by introducing a barrage of tax laws, all geared to cover up this one most repugnant hut tax imposed on the survivors of land and mineral grabbing wars, where none of the monarchs and their nobleman of old would dare have the audacity of invoking any manmade law to support their rape, but simply left their “Might is Right” to the doctrine of “By Divine Right We Rule”.

We are fast approaching the final nail in the coffin of fine art oil painting that began in 1908 at the 60 year celebration proceedings of the King of Austria conducted at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna when Spanish master painter Sebastian Capella no longer paints, and all his students with the exception of my wife could care less as while there will be no one quite as good as him to finish their paintings, there also will be less competition.

The photo above is of the back of the photo further above showing my dad standing next to future Israel Air Force Commander Syd Cohen [1921-2011].

As you can see from the front the photo was taken in Pontedera, northern Italy in December 1944, before the Russian Red Army, not American GIs, liberated the death factory Auschwitz on January 28, 1945 which was a few days shy of 2 months before the first founder of the Israel Air Force, South African Boris Senior [1924-2004] was shot down just 800 meters offshore from Venice after scoring a direct hit on the German vessel Otto Leonhardt, and would have either frozen to death or gunned down by German E boats were it not for the heroics of 2 American air-sea-rescue flyers.

Most careful was my mother Zena who was even closer to Boris Senior than my dad who graduated well ahead of Senior in becoming a Fighter-Bomber-Pilot given the difficulty Boris had in passing the aptitude tests, not to scare me as a young kid what it must have felt like for Nechie to hear right after the banging at the front door the loud voices getting more violent as the Cossacks with their long knives went to work; and what a sight it must have been when finally and the total silence consumed the air to emerge from the tiny closet where she had been hidden very possibly when her parents first heard the hooves of the horses stopping, to find all their lifeless bodies and the puncture holes from the stab wounds and slit throats still oozing out warm blood.

Do you consider it a good thing that God forces us to breath and we have to exert ourselves that much more to breath out?

Can you imagine what it must have been like for the remaining 61 years to get that smell and sight out of her mind, and also knowing that those Cossacks simply having fun on a night out on the town killing poor Jewish people, were simply brainwashed and still no matter how many tears she shed it was not possible to bring her mother and father along with siblings back to life even for a moment?

Today we have the power of the Internet to end this madness in one instant, and look at the difficulty I am having in getting people to do the right thing.

It is much worse than pulling teeth because by leaving in their teeth they have to take care of them which helps them reflect that much more on their purpose.

If my great maternal grandmother could fine purpose and she could also see how the human was regressing proportional to the advances in technology, then I figured I should be able to do a little if not a whole lot better.

The fact I know versus believe that our only purpose is to prove that God exists is of course most uplifting for me even when I see no movement by the human herd to change their behavior and be different to everyone else looking different but thinking the same stupid that change will only happen when there is a catastrophe which will not happen by virtue of the fact that already so many have all this information and to incite the masses to violence will be like the preacher preaching to the choir.

God created us fucking devolving humans to evolve from being succulents who only consume with little and no thought about the next generation of children other than to use them as our insurance policy, those of us who have children, as my wife and I have yet to find a single parent willing to put their children to the moral test because they all know their children will fail because they have purposely corrupted them to be even more corrupt.

When you realize that close colleagues of yours like Martin Wolf and Charles R. Morris who pride themselves on their much longer standing knowledge of institutions like the IMF have not only known longer than you about me although Mr. Morris who I only began communicating with right before you and may not have yet connected all the dots – and of course I will soon share all that correspondence with you – but were even less keen to know the story behind the story, the evil that you once sensed before running into me doesn’t touch sides with the reality.

You must already feel the systemic epidemic of evil within the grass roots organizations which you may have felt were beyond reproach such as the “little people” who work the trenches in shopping malls for folks like Greenpeace where they are rather aggressive in their tactics just to get signatures and their quick comebacks are to let you know that there is more going on in their heads than just trying to get signatures since they take these gigs not for the money but to feel good about themselves without ever figuring that the first business of corrupt governments is to corrupt grass roots organizations before they take root.

You will of course begin to notice once you start paying more attention to the less number of charity workers working for corrupt grass roots organizations even if it only began yesterday following my interaction with a Greenpeace paid volunteer at the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego where my fashion plate-clothes horse most exotic beautiful, most excellent fine art oil painter-teacher French-Canadian wife bought this one of a kind Chanel mini skirt and my photos don’t quite expose her most perfect pair of legs as the rest of her perfect 8 head size body distracted me from noticing the light of our cliff house in Del Mar crossing over the skirt.

It is very easy to see that had I begun talking about the inherent weaknesses of the financial system at the time I worked for De Beers on 47th Street or 15 years later when my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser offered me for the second time to take over from him, it would not only have fallen on the same amount of deaf ears, but I wouldn’t have had this $4 million DEATH SENTENCE as the “calling card” of “calling cards”; plus I am still at this early hour of the afternoon here on the water’s edge of perfect climate Del Mar, very much alive and more than ever in love with my wife, while knowing that what awaits us both in the life hereafter begins its bliss by never again having to interact with a single lost soul.

Think of all the Captains of Industry you have met and their egos never even being able to imagine, up until now, what it would have meant to spend just one hour in the world’s cushiest job of managing my “lucky uncle’s” vast investment portfolio which included holdings in enterprises unknown to his and the Oppenheimers lawyers.

Had I spoken out possibly one moment before breaking my 24 year silence on 11.11.2004, it is easy to see that this House of Cards could have easily lasted indefinitely given the total lack of support I have got from both the ruling elite and their good for nothing but small talk middle class of paper pushers doing the very dirty work of the now so exposed mineral right ruling elite who can only count on their rule of law to continue holding on to the stolen mineral rights beginning with water.

They neither have logic nor majority rule in their favor.

Only One God could have created this Diamond Invention that with each passing moment only strengthens such a monumental Divine Presence that we can best see in our minds and at the same time see just as clearly becoming a reality and all it taking is someone like to you having my and my wife’s courage that has logic written all over it.

What in fact we have throughout the world is more than a house of cards given how this fraud of frauds was an unimaginable evil perpetrated because the key mining monopolists saw they could get away with the killing of humans through very distracting regional and global wars when putting their exclusive diamonds to work, as technology improvements displaced that many more workers, and to then rebuild a more controlled and faster growing population that most of all covered their murderous tracks.

On 11.11.2004 I was unaware of Boris Senior’s autobiography and even less certain that David Gevisser would only after being made aware of my “shot across the bow” of the Oppenheimers decide to give it his “best shot”, and it would be hard for anyone to argue that his memoirs which have me written out, haven’t help prolong my life.

David Gevisser’s 2006 THE UNLIKELY FORESTER nails the coffin of the Oppenheimers, just so long as one is not distracted by all the other distractions of day to day life.

Boris Senior’s 2004, NEW HEAVENS, subtitle, My Life as a Fighter Pilot and a Founder of the Israel Air Force, begins to tell the true story of the United States Government being no friend of the fledgling State of Israel without Boris or his editors feeling the need to explain who exactly were the greatest beneficiaries of The Holocaust given how transparent was the delay in bombing any of the 300 death factories which never occurred and which all the intelligence services beginning with the OSS had a total handle on just as they did the shipments of the Oppenheimers’ diamonds out of the US protectorate Belgian Congo destination the armament factories of the 3rd Reich without the puppet Herr Hitler having to provide any collateral as the diamonds he did not use to fashion precision tooling was used to barter for all the other raw war materials which of course the Oppenheimers and their other monopolist partners such as the Rockefellers had first stolen.

Just like water cannot logically be owned by any person or group since even aquifer waters first come from the heavens, nor can fossil fuel oil; and the way to best coverup such blatant theft is to create illogical manmade borders and breed greed and conflict between trader peoples beginning with the Jews and Arabs whose religions are the closest.

You might have noticed that the most boring of the religions and which we know from just asking the kids how very long are Christian church services, especially those which used to be all in Latin, have the most distracting ostentatious ornaments and figurines of the bloody and torturous death of Christ and these images remain imbedded in the minds of the kids and from which there is no escape; at least not up until now, as the money trail which the financial system has so force fed everyone to follow, becomes of course the nightmare of the money monopolists who have hooked us on their worthless monies as they continue to consolidate the mineral wealth of the world at the expense of individual freedoms.

When you get to Chapter 1 of NEW HEAVENS, titled A YELLOW STAIN IN THE WATER, page through quickly to page 23 when you first come across the word, AMGOT – Allied Military Government monies which were handed out after the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944 and which Senior held on to as a memento as it got stained with the yellow dye that seeped from his Mae West lifejacket.

The money supply numbers never included AMGOT money which was only used to keep very smart Commanding Officers like South African Allied Field Marshal Jan Smuts from ever going overboard in his quest to save Jewish people from the crematoria.

Assuming you still have a conscience your heart should sink once your notice the differences between the British and American version of the biography of most accomplished Smuts written by his son of the same name in 1952, two years after his death at age 80 on September 11, beginning with how conspicuously absent from the American publication is the trip Smuts took with Sir Ernest Oppenheimer to the Belgian Congo in mid-July 1939, just a month and a half before Hitler invaded Poland from the west and the puppet Stalin from the east.

The history books also do not talk about the ingenious false collapse of the brilliant fighter Polish army who bred the likes of David Ben-Gurion and my great maternal grandmother who came from the same tiny village of Plonsk, White Russia-Poland and after giving birth to all her 5 children in England returned to Tel-Aviv where the Mossad remain headquartered and only when my mother was born in 1929 did she permanently settle in England in order to raise my mother to understand “the problems of the world and the solutions to many of these problems” – CLICK HERE.

One of my saddest and at the same time most uplifting moments was reading Israeli Major Tuvia Frilings ARROWS IN THE DARK as this most scholarly and clearly very brave and intelligent Commanding Officers of the world’s greatest fighting battalion, the Golani Brigade, gave the most detailed account of the most troubling period for Ben-Gurion and his most trusted accomplices including devout Christian Smuts when the Nazis in anticipating their defeat began to pull off the greatest ruse of World War II in preparation for the ultimate defeat of the Jewish people by money, as they raised the hope amongst Jewish people throughout the world that they could save Jewish people destined to be murdered in the death factories by simply paying ransom monies.

The uplifting part is not so much that Professor Friling missed the entire point of this most brilliant military exercise of the Nazis and their bankers led by the Oppenheimers-Engelhards, but the extraordinary slow reaction of Jewish people throughout the world to acknowledge my input as it shows how very few of us Jewish people have not been bought.

How long can we all put up with this charade only because we can’t yet get comfortable with feeling so stupid about buying into this so illogical worthless money just because making money has been so rammed into our thick skulls.

I say get over it.

My next follow up is to put you in touch with a number of people including Ron Bellows of AIG who over the years has provided me with most valuable information including the decision by the FDA to ignore in the mid-1980s the internal scientific studies of AIG about the mind-altering drug Aspertame; and when you simply type his name in one of the Internet search engines you will see that at the top of the list is a most incriminating email he sent me on May 3, 2004, just 11 days after American football star Patrick Tillman was killed by “enemy fire” and one of the most appalling coverups in modern day times began; and of course I know you have not forgotten about the importance behind the release of the Pentagon Papers.

Given how I felt that you were the most sincere individual on INSIDE JOB and when responding to me showed a complete genuineness to learn more, just in case you didn’t know that it is most mindful me of all those who dont have the information and never assuming that anyone coming from the upperclass is necessarily bad given how well the information has been suppressed, below (and not copying anyone at this time other than my most beautiful F-C wife) are the site analytics for for the past 6 days; bearing in mind for the past 12 months we have got, despite the information remaining pretty much a constant since the truth is that which does not change, upwards of 40 million page views, without a single reporter wanting to write a story about me, not even my most fraudulent $4 million DEATH SENTENCE handed to me on January 21st of last year with the corrupt Texas judge acknowledging that there was never any evidence of defamation presented against me by a neurologically impaired ex-CIA member, and at the same time this most arrogant judge declares loudly that he is trampling over my First Amendment rights, and their ultimate goal to set a precedent to regulate the Internet; a little bit like what is happening with TV broadcasts and print media which is controlled again by puppets of the monopolists (and you are saying, “I don’t want to touch that one”)

When David Gevisser refers to my mother as the “redoubtable” Zena Ash he knew exactly what he was talking about.

No one other than my parents could say they were the guests of Pandit Nehru at his private rresidence in New Dehli where the respect extended to having his daughter Indira Ghandi as their chaperone, because no one else can claim such an honor.

The fact that my mother has never really written her autobiography is in line with the thinking of all the world’s accomplished who know better, beginning with the fact that it has always been the brutal victors of wars which is all about stealing and enslaving who write the history books, and to have a written legacy alongside such thugs, who would wish that curse on anyone, apart from one’s enemies.

My book of email letters have long obsoleted each and every book written on the 4 subjects, History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] since the turn of the last century.

Why not choose good for a change when you know staying with the status quo can only mean you harm since for the status quo to survive they have to that much with my information getting out, be that much more cut throat when stabbing the best of you in the back on the way down.

2 months and 2 days exactly be4 sic Engelhard was assassinated and the circumstantial proof overwhelming that it was not nature taking its natural course, unless you also believe in God, I along with mother, my sister Kathy-Louise and our first cousin Karene Gevisser were celebrating New Years Even in Arosa, Switzerland,

where to amuse myself while practicing my pistol aim with a hand-size pellet gun that my mother had purchased for me in London and which I carried with me in my carryon on the flight to Switzerland, I shot up our hotel suite using the antique furniture as my “moving target” as the paper targets strewn all around also remained stationary throughout.

That is me below pointing an unloaded Israeli Uzi submachine gun at my middle brother.

My mother’s writing below – January 1968:

My parents on their wedding day, October 10, 1948

the same day that Smuts’ eldest son died having taken ill less than 24 hours before.

My 3 favorite family photos

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Subject: Report for, 01-11-2012 to 01-17-2012

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