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You have honored your words to me….

Date: January 12, 2012 1:21:23 PM PST
To: Cyndi Lauper
Cc: “Ira Mishkind Esq. – Gary Steven Gevisser’s estate attorney.” , Marie Dion Gevisser , Jeffrey Krinsk
Subject: I detest cauliflower (word count 2972) – Fwd: Report for, 01-06-2012 to 01-12-2012

First, you can understand that I copy my estate attorney and others I trust more in the blind copy section, not only because you must now know that you cannot trust either Rebecca or Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples as far as you can throw them as they both forwarded me your private writings when knowing they had defrauded a whole bunch of innocent people, to gain that much more their trust. Terry, you know has a most violent temper which he first showed Rebecca at her daughter’s wedding when he punched out an Elvis impersonator who was just trying to make a living as best he could entertaining people, and at least Rebecca’s daughter had the good sense to have nothing more to do with either Terry or her mother.

(The truth has a way of bringing everything into clearer focus. That may also have a lot to do with who is telling the story. Instead of getting Lots of Laughs maybe it is high time you became much more proactive, got off your tushy and produced your best piece.)

When I last met with Terry Samples on January 4, when I took this iphone photo

at 3:15 pm of 4 masters of your records that you wrote him on December 28 were worth $25,000 a piece other than Time After Time worth $35,000, I was under the impression that Terry was going to return them to you right after our meeting and quite certain that you would stay true to your word and return them to him in the mail in pieces.

I have now asked Terry several times if he returned the records, and he has not answered.

Can you tell me if he did, because if he didn’t then it means that he is holding on to them so that when he dies Rebecca will be able to cash them in.

(Don’t think all those hurt by their scam should be compensated first?)

BTW, I didn’t need to be raised in the US Government’s 3rd Reich’s Southern Division in South Africa to know that the unaccomplished middle class are far less caring about the poor of the world than the minority ruling elite who bred them to be so sickeningly indifferent; and yet the same middle class are able to get their minds to focus on the smallest detail such as a snake eating a lizard and squoosh their face as the rest of their body convulses and that same switch can have them all watching a most contrived political debate and believe what their minds tell them, unless of course tuned into my way of thinking, and they quickly realize that the logic I speak could only exist if God exists and is simply waiting for the right moment when the herd will turn and those of you choosing distraction will know you have lost the most important game of your life, and your punishment is that you have to live with it the remainder of a long life and knowing that my logic is right and you will return in the next instant as the animal or plant you hate the most.

I detest cauliflower. I, however, love God-Logic-Truth. Can you say the same?

I know you currently remain fixated on having Terry spend the rest of his life with you even if he doesn’t look anything like you last saw him since you know that people once they turn 50, if they don’t watch their food intake as well as my wife and I, put on about 5 pounds a year and if you live on twinkies, condensed milk and Burger King with unhealthy rice and bread interspersed, one can expect to add another 5 pounds a year. How long has it been since you last saw Terry?

To the selfish future shellfish it is even more about looks even though they don’t care about their children or those of others.

I only care about the truth getting out on how easy it is to fix all the problems of the world by each of us simply being logical.

(You would know by now that I can neutralize in seconds all the hypocrites who call themselves religious and that includes Terry and Rebecca)

You are used to having people around you that only tell you what you want to hear even when they begin the conversation, “I know you don’t want to hear this….” There is always the buts, and unless you are sitting a lot in a chair each day one still shouldn’t have a big butt.

Terry has been very quiet with me since I wrote him such a very articulate “Who gives a F…?” communique last evening that of course I knew would get more than your attention, given how I know you have never come across someone like me who takes no bullshit which is only part of the reason why I married my no nonsense wife who just earlier pointed out the thousands of birds who are parading in the water in front of our rented studio on the water’s edge of perfect climate Del Mar.

Everyone I grew up with in South Africa, and now I am only talking about whites because I had no black South African friends, would be head over heels impressed to be having a private dialogue with you.

It must be because the only thing that impressed me growing up was whether the girl had the best pair of legs to match the rest of her perfect body and if they didn’t have the most beautiful face then of course they had no chance of being one of my mother’s top models who of course were the best and highest paid in the world.

When you don’t have a brain then it is all looks.

You can see that I am proving that not one of my many adversaries have a brain given how they act like they ignore the hugely important information I am sharing in real time about how easy it has been for the South African Oppenheimer family to hook the world on their monopoly money, and now it is just a question of time before we all see if they end up being as successful with the Chinese as they have been us westerners; and of course just from the large diamond sales currently being made to the Chinese you might conclude the Oppenheimers are not the only ones laughing at me.

Don’t forget it is scam they have pulled and the Chinese Government understand it as well as anyone; moreover, not every one of the 1.5 billion Chinese have traded in their jade and gold for the Oppenheimers diamonds, and there are still some of us westerners who wouldn’t be caught dead owning any diamond even if it is fake, in fact wearing a fake diamond is worse than a real diamond as it shows how idiotic you are to have bought into their brainwashing.

I obviously don’t always speak my mind because that would mean few if any would continue a conversation with me which would then prevent me from learning how best to turn all the negative energy into positive which takes simply each of us getting the information deciding on our own by talking with friends we trust the most when would be the best time to speak out with one voice.

That might happen within moments of me selling my first book in China if not before. (Not all the Chinese herded off their farmlands into box apartments in sick cities to slave in factories to satisfy us consumers who think it is Mind Over Body can’t change their mind at any time, and trust me their Government officials care much more about them than do the Oppenheimers’ US Government officials who show their true colors just by the assignments they have their top gun fighter pilot athletes perform on the ground).

What do you think? (I will forward you what Moses sent Terry this morning)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 12, 2012 11:39:36 AM PST
To: “Larry Moses”
Subject: Re: morning

He, Terry Sample should apologize and be humble.

I write those words to you for you to think much bigger picture while I follow up with this Cyndi Lauper; and nor do I think it would be helpful to share with others what I send her.

The big picture is the following:

There is probably still no one alive today who understands the insurance business as well as me even though I don’t know enough about the technical side of insurance to even be dangerous.

Insurance is nothing more than a protection racket that has been forced on the hard working poor. If you are honest and hardworking at whatever you do, then you are poor; the rest are middle class and you tell them by how much pride they take in their appearance, which you can see is few and far between. Even if you and the rest of your family make enough money from your insurance business that has you living in a well to do neighborhood and your kids go to good schools, you are still financially poor and nor should you feel disgraced. Were there to be a merit system in place it would simply mean you would be hugely financially rich and all of you living in palaces and at the same time humble enough to know that the brains you have that allow you to be honest also tell you to share with everyone else who would have no problem in you all living like Kings to the point that you would feel comfortable in sharing your dwellings as well as food while during the day you helped them first of all get educated about the real world starting with the corrupt church who promote overpopulation of the uneducated who never get their heads around the business of monopolists who simply steal the mineral resources of the world starting with water that determines the quality of the food. and that lesson takes on day 1 about 7 minutes, 8 at the most; and the remainder of the time, everyone gets their own little palaces built without even a hint of envy because when sharing one does not lose the incentive to compete; and now I am only talking about the kids who should be all of our focus.

If you don’t embrace the merit system you can only look forward to continued bloodshed which is the only alternative of the monopolists as their options have now run out with me explaining how they operate and control the population through Fear, Intimidation & Bribes [FIB].

Even when sharing there is need for insurance because sharing means taking personal responsibility and when a mishap occurs the community has to come together as one; and in order to address the calamity one has to be well prepared in advance and that is where the Moses’ come in.

The money you take in as premium currently is the money of the monopolists. The money is a promissory note whose value is assigned by thieves. It has the backing of the monopolists’ bribed Government officials as well as their own officials at the US Federal Reserve.

Even if you have no assets you have your good name and you must simply assess the risk of those you insure like your lives depend on it.

In other words you are simply starting your own insurance company.

I must now move on.

On Jan 12, 2012, at 9:51 AM, Larry Moses wrote:

Larry Moses
855 Reservoir Avenue
Cranston, RI 02910
Cell: 401-935-8082
Fax: 401-437-8202

The Biggest Thank You is a Referral

The contents of this email message and any attachements are confidential and are intended solely for the addressee. The information may also be legally privileged. If you have received this transmission in error, an use, reproduction, or dissemination of this transmission is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender by reply email and delete this message.
From: Russ Moalemi []
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 11:40 AM
To: Larry Moses
Subject: morning

Larry did you get paid ..he did not pay me in fact he sent email that he is going to fill bankruptcy he is lying I’m ready to do anything to put this guy be hing bar Russ

Russ Moalemi


No virus found in this message.
Checked by AVG –
Version: 2012.0.1901 / Virus Database: 2109/4738 – Release Date: 01/12/12

It is most important the fact that Terry was lying to both you and me about me posting stuff about you on the Internet as he was preparing both of us to distract, and you must of course Thank God that you had the presence of mind to go check it out.

Maybe you should instead of trying to goad me take the same initiative as you did after Stephanie stabbed you with the fork, and begin telling Terry exactly the way it is, and that might get you much quicker what you want?

What do you plan to do when Terry dies?

Of course you are going to answer these questions.

Those repeated warnings “Don’t blog, don’t put on Facebook etc” were most Machiavellian because he knew there were things he had done in his past that were so evil that he couldn’t get out of his mind including the fraud of the First Latino Group which he has protested he was oblivious to and he was just signing documents without reading what they contained but as Chief Operating Officer he would have also seen that the money was coming in from these small investors who were being offered pie in the sky was going which was for more than rent since by his own admission he was often times the first one there in the morning, the same when the FBI raided.

BTW, do you think I should now delete Rebecca as one of my FB “friends”?

Once a liar always a liar. This extraordinary, most evil coverup involving Moses is not the workings of a mind that suddenly went all haywire. God does not work like that. God-Logic-Truth just has short-circuits occur when one lies until such time as there is a total meltdown when one is totally paralyzed like Joe Kennedy Senior. God is teaching all of us through Terry. It is most important that Terry hasn’t shown the slightest bit of remorse and you surely haven’t forgot how this all started with him sending out a Godly Christmas Card.

Imagine how many less Christmas Cards and wasteful presents will be produced next Christmas if the truth were to get out. The Chinese don’t celebrate Christmas and yet they consume their labor and natural resources to satisfy the thirst of the God hypocrites.

(Look at his writings that Moses should contact a 3rd party to get his money, as Terry when writing that at 1:13 AM knew the game was up since I had let him know 4 1/2 hours before Moses had forwarded me that most incriminating January 6 email where the emphasis is on keeping it all private, is the sort of smoking gun proof that an honest District Attorney would sink their teeth into in a flash).

Most of the words you hear in the video speech up on my website challenging corrupt Judge Lowy, liar lawyer Loewinsohn and neurologically impaired ex CIA Charles Knuff are Terry’s beginning with me explaining that the kangaroo court had me tried in secret.

Terry hasn’t even written me a response. What do you think he is up to?

(Remember he has been using you for credibility)

Do you think Terry works or has worked for the CIA? Would that make a difference to you?

He does not have a FB account because he knows he would be blasted, don’t you think?

Don’t think it is right that you can come in and out like the tide when you should in fact have no problem given how public a figure you are in everything being public and show that you are different to all of Hollywood who are about the money and keeping the poor poor.

Ps – I must now get on with finishing my book UNIMPOSSIBLE DREAM.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: January 12, 2012 7:00:24 AM PST
Subject: Report for, 01-06-2012 to 01-12-2012

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[Word count 2972]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gg
Date: January 12, 2012 8:37:18 AM PST
To: Cyndi Lauper
Subject: Re:

I am not a bad friend

He is not my friend. He is not worthy of my friendship because I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He did not come through with flying colors

Nor did you write to everyone as you had written me previously that he does not lie. That means you are being very calculating, wanting to protect your money

I turned down twice the opportunity to be richer and far less high profile than Nicholas Oppenheimer who today continues to control the resources of the world that allow him to pick our governments, but of course that could all change in the next instant because they don’t have truth on their side

I also have the numbers on my side. (who better than Moses)

Sent from my iPhone

On Jan 11, 2012, at 8:52 PM, Cyndi Lauper wrote:

You have honored your words to me….

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