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You don’t want to miss it

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: February 1, 2012 6:42:59 PM PST
To: “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.”
Cc: Kate Jaro , “Jarvis Burston – former Apple Solutions Consultant subjected to the most vile racism.” , Michael Awerbuch , Michael Feldman , “Dennis Rice – United Kingdom journalist investigating the history of Natie Kirsch a Jewish South African who is mentioned in David Gevisser’s autobiography THE UNLIKELY FORESTER which was published in 2006 one year after my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser received from St. Anthony’s College Oxford University a Masters of Studies in History Research.” , Dennis Estate broker-entrepreneur , Dennis Cuff – Solicitor , Rose Tchang-Sun Yat-sen , yingchun li ,, Embassy of Sweden – Washington DC , Chinese Embassy – USA ,, Editor-shanghai daily , South African Consulate General , South Africa Helen Zille – Mayor of Cape Town , “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Now the ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia.” , American-Oppenheimer protectorate Belgian Congo , “American-Oppenheimer protectorate Republic of South Africa c/o Mr. Jacob Gedleyihiekisa Zuma – Puppet President of South Africa.” , Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , “De Beers – Ernest Slotar Inc.” , Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers Diamond Cartel , “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser “male heir” of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown New Jersey” , Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention , FBI – San Diego , Adam Lee Tucker , Jeffrey Krinsk , “Actor James Wood c/o Emily Tynes – American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]” ,, Charles Ivie ,,, “Theodore Bevry Olson Esq. [September 11, 1940 – ] . Husband of Barbara Oslon [December 27, 1955–September 11, 2001] who on 9/11 was on American Airlines flight 77 which flew into the Pentagon. US Attorney Olson is mentioned in Gary S. Gevisser’s first heavily broadcasted communique sent out on 12.1.2000, 9 months and 11 days prior to 9/11, to the partner of the first victim of 9/11, Israeli Special Forces officer Daniel Lewin who was flying in the business class section of American Airlines flight 11, the first passenger aircraft to hit the Twin Towers. in Addendum 6 of 14 addendums that were attached to the email sent to Randal Kaplan who along with Lewin was the co-founder of the Internet algorithm company, AKAMAI, there is reference in the same paragraph to both Ted Olson and Mark Silverstein Esq. of the ACLU.” , Finkelstein & Krinsk ,, Jonathan Mahony , Marco Gonzales – lawyer ,,, “Patrick K. Tillman Sr. Esq. – father of American Football athlete Pat Tillman who was killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan.” , “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” ,, Ying , “Sidney Abelski – lawyer – only child of two Auschwitz survivors.” , Lawrence Binderow – Attorney , “Steve Wizburd Esq.” , “Adele Strous “Im not interested in history of Israel” Clingman – wife of CIA oil trader Alan Clingman and business partner of Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and company.” , “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall Solana Beach California” , Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant , “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney – prosecuted successfully Presidential Pardoned Marc Rich’s attorney Scooter Libby.” Subject: the email i sent you earlier from my other account was “kicked back” – I will put it up on the website.

BTW, Marie just added to what she was saying earlier on all the things she is going to do more of, have more of etc is improve her perfect posture.

Tomorrow, I will be addressing not only all her future priorities, but how I have managed so far to keep Marie and me safe. (You don’t want to miss it).

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