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You become dumb!

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 2:37 PM PT
To: Cassidy – User Operations – Facebook; ‘
Cc: rest; Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10, 1996; President elect Barack Obama; Mossad; President George W. Bush;; Carolyn Dempster – Journalist – Dr. Death Aquitted; Jeffrey R. Krinsk – Finkelstein & Krinsk
Subject: You become dumb!

That omnipotent Power I have been talking about does exist.

It does not “come and go”.

It is a constant.

Even without me proving the math, you can fully sense it.

Email all your Facebook “friends”, and just ask them and then ask them to invite “friends” of their “friends”, unless of course that now violates the rules.

Remember I was born and lived some 1 week shy of 21 years in South Africa under the brutal dictatorship of the CIA’s South African Apartheid Regime.

When they “banned” someone they also didn’t have to give any reason; but that didn’t make it right.

The CIA also banned individuals they had on their payroll; but that also didn’t make it right.

The CIA knew what they were doing in pitting brother against brother, sister against sister, they had a lot of practice here in the United States, the most retarded money culture society in the history of the world.

The CIA knew that those getting the money would establish the price of everything including worthless modern art as well as worthless modern art monies.

The CIA knew that money couldn’t buy class but that didn’t bother the CIA or the people without class; but that didn’t make it right.

The CIA are not God, and nor are their stooges.

When last was the CIA asked, “You must have done something wrong!!”

What rules are we talking about?

Einstein admits that one of his greatest mistakes, if not the greatest, was failing to embrace Quantum Mechanics, that which goes forward must also work in reverse, if not exactly: 2 c mE~E=mc².

E=mc² we can all agree is the most “balanced” equation.

What goes around comes around.

You keep going around in circles you lose your balance.

Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth. The truth is “tTOo” [sic] disrupting for “sum” [sic] people too busy keeping track of their lies. – Marie Dion Gevisser.

Only liars need good memories, to keep track of their lies.

Short-circuits eventually turn the space between the ears into a perfect vacuum, like Deep Space where no sound can travel.

Combine the Doppler Effect that measures sound and the Red Shift Effect which measures light and you shouldn’t drift all that much.

God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we should listen twice as hard as we speak. will inevitably shine the brightest of spotlights on Facebook now very two-faced.

In one ear and out the other.

The “light bulb effect” not hard to follow.

What do you have lose apart from your mind, a terrible thing to lose, but you wouldn’t know it.

The “light bulb effect” not hard to follow.

This genius of a man, so extraordinarily humble, enough cannot be said on that subject alone because Einstein would be the only one capable of fully explaining his humility, and by the time he was done he would have created more enemies and wasted time searching for the “Hand of God” to match his “Mind of God” equation that was both so very “certain” in its extraordinary explanation of the workings of the cosmos, that he believe he was within “grasp” of the “Hand of God” and was unwilling to “let go” of finding “sumhow” [sic] more “certainty”, then that would have surely made him God?

Built tTOo
Evolution” [sic]?

2 c mE in reverse, I suggest; again there cannot be the level of “certainty” in Quantum Mechanics as there is in Special-General Relativity because for starters that would place us humans in the mind of God versus the other way round, explains not only Creationism but Evolution, with such an extraordinarily high degree of “certainty” that would surely make Einstein the genius of geniuses most proud.

Imagination is more important than knowledge – Einstein.

I can do more though in this “real world” to end pain and suffering and nothing even close to dying of thirst, not even losing a limb given how ingeniously designed is the human body that makes such a sight most shocking to the observer.

It is all in the mind.

Let me explain.

I empathize with you dilemma right now because you know perfectly well I have violated no rules of Facebook and if I have, so have “whores” [sic] of others but I have been singled out; and you cannot even afford me the courtesy of an explanation while I continue to be one of your strongest, if not the strongest supporter.

The fact that a great many such as me can “share your misery” is your problem.

My most brilliant French-Canadian wife says, “Gary can be your best friend or worst nightmare!”

It is of course also all in your heads.

It is you who have done wrong, and every new customer you get you are deceiving and they will surely turn on you with a vengeance.

Again, God is all in your head.

The mind is just the first indicator of the Supernatural in that the space between your ears that is hidden from any outside observer is all chemistry that translates back into the science into the math, the most certain of all languages which could have only been invented by one most genius mind; but it is not the only indicator; but enough to stop you all in your tracks and begin to try at least and think smart.

Smart money people didn’t just suddenly begin listening to me; and worst of all you know it.

This is not some kind of illusion such as what the US Federal Reserve Bank and its wholly owned subsidiaries such as the South African Reserve Bank all owned by the very same bankers that first funded the mafia monopoly De Beers who have their own exclusive and most well branded “diamond currency” that is unlimited in supply, untraceable, never once been regulated; i.e. no inventory has ever been shared with others outside of the top echelons of this mafia monopoly, special interest group of special interest group who are so arrogant, have been doing for more than a century.

Just because the rest of the world has not been informed and so poorly educated does not mean they are stupid and cannot learn all that I know.

I waste no time putting “lost souls” such as yourself “to work”.

Conventional Wisdom says to leave retards who have no business “playing business” to fester in their own tears brought on by their greed and selfishness.

The fact that you can all feign so well once someone such as myself with huge credibility has you collapsing into a heap of tears does not make it right what you have done.

I have not only peaceful solutions to solving a whole bunch of human made problems you all know it.

Again, this is about you, the folks at Facebook, not me; so let’s stick to business and examine who exactly is behind Facebook.

It is not as your promotional material suggests, some Harvard business school geek.

It is 42 year old Thiel who was in diapers most likely, when I was being barmitzvah on April 25th, 1970, the same year my not exactly “nebbish” father, Bernie Gevisser was out of work as his first cousin, the business person’s backside, David Gevisser was appo
inted Chief Executive Officer of Charles W. Engelhard’s, Engelhard Enterprises South Africa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Engelhard’s Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals, Newark, New Jersey that his father of the same name who died in 1950, bequeathing his son C. W. the title, “The Platinum King”, started in 1902, the same year the Anglo Boer War that started in 1899 ended; and within a year, March 2nd, 1971, to be very precise; and within two months of my immediate family returning from a skiing trip to Arosa, Switzerland, a well-known “drinking hole” for the Jewish Underground, C. W. Engelhard was dead and it was not important whether or not David Gevisser attended the funeral at St. Mary’s Abby Church, Morris Town, two words, New Jersey as it was the fact that representing the 3 Branches of the United States Government were it most senior bought and paid for citizens of the United States; namely Senator Ted Kennedy, former President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey; given how my uncle Dave was now in addition to CEO of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa that controlled the world supply of platinum as well as the “control person” position of the mafia monopoly De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC], the cartel of cartels, the executor of C.W. Engelhard’s vast mineral rich estate that would skyrocket in a matter of 5 odd months when on, August 15th, 1971, to be very precise, the United States went off the Gold Standard.

What Mr. Thiel has yet to learn about Hedge Funds I have NOT forgotten.

Will he pose nude for my French-Canadian wife?

If you don’t share this as well with the rest of the Facebook staff it is inevitable the rest of the Facebook staff will share it with their Facebook “friends”.

Jason M. Richie wasn’t wrong when he responded, “You become dumb!” to my question, “What happens when you forget my huge credibility?”

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