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Would you like for me to call them?

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: March 22, 2012 11:21:45 PM PDT
To: Michael Gardiner <>

Subject: Would you like for me to call them? – Re: Gevisser check


I will call the bank tomorrow to find out because that, “6 weeks or more” is news to me.

This has been a very long day for me, and you would know that I don’t write to write and fully aware of the GREAT IMPORTANCE of Knuff and Loewinsohn never explaining the defamation, and why it hasn’t resulted in one lawyer thinking it right to write to just one member of the US Congress they know well.

Don’t forget I understand why it is that the Oppenheimers-De Beers felt I was smart enough to see the “virtue” of having them in charge of their herd than one or more of their herd running the world.

Amazing isn’t it that the world hasn’t blown up by one of their puppets like Obama deciding that they cannot live with their guilty consciences?

Imagine that not one of the Oppenheimers’ puppets have broken rank, and yet we all know that their out of control egos more often than not get in the way of thinking logically?

Yes, only G-d could be responsible for such order in total chaos where every field starting with the clergy see morality as the ultimate path to G-d; and yet you know that if I were to speak to the largest to the smallest congregation they would all be silent and their preachers won’t know what to do with feelings of everlasting embarrassment.

Remember there are more than the corrupt clergy out there who also are forced to talk good beginning with their smile?

Do you ever remember Hitler smiling?

Which profession do you feel smiles the most and which one the least?

Do you really want me to give you the full list of the lawyers here in California and Texas who I first approached when I received the totally illogical complaint that the smartest people in the world couldn’t figure out, other than Knuff was either a total nutcase or he had taken his time in carefully lining up his ducks in Texas Judge Martin Lowy’s courtroom, and it took them no more than a few seconds when going to my website and seeing what it was that made so very attractive to the both the very worst and very best and all those in between, before deciding that doing the right thing didn’t sit well with them?

It is not only me who understands that there is something very significant going on when you have not a single human being able to question my irrefutable knowledge of why it is that the most uncertain, the most manipulated commodity; namely money, is the one we have more trust in than even our most trusted members of our families given how the overwhelming majority of city people throughout the world where all the power is, decide on their spouse/significant other based on their finances and ability to either sustain the standard of living that they are accustomed to or do better and only the poor settle for the ugly and poor.

Couple that with the fact that most divorces are the result of “bad finances” that leads to straying and quickly you see that it is very difficult to focus on much else.

While a few might argue that their love for their spouse and children is not connected to money, 100% of the population will agree that sibling rivalry does not mean that every brother and sister are willing to die for one another; and by the time one goes beyond the “blood relatives” where we know internecine fighting is the bloodiest, all other interactions, apart from affairs, is 100% about money with everyone finding excuses for their corruption.

Do you know how honored I feel to have Michael Grant as my friend; and of course there are no words to describe the beauty of my French-Canadian wife.

The most honest profession apart from speaking the truth which I have yet to find my equal when it comes to discussing the so transparent poisoning of the money supply is of course prostitution and boxing where the rules do apply to all, even if the referee and the judges are bought, and then every spectator can figure that one out much better than in any other sport or profession.

Don’t you find it interesting that boxing is the sport to beat up on while a gladiator sport like American football has it so clear that the defensive players are not doing their job unless hurting the opponent in order that on the next play the pain will not only slow them down but reduce the play options for the quarterback as the quarterback on the sidelines can’t wait to get back on to the field and hope that the other teams defensive players are not as motivated financially.

Amazing isn’t it how the TV news and sports announcers play their part in distracting the masses from my information.

You understand that the reason I am so convincing about the corruption of the trading of monies that it requires I receive such an unprecedented wrongful conviction, is because for the first time in history the ruling mineral monopoly elite are feeling very threatened and know that their lawmakers that they most depend on could turn on them before the next election.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on every subject but that does not mean their arguments can hold water.

Just like I don’t know all the other things you have done today, so you don’t know everything I have been doing in my other activities to expose this extraordinary injustice considering all the good I am doing for all those who have been taken advantage of because the corrupt media and the politiician-bankers want to continue suppressing the information.

By now you will have read Loewinsohn explaining how he plans to use this fraudulent judgment to regulate the Internet which is a point I keep bringing up time and again, and so far all the very powerful people I know in the broadcasting world who talk a lot about the importance of Freedom of Speech, are most quiet, which does not mean much smarter people than them are fooled.

I want to bring out the best in you by you first of all realizing how many of your colleagues all over the world have already got all this information, including those who you may think you can still trust implicitly.

I believe you told me that you were 48 which makes me 7 years older, but that is only our biological age difference.

It is quite the coincidence that you have a relative who came from Vilnius, Lithuania and witnessed the murder of those such as my grandfather’s sister and her entire family who were led out to the forests where they were forced to dig their own graves before being shot in the back of the heads, and of course not all of them dying instantly and therefore buried alive; and that is to make each of us feel that much more sensitive, nothing more; but it is important; very important in fact.

When I write for a very mature audience like those who pay very careful attention to the “letters to the editor” of the Jerusalem Post

The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism – [CLICK HERE to continue reading my first of four letters, titled, Heads up, you lose; tails we all lose.]

who also know that there is a very good reason why the major beneficiaries of our Jewish Holocaust haven’t come close to paying for their crimes of genocide on the poor, since genocide of the poor continued after WW II at a feverish pace because they got rid of the best of us small Jewish traders who lost their voice when their lives were taken away, I can be very succinct; and none of that is lost on my adversaries who because they don’t have the mental capacity to give me the logical arguments to buttress what I say, think nothing of simply calling me “nuts” without having to back up their defamation of my very good character.

It is also not lost on me why it is that so very few of the poorly university educated masses know the first thing about hugely important Allied Field Marshal Jan Smuts who would have no difficulty understanding why the American publishers decided to suppress the most important trip Smuts took with virulent anti-Semite Sir Ernest Oppenheimer to the US protectorate Belgian Congo in mid-July 1939 when Oppenheimer’s diamond mines were supplying Hitler with his diamonds, and knowing that their gun-money-diamond-power would begin increasing exponentially when refusing a direct order by bought President Franklin D. Roosevelt for Oppenheimer to stockpile 6.5 million carats of industrial diamonds on US soil.

Corrupt people do learn from getting away with their corruption which does not mean intelligent people feel the need to speak their minds to the brainwashed masses who had they been given truth back then might have decided that in order to save their necks to turn in those speaking badly about Ernest Oppenheimer and his son Harry who would end up doing a whole lot better than simply keeping their heads.

And yes, some did tell the truth about the Oppenheimers and their offspring today are quiet because only the offspring of the cowards and traitors survived.

You can see as well as anyone that with each one of us being broadcaster thanks to the light-speed Internet, it was an extraordinarily smart decision by people such as Smuts, Churchill and Ben-Gurion to keep their mouths shut.

It does not require much imagination for everyone to agree that not only would people like the spy of spies Smuts, Churchill and Ben-Gurion agree with everything I have done to get the information out there, but Einstein would also find it interesting how well I can explain his 2 c mE in reverse, getting the biggest nonsense talkers to go silent.

Imagine a show that draws the audience away from every other radio or TV show.

It cannot be overstated the importance of very well-known Einstein referring to almost lost to the history books Smuts as “One of 11 men in the world who understand conceptually the Theory of Relativity”.

Jewish Einstein who had to flee his native country of Germany because Sir Ernest Oppenheimer led the charge in the arming of Nazi Germany, didn’t write letters to the US Congress to explain either the anti-Semiticsm in the United States and Canada or wherever the Oppenheimers dictated “public policy”; i.e. how well the next generation were educated at their schools and churches to be the best of the best anti-Semites, or why the great Christian Jan Smuts was known by his adversaries as “King of the Jews”, which did not prevent Einstein from expressing his outrage about the hypocrisy of the US Justice system when writing as his return address on a letter to the White House back in February 1934, “Concentration camp, Princeton” because by this time the American Indian reservations were in full swing.

Everyone becomes an expert on American history once they get my knowledge which does not diminish the importance of the information.

Nor is it a good thing that Jewish Americans who consider themselves educated know little and nothing about Jan Smuts who is responsible for saving half of European Jewry.

The fact that Jewish South Africans know so little about what drew the very few remaining Jewish traders to South Africa following World War II when Smuts was still Prime Minister and they all believed there was still hope, shows mostly their ignorance which does not take long to turn into hypocrisy. The upside of course is that the light-speed Internet exposes the truth about all of us as it allows each of us to figure out on our own who knew what and when and given how dependent we are on one another to share information in order to maintain the perception that the money we use has value, so the value of my information which also highlights who exactly is trying to suppress the information, increases in value. 

Were it not for the discovery of The Internet it is easy to imagine how all this knowledge I have would have been lost forever.

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are currently aware of what such a loss would have meant to future generations; let alone the odds of one person fighting against all odds to fight the right fight.
It is important how it is the justice system of America that is leading the way in wanting to suppress my information and they think it is smart to give support to someone so cowardly as Knuff who figures rightly that the easiest and quickest way to steal and get away with it is to come after me by abusing the rules of the court that he nor his liar-lawyer Loewinsohn are bound by.

Yes, I am a little frustrated the fact that not one lawyer I have spoken to has thought it a good use of their time and my money to contact the ACLU to ask them at least to stop with their arrogance as it is the Texas ACLU who are one of the the 3 people following me on Twitter.

Nor is it lost on me as well as my soon to be increasing numbers of supporters that not one lawyer has offered to help me pro bono; but that too may change.

When you look at the very disturbing September 2006 photo of Czar Nicholas Oppenheimer, the grandson of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and Putin
and it is clear that Russian mafia don Putin is owned by the same German-South African Oppenheimer family who gave their President Franklin D. Roosevelt the middle finger, does it make you feel that the American Civil Liberties Union is any better?

There is a reason why I don’t find any lawyers or judges applauding me for that first letter that Jerusalem Post decided to publish on February 1, 2001, just 12 days after De Beers-Rhodes Scholar President Bill Clinton granted CIA oil trader Marc Rich a Presidential Pardon which allowed all his untraceable paper profits to move freely around the world and end up owning prime property shopping centers like the Marc Rich-Essakow Flower Hill Mall which serve only to drive that much more of a wedge between the rich and the poor who are only financially poorer because they are poorly educated by a very corrupt educational system that most Americans who think they are on top of things believe is run out of lawless Texas, but of course they are wrong.

All the brainwashing has been orchestrated out of South Africa ever since diamonds were discovered in large quantities back in the late 1860s and their effectiveness in digging for other minerals beginning with gold, and water becoming that much more important as the population of the world began to explode; and just living longer did not mean they were getting more intelligent which is perhaps the most important lesson that I am teaching because it shows in fact that the human is regressing as we have forgotten to pay our soldiers a fair wage only because we keep forgetting the result of losing our minds from trying to keep track of our lies.

We can all imagine the world in the next moment being one big love fest, as we would pat each other on the back for being fortunate to be alive to experience the next generation of Oppenheimers deciding all on their own without any pressure from anyone, because you can see that I am the only person genuinely taking the fight to them, to rectify all they have done wrong and when giving up their mineral rights to explain that just like they have never paid for anything including the cost of their assassins because all their wealth is stolen resources, no one can possibly be asked to pay for anything.

Yes, it is a monumental problem the Oppenheimers’ governments have on their hands.

Do you doubt for a moment that Nicholas Oppenheimer wishes I was dead?

Oppenheimer does not need anyone in the world to tell him that I am the most credible person he knows, and that my words and actions could already have created conflict between him and his son Jonathan.

I think you better understand what I mean when saying I expose corruption from the top down and bottom up.

Nothing prevents even a homeless person from beginning a dialogue with Jonathan Oppenheimer in the next moment by simply sending his personal assistant Julie Burgon an email asking if Jonathan refutes the gaps I have already filled in the Epstein’s Diamond Invention book?

Each one of us 7 billion can now participate in this chess game of chess games where those of us who have truth-logic at our side have already won, and all the winners who are all those who have not been corrupted beginning with all the children who have yet to be born, can just wait for the corrupt to take as long as want in making their next move; and the longer they are silent, it makes the chess game we can all see before us that much more exciting.

G-d would not bow to the Oppenheimers so why are all their banker-politicians competing with each other to bow the lowest?

The fact that logic keeps pointing to only G-d capable of creating a species that thinks they are so smart and yet they don’t want to deal with the reality that each passing moment the odds are that much greater that my information will get out there, and then the game is up for all the liars, and when choosing to believe that nothing will change because it has only been this way of not paying the soldier the lion’s share of the spoils of war for less than 2 centuries, shows how the ingenious mind of each human can continue with their daily activity of having to be logical with everything other than wanting to believe that military has nothing to do with the value of the monopoly money of the mineral monopolists.

Perhaps there is a way you can get your bank to treat you the way they would someone like Nicholas Oppenheimer. Would you like for me to call them?

That 35 minute phone you initiated didn’t do me any good; in fact it caused me both heartache and lost time to do other things; but perhaps you could share with me what benefit you got out of it since you had yet to read the so disgusting transcripts of the hearings/trial where for possibly the first time in history the people get to see how the justice system for the rich really works with these people who cannot come up with evidence of defamation by me because their goal from the start was to defame me and steal my money and my time, and try as best they could to drive me insane with their insane actions which are so well captured in their incriminating words.

When I write for those with less military intelligence training than the “mature audience” I referenced in the first paragraph, I think mostly of the way I thought at 15 and I believe that I am as smart as I was back then. Most people don’t think of 15 year olds as being very smart because they don’t think they were that smart at 15; but in fact logic would tell even the most illogical person that they were smarter at 15 because they body which is the mind’s temple, was in far better shape.

Do you have any idea what women think of Mike’s body temple or do you think they think he isn’t all that smart to recognize what it takes to keep such a beautiful body in shape that has the women of races thinking of nothing else.

I know that is not the case with me because I first of all eat better today than I did back then when the food supply wasn’t quite as filled with the poisons of today.

The fact that people do not think about these important matters has everything to do with the fact that they only realize how stupid they are when thinking about the fact that we are what we eat.

Top athletes on the other hand, like Michael Grant can overcome a great many obstacles which does not prevent them from realizing that what I have to say is very important.

Imagine if someone like Michael can influence not only his 15 year old, but his 11 year old and 7 year old to do the right thing.

I don’t know of a single athlete in the world today who has the potential to reach a bigger audience than all members of the US Congress, the Executive Branch and US Judiciary, every talking head on TV and radio and all combined than the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

In the 4 days Michael spent with my wife and I, he was not spending that time with anyone else.

You remember me mentioning to you that the only more prominent client my mother had was Pandit Nehru and during my parents 2 week stay as his guest in Nehru’s New Deli residence he continued to attend to the affairs of the second largest population in the world because he knew that my mother was coaching his daughter Indira Ghandi who would follow in her father’s footsteps.

In the course of the past 5 decades not only has the world changed a lot thanks to mostly to the light-speed Internet, I was not hurt by the lessons on PR, marketing and advertising that my very brilliant mother taught me well before I got my head fully around the fact that the economy of a country was based 100% on military and so long as one could keep convincing those who thought otherwise, beginning with those university educated, the only fear is that one of those university educated would begin speaking the truth.

The fact that it is only me who is explaining how corrupt is academia because it is simply not possible to think that so many could think themselves so different and yet have only their stupidity in common, has a ring perhaps of an Omnipotent Presence, but rather than go down that path to simply have each member of every university participate in a survey that someone like my one Facebook “friend” Black American rabbi Caspers Funnye could be in charge of?

Look, I am just looking for answers, because I know all the right questions to ask.

Should every court in the world rule against me it only means that the court system is systemically rotten.

In the event that one court rules in my favor it won’t change the fact that all the courts that have ruled against me were dead wrong.

Truth is hugely important when it comes to making the convincing arguments such as whether your justice system is more or less just than the next.

You quoted something from Churchill who has also been dead a long time but his decision to have Smuts as his second in command will remain forever.

You won’t have forgotten the very important words I taught you, “Those who know, don’t talk; those who don’t do all the talking; once you tell a secret it is no longer a secret”.

Both my mother and father are still alive, and they will remember when I first met Michael Grant when he was still a “kid” of barely 20.

Not that many white people can count that many black people as their friends.

Black Americans for sure know that this country did not start out the right way when wiping out the indigenous American Indians in order that the whites and their kidnapped Black slaves could become the majority without giving the Black slaves the vote and then later we would just say that the American Indians live on reservations, and then move on, without a thought to how much in reparations should have been paid to the Black slaves when freeing them and giving them the option of staying in America and getting nothing or say each of them receiving $1 million to buy back the lands they lost when they were kidnapped but they would lose the $1 million if they decided to stay in America.

Would you, if you were Black take the $1 million and return to Africa or stay here in the US and receive nothing?

Can you imagine if Michael, my French-Canadian wife Marie Dion and I were to host a daily talk show like mother Zena?

Can you imagine if Michael got some of his close Black American buddies like Terrance Howard to be permanent guests on our blockbuster success daily talkshow.

Remember I mentioned that I have a huge bombshell that I have yet to drop; that is not it.

That does not prevent me from telling the world that had I pitched such a talkshow to Randolph Apperson Hearst in early 1994, the year before I met with my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser in Johannesburg, South Africa where he offered me his position as the control person of all the Oppenheimer’s mining-money enterprises throughout the world, Mr. Hearst may not have gone to his board for the money because that would have meant calling a special meeting and that would have taken time as well as fun away from simply funding such a guaranteed success business venture out of his own pocket.

A lot has changed around the world since 1995 and it has all been good because good has always overcome darkness because that is a key element of the overall design of the ingenious cosmos.

I want to stress that there has never been a case like this in the history of the world; and this conclusion has been reached by every lawyer and non-lawyer who all take no time to get their heads around this injustice of injustices as it is patently obvious that the plaintiff, an ex CIA official is using the court system to steal blind. 

It is most important how deafeningly silent are the corrupt which does not mean that my very logical and important information isn’t getting out there.

In short I am being financially and politically assassinated; my human rights as well as my Constitutional Rights have been trampled on, all in an effort to undermine my huge credibility that stems from my intimate knowledge of the gun-money-power of the mineral drilling-mining-banking industry where I was, at one most critical time, 1978-1980, the most trusted official on US soil of the South African based mining consortium Oppenheimer-De Beers-Anglo American Corporation-Lloylds of London Insurance, who while relying on the US Government-military to retain their stolen mineral rights have banned American citizens from being investors. Such an unprecedented action, and all geared to turn Americans on Americans, has been in effect for more than 2 decades; moreover, few lawyers, other than those profiting from this corruption, have been aware of such a banning which has not prevented Lloyds, who accept diamonds as an investment instrument, so long as they are certified genuine by this diamond cartel, from selling their insurance to American citizens and American corporations; furthermore, on Friday, June 16, 2006, Lloyds had a hastily called meeting to address my written enquiries that were beginning to attract Public International Attention following my decision on 11.11.2004 to break my silence with the Oppenheimer consortium. The hyperlink below takes you to my more recent communications with Lloyds which also provides more of my background:

The following is the short speech I gave to California Superior Court Judge Kerry Wells this past Monday, March 19th before she dismissed my Motions for continuance of the Debtor Judgement hearing , to vacate judgment for Fraud, and/or order a new trial or counterclaim.

Your Honor is it clear to you what the defamation is about? 

Don’t you think as a defendant I should have been informed from the start what the defamation was all about, and at this point in time it should be clear, especially with this outrageous $4 million judgement? 

Maybe Mr. Chan [plaintiff’s debt collection lawyer] could tell all of us?  Are you not supposed to prove your case beyond a shadow of a doubt?

If this fraudulent default judgment is allowed to stand, it will set a precedent for not only regulating the Internet out of Texas, but for others who are corrupt to see that just having enough money and knowing the right judge, can use the justice system to extort monies and intimidate.

So baffled by the lack of evidence was Judge Lowy that he stated clearly at the outset, “defenses to what?” Plaintiff Knuff’s lawyer never provided an answer throughout the trial which prompted Judge Lowy to state that he was trampling on my Constitutional Rights before handing me a $4 million judgement.

My only asset is my intellectual property that exposes this corruption. Maybe bankruptcy court or a counter lawsuit is my last hope of seeking justice.

Defamation is a most serious charge. It should have been clearly stated in the original complaint the basis of the charges and the proof of evidence that were never presented in court. This trial should have been in California where all the parties to this lawsuit reside. Choosing Texas as the venue showed clearly the devious nature of Knuff and its raises questions to me regarding his relationship with Judge Lowy.

The jurisdiction was flat wrong. I was not the main defendant and nor had I ever met or communicated with the plaintiff whose main residence was here in San Diego Country and all his business interests are located here. Plaintiff Knuff simply keeps a residence in Texas. Both the main defendant who was severed from the lawsuit on the day I was handed this most unusually large Default Judgment, and I live in San Diego county, and therefore the venue should have favored the defendants, but the Texas Judge would not hear anything.

Second, the plaintiff never provided either evidence of defamation or anything close to proof of most difficult to prove defamation, and the Texas judge stated this at the very start of the second hearing in Texas, and the judge also was clear in saying that it would therefore be impossible for me to defend myself to such a heinous crime of defamation and after the plaintiff attorney started mumbling the biggest lot of mumbo grumbo, the judge changed his mind without explaining why, but leaving no doubt that he was doing the bidding of the plaintiff and his lawyer. 

Third, to grant a default judgment, it would mean that I either didn’t respond to the complaint and/or did not show up. The court record shows that not only did I respond as well show up for the first hearing on May 7, 2010, but all my responses were in a timely, clear and concise manner.

Fourth, so clear cut is this clear cut judicial abuse that the arrogant judge also goes on to say that in handing me this egregious default judgment on January 21, 2011 he was trampling on my Constitutional Rights to a fair trial, unbiased judge as well as my right of Free and Fair Speech.

Fifth, the back and forth between Judge Lowy and Loewinsohn on June 30, 2010 after they had received all my clear as could possibly be responses to total bs, has been seen by everyone who has read them as incriminating of Lowy and Loewinsohn of the Nth Degree, and nor did their lack of integrity diminish in the January 21, 2011 hearing/trial because even when they placed Knuff on the stand and he performed so badly, they knew that there would be lawyers and judges out there who would still find fault with me. The fact that I have had many lawyers tell me verbally that it is really not all that clear the garbage dialogue between Lowy, Loewinsohn and Knuff but still they are unwilling to put their opinions in writing, does not lead me to believe that they really believe what they are telling me, since we all know people do understand evidence.

Sixth, Lowy even caught Loewinsohn and Knuff at January 21, 2011 trial/hearing trying to introduce false evidence into the court record, and still that was not enough for Lowy to come down heavily on these criminals of the nth degree, instead he just so casually hands me the $4 million DEFAULT JUDGMENT/DEATH SENTENCE and then asks whether I can afford to pay it and again brings up that he may be trampling on my Constitutional Rights.

Seventh, the fact that a great many lawyers and judges have been to my website and do not applaud me does not lead me to conclude that their silence should have me thinking that all the honest people out there who have been screwed by the court system won’t continue to search for the truth.

I don’t forget that I am Jewish and the transcripts of the January 21, 2011 hearing/trial show that this Texas Judge Lowy thought that maybe the defamation was all about me calling the plaintiff Knuff “Jewish”.

The fact that Judge Lowy brings up that I should have taken his advice to get a lawyer and he and Loewinsohn have a great deal of fun with the rest of their word game does not mean that a “jury of our peers” wouldn’t understand the game they are playing.

Bear in mind that prior to joining De Beers’ Codiam Inc. I not only got to listen to private sidebar conversations involving both the lawyers for the plaintiff/s and defendant/s but the judge/s doing more wrong than simply “playing for time” which is also wrong.

Knuff had more than a year to check me out and know that the only way to beat me in a court of law was to throw up as much total garbage as is humanely possible and know that a great many people would think that some of his crap would stick.

The fact that I have had zero success in the court system which shows how corrupt it is, does not mean that I won’t eventually find one honest judge, and what do you think would happen then? In the meantime the people continue to understand evidence and my hugely important information continues to get out there.

You would now see exactly why the information I shared with Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. about Lloyds of London Insurance immediately following our June 3, 2010 three hour lunch when he had got his head completely around the corruption of Lowy-Loewinsohn-Knuff, caused Mr. Krinsk to go deafeningly silent; and as I mentioned today, as big a “big bomb” as that is, there is a much bigger disclosure of fraud that I have yet to reveal.

Bear in mind it is also not lost on me that so far not a single lawyer anywhere in the world has been able to show me a case where there has been anywhere close to this egregious judicial abuse because you haven’t forgotten that we are talking about a heinous charge of defamation; more important is the fact that so far not a single journalist has thought it worth their career to write a story about this defamation lawsuit that everyone interested in a search for the truth knows that the defamation is on me, someone who has operated at the highest levels of the socio-economic ladder where the top dogs decide not only on their captains of industry but which judges to promote and demote

So Michael would you know of an honest journalist that I-we have yet to speak with?

Again, not a single lawyer who I have spoken with and I have spoken with a great many, has been willing to put in writing a single thing that I did wrong because the evidence is overwhelming to all of them that I did everything right.

Moreover, had I continued to play their game and spend the time and money to attend more kangaroo court proceedings, the judicial abuse would not have been close to as clear.

So short and clear were all those 4 hearings/trial with the court reporter present that it makes all the corrupt very nervous, and so they should be.

They were all lying and they now have to live with their lies. They can’t change the past and so they have to live in the past with their short-term memory caused by the short-circuits of lying negatively impacting their smart decision making. I don’t carry the same baggage because I have the truth-logic constantly at my side versus a liar who has to constantly keep track of their lies and why it is that only liars need good memories.

Imagine if you were a first year law student and got to read the court record beginning with the clear as a whistle transcripts where the lawyer for the plaintiff has committed perjury when he says that he has evidence of me defaming him but is unable to provide the evidence because he was lying and so was his lawyer Loewinsohn, and then the judge after also hearing the plaintiff say that he hasn’t been contacted by the FBI or CBS or anyone of substance, and nor can he show any loss of business, just his pride for being so a blabbermouth very possibly only defaming himself, decides that he is just going to disregard all the evidence and pull out of the sky a $1 million in compensatory damages without the plaintiff proving up his damages because he has none, and then the same judge throws in an additional $3 million for punitive damages all because the plaintiff hasn’t been able to make his case, would you still want to continue studying law assuming you didn’t see the law business as a way to easily steal money?

Of course Judge Lowy waived my right to a jury trial which was not his right. 

Long from now the majority of the world’s population will still not be lawyers but they will better understand that the majority of the people can demand their justice.

That day could appear in the very next instant thanks to the light speed of the Internet.

Good night.

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On Mar 22, 2012, at 3:00 PM, Michael Gardiner wrote:

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Michael A. Gardiner
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From: Kelly Dirks []
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 2:42 PM
To: ‘Michael Gardiner’
Subject: Gevisser check
The bank is going to release the funds into our account based on your reputation with the bank, but it may take 6 weeks or more to actually clear. With the exchange rate, the amount deposited was $5,153.86.
Kelly Dirks, Paralegal
Law Offices of Michael Gardiner
110 West A Street, Suite 950
San Diego, CA 92101
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